Mandalay Bay-Liars and Windows and Doors, Oh My!-Part 2

In order for any of the Las Vegas Harvest Festival attack to make sense to you, it is imperative that you read part one of “Liars and Windows and Doors, Oh My”. Without the context provided in part one the rest will only confuse you more. Please do not proceed any further without reading part one. Here is the link for part one:

Our Corpse

We should probably begin with what is, aside from the dead and wounded toll, our one and only fact. The man who lay dead on the floor of Mandalay Bay suite 32-135 the night of October 1st 2017 was not Stephen Paddock.

Had Stephen Paddock been, as described by the coroner, six foot one with brown eyes and defined, rounded earlobes and lots of missing teeth, we’d be fine. But we are not fine because Steven Paddock was six foot four, blue eyed with a very particular earlobe structure that is referred to as “attached”. And Paddock had teeth, lots of teeth which is probably why the coroner used fingerprints to support the identification instead of the more customary dental charts. I would like to pose a question as to how fingerprints were used to identify Mr. Paddock when the man had absolutely no criminal history?


Earlobes are as unique as fingerprints and a lot more difficult to fudge providing there is a sufficient trail of photographic evidence. Every photograph of Mr. Paddock shows his earlobe structure rather clearly as well as his blue eyes. His driver license and fishing license confirm blue eyes as well as a six foot four inch height. So who is the dead man on the floor? Your guess is as good as mine but we can all be sure of who it is not. It is not Paddock.

Here are the comparisons so that you may see for yourselves:

Mr. Paddock


Paddock Earlobe Closeup

SP Earlobe Closeup

Look carefully not only at the earlobe but the entire ear.  There is simply no match here. The ear of our corpse is rounded at the bottom much like a reverse letter “J”.  Paddock’s lobes angle sharply where they join the face. Technically, he has no earlobe. The man on the floor is not the friendly, intelligent accountant millionaire….period, end of story. Therefore,  for the remainder of this article we shall refer to the dead man on the floor (and possible shooter, though Paddock likely took off well before the attack on concert goers began) as “SP”…which represents the concept of Stiff Person, not Stephen Paddock.  Mr. Paddock’s name will only be used when actually discussing Mr. Stephen Paddock. From here on, when you see “SP”, think “stiff person”, not Stephen Paddock.

One last thought before we move on. It is entirely possible that Sheriff Lombardo was telling the truth when he stated that it looked to him that Steven Paddock had an escape plan.  From the looks of those earlobes, Paddock most assuredly did.

Eye Wide Shut

Right eye closed, left eye open

To the best of my knowledge absolutely no one has noticed a very disturbing and obvious detail about this corpse.  One eye is wide open but the other is closed. There is some suggestion of lividity along the right cheek below the closed eye.  What might this tell us?  Think about it. What could this mean?  Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat for a few minutes and see if you come up with anything.  As you do so, let us make one more observation about our corpse.

Mouth Closeup

There seems to be some tissue missing from the left mouth corner (your right) and there is a blood pattern of an unusually straight line running from the mouth corner toward the ear. The gunpowder residue, which is black,  is right in that mouth corner.  Now, I will ask again. Does this evidence tell you anything?

Here is what it tells me. At the moment of death this man’s head was turned to the right. The LVMPD FIT report did mention injury to both legs; ” Preliminarily, the injuries noted were on the posterior of both calves”.  This is a vague statement and there is no further detail but it does suggest that the man was struck from behind with an object long enough to contact both calves.  The Las Vegas Review Journal was given a copy of the coroner report and this is what they wrote:  ” Paddock also had scrapes on his right upper calf and knee and a bruise on his left calf.”  This description would suggest that the man was struck from behind and fell on his right knee.

So then, it sounds as though the dead man found on the floor in Vista suite 32-135 had his legs knocked out from under him and fell to the floor, landing on his right knee. Likely he was then pushed over and held down with the right side of his face making contact with the floor.  Pressure was applied to his head making it impossible for him to turn his head nor to open his right eye. The purpose of forcibly holding down the head was, of course, to facilitate the insertion of the barrel of a gun onto the left corner of his mouth. Murder, she wrote.

Eau du Rat-First Whiff

The following is a quote taken from the LVMPD preliminary report released on January 18,  2018:

“On or around September 9th Paddock made his room reservation for a Vista Suite ending in 235 but not a specific floor. On September 20th Paddock was internally  assigned to room 33-235. On September 21st Paddock was internally changed to room 32-235. On September 24th Paddock was assigned to room 32-135.”

Footnote 4 at the bottom of the page states:

“4 All internal changes to Paddock’s rooms were done by a Mandalay Bay computer without Paddock’s knowledge.” 

We can discard any notion of this having been a well planned, premeditated act on the part of Steven Paddock with this one simply stated footnote. He never asked to be placed in a room overlooking the concert nor in sight of the fuel tanks for that matter.

That said, footnote 4 is only partially correct. The wording makes it sound as though the computer system autonomously made these changes to Paddock’s room assignment but the computer can not do this. A human being would have looked at the vacancies on September 20th and chosen to place him in 33-235.  A human would have subsequently moved him to the suite one floor below (32-235 , still in his preferred wing) on September 21st.  And a human being would have moved him to the 100 wing the day before his arrival on September 24th.

To underscore the fact that Paddock did not want the suite on the 32nd floor in the 100 wing, Paddock spoke with his VIP host about his room assignment two days after he checked in. According to the LVMPD report:

“Paddock spoke with his VIP host reference wanting the “Vista Suite” at the end of the hall with the double doors. Paddock was insistent on the suite and connecting room. Paddock wanted to be in the 200 wing as it had a better view, according to him. Paddock was upset about the room, but was not angry. Paddock never mentioned the reason why he wanted a connecting room.”  Paddock obviously did not want a room overlooking the venue. So much for the carefully planned theory.


It is difficult to pinpoint the very first lie in this despicable, deplorable, insufferable charade.  Let’s agree to allow one or two of the earliest Pinocchio briquettes to quietly extinguish on the hearth.  It would be unreasonable to expect the first round or two of public statements made within a few hours of the massacre to have been without flaw.  Not much was known yet much was being asked.

When Sheriff Joe Lombardo stood before the cameras and assured everyone that it was just one solitary lunatic with twenty three bump stocks up in suite 32-135 of the Mandalay Bay it wasn’t so much that he was lying. He was struggling to preserve a city and its economy, struggling to defend millions of residents who depend on the conventions, the honeymooning couples, the sightseers, the gambling Californians and the international high rollers that collectively make life in Las Vegas possible.  None of us would have wanted to be in his shoes that dreadful night.  So then, regarding the first round or two of mendacious mumblings, all is forgiven.

But long after the emotional peak of the event had passed the lies kept coming. With each round the lies got bigger, bolder and more bizarre Here we are more than six months out from October 1st, 2017 and officialdom just can’t seem to find any truth to share. The public is left to wonder if the police and FBI are simply and unrelentingly corrupt or simply and unrelentingly incompetent. Or might it be a little of both?

Let us review some of the highlights, a veritable Whitman’s sampler of chewy prevarications shamelessly fed to a public starving for information:

  • The date that Stephen Paddock checked in to Mandalay Bay suite 32-135
  • Paddock’s careful, crafty, premeditated selection of a suite overlooking the concert venue
  • The whereabouts and whenabouts of Paddock companion Marilou Danley
  • The howabouts and whenabouts of SPs death
  • The whereabouts and whenabouts of security guard Jesus Campos
  • The whereabouts and whenabouts of building engineer Stephen Schuck

Press Conference-Pinocchio and the Enforcer-source: HDRCFX Cornwall (YouTube)

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