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Adam Lanza-Home Inventory List Released

Check found to cover purchase of yet another deadly firearm!  Nancy Lanza, how could you?

“Authorities” recently released a purported inventory of items found at the Lanza residence.  All major media pointed out that the inventory included a check made out to Adam.  They characterized it as a Christmas gift with a note from Nancy that the check was intended for him to purchase a C183 which was identified in these reports as a type of gun.

Here is a photograph of the deadly, frightening, malicious C183:

The Kodak C183

Kodak C183

Aim, click, shoot. Spare me.  Mainstream media=garbage reporting.

NRA membership cards for both Nancy and Adam were listed in the inventory but the NRA insists that they were not members. I am reminded of Chauncey Holt who explained how easy it was to print up fake I.D.s for Lee Harvey Oswald, fake Secret Service pins and fake FBI and CIA credentials.  He had a difficult time printing up a fake Communist Party membership I.D. for Oswald because the Communist Party did not have an I.D. card.  He had to invent one for Oswald.  How difficult would it be to print up NRA membership cards?

If you are relying on mainstream media for information, you are a fool.  A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.  Think for yourself.

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sandy hook achool

Sandy Hook Elementary

There is something very wrong with the entire story.  This blog has many articles dealing with the primary inconsistencies still remaining in this case.  See the blog menu to the right. When you are done with this article you will find plenty to keep your brain busy.

I have done my best to keep up with the various other blogs and videos calling attention to various discrepancies in the case but no one seems to be focusing on what I consider to be one of the key problems with Sandy Hook (and there are so many)…the number of child victims and where they were located when found. The official narrative echoed in all main stream media and virtually all MSM based blogs tell us the same story; that all but one of Lauren Rousseau’s class perished, that Soto had managed to hide seven of her students in a closet (later found safe and sound) and that she had bravely confronted the shooter telling him that her class was in the auditorium.  We were also told that some of Soto’s children tried to run and were shot dead along with Soto.   It makes no sense but for the sake of this discussion, let’s play along like good little boys and girls  and see where it takes us.

Picture this: Here comes Adam Rambo, boy vegetarian, toting weapons and ammunition that weighs more than he does.  First, he blasts through reinforced glass and wiggles himself and all his gear through the hole he made.  The principal and psychologist are gunned down in the lobby and a third woman, the lead teacher, Natalie Hammond, is wounded but survives.

I’d like to pause here for a moment.  If you are the head of a school and you have been trained on how to execute a school lock down, do you rush toward the thunder of gunshots or do you lock the entry door to your main office, jump on the P.A. and order an immediate lock down while ordering  your secretary to call the police?  Perhaps they were responding  to a noise other than gunfire?  I would surmise that they heard glass breaking but for the fact that the glass was likely well reinforced to be at least bullet resistant, if not bullet proof.

Returning to the official narrative, Natalie Hammond, lead teacher, had followed the principal and psychologist as they departed from the conference room where they had been conferring with a parent.  Having mowed down the principal and psychologist, Rambo mysteriously allowed Natalie Hammond to crawl away, wounded as she was in the leg, hand and foot, bleeding profusely no doubt, and leaving a blood trail… no doubt. Hammond managed to hide behind a door.  The principal’s secretary also hid behind a door.  The nurse, Sarah (Sally) Cox took cover under her computer desk.   The shooter walked into her office.   Instead of following Ms. Hammond’s blood trail and finishing her off, he continued along  to the nurse’s office.

According to Ms. Cox, he was twenty feet away.   She saw him from the knees down and only for a few seconds through a hole cut for computer wiring. Inexplicably, the shooter turned and walked out of the principal’s annex.  We are told he then turned left and headed down the kindergarten corridor. He proceeds to walk past Ms. Roig’s kindergarten class in room one, even though she is busy jamming everybody into a tiny bathroom, making plenty of noise in the process…the screeching of chairs, the pattering of children’s feet across the floor, the sound of a bookcase being pulled across the bathroom door.  Rambo even bypasses Ms. Soto’s class in classroom two.

Rousseau's Class

Lauren Rouesseau’s Class

He went straight to Ms. Rousseau’s group in room number three.  We are told that her room wasn’t locked.  Being a substitute, we were told, she was not given a key. According to official reports circulated by the media, they were all huddled in a far corner of the room.  Police  found one child there barely alive, but the child died at the hospital.  One other child survived by playing dead and she was covered in her classmates’ blood.  In this room, we are told that 14 of 15 children died along with Rousseau and her teaching assistant.

Soto’s room was next.  He doubled back.  He could have continued down the hall or crossed the hall, but he doubled back.  We were never told if Soto’s room was locked.  Assuming  that it was, entry would had to have taken place with great force.  Yet there was no report of her door being breached.  If the lock was fired on, there would be a great deal of damage to it.  Any group of first responders would have stopped there first, one would think, seeing the damage.

The two boys, Aidan Licata and Bryce Maksel, who were in the group that escaped simply stated that when the shooter came into the room they immediately ran. Neither boy said that the shooter blasted the lock first.  So, Soto’s room must have been unlocked …or the shooter had a key.

Staying with official versions, officers discovered seven children alive and well locked in a closet in Ms. Soto’s room.  They have said that the information about Ms Soto telling the shooter that her children were in the auditorium came from these survivors.  In addition, we are told, several of her students made an attempt to flee, but were killed in the act by the shooter.

Here is another spot to hit the pause button.  If Soto had hidden all of her class, then why did some run?  Wouldn’t they have remained where the were?  It seems she had managed to hide only seven.  And if the remaining children were out in plain sight, what good does it do to tell a shooter that the children were somewhere else?  It’s nonsense, but it keeps getting repeated by MSM as if it were gospel.  It reminds me of that “Let’s roll” meme born out of the Flight 93 myth spun from 911.  Had the entire class been hidden, none would have run.  If the shooter entered her room while she was in the act of hiding them, it would do no good to say that they were in the auditorium.  There is no way to salvage this account.  It is, at least in part, an invention.

Moving on to the math, having been told that Rousseau lost fourteen of her fifteen students, and that twenty died in total, six students had to have died in Soto’s room.  Six dead plus seven in a closet equals thirteen. Additionally, a number of children  ran from Soto’s room.  Thankfully, they escaped uninjured.  From official reports, we can not be absolutely certain how many there were, but we do know for certain that there were no fewer than four because the police scanner audio includes an officer reporting in that he is transporting four children over to the fire house.  No fewer than four, and according to Bryce Maksel’s mother, actually a total of five .  So, now we have to add those four to the thirteen which equals seventeen. And if we accept the eyewitness account of six year old Bryce Maksel who told his parents that there were four children with him, this would equal eighteen children. The problem with either account is that Ms Soto had only fifteen (or possibly sixteen) students.  She did not have eighteen.

A friend of Soto’s had written a tribute to Soto: “I talked to Vicki Tuesday and she told me that she loved her 16 angels and never wanted to let them go. Today when the shooting started Vicki hid her kids in closets and when the gunman came into her room she told them the class was in gym. She was then murdered. Not one of her students were harmed. Words can not express how heartbreaking and tragic this. I will miss you dearly.”   Here is where this account can be found:


You will notice that the “friend” says that Vicki “had hidden all of her students and that not one was harmed”.   We know that “not one was harmed” is not true.  We also know that if some children were not locked in a closet and able to run, then there was no point in telling the shooter that they were somewhere else, so can we rely on this “friend’s” account of sixteen students?  I think not.  The class photo shows fifteen students. Until and unless we can obtain an authentic roster of her class, the only evidence is the photo.  I know that children sometimes miss picture day, but for now, I want to stick with what we can see.  There are few enough facts as it is.

Soto Class 2012

Victoria Soto’s Class

The class photo shows fifteen students.  If we accept the official story, we total too many students between the two classes.  Fourteen dead in Rousseau’s room plus one Rousseau survivor plus seven in Soto’s closet plus six that died with Soto plus five that ran equals…thirty three.  We need to total thirty, thirty one max. This is where Mrs. Maksel’s testimony comes in to help us.  She went to the fire house to wait for her son Bryce to be brought there from the police station.  He and his companions had been picked up by the sister of CT State House Rep John Frey.

Sandy Hook Survivor

Survivor Bryce Maksel

Mrs. Maksel told us two important things; when she arrived at the fire house, there were only five students there from Ms. Soto’s class and that there were five other students total that escaped the room, including her son Bryce.  That’s ten survivors, but one girl survived from Rousseau’s room and that equals eleven. And eleven is one too many. The five children already at the fire station could have only come from the group that had been locked in a closet.  We are left to wonder why all reports said there were seven alive in the closet.  Seven students in the closet throws off even the “official” story that we just analyzed.  To sum up the official story;

A)  Total students: 30

Total deceased: 20

Survivors should be 10 


B) Total students:31

Total deceased: 20

Survivors should be 11

Official survivor count:

  •  1 girl who played dead from Rousseau’s class
  • 7 children in a locked closet in Soto’s room
  • 6 children who ran (per Gene Rosen) from Soto’s class

Survivors:  14  (We can only have 10 or 11 survivors, not 14)

More likely survivor count:

  •  1 girl who played dead from Rousseau’s class
  • 5 children in a locked closet in Soto’s room
  • 5 children who ran (per Mrs Maksel) from Soto’s class

Survivors:  11

In the midst of all this dizzying math, we are forced to consider an entirely  different reality.  Before we go any further, why don’t we carefully examine the two class photos?  Count the total number of children who are not identified, either by name or inset thumbnail photo.  Those would be the survivors and there are twelve.  We were told that fourteen died from Rousseau’s class, but we count thirteen.

Thirteen deceased from Rousseau’s class plus five deceased from Soto’s class yields a very interesting tally, as we will see in a minute.   The total is eighteen.  Remember that…eighteen.

Let us go back in time to the very first reports of Sandy Hook.  The initial reports said that eighteen students died.  In listening to the polices scanner,  we hear an officer reporting in at 10:31am that “one of the places is in the kitchen– teacher and eighteen kids there”.  He made this report twice and used the word “victims“.  There can be no mistake about this.  The officer is not referring to classrooms.  He clearly says “kitchen“.  The kitchen must be near or connected to the cafeteria where we were told that twenty five children were rehearsing.


So then, suppose we do the math from here instead of the two classrooms.  We will assume that Ms Rousseau’s class and most of Ms Soto’s class were rehearsing for their grade level contribution to planned holiday performances.  They were both first grade.   We will also assume that five, not seven, of Ms Soto’s students remained in the classroom, and subsequently hidden in a closet, probably by her teaching assistant who most likely did not have her own key and like Rousseau, could not lock the door.

Five alive in Soto’s closet plus twenty five rehearsing equal thirty.  Here is the first time that we find a balanced equation with evidence to match (the two class photos).  If we go back to the official story, we have to assume 31 children total in order for the math to work.  But the children were not found in the classrooms, they were found in a closet in the kitchen.  The evidence for this is straight from the police scanner.

One child, Rousseau’s, survived by playing dead. She was covered with classmates blood. She would have been in some tight area with other students for that to happen, so we will assume that there were actually nineteen students in the kitchen closet before the police opened the door.  If six were able to run (Gene Rosen’s story), then we have another balanced equation (19+6=25) and we could be sure that police/media reports of twenty child deaths was a lie.  We could also be certain that police/media accounts of the carnage taking place in the classrooms was also a lie.  According to the police scanner, the classroom scenario is a lie.

More likely survivor count:

  •  1 girl who played dead from Rousseau’s class
  • 5 children in a locked closet in Soto’s room
  • 5 children who ran (per Mrs Maksel) from Soto’s class

Nineteen  in the kitchen closet (18 victims+1 survivor) plus five survivors from Soto’s closet plus five that escaped equals twenty nine.   Getting closer, but no cigar…one short.  Or is it?

If we think back once again to early reports, the most poignant detail that we were given was that there were fourteen backpacks still hanging in Ms. Rousseau’s classroom…fourteen.  But Rousseau had fifteen students.  One of her students most likely missed class that fateful day.  We need to add that child to the survivor count:

Most likely survivor count:

  •  1 girl who played dead from Rousseau’s class
  • 1 child who missed school that day from Rousseau’s class
  • 5 children in a locked closet in Soto’s room
  • 5 children who ran (per Mrs Maksel) from Soto’s class

Survivors:  12

We now have twelve survivors and twelve matches the total number of children in the two class photos who are not labeled (and are, therefore, the survivors).  Eighteen deceased plus twelve who survived equals 30, and this total also matches the photographic evidence of thirty students total.

Now, at last, we have an alignment between the math, the statements on the police scanner and the photographs.  But we also have a much, much bigger problem.  We were told that twenty children died.  We were given twenty names and twenty photographs and twenty funerals.  Were two children murdered somewhere else and then slipped back into the autopsy pool in the middle of the night?  Or are two of the children still alive?

To be continued


Sandy Hook-Dancing in the Dark

Fish Bait Store sign

Fish Bait Sign

Consider this a brief interlude from the transcription of the police scanner material.  It’s time to discuss chumming…from a different perspective.  This is from “The Art of Chumming” by M J Keyes:

“OK, if you think chumming is either immoral or brainless, you may as well stop here. Freshwater chumming is not considered kosher in North America for some reason, even though the minute an angler hits saltwater, it becomes a state of the art technique. To my mind, chumming done right is a skill few have mastered.

The basics of fishing are simple: find the fish, and bait a hook with something they will eat. “

Great points!  Do you see what he is saying?   Effective chumming is not a haphazard matter.  It’s a skill.   Here is where I say “as above, so below”.  Here follows a list of some tasty Sandy Hook chum-tantalizing wastes of time:

1) The parents are all actors

2) Nobody got killed-it was all a hoax

3)  Fund raising pages were created a month or more before Sandy Hook happened

4)  A tribute video was created on Vimeo over a full month before the massacre

5)  Emilie Parker was sitting on Obama’s lap two days later in a photo op

6) Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes were both scheduled to testify at libor hearings

7)  Clues appear in the Batman movie linking Aurora and Sandy Hook

(I want to be clear before I move on.  I am personally convinced that all but one the  seven points each have merit (with the exception of #6 which I disproved by looking up the witness lists and calling the Congressional offices myself).  The six remaining points all have merit.  But they are all too easy to explain some other way, even if that other way is a lie.  I want to prove that Sandy Hook was a carefully orchestrated black operation, not the work of one disturbed, skinny vegetarian with a Glock, a Sig Sauer and a Bushmaster.  Here is a link to what I feel may be the best theory so far regarding that Batman map from Dark Knight Rises:  http://www.conspiracy-cafe.com/apps/blog/show/21853932-second-batman-target-identified-and-isolated-in-gotham-map).

It did seem to me at first that this was the sloppiest black op on record.  You know that these fiends plan this shit out months if not years, even decades in advance.  How could they leave all these loose ends?  And then it dawned on me.  These are there on purpose.  We are supposed to chase these butterflies and look more and more foolish as simple explanations materialize; not proof, just simple explanations.  All of that is just the low hanging fruit.  The prize, the truth, is hidden way up in the tree.  And it’s a slow, hard climb.  Remember that.  Don’t get fooled by the bait.

And one more thing…don’t ever forget this.  They are conditioning you along the way.  They’ll let you relax.  See, you can keep your guns.  They’ll just quietly dry up the ammunition.  And then they’ll pull something even bigger…and that’s when they will make their move.  It will come fast, and it will come furious.  I am wondering if there is some connection here.  Were the weapons used at Sandy Hook from fast and furious?   If it were true, they would dare not admit it.  And they would do everything in their power to conceal it.

Back in 1963, when Bobby Kennedy began to realize that the assassination team that he had helped to assemble to kill Fidel Castro had participated in his own brother’s murder, he cooperated with the cover up.   Maybe somebody is holding this over Obama’s head.

Sandy Hook Exposed

Sandy Hook Exposed

Part Two

Christopher Rodia’s Alibi

Lying Connecticut Style

Lanza Car Police Say

The Devil’s in the Details

This Rodia is one hell of a guy.  Even the police vouch for him.  Yes, he’s a felon, yes he has sticky fingers and a pesky copper fetish…and,  yes he has been caught with illegal substances from time to time.   But no, he wasn’t at Sandy Hook that day.  He has an airtight alibi.  He was getting a warning in a town far, far away.

10:05:46am  “872 YEO, possible suspect vehicle”

10:06:15am  “Rodia, operator R-O-D-I-A birthdate August 6 ’69”

First, we hear the license plate number being called in.  Not long after, we hear an officer, presumably reading from Rodia’s driver’s license in order to check for wants and warrants.  Thus, case closed. Vindicated by standard police procedure-so ironic.  He wasn’t there.  He was parked in a fire zone several towns away for which he received a verbal warning from an officer of the law.  That Rodia must be one charming son of a bitch.  Had it been me, even with my pretty blue eyes and ample bosom, I’d have gotten a ticket.

You know, I was thinking, he probably would have been better off getting the ticket.  In court, it’s the paper that counts.  Ever listen to “Bill Handel on the Law”?  People call him up for legal advice every Saturday.

Caller  “I loaned my cousin Vinnie $40,000.  He’s not picking up the phone when I call.  Can I sue him for the money?”

Bill Handel “Do you have a contract?  Did you make him sign a payment agreement?”

Caller  Long pause…”Did I…?”

Bill Handel  “Do-you-have-proof?…let me guess, no, you don’t…in which case, you have no case!”  Bill loves to tell people that they don’t have a case.  It’s part of his schtick.  It’s a great show.

In an interview, Rodia said that he was in another town driving his mother’s sage green Nissan at the time of the massacre and had received a verbal warning from an officer for parking in a fire zone.

In the meanwhile, breadcrumbs continue to lead to the Rodia driveway, or to quote Al Gore, to “an inconvenient truth“:

What’s that at the end of the video…Google earth? I’d swear it’s a green Nissan and a black Honda in that driveway on Vollmer.

on to part three...

Sandy Hook Exposed

Sandy Hook Exposed

Part One

“It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” – Adolf Hitler

Soto Class 2012

Victoria Soto’s Class

If you have had any doubt up until now that Sandy Hook was a “false flag” and a black op/psy op, the information that I am about to present to you should get you off the Adam Lanza-lone nut assassin wagon once and for all.  At this point, I do not know how all these pieces fit together, but I do know one thing…Adam Lanza, Nancy Lanza, Ryan and Peter Lanza are all victims just as much as the twenty children, the four teachers, the principal and the psychologist.

This has been an orchestrated mind fuck perpetrated on the American people. If we look back at the Kennedy assassination, Clinton’s Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, Gabby Giffords,  the Batman Aurora caper, the Sikh Temple attack and the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre, we can probably find many of the same despicable characters involved in the planning, or the funding, or the execution (pun intended) of these black ops.

What makes me so sure?   Aside from all the previous clues detailed in articles to be found under my Sandy Hook category in the menu to the right, here follows the most damning evidence of all.  But before you read any further, make yourself a promise.  This time, you won’t just read and cluck to yourself.  This time, you will DO something.  You will re-post, you will leave comments, you will twitter a link to this article, you will post a link on your Facebook, you will contact your government representatives.

The only reason these people get away with this over and over again is because we give them permission through our apathy, our moral cowardice, our erroneous belief  that we can’t do anything.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  And if we don’t do something, the next one will be bigger and more shocking than Sandy Hook…because they have to keep on turning up the dial on you to get what they want.  Ultimately, what they want is your literal enslavement and your life, you useless eater, you.

In order to see the truth, as much as we can, we need to examine facts taken from the police scanner and compare these with reports from the mainstream media to find the outright lies.  We must also garner clues from wherever else they appear, no matter how small, and weave all of this together to identify the truth and thereby expose the deception.  As we go through this, please understand that much information on the scanner is garbled, or whispered, or simply unintelligible due to cross talk.  Also, it is not on all the time.   If you wish to listen for yourself, just go to YouTube and look up “Radioman911 Sandy Hook scanner”.

Here we go.  We will start with the real timeline, the information from the first responders as recorded:

Police Scanner:  9:35:43am Dec 14, 2012Police report first call from Sandy Hook Elementary of shots fired“Sandy Hook School-caller is indicating she thinks there is someone shooting in the building”

9:36:38 “…the front glass has been broken out. We’re not sure why”

9:37:13  “All units, the individual that I have on the phone is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire”

(notice, we have switched from she to he.  I believe that two different individuals made calls to 911 from the school, a female followed by a male.  The male was likely the custodian. The female was likely either the school nurse or the secretary who were both crouching under the desk in the nurse’s office.  Here is the nurse’s interview with George Stephanopoulos which lends credibility to my hypothesis:


9:37:39   (I believe this to be the moment when the very first police car(s)  arrived on scene)  We hear sirens blaring and instructions on taking up position at the school.  We hear the word “driveway”.

9:38:13  “All units responding to Sandy Hook at this time, the shooting appears to have stopped.  It is silent at this time. The school is in lock down.”

9:39:05  “Teacher saw two shadows running past the building, past the gym, which would be rear

9:39:20  “Yeah we got em-They’re coming at me!”

Video of the police swarming the woods near the gym:


9:40:00  “You are requested to stage. I will need two ambulances at this time (assume this is being directed to emergency medical personnel)

9:40:27   “Shooter is apparently still shooting in the (unintelligible) area 12 Dickenson Drive”

9:40:53  “(unintelligible) personnel-take exit 10-turn left on 34-continue on Riverside Road to Dickerson Drive. Make sure you have your vests on”

9:41:20  “I got him proned out!”  (most likely this report comes from the woods. The voice of the officer is the same as the one reporting in at 9:39:20 in this timeline.   An adult male witness reported that this individual was marched out of the woods already handcuffed and was placed in a patrol car in the front seat.   I have read that police never place suspects in the front seat.  The implication here is that police had cause to think that this man might be “off limits” and they needed time to check him out.  Might he have had a government ID such as BATF or from an intelligence unit which may have afforded him some benefit of doubt, earning him the front rather than the back of the patrol car)?


There is also an extremely coherent little boy who seems to be referring to yet another individual taken in to custody. He was evacuated from the gym and as he was approaching the nearby Fire Station on foot, he saw a suspect handcuffed on the ground.  This can not be the same person that the adult reported on being led from the woods by police, although the clothing was the same…


From the following report from Fox43 in Central Pennsylvania, it seems that this suspect was followed up on.   Please note, this story has since been scrubbed from the Fox43 website.  Also note that it discusses both of the suspects who both wore camo pants

“CBS News reports that a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect. Miller reports that authorities have gone into a home connected with the individual in custody after seeing what appeared to be a body inside.

A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, “I did not do it.”

Here is the link to the information above.  The two paragraphs quoted appear at the very end of the story.  But if you click the link provided, you will find that Fox43 Central Pennsylvania has removed the story:


By the clock, we are  only six minutes into this and we already have a significant number of issues and discrepancies, but of course, there is much more to come in Part Two.


Sandy Hook WTF

Sandy Hook WTF

As with 9/11, we have many, many anomalies coming out of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Let’s begin with the police scanner recording currently available on YouTube.  An officer reports back to dispatch that:

1)  Glass was broken around the main entrance door (then why was it ever reported that Adam Lanza, alleged perpetrator, was “buzzed in”?)

2) A teacher reported that two shadows were observed running along the back of the school behind the gym

3)  Suspects spotted in the woods next to the school

4) With clear alarm in his voice, officer yells “They are coming toward me”…then…

5) “We have a suspect proned out

6)  A total of seven deadly weapons were collected that day…three of these from the woods…where the two men had fled.

A child being interviewed after his evacuation reported that he witnessed a suspect prone on the ground in camouflage pants and dark coat.  The child added that he could not see the face because parked cars blocked his view.

An adult male at the school reported that he had seen a suspect prone on the ground in camo pants and dark jacket and saw a suspect seated in the rear of a patrol car.

Need I point out that Adam Lanza was already deceased inside the school?  Who were these additional suspects and where did they go???  They were both apprehended…up the hill in the woods.  And they had several rifles.  WTF?

The Governor’s Tale

The Connecticut state Governor, Dan Malloy, went on camera after Sandy Hook to deliver some remarks.  Here is a curious statement he made:

“The Lieutenant Governor and I have been spoken to in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state”.   This would seem to imply that the perpetrators did not want the Governor to be unduly surprised by Sandy Hook.  Do we imagine that Adam Lanza took the Governor aside one day and provided him that chilling warning?  Of course not…most likely, it was Homeland “Security”.


The Coroner’s Tale


Robbie Parker’s Tale

I assure you, I am not the insensitive type.  The thought of any parent losing any child breaks my heart.  That said, Emilie Parker’s father has me completely baffled.  He was quick to find a microphone to make his poignant and public statement, which he read from notes, and as he waited to approach the podium, he was captured on tape smiling broadly.  As he neared the podium, he paused and took himself from a relaxed and smiling demeanor to that of a tortured and bereaved parent.  He breathes deeply,  changes his facial expression with deliberate intent and proceeds to describe his stolen angel, Emilie.  WTF?

Grieving Father?

Rob Parker-Highly curious behavior- Click for video



I realize that we are all different, we all have our way of responding to grief, but were my six year old a victim of such shocking death, I doubt that I could support myself on my two legs, much less seek out a microphone…

and a few days later pose for a photo op with a grinning President at the memorial.

That’s Emilie’s mom next to Obama.  Joy to the world!  WTF?

Obama with the Parker family

Daughter Dead-Happy Family

That Obama really is magic.  He can turn the deepest grief into smile bursts of  joy just by walking into a room.  What a guy.

The Teacher’s Tale

Four days before the Friday, 12/14/2012 attack on innocent school children in Newtown Connecticut, a R.I.P. page appeared in Facebook dedicated to slain teacher Victoria Soto.  An alert citizen managed to capture the page before it was removed.   It clearly said “R.I.P. Victoria Soto and at the very bottom, FB declared “Page created on 12/10/12…four days before.  WTF?

The Wife’s Tale

At 1:50 am on 12/15/12, a man called in to the Coast To Coast radio program stating that he wanted to report “something suspicious” about the Sandy Hook shootings.  He stated that he and his wife live in Washington D.C. and that his wife works for the government “in security”.  His wife had taken Fri 12/14 off so that she could go on a doctor appointment.  She was sitting watching the morning news when the first “breaking news” about Sandy Hook came on the screen.

The wife turned to her husband and exclaimed “that’s old news!  This happened yesterday.  I got a text alert on my computer at work yesterday!  The shooter killed his mother too.”  Two hours later, it was revealed by the news that the shooter’s mother was among the victims.  The husband then realized that his wife wasn’t mistaken or confused about the text sent to her computer on Thursday.  He drove her to work and asked her to find the text and print it for him.  She obliged but returned to the car without any print out.  “It is gone”, she told him. As with the Soto R.I.P. page on Facebook, it had been removed.  WTF???

The Principal’s Tale

Dawn Hochsprung, heroic Sandy Hook school Principal, ran out into the hall along with the school Psychologist to check on a noise they heard, possibly of the glass being broken in the main entrance.  They became the first casualties, we have been told.   Then why did the Newtown newspaper, The Bee, print a story on 12/14 declaring that “Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots-more than she could count-that went ‘on and on’.”

Screen capture of the original article can be found here: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=263450

The article is still in the archives as one might expect, but like the mysterious text discussed above and the oddly premature Soto R.I.P. page, the damning paragraph has been removed.  The newspaper did print a retraction several days later without explanation, just a simple apology to Hochsprung’s family.

The Black Honda’s Tale

There it was, sitting all alone in the school parking lot right near the building.  Police opened the trunk and found an AR-15 rifle.  News cameras recorded the event for all to see.  Police also had announced that they had found the Bushmaster in the back seat of the vehicle.  Ah!  Adam Lanza murdered his mother at home, stole her guns and her car and drove over to the school.  The black Honda,  Connecticut license plate 872-YEO…Nancy Lanza’s car.  Well, no it isn’t.  The car is registered to Christopher A. Rodia.  Maybe it was Rodia who the cops had “proned out” in the woods.  –Update-most likely Mr. “Proned Out” was not Rodia, but whoever it was, I did locate additional information on this character and will include that in my next article along with more jaw dropping clues. Check back around 1/13/13 for the latest.

Lying Connecticut Style

Lanza Car Police Say

Now, who is this Rodia guy?  He is a repeat offender…drugs (heroin among these) and theft of construction materials.  He was in court on drug charges in August of 2012.  Connecticut police have stepped in to defend Rodia, saying that he was miles away at the time of the shooting.  See their explanation here:


The Green Honda’s Tale

Lauren Rousseau, the substitute teacher who had recently been promoted to permanent teacher at Sandy Hook owned a green Honda.  Her Honda was in the parking lot at the school.  Funny thing about that Honda…it had bullet holes in it…one of those was clearly shot from inside the car.  WTF???


Bullet holes in Rousseau’s car

Four Teachers Gunned Down at Sandy Hook

Then why is only one of these, Victoria Soto, listed on the faculty roster on the school website?  Lauren Rousseau, we are told, was only recently advanced from substitute teacher to staff teacher.  That may explain her name not being there, but what explains the other two, Ann Marie Murphy and Rachel DaVino not being listed?

The Bushmaster’s Tale

We are told that Adam Lanza’s body was found with hand guns near him, not the Bushmaster.   The coroner said that all the victims that he had examined died from .223 ammo.  We were also told that there were shell casings for the .223 ammo, at least 100 of these, found in the school.  From this information, it would be safe to conclude that Lanza did not shoot the children.  He was not found with the appropriate weapon.

Bushmaster AR-15

The Bushmaster AR-15

Furthermore, Connecticut requires the registration of hand guns, not rifles.  There is footage of police pulling out what appears to be a shotgun from the trunk of a car in the Sandy Hook parking lot.  The only AR-15 found at the scene was retrieved from the woods along with the two suspects that have faded from public view.  So then, WHY IS ADAM LANZA BEING BLAMED FOR THIS???

The Mother’s Tale

Nancy Lanza checked in to the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods New Hampshire at 12:10pm on Tuesday December 11, 2012 and checked out at 12:27pm on Thursday December 13, 2012.  She was found dead in her home on Friday December 14, 2012.  Nancy frequented the resort on a regular basis, as does world financier George Soros.  One can infer that Nancy was not particularly concerned with Adam being a potential mass murderer.  In fact,  one might infer that Nancy trusted Adam to be on his own from time to time.

The Brother’s Tale

Apparently, there were plans from the beginning to blame this on Ryan Lanza who was at work at accounting firm Ernst and Young in New Jersey that fateful morning.  Early reports were that father, Peter Lanza, a V.P with GE Capital, was found dead in an apartment in New Jersey where the older son, Ryan, lived.

Peter Lanza actually lives in Stamford, Connecticut.  Peter Lanza was completely unaware of unfolding events in Newtown until he reached home after work.  A reporter waiting at Peter Lanza’s home delivered the shattering news to the father…the father who was supposedly laying dead somewhere in New Jersey.

Peter and Nancy had divorced in 2009 and Peter had remarried.  The divorce settlement had been quite generous, by all accounts.  Nancy did not have to work and she was never a teacher at Sandy Hook, nor anywhere else.  She wasn’t a teacher, she wasn’t a substitute teacher…odds are that she wasn’t even a volunteer.  So, where is the connection to Sandy Hook?  There really isn’t any.  This was an invention, like so many other “facts” reported in this case by our worthless media.  So then, WHY IS ADAM LANZA BEING BLAMED FOR THIS???

Where is the coroner report on Nancy Lanza’s death?  We are now being told that Nancy was shot in the face multiple times while in bed in her pajamas.  What gun was used???  Where are the ballistic reports on Nancy and Adam?  For all we know, both of these people may have been murdered by the men who were caught up in the woods.  WHAT GOES ON HERE????  The black Honda did not belong to Nancy Lanza, the gun pulled from the trunk is a shotgun but we are told that it is a Bushmaster.  The green Honda that belonged to teacher Lauren Rousseau bears a bullet hole created from the inside, teacher Victoria Soto had a R.I.P. page posted on Facebook four days before she died, a security specialist working at a government office in Wash D.C. sees a text alert about Sandy Hook and the dead mother a full day before it happened, two suspects are pulled out of the woods with weapons and then quietly disappear…WHAT GOES ON HERE???  WTF???

Obama wasn’t crying…there wasn’t a tear in either crocodile eye…yet he repeatedly wiped away invisible, virtual tears during his press conference.  Are we irreversibly stupid in this country?  Are you waiting for the credentialed “media” to proclaim this a scam?  Don’t hold your breath.  You are going to have to figure that out on your own.  I do hope that I have dropped enough breadcrumbs here for you.

Obama Virtual Tears

No Tears for Newtown

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