Obama-nation- How the CIA Used White Guilt to Hijack America (Again)

Movie Poster for Putney Swope

Movie Poster for Putney Swope

Back in 1969 a deliciously quirky, fanciful, farcical little movie was released titled “Putney Swope”, a black comedy of sorts. It was about an advertising agency in Manhattan that suddenly found itself without a Chairman of the Board when the stuttering Chairman, Mario, collapsed dead onto the boardroom table while attempting to give an address to the board members.  An election of his successor was hastily arranged. The camera panned around the table to reveal the typical array of over fed, elderly white men. At the end of the table sat their token black board member, Putney Swope. It was a jab at the new reality of the sixties….the token black.

A hat was passed around to collect the secret ballots. Putney voted for himself, of course, thinking this would be his only vote.  In the end, the board was stunned at the final vote count which revealed the fact that Putney Swope had been unanimously elected as Chairman of the Board. Each board member thought that they ought to vote for Putney because, surely, no one else would.

Putney immediately cleaned house substituting  his own clique of inexperienced sycophants and the dismantling of a once successful agency rapidly ensued.

Interestingly, not quite two years after this film was released, ten year old Barry Soetoro was sent to Hawaii from Indonesia to live with his grandparents so that he could “prepare for college”. He was on his way to being prepared for a lot more than college, it would seem. This clever film would turn out to be one of the keenest predictive programming efforts  of all time. That’s the way the CIA likes to roll. They like to show you what they have planned knowing that you won’t figure it out in time to stop it from biting you in the ass.  They get a really big kick out of it.

Manchurian Candidate

Who is he, this “Barack Hussein Obama”?  We really don’t know and the odds are that he doesn’t know either  His birth certificate is not authentic, he has been using the social security number of a man born in the late 1800’s, and his draft card is also an inarguable fraud.


Anyone paying attention has known that for a long, long time.  Yet in spite of many good as gold flaws in the White House birth certificate, no law enforcement has responded, no court has responded, the United States Congress has not responded, Only Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona has put forth any effort at all in getting to the bottom of this fraud and has had to do so on a somewhat unofficial basis. Mainstream media, also known as fake news, has failed to cover the Arpaio story. It must be highly, highly radio active….highly, highly toxic. The question is, why?

Mike Zullo’s Big Announcement

Mike Zullo and Maricopa County long time, but soon to be ex, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, held a press conference a few weeks ago to announce that they have (more) proof at long last that the document the White House posted back in April 2011 is an unequivocal fraud.  Many had already pointed out multiple anomalies immediately following the White House posting of the President’s birth certificate demonstrating that the document was an obvious fraud. The principle clue, as numerous computer and software experts pointed out, derived from the fact that the document had been created in distinct layers.

Of course the layering was not the only anomaly. There was the not so insignificant problem of Obama’s certificate number being out of proper sequence relative to the Nordyke twins who were born at the same hospital in Honolulu the day after “Barack”. The Nordykes’ held certificates 10637 and 10638. Having been born the day before, “Barack Obama” should have held a number lower than theirs but his was higher,  numbered 10641. Some have argued that “Obama”‘s may have arrived at the registrar later than the Nordykes and therefore received a higher number. But this can not be a valid explanation as “Obama”‘s birth certificate was registered on August 8th and the Nordyke twins were registered on August 11th. His certificate was processed before the twins. There is no valid excuse for his registration number being higher.

Arpaio’s Additional Mile

Johanna Ah'Nee

Johanna Ah’Nee

The Arpaio/ Zullo team had gone the additional mile. They had found one of the actual source documents from which nine fields had been lifted and added to “Barack Obama”‘s birth certificate. The source document for the nine fields belongs to Johanna Ah’Nee. Johanna had nothing to do with it since her certificate had been kept safely stored away in a locked box. Whoever did this had to have worked from the original kept at the Registrar in Hawaii.

To understand the importance of this particular find one must keep in mind that there were no computers back in 1961 when Barack Obama purportedly entered this world. His birth certificate would have been created like all the others in that era. Starting with a blank, formatted, numbered document printed at a print shop, it would have been inserted in to a typewriter. All of the pre-printed required fields would have been filled in by a clerk typist.

Parents and attending obstetrician would be required to sign followed by the local registrar. The document would be stamped with an issue date by the registrar. The last step would be the application of an official embossed seal at the bottom which would authenticate the certificate.  After all these steps, the parent (s) would be issued an official copy. “Barack Obama”‘s posted certificate has no embossed seal. It was fraudulent the day it was posted and it is still fraudulent now.

Date Stamp

Old Fashioned Date Stamp Device

Old Fashioned Date Stamp Device

The registrar’s date stamp would have been a hand held device that would be pressed in to an ink pad and then applied to the appropriate boxes.  With regard to the date stamp applied by hand at the registrar’s office, no two would ever be identical with respect to the angle of the stamp within the boxes. Each certificate had two date stamp boxes; one on the left, one on the right. The stamp angles from both boxes of Johanna Ah’Nee’s certificate line up perfectly with both date stamps appearing on “Obama”‘s certificate. This fact indicates that the stamped date detail was lifted from the Ah’Nee certificate and then added to the “Obama” document.

Independent testing performed in Italy by Four Labs Forensic Digital Technicians has confirmed these findings. There is no doubt now. No further excuses can be made.  Therefore, we are left with some very disquieting questions. It was the job of the DNC to authenticate or verify their candidates’ eligibility back in 2007. Obviously, they did not do so. Why not?  The next question is, of course, is this man really “Barack Hussein Obama”, son of Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham?  And if he is not actually “Barack Hussein Obama”, then who is he?

Obliterated Data

Researchers trying to prove that Stanley Ann Dunham had given birth overseas were stunned to find that all passenger records for persons arriving on foreign flights landing in Honolulu, Hawaii from August 2 through August 7th 1961 were missing! The entire file for those five days is lost in space.

“After months of searching, investigators commissioned by Maricopa County Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio  to examine Barack Obama’s eligibility for office found Immigration and Naturalization Service travel records for foreign flights into Hawaii in 1961, only to discover that records for the week of Obama’s birth were missing. Investigators were searching to determine if Barack Obama might have been born in a foreign country and returned to Honolulu in or around August 1961 with his mother, Ann Dunham.

Arpaio’s team looked at databases in the National Archives and Records Administration with microfilm of INS passenger records for foreign flights arriving in Honolulu and New York City. If Obama was not born in Hawaii, as he and the Hawaii Department of Health have been insisting, there should be INS passenger cards that the new mother filled out for herself and her infant son upon arrival in Honolulu from a Pacific Rim city or arrival in New York City from across the Atlantic.”

(source:  https://politicalvelcraft.org/2012/03/23/breaking-immigration-records-missing-for-week-of-obamas-birth-passport-witness-to-testify-against-obama-fatally-shot-outside-church/)

Alright then….it’s ok. We should be able to see what we need to see by getting hold of Stanley Ann Dunham’s passport, right? Au contraire, mon ami. No one to date has been able to locate the record of the initial Stanley Ann Dunham passport application . All such non-essential records from that era were destroyed in the 1980’s to save money on storage space-crucial evidence literally up in smoke.  We only have subsequent passport renewal applications and one passport amendment request. There are two immediate oddities that jump out at us from the precious few documents that we do have. First is the signature of Stanley Ann Dunham in 1968 .  Compare her signature from 1968 to the signature on the purported Obama birth certificate seven years earlier. First, look at 1968:


Here is the birth certificate signature from 1961:




Notice how fluid and mature that signature on the birth certificate is. Her first name looks like an afterthought. In all of the documents still in existence Ms. Dunham always starts her signature with Stanley-or S., never with Ann. Now look at her signature above it which was signed seven years after the birth certificate. It looks more like one’s writing in high school. Stanley Ann was eighteen when Obama was born. She was twenty five when she amended her passport in 1968, yet the writing styles seem reversed. If we had to guess based on what we see, it would be reasonable to think that the certificate signature came from a far more mature hand. It is so much more aesthetically pleasing, is it not? Perhaps that is because it was made by a more mature hand and not by Stanley Ann Dunham at age eighteen.  To underscore the point, this is what her signature looked like in 1986 when she was in her forties:





You can view all of her documents here:  https://www.scribd.com/doc/35161730/Stanley-Ann-Dunham-Obama-Soetoro-Passport-Application-File-Strunk-v-Dept-of-State-FOIA-Release-FINAL-7-29-10

Passport Peculiarity

If you click on the link above to view all of the available passport applications of Obama’s mother you will notice a glaring, screaming oddity. It isn’t so much what you see. It is what you do not see. Among all of those applications, we never see  young Barack, only Stanley Ann. His name and photo should have been submitted on every one of her renewals as well as the amendment up to the year he reached age eighteen….unless, of course, he had his own passport.

Furthermore, the only time his name appears at all is on page two of her renewal application in 1968 which was initiated in Indonesia. The lone entry mentioning him is in the section dealing with including/excluding children. Someone crossed it out.  Why? Did Stanley Ann fail to produce proper documents to add him? He was only seven years old at the time therefore he would be too young to exclude had he been on the initial passport . The only reason for the entry would be to include him, but why include him if he was already on the original passport and/or its first renewal?  There are only two possible answers here. Either he had his own passport issued by some country other than the U.S.A. or…. he was an Indonesian child to begin with.  Let that sink in for a minute.




Here is a series of head scratchers:

To this day, as with any genuine birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama Jr., no one has been able to locate a marriage certificate for Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. No one has been able to locate a marriage license either. Yet a divorce document does exist.

Then there is the positively baffling series of applications that Obama Sr. made for multiple visa extensions and financial aid.  One would think that a foreign national studying in the United States, needing financial aid, and having a child by an American national would add said child to each application in an effort to get as much aid as possible and to ensure the granting of the request.  The same can be said for requests for visa extensions. Yet the one time and the only time that we find mention of baby Barack is in a handwritten addendum to an August 31st 1961 request for an extension of stay in the U.S.  Let us go through these one by one beginning in late August, 1961.

Visa applications and extensions are submitted to the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) which is under the United States Department of Justice. Barack Sr. was applying for both an extension of his stay as well as permission to work in order to supplement his financial aid which was less than his total living expenses. He was attending the University of Honolulu at the time. The first curiosity in this particular application is of Barack Sr. stating that he was married on the form but he did not give his wife’s proper name. He listed her as Ann S. Dunham instead of Stanley Ann Dunham.  There is a box on the form which queries about children. No child is listed in the box yet Obama Jr. had been born earlier in the month.  He also did not mention his wife in Kenya nor his son, Roy on this application.  He did, however, submit a letter of recommendation from a William Wood II. It was Mr. Wood who mentioned the child, Barack Jr. as well as the fact that the mother and child were residing with the mother’s parents at a different address than Barack Obama Sr.

Barack Sr. made another application in August 1962 to extend his visa, On this application, we find that Barack Sr.had moved to Baltimore, Maryland. Obama Sr. filled in the line asking him to list the names and addresses of any children. This time he did list a child but the child was Roy Obama, his son from his Kenyan wife, Kezia. Barack Obama Jr. was 1 year old at the time of this application but received no acknowledgment, nor did Stanley Ann.

In June of 1963, Barack Sr. once again applied for an extension of his stay in order to complete his studies at Harvard University. This time, he left the boxes pertaining to marriage and children blank. An INS official added question marks to the empty boxes “married” and “children” and noted that Barack Obama Sr. was married and had reported children in the past.

The final request for an extension was filed in April 1964 at which time Obama Sr. included Ms. Dunham, again as “Ann” instead of Stanley Ann. He also included Barack Jr. but added the comment that there was a legal separation in progress which is amusing given the fact that they had never actually lived together.  A divorce was granted in 1964.

Source:  https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/tag/stanley-ann-dunham/page/4/?iframe=true&width=100%25&height=100%25

Some have speculated that Obama really was born in Hawaii but that there was something on the original certificate that he wanted to suppress that may have interfered with his election. But that makes no sense given the fact that he had no social security number of his own and that his draft card is also a clear forgery. All of this was known before this man was elected. If there was anything positive at all to have come from this pathetic episode in American history it would be the clear revelation to a sleeping population of a planned, even scheduled, corruption that traces all the way back to the time of the Kennedy administration.


The first few moves in the twisted game we came to know as “President Obama” in the early 2000’s began, in fact, in the early 1960’s. The predictive programming for his election was given to us in the movie “Putney Swope” in 1969. The white guilt that made all of this possible was planted in our collective psyche in that very same period; the civil rights marches, the civil rights martyrs; the trauma of the string of assassinations of that era fixed the programming in our psyche. Brilliant…evil can be so brilliant.

That same trauma was inflicted upon us once again all through out Obama’s eight years in office; the BP oil spill, Sandy Hook, the Aurora Batman massacre, the Boston bombings, Fukushima, the fiery death of journalist Michael Hastings, the Fort Hood massacre, the Orlando disco massacre, the Santa Barbara shootings, the San Bernardino shootings, the Bataclan Theater massacre in Paris, the string of “beheadings” (all on green screen) at the hand of “Jihad John”.  What a legacy, Barack!  It is doubtful that any future President will even come close to that unique “legacy”.

These were all traumas. These were all planned, these were all contrived and they all took place in those eight years while “President Obama” was out on the golf course or jetting around the world at tax payer expense accomplishing absolutely nothing. This man took the definition of the phrase “empty suit” to new heights.

There is one very important thing to take from this article. When you are repeatedly traumatized, you are being programmed and programming = manipulation.  Now that you know how they think, how they operate, you are in a much better position to withstand the manipulation. These people are cunning, patient, strategic, and they have no boundary that they are unwilling to cross.  What do these people want?  Total control…ultimately your soul, but they will happily settle for simply taking your life. But to answer the question with which we began this article, “who is Barack Obama?”, the answer is patently obvious; Barack Obama is an MK Ultra mind control personification. He is a CIA asset and he did his job very, very well. But watch your back, everyone because he is not done yet.

My work here is done