Detective Ollie Gray

Detective Ollie Gray

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Colorado detective Ollie Gray. Mr. Gray never stopped working to solve the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. A promise is a promise and long after the last payment was made to the detective firm where he worked Ollie kept on tracking down leads pro bono on behalf of the cruelly murdered six year old pageant star.

I knew something was terribly wrong with Ollie after our last phone conversation. He was extremely forgetful. I had to repeat everything multiple times for him and then follow up with an email repeating the key points. He never responded. He was finally convinced that the witness in Jasper was telling the truth. He had agreed to set up an interview in Colorado for the witness. I sent him several follow up emails asking if everything was in place yet. No response. That was in early January. It wasn’t like him not to call me after receiving an email.

Ollie talked to me about his appearance on one of the JonBenet anniversary specials as well as something he was quoted as saying about Michael Helgoth. He told me in no uncertain terms that he never said that Helgoth was the killer, only that he was likely connected to the killer. He told me that he learned long ago to tape anything said to the press. “I have it on tape and I never said Helgoth was the killer”. Ollie was right. Helgoth was connected to the killer(s) but Helgoth was not the killer. Helgoth was murdered to protect those to whom he was connected.

I remember being deeply concerned about Ollie on that last call. I did not want to offend him nor hurt his feelings but I could tell that he most likely wasn’t going to be able to see this through to completion. I asked him as gently as I could if there was some other way to get this witness in front of Boulder P.D.  “No!”, he exclaimed. “They’ll never listen to you if you try to go yourself!”  I am pretty sure that he was correct on that point as well.

I do not know any details yet about his passing. It is too soon to ask his wife. At this moment I simply want to state for the record that he was a kind and decent man. I am extremely grateful to have had contact with him and I will miss him. He was a truly good soul. Thank you for the help you tried to give us, Ollie. You never gave up, you never gave in. God bless you Ollie Gray.