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Germanwings 4U 9525- Deja Vu All Over Again

Germanwings crash site

Germanwings crash site

 March 24th, 2015-Barcelona, Spain

A routine and relatively brief flight from Barcelona Spain to Dusseldorf Germany turned to tragedy this past Tuesday.  All one hundred fifty people on board perished when the Germanwings flight inexplicably drifted down from its cruising altitude and slammed in to the desolate, barren, snow-less rock of the French Alps.

Flight captain Patrick Sondenheimer left the cabin as the Airbus 320 achieved cruising altitude.  When the pilot returned and entered his re-entry code at the cockpit door, his co-pilot, twenty seven year old Andreas Lubitz, did not unlatch the door for him.

Sondenheimer began to tap on the door gently and verbally identified himself.  There was no response.   Sondenheimer became more assertive, pounding louder on the door-still no response.  The pilot, now in a state of panic, grabbed a fire extinguisher and began ramming the door with it.  Inside the cockpit, co-pilot Lubitz remained silent, ignoring radio calls from ground control and ignoring the loud alarm that was triggered by the rapidly narrowing proximity of the plane to the mountains below.  The cockpit recording captured the sound of Lubitz’s breathing; regular, normal breathing…no fear, no panic, no “Allahu Akbar”, no “death to Spanish infidels and German high school students”…just normal breathing.   The plane slammed into the mountain at 378 knots (435 mph) splintering the plane and its passenger into millions of tiny fragments.

Germanwings was started by parent company Lufthansa Airlines in 2008.  This is the first loss of a plane for Germanwings.  Lufthansa has not lost a plane since 1993.  Lufthansa is clearly one of the safest and most conscientious airlines in the world.

He Must Have Been Depressed

Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

It wasn’t long before allegations of severe depression surfaced.  Human beings have such a powerful normalcy bias that the only explanation that ever makes sense is “severe depression”, usually followed  by the phrase “as a result of a break up with a girlfriend”.  Surprisingly, no one has yet tried to attach the “lone assassin” meme to him, but there is still time.

People who were close to Andreas in his home town of Montabaur, western Germany, described him as being happy with no signs of depression.  There are photos of him running in marathons.   His biceps indicate that he worked with weights.  It’s extremely hard, and sometimes utterly impossible, to exercise when you have severe depression.  You can’t even get up from the bed.  So who are we trying to kid with this drivelingly irrelevant theory?  Yet, all the news updates are touting this.

Now, what did they say about his breathing?  It was normal.  Think about it.  There is great uncertainty in suicide, in death, very great uncertainty. Imagine that you are at the very brink of your very life.  You breathe normally? ….in…..out….normally, no concern, no doubt, no guilt, no conscience.  Normally…. seconds from certain death, knowing that you will vaporize first, followed by one hundred and forty nine innocents, all screaming in terror, seeing the mountain rushing toward your face…. but you breathe normally.

Doctor’s Note Found in Lubitz’s Apartment

There was no suicide note of any kind found.  But there was a crumpled, torn and shredded doctor’s authorization for absence found in Lubitz’s residence.  Germanwings insists that the note was not presented to them. Given the note’s condition, we can be sure this is true.

Morning reports heard on the radio in Los Angeles stated that the newly found note covered a term of time which included the date of the flight. but was not specific to March 24th.  It covered an unspecified term which commenced before the 24th, possibly ending after the 24th.  Was this an early morning media error in communicating fact or were later reports altered to accommodate a scripted (as in false)  explanation?  By afternoon, the story had changed.  The note to excuse Lubitz from work was for that day, March 24th.

At this juncture, ask yourself this simple question   If you intend to kill yourself later that day,  do you make time to visit your doctor, much less for an authorized absence form?   Maybe you have a stomach ache, a pulled muscle, you feel the flu coming on.    How long would it take to get an appointment?  Did Lubitz obtain the note that morning, the day before, the Friday before?  It makes a difference.   4U 9525 was a morning flight. Almost certainly, Andreas  saw a doctor either very early that morning or the night before….if the note covered the 24th only.   But if the doctor’s note had been written days or weeks before, why didn’t he process it to management?  The doctor insists that the visit and note had nothing to do with depression.

Two Americans Onboard

Yvonne Selke of Nokesville, Virginia, and her daughter Emily were both killed in the crash. Ms Selke was a highly regarded employee of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. in Washington.  Booz Allen Hamilton…where have we heard this company’s name before?  This is the company that Edward Snowden worked for when he turned whistle blower.  Booz Allen is a consulting firm that holds contracts and close relationships with a wide range of U.S. government agencies including the NSA.  Ironically, they are currently developing a predictive analysis program.   Here is a description of their mission:

developing predictive intelligence services that include anticipatory cyber threat solutions, protection, and detection capabilities and the application of social media analytics designed to provide early identification of trends that would otherwise not be possible using after-the-fact analysis of traditional data sources.”

In other words — they want to catch the bad guys before they do bad things.”  They didn’t predict Snowden and  they didn’t predict Lubitz.  Ironic, right?


Strange Parallels

4U 9525 Pulverized

4U 9525 Pulverized

4U 9525 failed to respond to French ground control at the point of entry to their air space.  Descent of the plane began at the moment that the airbus crossed from Spanish to French air space.  MH 370 went silent and began descent just as it crossed from Malaysian to Vietnamese air space.  Unlike MH370, the airplane’s transponder was left on.  At the moment 4U 9525 crossed from water to land, the plane began to descend.

MK Ultra mind control victim Cathy O’Brien related a particularly chilling tale long ago.  She was in the presence of two now famous men.  One was the man who was clearly in charge of the MK Ultra program and the other was his political protege.  They had a young Italian man in tow as they all boarded a small plane.  The older man wanted to demonstrate the power of the MK Ultra program to the protege.  When they reached sufficient altitude, the man in charge commanded the young Italian to step out of the plane.  The young Italian stood up and silently and obediently plunged to his death without so much as a whimper.  There was no fear, there was no protest, no resistance.  It was as though he had been asked to walk  in to another room.   His breathing was normal….in…out.


The Cathy O’Brien Story

The Cathy O’Brien Story


exposed or made vulnerable to danger, suspicion, scandal, etc.;

jeopardized: a military oversight that compromised the nation’s defenses.

(dictionary definition)

Prepared to be revolted…

Please keep a few things in mind while you watch the following video…it’s true, it’s shocking, and  the only people in a position to keep this utter perversion quiet happen to be the very people that she names.   And the reason that it goes on unchallenged and unabated is due to the fact that anyone in a position to stop it has been compromised…and those at the very top of the pyramid are in a position to call “National Security” to shut down investigations when they get too close.  And there are “wet ops” for everything else.

Truly, her allegations are so outrageous that she must be deluded; deluded because her demeanor says that she isn’t lying.  It revolts so deeply because down inside, we know how wrong it is and it is disgusting.  When I first heard her story back in 1996, because of who she names, I assumed she was just a very disturbed woman.  But as time wore on, I saw similar information coming from many different places, different people and different directions unrelated to Ms. O’Brien.  And if you think it through, it explains everything including the utter dysfunction of our government, its defecation on our Constitution, the unrelenting grab of our rights; all  in spite of  our government having been  strategically designed to protect us.  It explains how a Supreme Court can rule clearly unconstitutional law as “constitutional”. how a Marxist with no American citizenship can become President, how the media chooses to fill thousands of programming hours every week with everything other than the truth.

Let’s start with Cathy’s allegations about accompanying plane loads of cocaine from South America to Mena, Arkansas.  That’s just crazy.  She says that Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas during the Iran-Contra years, knew all about the otherwise clandestine  activities at the Mena airport.  No way!

Ex CIA operative, Terry Reed, wrote a book based on his personal exploits titled  Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. ( There is an article in this blog devoted to this book). Reed’s story took place during the Iran-Contra scheme and tells it from his point of view.  His narrative confirms that the airport at Mena, Arkansas was the location where the cocaine/gun exchange was taking place.   O’Brien saw this as well and says so in the video.

Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas at the time .  Reed refers to Clinton frequently throughout his narrative and independently corroborates O’Brien on the connection between Clinton, Bush Sr. and two of the Bush boys.  He witnessed their presence together at a large coke deal.  War on drugs?  Are you kidding?  That “war” is just to keep prices up.  It is such a cash cow for the Company.  This is just a war on competition…we pay for it, the CIA controls all the proceeds and the entire process dovetails into the pedophilia projects.  Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and Burr are all spinning in their graves.


Johnny Gosch in captivity age 12

Johnny Gosch

In 1982, a twelve year old paperboy was snatched at the start of his route in a Des Moines neighborhood.  His name is Johnny Gosch.  In spite of a national campaign of news coverage, Johnny remained missing.  Two years later, Eugene Martin disappeared from Des Moines under similar circumstances, and in 1986, Marc James Allen was snatched.  What happened to these children?  The CIA had better uses for them… as sex slaves… because the photos really, really help keep everybody in line.  That’s crazy…right?…

“July 11, 1990

Gary Caradori, special investigator, hired by the Nebraska state legislature to report on the Franklin Scandal and his son A.J. die in a suspicious plane crash near Aurora, Illinois. A sheriff’s deputy on the scene of the plane crash reported recovering pornographic pictures of children with high profile politicians. The FBI collected all of this material and no mention of it has been heard since. Right before his death, Caradori told his wife that he knew what happened to Johnny Gosch. Although the plane crash was a civilian matter, the military took charge of the investigation for unknown reasons.” (quoted from www. justiceforjohnnygosch.com)

Two months after being abducted, Gosch was sold for $35,000 to Michael Aquino who took him to a ranch near Buena Vista, Colorado where he was subjected to torture, mind control and prostitution.  These children are put up for auction and are often purchased by offshore perverts.  Their parents spend the rest of their lives tortured by the not knowing…and Noreen Gosch is tortured by the knowing.  Johnny escaped many years later and visited Noreen just long enough to tell her the mind bending details of his abduction and sexual enslavement.  Like Cathy O’Brien and her daughter Kelly, Johnny was sent to service politicians and well heeled corporate bigwigs.   This is what is happening in the land of the free.

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove where the elite party like its 410 A.D.

“Do as thou wilt”-Aleister Crowley

Does it make it even more revolting to know that this all takes place in the context of Satanic ritual?  Would you be upset to learn that these powerful fat cats practice blood sacrifice?  That they keep women as “breeders” because they believe that infant blood is the most powerful?  The favored age range for sacrifice is typically newborn to age three.  They also enjoy participating in snuff films and joyfully welcome new members at the annual pow wow at Bohemian Grove.  And these same people run our country and our corporations…Death Inc.   I told you it was revolting but now you know how and why your Constitution is being destroyed and by whom.
If you find this information to be important, and I hope you do, pass along the link to this article.  Perhaps if we band together fast enough, we can stop this madness.  They are on the verge of having their sick world take hold over all of us.  That is what this is about…the final solution…their solution…the New World Order and the upside down crucifix.  As Ayn Rand wrote “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law“.   For those at the top, it already is.  This nation is unrecognizable from fifty years ago.  It has lost its soul to Visigoths who fancy themselves “enlightened” when, in fact, they are ordinary barbarians.
For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?  We can well do without this band of useless eaters.  They need to be put on trial and locked away for the good of the many.  This is real, this is sick, and this must be opposed.

James Holmes -aka The Joker

Mind Control?

As of this writing, James Holmes is said to still be in the throes of his

James Holmes (left) Keith Ledger's Joker (right)

James Holmes (left) Keith Ledger’s Joker (right)

psychotic break.  He thinks that he is in a movie.  This makes me wonder just who may have written his script.

A man who was in the movie theater for that midnight show gave a description of events as they unfolded at the Batman premiere of “Dark Night Rises”.   He said that Holmes had taken a seat to the right in the front row.  At some point early in the movie, Holmes took a call on his cell phone and got up, walked to the exit door leading to the parking lot and propped the door open.   The rest we know…Holmes went to his car, changed into his gear and reentered through that door.  He lobbed gas canisters into the theater and then started spraying automatic gun fire into the stunned crowd, killing twelve and wounding fifty eight, many of those quite seriously.

Holmes was a very bright young man studying for a PhD in neuroscience, a Phi Beta Kappa honor student at UC Riverside where he got his B.S.  and he had, until late Friday evening, a perfectly clean criminal record.   A local program in Los Angeles reported that Holmes had been on meds for many years.  Well sure…most likely he stopped taking his meds while he was away from his parents in Colorado and he went into a psychotic snap.  Case closed.

But, how peculiar that he had his psycho snap just as the United Nations brought forward an international treaty calling for the confiscation of guns in places like the U.S.  So, who is writing these scripts?  Maybe its the same  folks who wrote that 9/11 psycho drama.  Because really, there’s just too much coincidence going around.  Remember the infamous Oklahoma City bombing?  That took place just as Congress was contemplating, and leaning toward rejecting, bill HR 1701.  After the Murrah building bombing in Oklahoma City. resistance rapidly evaporated and the bill was enacted into law.

The bombed remains of automobiles with the bom...

The bombed remains of automobiles with the bombed Federal Building in the background. The military is providing around the clock support since a car bomb exploded inside the building on Wednesday, April 19, 1995. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bill opened the door to wire tapping American citizens and was one of the first of many salvos launched against our Constitution and our rights.  Whip up enough fear and the sacred document becomes less sacred.  It works every time.

Only forty five days after 9/11, Congress voted on the bill known as “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act” (USA PATRIOT Act).  At the time, the ever irrepressible Ron Paul noted that the vote was called without giving time for it to be read first.  “The sweeping new law was not made available to members of Congress for review before the vote”.  Just like Obama Care.

I guess they are expecting the same result with this UN treaty.  Holmes was used in an attempt to make Americans hate their guns.  Interesting concept, yes?  Fits what is by now a very obvious pattern, yes?

Unfortunately, by their very nature, covert ops are…covert.  And black ops are very dark indeed.   Can we hone in on any tantalizing clues?  Let’s explore.

Our first question needs to be where does a 24 year old unemployed neuroscience student get the approximately $20,000 necessary to gear up the way he was?  It was reported that he purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition. He was wearing a throat guard, a groin protector, shin guards, tactical gloves and helmet…and sported several very powerful weapons.  Where did he get that kind of money?

Next, scroll up and take a good look at his face.  What comes across to you from his eyes?  Do they look a little vacant?  Drugged? Programmed?

James Holmes becomes the Joker

James Holmes becomes the Joker

If, indeed, Holmes was sitting in the first row and took a call before leaving the theater, who would it have been to call him at that time?   Picture this possibility.  Your phone rings.  There is a voice on the other end that speaks a simple phrase, one that was given to you, programmed into you.  Any time your hear this phrase, you immediately slip into an altered state and perform specific tasks, tasks which you were programmed to perform.  You remain in this state until you hear the antidote phrase, and if you never hear that phrase, you remain in that programmed state.  This young man may be a victim himself …of both mind control and an unscrupulous shadow government, one which orchestrates catastrophe.  The primary goal is to manipulate you.

If you think it wise that the people give up their arms, thinking that then, at last, they will be safe (because we apparently are not safe enough with the TSA agents groping us, the government reading our emails and monitoring our phone calls, and our bodies being bombarded with back scatter radiation every time we fly),  then please consider the following very carefully:

When seconds count, police are just minutes away

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