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The Sandy Hook Warren Report

Repost-Originally posted Feb 15 2014

Police Open Trunk of Honda

Police Find Weapon in Trunk

It has now been a year since the country was treated to the Sandy Hook horror show.   And now, at long last, the state of Connecticut has finally issued a final report; a second assault, if you will; but this time upon our intelligence.

“While no report is statutorily required…”   

From said report, here is one of my favorite sentences:  “It is not the intent of this report to convey every piece of information contained in the voluminous investigation materials developed by the Connecticut State Police and other law enforcement agencies, but to provide information relevant to the purposes of this report.”  

That says it all right there since it is obvious that the report is intended to stand as the last word on a lie; and just like the infamous Warren Report, to support a massive deception perpetrated upon the American people…“the purposes of this report”

The stated methodology

The report states that they consulted their police recordings from that day. Where, then, is the explanation for an officer calling in, not once, but twice, “eighteen kids and a teacher in a closet in the kitchen.” ?he report blithely refers to fifteen children crammed into a small bathroom.

Let’s take a look at the problem of the closet:

The Connecticut report stuck with the narrative reported by mass media that all of the fifteen children in room 10 (Miss Rousseau) died and five from room 8 (Miss Soto) died and that all of the bodies were found in the two classrooms.  Those classrooms were not located near the kitchen.  There would be no way to argue that the officer meant to say “fifteen children and a teacher in a bathroom in a classroom”, as the report now states.  The report makes no mention of the fact that its details are at odds with the information on the scanner.  It just blithely ignored the evidence that it claimed to have .


Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle

“Consistent with Public Act 13-311,10 exceptions to the state Freedom of Information Act11 and C.G.S. Sec. 17a-101k(a) 12 this report will not list the names of the twenty children killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School, nor will it recite 911 calls made from within the school on that morning or describe information provided by witnesses who were in the classrooms or heard what was occurring in the classrooms.”

Somebody needs to break it to the people that prepared this report that the names of the victims were released the day after the massacre. The 911 calls were released to the public a week or two before the report was released.   How very, very strange to include this paragraph in the report.

The Oxymoron

“All of the firearms were legally purchased by the shooter’s mother”.   Really?   The Bushmaster, the Saiga (the shotgun in the trunk), and the Savage Mark II (used to kill Nancy Lanza at home) are not legal in Connecticut.  So then, how were they legally purchased by Nancy Lanza?

Born Bad

Adam Lanza's Arsenal

Adam Lanza’s Arsenal

For extra good measure, they threw in a photograph of baby Adam sitting with ammo draped over his legs with a hand gun pacifier . This is subtle brainwashing, dissolving any doubt that Adam had been raised in a gun culture. But consider this, Adam was born in New Hampshire, not Connecticut. The move to Connecticut meant leaving anything like a Bushmaster behind in New Hampshire.  As we have already observed, Connecticut gun laws are strict.


The Telltale Pants-32R

Here follows something that must be considered as a major oversight and a clear indication that the report is, in large part, a fabrication.   On page 27 of the report (p. 31 of the pdf), it says that Lanza at the time of his autopsy was 72 inches (6 ft.) tall and weighed only 112 pounds.

In the photos of the clothing worn by the vegan Rambo,  a photo provided in the report shows a pair of black pants. We can clearly see the size of “32 R”.

Size 32R-Can not fit 112 lb 6 foot tall person

Size 32R-Can not fit 112 lb 6 foot tall person

(In other words, a 32″ waist and average or regular length). At six feet tall, Adam’s pants should have been “L”, (long) and the waist for someone that height and weight can not be more than 24″, and would probably be smaller than 24″.  A “32R” would have slid off of his body. These pants clearly could not have been worn by someone that thin and that tall.  The investigators fabricated the pants. What else, then,  did they fabricate?




Lanza I.D.

Lanza I.D.

Here is the Newtown Technology Team photo ID of Adam Lanza right on top of a desk.  Adam had been a member of that team at least five years earlier. That is a long time to keep an ID badge right on top of one’s desk, isn’t it? And it is right next to a Honda key and a pair of glasses.   A pair of glasses….

Those eye glasses on the desk look so familiar, don’t they?   They look so very much like they might belong to Ryan

Look at the glasses

Look at the glasses

The Missing Mask

Where is the Mask?

Where is the Mask?


Lead teacher, Nancy Hammond was following close behind the school principal and the psychologist when they ran out of a parent conference and were gunned down in the hallway.  Nancy was injured, but she survived.  The report states that Hammond described the killer of her two colleagues as wearing a mask.

The report included all of the clothing of Adam Lanza worn that day; his pants, shoes, shirt and his hat…but no mask.  We know who did have masks…the folks dressed like nuns in the purple van that was stopped and then released by police some miles from the school.  Hammond saw a man in a mask, Lanza had no mask, the men in the purple van had masks…

…Lee Harvey Lanza.


Hole in the Head

Hole in the head

Hole in the head

You have just mindlessly slaughtered two classrooms full of children and teachers.  Suddenly, you hear the pitter patter of police feet.  You drop your Bushmaster, the one that police said you never had until after the coroner said that the bullets in the victims were all from a Bushmaster…and then they said you did.  You take hold of one of your two trusty handguns and …(from the shape of the hat, the bullet hole is either in the top rear or the top front).  So you take hold of one of your two trusty handguns and shoot yourself in the top of your head. Miraculously, your hat remains crisp and clean, your blood and brains fail to splatter.

You are right handed, so you shoot yourself with your right hand, pointing backward …really?  Why didn’t you shoot yourself in the side of the head? Or toward the front?  Or maybe you didn’t shoot yourself.

This Newtown report is as big of a whitewash as the Kennedy assassination’s Warren Report.

Now that we have had all that cake, here is some icing…

 Sandy Hook Fraud-Certainty Principle

CT Police Captain Mark Kordick to Radioman911-

“You recorded a Greenwich police scan and attributed it to Newtown”

Originally posted 1/9/2012-Updated with Capt Kordick’s response to my email

Controversy has been swirling around the issue of the black Honda parked next to the Sandy Hook Elementary School (the one with the rifle in the trunk) and the issue of the ownership pronouncement on the police scanner recording

Police Capt Mark Kordick

Capt Mark Kordick

posted on YouTube by Radioman911. In this recording, we hear the plate number called in by a police officer and the response return that  it is registered to Christopher Rodia.  Understandably, Mr. Rodia is being vilified in his community and he has made a statement to the press in his own defense.  Police spokesman, Lt. Vance, has also made a public statement in an attempt to clear Rodia of any blame in the Sandy Hook massacre.

Here follows a copy of Capt Kordick’s email to Radioman911 as well as my email to Capt. Kordick

“Dear Sir:

Your upload to YouTube relative to the Newtown CT Shooting radio traffic has caused quite a stir as it relates to a Mr. Christopher Rodia. I’m not sure where you sourced your feed, but the traffic related to Mr. Rodia is from a 800 MHz six-channel trunked LMR system in use in Greenwich, CT. Greenwich is approximately 45 miles away from Newtown. The Greenwich system carries only municipal Greenwich traffic (public safety and non-public safety) and is in no way connected to the state’s 800 MHz trunked system or Newtown’s.

I am certain of this because after the matter (and all of the Internet Conspiracy Theory buzz – just google “Christopher Rodia”) was brought to our attention, we went back and checked our recordings for December 14. In addition to just recognizing the voices involved as Greenwich Police Officers and Dispatchers, we have all of the audio from our recording system that matches all of the “Rodia” traffic (and some of the other unrelated-to-Newtown casualty call traffic that occurs at the same time.)

In any event, I’m sure you’ll want to help clarify this matter. The “Rodia” traffic is definitely contemporaneous – but from miles away. This has unfortunately additionally clouded an already confusing and emotional issue. Worse, it has brought considerable (and wholly undeserved) angst to Mr. Rodia. Anything you can do to help clear this up would certainly be appreciated.

Feel free to message me back with any questions. I can also be contacted at mkordick@greenwichct.org.

Yours Truly,

Capt. Mark Kordick
Commander – Operations Division
Greenwich Police Dept”

My email response, sent to Capt Kordick on Monday 1/7/13:

Dear Captain Kordick
I greatly appreciate your reaching out to the blogging community regarding the matter of the mis- identification of Christopher Rodia.  I read your explanation with great interest but it conflicts with photographic indicators which show the black Honda parked parallel to the curb at Sandy Hook Elementary.  There is another photograph in wide circulation showing that vehicle being removed on a flat bed.  A closeup shows the plate number  as 872 YEO, the same as stated in the police scan.  I also came across a newspaper interview of Christopher Rodia (CTPost.com).  He never says that he is not the registered owner of that Honda, only that he was not at the school nor in Newtown at the time of the shooting.  He added that he was in his mother’s sage green Nissan at the time and had received a verbal warning from an officer for parking in a fire zone.  You will please note that he was not in the black Honda during this warning…he was in a sage color Nissan.  Here is a link to that article:
So, from what you have added, I am afraid that we now have yet more conflicting information.  I understand your frustration with the blogging community, but frankly, the “professional” press has been far worse.  I am aghast at the sloppy reporting, the twisting of details, the lack of any evidence….everything, and I mean everything, to do with this case has been up to now 100% hearsay.  It is disgraceful.  The public wants the truth, wants the facts, but the facts are nowhere to be found.
Are you aware, for example, that an officer radioed in that there were victims in a closet in the kitchen?  A few minutes later, he repeated, with greater detail, “a teacher and 18 kids in a closet in the kitchen”.
I personally want to be responsible, I want most of all to be factual.  But with the information in the chaotic state that it is, I feel that I have to become Sherlock Holmes and put a magnifying glass to every word. Nothing makes sense.  Official reports do not make sense.  The more I look in to this, the worse it becomes.  I am hoping that you can help me to sort out the truth from the lies.  I absolutely do want to act responsibly.

While I am far from qualified to comment on any aspect of the Newtown investigation, I can put forth the following by way of explanation relative to the Christopher Rodia situation.

The radio traffic in question is an amalgamation of radio traffic from various Fairfield County, Connecticut law enforcement agencies that is made available on the internet via RadioReference.com.  There are 23 different municipalities in Fairfield County, 22 of which operate their own independent public safety radio systems.  One municipality (Sherman, CT) is rural and does not have an organized police department  The Radio Reference “Fairfield County stream” combines many of these systems (not all are represented) and adds the southwestern CT State Police radio traffic to the mix as well.  Listening to the stream is like listening to both sides of several different phone calls all at the same time.
Each of the 22 municipal systems is a separate and distinct entity and none normally interoperate (communicate directly between each other.)  For example, I cannot use my Greenwich police portable or car radio to talk directly with any of the radios on any of the other independent radio systems.  Most in fact are not even in the same frequency range of our local system.
The audio stream in question has audio from a person (I presume a police officer in Newtown, CT) providing a registration plate number (872-YEO) that the media has reported as (and photographed being) associated with the Newtown shooting.  That traffic was carried on the Newtown radio system which cannot be heard here in Greenwich.  Simultaneously – 35 miles away here in Greenwich – Mr. Rodia was being interviewed by a Greenwich Police Officer about his vehicle seemingly illegally parked in a fire lane.  In the seconds after the Newtown transmission, the Greenwich police officer reads Mr. Rodia’s name and provides his date of birth over the Greenwich police radio system to his dispatcher so he can be checked for “wants and warrants.”  The two audio segments are both unrelated and could not have been heard by the involved police officers or dispatchers on each end – they just happened to occur contemporaneously – miles apart.  The audio features segments of both sides of unrelated conversations – the 872-YEO transmission and the Rodia transmission were made by different police officers operating on different radio systems miles apart.  If you listen, you can hear the voices are completely different.
While (again) I have no direct information about anything associated with the Newtown investigation (as far as I know there could have been 1,000 Lanza co-conspirators) the one thing I do know for certain is that Mr. Rodia was in Greenwich, CT, not Newtown, CT when those transmissions were made.  That’s perhaps the most ironic thing about this whole situation.  The audio stream in no way implicates Mr. Rodia – in point of fact, the audio that everyone mentions as somehow indicating Mr. Rodia’s involvement does the exact opposite.  It provides an ironclad accounting of his whereabouts as elsewhere minutes after the incident in Newtown.
Capt. Mark Kordick
Commander – Operations Division
Greenwich Police Department
Sandy Hook Black Honda

Sandy Hook Honda

Police Open Trunk of Honda
Police Find Weapon in Trunk

Sandy Hook Exposed

Sandy Hook Exposed

Part One

“It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” – Adolf Hitler

Soto Class 2012

Victoria Soto’s Class

If you have had any doubt up until now that Sandy Hook was a “false flag” and a black op/psy op, the information that I am about to present to you should get you off the Adam Lanza-lone nut assassin wagon once and for all.  At this point, I do not know how all these pieces fit together, but I do know one thing…Adam Lanza, Nancy Lanza, Ryan and Peter Lanza are all victims just as much as the twenty children, the four teachers, the principal and the psychologist.

This has been an orchestrated mind fuck perpetrated on the American people. If we look back at the Kennedy assassination, Clinton’s Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, Gabby Giffords,  the Batman Aurora caper, the Sikh Temple attack and the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre, we can probably find many of the same despicable characters involved in the planning, or the funding, or the execution (pun intended) of these black ops.

What makes me so sure?   Aside from all the previous clues detailed in articles to be found under my Sandy Hook category in the menu to the right, here follows the most damning evidence of all.  But before you read any further, make yourself a promise.  This time, you won’t just read and cluck to yourself.  This time, you will DO something.  You will re-post, you will leave comments, you will twitter a link to this article, you will post a link on your Facebook, you will contact your government representatives.

The only reason these people get away with this over and over again is because we give them permission through our apathy, our moral cowardice, our erroneous belief  that we can’t do anything.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  And if we don’t do something, the next one will be bigger and more shocking than Sandy Hook…because they have to keep on turning up the dial on you to get what they want.  Ultimately, what they want is your literal enslavement and your life, you useless eater, you.

In order to see the truth, as much as we can, we need to examine facts taken from the police scanner and compare these with reports from the mainstream media to find the outright lies.  We must also garner clues from wherever else they appear, no matter how small, and weave all of this together to identify the truth and thereby expose the deception.  As we go through this, please understand that much information on the scanner is garbled, or whispered, or simply unintelligible due to cross talk.  Also, it is not on all the time.   If you wish to listen for yourself, just go to YouTube and look up “Radioman911 Sandy Hook scanner”.

Here we go.  We will start with the real timeline, the information from the first responders as recorded:

Police Scanner:  9:35:43am Dec 14, 2012Police report first call from Sandy Hook Elementary of shots fired“Sandy Hook School-caller is indicating she thinks there is someone shooting in the building”

9:36:38 “…the front glass has been broken out. We’re not sure why”

9:37:13  “All units, the individual that I have on the phone is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire”

(notice, we have switched from she to he.  I believe that two different individuals made calls to 911 from the school, a female followed by a male.  The male was likely the custodian. The female was likely either the school nurse or the secretary who were both crouching under the desk in the nurse’s office.  Here is the nurse’s interview with George Stephanopoulos which lends credibility to my hypothesis:


9:37:39   (I believe this to be the moment when the very first police car(s)  arrived on scene)  We hear sirens blaring and instructions on taking up position at the school.  We hear the word “driveway”.

9:38:13  “All units responding to Sandy Hook at this time, the shooting appears to have stopped.  It is silent at this time. The school is in lock down.”

9:39:05  “Teacher saw two shadows running past the building, past the gym, which would be rear

9:39:20  “Yeah we got em-They’re coming at me!”

Video of the police swarming the woods near the gym:


9:40:00  “You are requested to stage. I will need two ambulances at this time (assume this is being directed to emergency medical personnel)

9:40:27   “Shooter is apparently still shooting in the (unintelligible) area 12 Dickenson Drive”

9:40:53  “(unintelligible) personnel-take exit 10-turn left on 34-continue on Riverside Road to Dickerson Drive. Make sure you have your vests on”

9:41:20  “I got him proned out!”  (most likely this report comes from the woods. The voice of the officer is the same as the one reporting in at 9:39:20 in this timeline.   An adult male witness reported that this individual was marched out of the woods already handcuffed and was placed in a patrol car in the front seat.   I have read that police never place suspects in the front seat.  The implication here is that police had cause to think that this man might be “off limits” and they needed time to check him out.  Might he have had a government ID such as BATF or from an intelligence unit which may have afforded him some benefit of doubt, earning him the front rather than the back of the patrol car)?


There is also an extremely coherent little boy who seems to be referring to yet another individual taken in to custody. He was evacuated from the gym and as he was approaching the nearby Fire Station on foot, he saw a suspect handcuffed on the ground.  This can not be the same person that the adult reported on being led from the woods by police, although the clothing was the same…


From the following report from Fox43 in Central Pennsylvania, it seems that this suspect was followed up on.   Please note, this story has since been scrubbed from the Fox43 website.  Also note that it discusses both of the suspects who both wore camo pants

“CBS News reports that a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect. Miller reports that authorities have gone into a home connected with the individual in custody after seeing what appeared to be a body inside.

A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, “I did not do it.”

Here is the link to the information above.  The two paragraphs quoted appear at the very end of the story.  But if you click the link provided, you will find that Fox43 Central Pennsylvania has removed the story:


By the clock, we are  only six minutes into this and we already have a significant number of issues and discrepancies, but of course, there is much more to come in Part Two.


Sandy Hook Under a Microscope

The media, which got almost nothing right in the first four to six hours of its reporting on the Sandy Hook massacre, has yet  more corruption of fact to answer to in its reporting of Sandy Hook.  According to the recording of the police scanner, the car reported to the public as belonging to Nancy Lanza actually is registered to Christopher Rodia.   You can hear the plate number being called in by an officer early in the recording and he is told that the owner is Rodia.  Before an hour had passed, police knew that the black Honda did not belong  to Nancy Lanza yet told the public that it did.

Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance is quoted on January 3rd as saying that he has “never heard of  Rodia”.  He then added “the car confiscated at the scene, the black Honda with that license plate, belongs to a relative of Lanza’s and not to Rodia”.  (Well, LT Vance, of you believe that the vehicle belongs to a Lanza relative, why did you ever say that it belonged to Nancy?)

Lt J Paul Vance

Police Spokesman Vance

According to Greenwich CT Police Capt Mark Kordick, the confusion comes from two different locations roughly 35 miles apart in Connecticut.  The question regarding the plate number of  872YEO comes from Newtown, but the answer, “Christopher Rodia, operator” comes from Greenwich in response to Rodia being checked out up there for parking in a fire zone.  Capt Kordick is positive about this.  His full response will be posted soon.

Now, here is what Rodia has to say, as quoted in the 1/3/13 CTPost,com article:

” ‘That was such a heinous crime, I don’t want to be connected to it in any way,’ Rodia said.  He says he was miles away in Greenwich, getting a warning for illegally parking in a fire zone. ‘I was with my niece driving my mother’s sage green Nissan,’ the 43-year-old Norwalk resident said.”

Notice that Rodia never says that the black Honda is not registered to him, only that he wasn’t in Newtown that day.  And notice that he points out that he was driving his mother’s car, and furthermore, he received a police warning  (air tight alibi that  a) he wasn’t there and b) he wasn’t driving the Honda), but does absolutely nothing to address the ownership of the vehicle.  This is the vehicle where a long gun was removed from the trunk by police investigating Sandy Hook.  Remember that?  This Honda is a prime piece of evidence.  Either it points to Lanza or it points away from him.  Lt. Vance said that Rodia is not the owner, but Rodia did not back that up.  Why didn’t he just say “I don’t own any Honda”?  Instead, it’s “I wasn’t there”.

Rodia denial full story here-Connecticut Post Jan 3, 2013: http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Police-No-Newtown-conspiracy-4162391.php#ixzz2HHJbnCO4

Photo of Christopher Rodia

Christopher Rodia

All very disturbing , but it gets worse.

The police scanner recording begins at 9:35am.  Dispatch reports a caller at Sandy Hook Elementary hearing shots fired.  Within minutes, an officer is on the scene reporting the sighting of broken glass.  (Therefore, by 9:40am, police knew that the shooter was not “buzzed in”)   This is soon followed by a report of bodies and a request for ambulances.   At approximately 10:28am, an officer reports that there are “victims in a closet in the kitchen“.  At 10:31:13, he repeats “teacher and eighteen kids in the kitchen.

Now wait a minute.  According to media reports, the shooter killed the principal and the psychologist in the hall near the main entrance, turned left and proceeded down the hall which housed the kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

The teacher in classroom number one, Ms. Roig  was on the news stating that she was perplexed as to why her room was passed by.  The shooter ignored her room entirely.  She is the teacher who had herded her group into an adjoining bathroom and slid a bookcase in front of the bathroom door.

Sandy Hook Kaitlin Roig

Teacher Kaitlin Roig

She presumed that the shooter thought her room vacant and continued down the hall.  He apparently also walked past Victoria Soto’s room in order to access substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau’s class where, we were told, he murdered her, all fourteen of her students and  special  needs teacher Rachel DaVino.  Then he doubled back and killed Victoria Soto and a portion of her class.  Media reported that police found seven of her students still alive in a closet.  This would mean that six of her pupils died with her since there were twenty child victims in all and fourteen had perished with Ms. Rousseau.

Soto Class 2012

Victoria Soto’s Class

If you look at a school diagram, you realize that the entry hall, principal’s office and Roig’s classroom are all within a few steps of one another.  Even with stopping to kill the principal and the psychologist,  the shooter could have been at Roig’s door within a minute or two.  Would this be enough time for her to herd her entire class into a small bathroom and move a bookcase?  Wouldn’t the shooter have heard the commotion of all the sliding chairs, the pattering of scurrying feet, the screech of a bookcase being dragged?  Could Roig have accomplished all of this in roughly two minutes?

Or did the shooter take a different course?  Did the shooter actually turn to his right to enter the cafeteria?  There were twenty five students in there rehearsing for a school play in the cafeteria at that time.  Where else in this relatively small school could we expect to find a kitchen?  Go here to explore the school interior for yourself:


Let’s try to take our analysis a little further.  There were twenty five children rehearsing in the cafeteria.  Eighteen child victims and a teacher were located in a closet in the kitchen.  An onsite police officer said so.  It’s on the scanner at 10:28am and repeated at 10:31am.  This means that some of the children in rehearsal survived…escaped…seven children to be precise.

Aidan Licata

Aidan Licata is an amazing six year old and according to his parents one of Victoria Soto’s pupils at Sandy Hook.  Aidan Licata is a hero.  According to his mother, the second that the shooter entered the room, Aidan grabbed as many of his friends as he could in a few split seconds and ran for his life out of the school.  He stopped to hold the door for one little girl who was the last of his group to exit with him.

Connecticut State Representative John Frey who has nieces and a nephew at Sandy Hook had tweeted:

“Rep. John Frey @johnfrey
Sister, driving to Sandy Hook, came upon some 1st graders running from school. She took them to Police Dept. Kids were shaken. Heartbreaking”

Most likely, this was Aidan and his friends.  State Rep. Frey’s sister likely intercepted Aidan and his classmates.  Can we corroborate that?

According to Aidan’s mother,  he and his friends had been taken to the police station and the police brought them over to the fire station where they were reunited with their parents.  During an interview, Aidan’s dad said “we’re — we’re finding out more and more, every day, but he basically, the children witnessed the shooter, coming into the room and shoot his teacher and continue firing, the children acted on instinct and what they were taught, which was to run. They just ran up to the main road, 100 yards away. My son and several of the other students were extremely brave in what they did and, acted with the courage that I don’t know if I have. And, again, they just ran and were fortunate enough to meet a woman who was — is another hero in the …”

So, here is confirmation that Aidan and his classmates were rescued by a woman, most likely Frey’s sister, so then…

Where does Gene Rosen fit in?

According to Newtown resident, Gene Rosen who was interviewed by many in the “professional” media including CNN, FOX News, the AP and Nancy Grace, he was going out for breakfast when he spotted six kids sitting at the end of his driveway.

If the surviving kids were transported by Frey’s sister straight to the police, then they couldn’t have been sitting on Rosen’s driveway.  And if they weren’t sitting on Rosen’s driveway, then how did he know there were six?  But far more damning,  if they weren’t there to tell him anything, how is he able to name Miss Soto as the teacher?

Here is one of Rosen’s many interviews:

The Girl Who Played Dead

There was one additional survivor, a 6 year old girl, who “played dead” and emerged from the school covered with her classmates blood.  Had the police been there before she emerged from the carnage, the body count in the kitchen closet would have been nineteen.

Assuming  Aidan saved five plus himself , plus eighteen dead in the kitchen closet, plus one girl who played dead, we have 6+18+1=25, the number stated to have been in the cafeteria rehearsing.  But did you notice?  Although this aligns more perfectly with the actual information on the scanner, and supports my cafeteria theory, there are still two children missing.

Was Victoria Soto slated to die that day?  A R.I.P. Facebook page was made for her on 12/10.  Rosen knew her name before the media announced it and said that the kids told him…but the kids weren’t there.  Poor Victoria had to have been in the “script”, in the plan, from the get go.  Her death was in progress well before she died.  Why?

To get filled in on other details, go here:


Stay tuned…we still have two missing children…

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