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The Sandy Hook Warren Report

Repost-Originally posted Feb 15 2014

Police Open Trunk of Honda

Police Find Weapon in Trunk

It has now been a year since the country was treated to the Sandy Hook horror show.   And now, at long last, the state of Connecticut has finally issued a final report; a second assault, if you will; but this time upon our intelligence.

“While no report is statutorily required…”   

From said report, here is one of my favorite sentences:  “It is not the intent of this report to convey every piece of information contained in the voluminous investigation materials developed by the Connecticut State Police and other law enforcement agencies, but to provide information relevant to the purposes of this report.”  

That says it all right there since it is obvious that the report is intended to stand as the last word on a lie; and just like the infamous Warren Report, to support a massive deception perpetrated upon the American people…“the purposes of this report”

The stated methodology

The report states that they consulted their police recordings from that day. Where, then, is the explanation for an officer calling in, not once, but twice, “eighteen kids and a teacher in a closet in the kitchen.” ?he report blithely refers to fifteen children crammed into a small bathroom.

Let’s take a look at the problem of the closet:

The Connecticut report stuck with the narrative reported by mass media that all of the fifteen children in room 10 (Miss Rousseau) died and five from room 8 (Miss Soto) died and that all of the bodies were found in the two classrooms.  Those classrooms were not located near the kitchen.  There would be no way to argue that the officer meant to say “fifteen children and a teacher in a bathroom in a classroom”, as the report now states.  The report makes no mention of the fact that its details are at odds with the information on the scanner.  It just blithely ignored the evidence that it claimed to have .


Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle

“Consistent with Public Act 13-311,10 exceptions to the state Freedom of Information Act11 and C.G.S. Sec. 17a-101k(a) 12 this report will not list the names of the twenty children killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School, nor will it recite 911 calls made from within the school on that morning or describe information provided by witnesses who were in the classrooms or heard what was occurring in the classrooms.”

Somebody needs to break it to the people that prepared this report that the names of the victims were released the day after the massacre. The 911 calls were released to the public a week or two before the report was released.   How very, very strange to include this paragraph in the report.

The Oxymoron

“All of the firearms were legally purchased by the shooter’s mother”.   Really?   The Bushmaster, the Saiga (the shotgun in the trunk), and the Savage Mark II (used to kill Nancy Lanza at home) are not legal in Connecticut.  So then, how were they legally purchased by Nancy Lanza?

Born Bad

Adam Lanza's Arsenal

Adam Lanza’s Arsenal

For extra good measure, they threw in a photograph of baby Adam sitting with ammo draped over his legs with a hand gun pacifier . This is subtle brainwashing, dissolving any doubt that Adam had been raised in a gun culture. But consider this, Adam was born in New Hampshire, not Connecticut. The move to Connecticut meant leaving anything like a Bushmaster behind in New Hampshire.  As we have already observed, Connecticut gun laws are strict.


The Telltale Pants-32R

Here follows something that must be considered as a major oversight and a clear indication that the report is, in large part, a fabrication.   On page 27 of the report (p. 31 of the pdf), it says that Lanza at the time of his autopsy was 72 inches (6 ft.) tall and weighed only 112 pounds.

In the photos of the clothing worn by the vegan Rambo,  a photo provided in the report shows a pair of black pants. We can clearly see the size of “32 R”.

Size 32R-Can not fit 112 lb 6 foot tall person

Size 32R-Can not fit 112 lb 6 foot tall person

(In other words, a 32″ waist and average or regular length). At six feet tall, Adam’s pants should have been “L”, (long) and the waist for someone that height and weight can not be more than 24″, and would probably be smaller than 24″.  A “32R” would have slid off of his body. These pants clearly could not have been worn by someone that thin and that tall.  The investigators fabricated the pants. What else, then,  did they fabricate?




Lanza I.D.

Lanza I.D.

Here is the Newtown Technology Team photo ID of Adam Lanza right on top of a desk.  Adam had been a member of that team at least five years earlier. That is a long time to keep an ID badge right on top of one’s desk, isn’t it? And it is right next to a Honda key and a pair of glasses.   A pair of glasses….

Those eye glasses on the desk look so familiar, don’t they?   They look so very much like they might belong to Ryan

Look at the glasses

Look at the glasses

The Missing Mask

Where is the Mask?

Where is the Mask?


Lead teacher, Nancy Hammond was following close behind the school principal and the psychologist when they ran out of a parent conference and were gunned down in the hallway.  Nancy was injured, but she survived.  The report states that Hammond described the killer of her two colleagues as wearing a mask.

The report included all of the clothing of Adam Lanza worn that day; his pants, shoes, shirt and his hat…but no mask.  We know who did have masks…the folks dressed like nuns in the purple van that was stopped and then released by police some miles from the school.  Hammond saw a man in a mask, Lanza had no mask, the men in the purple van had masks…

…Lee Harvey Lanza.


Hole in the Head

Hole in the head

Hole in the head

You have just mindlessly slaughtered two classrooms full of children and teachers.  Suddenly, you hear the pitter patter of police feet.  You drop your Bushmaster, the one that police said you never had until after the coroner said that the bullets in the victims were all from a Bushmaster…and then they said you did.  You take hold of one of your two trusty handguns and …(from the shape of the hat, the bullet hole is either in the top rear or the top front).  So you take hold of one of your two trusty handguns and shoot yourself in the top of your head. Miraculously, your hat remains crisp and clean, your blood and brains fail to splatter.

You are right handed, so you shoot yourself with your right hand, pointing backward …really?  Why didn’t you shoot yourself in the side of the head? Or toward the front?  Or maybe you didn’t shoot yourself.

This Newtown report is as big of a whitewash as the Kennedy assassination’s Warren Report.

Now that we have had all that cake, here is some icing…

 Sandy Hook Fraud-Certainty Principle

Adam Lanza-Home Inventory List Released

Check found to cover purchase of yet another deadly firearm!  Nancy Lanza, how could you?

“Authorities” recently released a purported inventory of items found at the Lanza residence.  All major media pointed out that the inventory included a check made out to Adam.  They characterized it as a Christmas gift with a note from Nancy that the check was intended for him to purchase a C183 which was identified in these reports as a type of gun.

Here is a photograph of the deadly, frightening, malicious C183:

The Kodak C183

Kodak C183

Aim, click, shoot. Spare me.  Mainstream media=garbage reporting.

NRA membership cards for both Nancy and Adam were listed in the inventory but the NRA insists that they were not members. I am reminded of Chauncey Holt who explained how easy it was to print up fake I.D.s for Lee Harvey Oswald, fake Secret Service pins and fake FBI and CIA credentials.  He had a difficult time printing up a fake Communist Party membership I.D. for Oswald because the Communist Party did not have an I.D. card.  He had to invent one for Oswald.  How difficult would it be to print up NRA membership cards?

If you are relying on mainstream media for information, you are a fool.  A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.  Think for yourself.

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Adam Lanza’s 27 Victims

and Some Highly Curious Details

On Friday morning, December 14th 2012, (we are told) a twenty year old honor student murdered his mother at her 1.6 million dollar home, stole

Sandy Hook Murderer

Adam Lanza

two of her handguns and a rifle, stole her car, and drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.  He proceeded to slaughter, with unknown cause, Dawn Hochsprung, the school principal,  school psychologist Mary Sherlach, and teachers Victoria Soto, Ann Marie Murphy, Lauren Rousseau and Rachel Davino.

Twenty children were also slaughtered without cause, all born in either 2005 or 2006, according to a Fox News online post.  The chief Medical Examiner announced during a press conference given today that he had personally performed seven of the autopsies and that all of his subjects had suffered  multiple gun shots…from the Bushmaster rifle.  But the Bushmaster, from the very beginning, was reported as having been found in the back seat of Nancy Lanza’s car.  Huh?

Initial reporting on this horrific occurrence were woefully inaccurate.  The first report stated simply that there had been a shooting at a school in Connecticut and that the adult victim had been transported to a local hospital for treatment of a shot to the foot.  There were possibly two shooters and one had run off into some nearby woods.

An hour or so later, the story began to change…18 dead children, the school principal, the school psychologist.  Another hour or so later it was reported that the killer had also killed his mother who was a teacher at the school, and his father.  His girlfriend and a male friend of his were missing.  Another few hours and the story changed again…the father was alive as was an older brother and the friend and girlfriend were fine.

Nancy Lanza's home

The Lanza Home

Finally, the death toll became twenty kindergartners, six adults, plus the shooter who had died of a self inflicted head wound.  His mother, Nancy Lanza, by all reports a lovely, giving and well grounded and devoted mother, was found dead in her beautifully appointed home, shot in the face, not murdered in the school as was initially reported.   That detail changed soon after a local parent had publicly declared during an interview that she had checked a roster of school staff and there was no Nancy Lanza listed anywhere.

Still later, it was reported several times that Nancy Lanza had been a substitute teacher there, not a staff member, and that Adam had been “buzzed in” because he was recognized as being the relative of an employee.  However, once it was determined that Nancy wasn’t even a substitute teacher there, the story shifted to Adam having  “forced entry”.  The story of him being buzzed in simply evaporated.

All of that can add up to simple confusion combined with bad reporting and I would leave it at that had I not heard this at the very end of last night’s Coast To Coast broadcast.  The final caller of the night, Fred, introduced himself as being a resident of Washington DC and he wanted to report something suspicious about the Sandy Hook massacre.  He stated that his wife, a security specialist, works for the government.  Early Friday morning, she was watching the a.m. news and she turned to him and exclaimed “that’s old news!  I got a text alert about this  at work yesterday.  The shooter killed his mother, too!”  At the time of the news report that she was watching on TV, it was not yet known/reported that the mother was also a victim.  That information came out several hours later.  Fred drove his wife to her office so that she could print up the report, but it was gone.  Whatever agency that had sent that alert to her office computer had retracted it over night.

So, just as we saw in the James Holmes court photo taken at his Aurora arraignment, please scroll back up and look carefully at Adam’s eyes.  Do you see how distended his pupils are?  If you go to my article on James  Holmes not faking anything, you can look at that one shot that caught James’ eyes.  Both these highly intelligent young men have that tell tale sign of extremely enlarged pupils. https://adriaen22.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/james-holmes-not-faking-anything/

The objective is to manipulate public opinion.  We must have gun control!!!  No, may I suggest that it is time that we  expose the psy ops behind these incidents.

Ironically, on the very same day in China, a man attacked people at a school, slashing 22 children and one adult with a knife.  In another incident in China some time back, a man wielding an ax killed 3 children and wounded 13 at a day care center.

It isn’t the guns, it isn’t the knives or the axes…it’s the people and many times its the rage.  But in America, it’s the set up.  Remember…Oklahoma City…immediate legislation infringing on rights…9/11…immediate legislation infringing on privacy and the freedom to travel.  Now, Obama has something to cry over so that he can accomplish the stripping away of our right to protect ourselves.  Just imagine the cold bloodedness of the people behind these set ups.  They didn’t get what they wanted from the Sikh Temple shooting, they didn’t get it from the Gabby Gifford shooting, they didn’t get it from the Colorado movie theater massacre.  Time to dial it up…20 six and seven year olds…we’ll label them “kindergartners” for additional poignancy.  And we’ll do it just before Christmas to really bring it home.  OK, Congress, let’s have a vote.

The cabal that pulls the strings…they turn my stomach.  And Obama…he is a puppet, like so many before him.  He turns my stomach too.

Obama Crocodile Tears

“Grief Stricken” Obama

I remember when Bill Clinton was leaving Ron Brown‘s funeral, he was yucking it up with the people accompanying him but the second he noticed a video camera, his big grin vanished and he pretended to be wiping away tears.  Barack and Bill, methinks you have the same acting coach.

Clinton doesn't notice the camera yet

Before Bill Spots the Camera


Clinton at Ron Browns’ funeral

And there is MORE…Sandy Hook WTF

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