Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Massacre-Not what it seems to be – Part 2

L,V. Police Chief Lombardo and FBI Aaron Rousse

White Man Speak With Forked Tongue (intentional or not)

The initial narrative, the one given to the public during the earliest round of press conferences commencing on October 2nd, the narrative that Las Vegas P.D. delivered under the watchful eye of FBI agent Aaron Rousse, was that the unarmed Mandalay Bay security guard, Jesus Campos, was a hero who took a bullet to the leg  while accompanying a small group of Las Vegas police officers to the door of room 135 on the 32nd floor. He was their beacon, the lamp that lit the way down hell’s darkest corridor.

So….this crazed, demented gunman fired some 200 rounds, rapid fire, through the closed entry door of the suite and Mr. Campos was injured at that time.  The officers,being no match for such heavy artillery, had to stand down and call for SWAT. It took SWAT just a little bit of awhile to set up explosive charges around the door. When the dust settled, they observed a man laying there on the floor of the suite pretty damned well dead.

No doubt the officers were surprised to find a four camera set up, one of which was set up on the room service cart in the hall. He must have done this, police surmised,in order to keep an eye on anything that might come at him down that long hallway. That is what they theorized but it was reported that police were puzzled to find that there was no recorded footage from any of the four cameras. In spite of this, police told the public that Stephen Paddock must have seen the group approaching from the camera feed. He stopped firing upon the fleeing concert crowd on the street below and turned his weapon, instead, toward the approaching team, firing some 200 rounds through a closed door. The least of everyone’s problems here is the fact that a 200 round volley hitting absolutely no one in the seven man team and only producing a leg wound from a bounce of a single bullet is…well, let’s be kind, improbable.

The shooter, of course, died of apparent suicide after firing upon the approaching officers. No matter that review of body cam footage worn by the officers failed to pick up the sounds of the suicide shot. We will just proceed with the remarks that we have prepared, knowing that we will be able to twist and turn the facts in the ensuing days with utter impugnity because, as was stated upfront, this was a very dynamic, confusing event and investigation had barely begun. Understood, Chief, but there is one component of the complex dynamic that had to have been crystal clear from very, very early on; that being whether or not the team of officers walking down that hall had experienced any gunfire. They all survived, they were all able to speak, they were all able to file incident reports, and they all had body cams. In this one issue, Chief Lombardo, you can find no safe quarter. What you told the public was untrue and of all the facts you related in that first press conference, this was the one point where you had the most immediate data available to you before you briefed the public. There was no excuse for this one gaffe unless all six officers lied (highly doubtful) and were found out after there had been sufficient time to examine body cam footage but not in time for the press conference.

Let’s pause here and consider something. Campos ostensibly went up to that sector on floor 32 because of a door ajar alarm that needed to be investigated, not because there was automatic weapon fire coming from there.  The shooter began reigning hell fire down on the crowd at 10:05 pm or thereabouts.  Therefore Campos would most assuredly know precisely where the automatic fire was coming from. We know that security guards carry radios so that they can communicate with their supervisors as well as with other security guards. So why, then, did it take police so long to determine where the gunfire was originating from?

We can hear their confusion on the scanner. That confusion was real. The police knew nothing. They did not even know that Campos was up there on the 32nd floor with a leg wound until the elevator door opened. Here is a link to the police scanner recordings so that you can listen and get a feel for how truly confused they were as to where the rounds were coming from:

Lombardo’s Tiny Revision

A Little Dab ‘ll Do Ya

Fast forward to the October 9th press conference. By this time, perhaps someone within Vegas P.D. had taken the time to review what was on their own police scanner, a copy of which had managed to surface on the internet.  They had already gone on record with a dossier full of fairy tales and released a semi-fictional timeline of events that had already gone to print.  There was absolutely no way out, none.  It took them seven days and seven nights to find enough lipstick to apply to the pig but in the end, it was still a pig. In fact, it was an uglier pig than the first pig.

Undaunted and without shame, they held another press conference on October 9th stating that they had the teensy tiniest little modification to make to their timeline and narrative.  And really folks, it wasn’t much of a change at all…honest.  You see, well gosh, Mr. Campos had gone up there at 9:59 pm. and that is when he was wounded, not while making his way down the hall with that first team of arriving officers.

So how does this change things? With regard to the general narrative, technically Lombardo is right. It doesn’t actually change anything other than to bring focus to bear upon security guard Campos.

(Does any of this sound like the security officer radioed in anything at all? And if he did then it sure as hell was not communicated to officers on the ground). Where, precisely, was the log jam of this critical information?

Fly In the Ointment

The real hero of this event, the one who utterly screwed the perpetrators, was the officer who did this:

10:18 pm: “Contact Mandalay Bay. See if they can shut down their elevators so he can’t get mobile and, um, we can take the stairs and block all the stair exits”. Less than three minutes later someone radioed back that Mandalay Bay was now “locked down”. The time is now 10:21 pm. By 10:21 pm there are no running elevators.

That officer is our actual hero. Mr. Campos, in fact, may not even have been a security guard. But we shall  cover that tidbit a little later on because the police chief has repeatedly said that law enforcement has no idea why the shooting stopped when it did. I will attempt to fill in the blank for them and end their embarrassing stupification.

Let us key in on another police radio transmission which comes in within seconds of an officer announcing lock down:

10:21:44 – “We are taking fire from a very high place-we believe from Mandalay Bay” (these were the final shots fired)

10:22 p m: (2nd officer responds) –“I haven’t seen any flashes from Mandalay Bay but if it is coming from Mandalay Bay there is a strobe light coming from one of those windows on the east side”

Hopefully, that will end the stupification that the Chief and the FBI have been suffering from. Pleased to be of service.

The Spin Cycle

Man Trapped in a Washing Ma

In Chief Lombardo version #1 delivered to the public on October 2nd, he stated that Campos arrived on the 32nd floor at 10:05 pm which is the time that the shots began. He radioed in a report of automatic weapon fire coming from that floor and waited patiently for officers to arrive. He then bravely lead the officers to the suite door. It was then that the shooter opened fire on them, wounding only Campos.. Let’s imagine Campos’ call in to his boss on that scenario:

“Bob, it’s me, Jesus. I am here completely unarmed, just checking a door ajar thing and somebody is firing thousands of rounds of automatic weapon fire from the room at the end of the hall here on 32 east. ”

“Roger. Get off the floor now!”

“No. I am staying here so that I can show the cops where the end of the hall is.”


Lombardo Strikes Again…and again

Now, in Lombardo version #2, officers encounter Campos in the hall near the elevator (true). The entire group proceeds down the hall, shooter sees them approach with his camera set up on the room service cart and commences firing upon them.  Mr. Campos is the only person injured by a hail of bullets fired through the closed door (not true). It was in this October 9th press conference that Chief Lombardo gave a new time for Campos’ arrival in the hall as being six minutes earlier than originally reported and said that it was just a minor revision.

But Lombardo was not done yet. On Friday, October 13th he held a 3rd press briefing to massage this  a little more. There was one big change from the first two press conferences. Questions from the press were no longer being permitted,.Both times are correct for Campos’ arrival on floor 32. Yes, both 9:59 pm and 10:05 pm are correct because Campos first tried to get to 32 via a stairwell, could not open the door, and spent six minutes trying to find an alternate access. We will just scoot on past the part of the narrative that the shooter had multiple drills and had screwed a stairwell door shut. Somehow officers arriving later on scene had no trouble entering via the stairwell.  Whatever.

Here is what I want to point out. None of Chief Lombardo’s versions made in official press conferences match what is on the scanner. When the elevator doors opened the group of six saw Campos standing right there and he was already wounded. And none of the versions stand up to close scrutiny.

From the scanner:

10:24 pm: (lone officer whispering ):  “I am in the stairwell on the 32nd floor”

10:26 pm: “We’re comin’ out on the 32nd floor” ( 6 man team arriving)

10:26 pm (seconds later): Elevator door opens 32nd floor“We have a security officer shot in the leg on the 32nd floor. He’s standing right by the elevator”. Campos is clearly already injured. There were no 200 rounds shot at the approaching seven man team and it is highly unlikely that there had been any 200 round volley just prior to the shooter firing on the crowd. If there had been rounds fired at Campos prior to the arrival of Campos police would have been summoned to Mandalay Bay immediately just for that and the police would have had no doubt where the shots were coming from. Last but not least, Campos would have been told to get the hell off that floor. It did not happen as stated in version #1 as the scanner proves and it could not have happened as stated in version #2.

Quite simply, there was no round of 200 shots fired into that hall. And once again, for emphasis, the officers on scene had no idea that there was an injured security guard on floor 32, nor did they know with certainty that shots were coming from Mandalay Bay.

Three Cup Monte (aka the shell game)

Jesus Campos Not Registered as a Nevada Security Guard

It’s starting to look like Mr. Campos is one of the shooters. He went up there at 9:59 pm. Shooting started at 10:05 pm. Hmmm. Won’t folks be demanding to know if a paraffin test was taken of Mr. Campos’ hands later that night?  Of course they will. And that;s the game, the legerdemain, the magic trick.  Campos was scheduled to do some five main stream media interviews on Friday but cancelled all at the last minute. He was then declared to be missing. Ah, the innuendo of it all.

It is important to note that the state of Nevada requires security guards to be registered. Mr. Campos was not a duly registered security guard.  You can find a larger version of the graphic to the right in this article from The Gateway Pundit:

Warning: Devious Minds at Work

Now that we have successfully shifted suspicion on to Mr. Campos, it is necessary, nay imperative, to fan the flames of conspiracy theorists worldwide. The next move will be be something like this (  prediction alert )…“Yes, of course we tested Mr. Campos for gun powder residue. There wasn’t any.”  At some point they may even release an official report proving this. Why is this necessary? Well, this massacre was committed by a group, it was planned with great sophistication. The media is under control but non professionals are not. It is mandatory to make such people look foolish. In order to do this, you throw a piece of meat into the arena and just as the lions get there, you snatch it away.

Campos had a role. He was there for a reason, but most likely not to be a primary shooter. Stop and think….why would the perpetrators need a security person placed on that floor? Why? Always remember, the key to all of these plots is plausibility and, of course, stealth. While most security personnel do not carry weapons, they always carry radios. They can receive information as well as send it. Might he have been there to monitor what was going on within the Mandalay Bay with regard to police arrival and police tactical movements within the building? Might he have been there to watch over one of the shooters, to watch a shooter’s back, so to speak? Might he have been there to assist with any last minute staging of the room?

If you scroll back up and check the times of the various police transmissions you will notice that the last shots fired on the crowd happened just as police announced that the building had been locked down. See?

The reason why officers found Mr. Campos near the elevators is that he was trying to get out but the elevators were shut down. They were shut down at 10:21 pm. The last round at the crowd was fired just before 10:22 pm. You see, whether he arrived on scene at 9:59 pm or 10:05 pm, nobody in their f-ing right mind would stay on a floor a) after being fired upon and b) upon hearing endless rounds of automatic weapon fire coming from the end of the damned hall. Period. Therefore, obviously, the man was busy doing something else..

Staging 101

 Misleading Photo Alert

But rest assured, this “Paddock” guy was not our primary shooter. In fact, room 135 floor 32 was not the location from which the majority of rounds had been fired. It was only for purposes of staging, to look as though this is where our lone gunman was positioned.  This was where the patsy would be murdered and left for future discovery surrounded by all those weapons and ammo.

Unfortunately, there simply weren’t enough shell casings in there for that to have been the sole source location, much less the primary location, of the massacre. We had something like 515 injured and 58 dead. That’s 572 shots that hit. There had to have been hundreds, even thousands of rounds that missed. So, you would expect to see several thousand casings on the floor. What you do see in the room (including other angles)are not nearly enough.

Now, look at that gun seeming to be laying across the left ankle. Many people have keyed in on this photo pointing to the fact that it is nearly impossible to commit suicide with a rifle, nor any long barrel gun, because the trigger is too far away from the muzzle. I just want to dispel this red herring before it goes much further. It is very difficult to see, but it you increase the size of the photo you can see that this weapon which is pointing at the couch is sitting on a tripod.  One leg of the tripod can be seen just a foot or so to the right of the automatic weapon laying flat at the foot of the chair. There are many red herrings in this case. I will attempt to cover those in a future article.

A GRAPHIC PHOTO WARNING:  The next section contains a link to an EXTREMELY GRISLY PHOTOGRAPH. IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO BLOODY IMAGES and/or IMAGES OF DEATH,  PLEASE DO NOT click the link.  I promise that I accurately describe what is there. Click only if you have a strong stomach.

Second advisory: Again, sensitive people should not click the link at the very end. OK. You have been warned. Let’s continue:

Dead Men Can’t Shoot

Look at the photograph of the door of the suite where the dead patsy was found. We can immediately notice two things. The right side door looks perfectly intact. The left side door is missing only its upper portion. In the lower section we can observe that it is not only remarkably intact but there are several entry bullet holes as indicated by my arrow at the very bottom of the photo. Now, I have seen footage of the explosions produced by the small charges that police say were used to “breach” the door. Explosives, by their very nature, can not produce nice neat results. They shred. This scene looks more like a situation where they opened the door and then neatly sawed out the top panel.

Suite 135 Mandalay Bay allegedly breached door

The dead man on the floor in the suite had been dead a very long time. He could not have been the shooter. He died hours before the shooting began. Blood had soaked in to the carpet but more tellingly, the blood on his face and around his mouth was dried. That takes some hours. There are also signs of lividity up the man’s right cheek and down the neck. That, too, takes hours. He may or may not be Paddock but he is certainly not the shooter.

The reason why officers found Mr. Campos near the elevators is quite likely that he was trying to get out but the elevators were shut down. They were shut down at 10:21 pm. Anybody up there on floor 32 east would be trapped there. Elevators were turned off and there was an officer in the stairwell, presumably the stairwell closest to the suite.

But rest assured, this Campos guy was not our primary shooter. In fact, room 135 floor 32 was not the location from which the majority of rounds had been fired. It was primarily for purposes of staging.  This was where the patsy would be dropped for future discovery surrounded by all those weapons and stacks of unspent ammo. There simply weren’t enough shell casings in there for that to have been the source location of the massacre. We had something like 515 injured and 58 dead. That’s 572 shots that hit. There had to have been hundreds of rounds that missed. So, you would expect to see several thousand casings on the floor. What you do see in various photos of the room are not nearly enough casings.

In Part 3 we will take a look at the first shots fired (those were targeted hits), acoustics analysis and a very interesting arrest made in Tennessee the day following the massacre as well as some further interesting things said by officers on the police scanner.

Here follows the link to the very graphic and gory photo I warned about earlier. Again, if you are easily sickened DO NOT LOOK.…3764.19220.0.21531.….0…1.1.64.img..9.7.2142…0.0.VTqlKmOO0DQ#imgrc=t1uesBesN4cIwM: