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Huma Abedin’s Life Insurance Policy

Huma Abedin and Hillary

Huma Abedin and Hillary

Imagine, if you will,  being the top aide and confidante to the most ruthless, cunning, power hungry sociopath on planet Earth.  It has to be a tricky, trippy tight wire gig; one where you carefully and ever so gingerly keep sliding one trembling foot in front of the other.  The slightest wrong move, the slightest loss of balance, the slightest slack in the taut line of treasons, felonies and high crimes ….oh no.

She didn’t notice at first. Perhaps she was distracted by love for Anthony Weiner. But the day she married him, that tightrope she was walking began to come loose.  It started with her beloved sending photographs of his privates to other ladies. A New York Congressman at the time, he resigned his office in disgrace.

Huma marries Anthony Weiner

Huma marries Anthony Weiner


Everyone kept waiting for the shoe to drop. Surely, Huma would send him packing and file for divorce. Instead, she did what Hillary did when husband Bill’s sordid behavior came under public scrutiny. She stayed by her man.  After all, they had an infant son to consider. The now unemployable Weiner would make an excellent stay at home dad while his wife jetted around the world with the then Secretary of State.  Time passed and the scandal faded as Anthony kept himself out of the limelight and dutifully attended psychotherapy sessions.  He was on his way to regaining at least a little of the public trust that he had lost.  He then decided to run for the New York City Mayoral position.

But young children nap and a compulsion is a compulsion.  Suddenly there he was again, plastered across the front page of local newspapers, posing on his bed with his toddler son napping peacefully beside him. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he was sexting again. Worse, he had posted the photo of this odd juxtaposition publically.  Needless to say, he wasn’t elected Mayor of New York City after the revelation of his… revelation.  And still, Huma held fast.

But there is always that last straw, most especially when your boss is running for President of the United States.  Weiner began sexting with a fifteen year old girl and that, too, became public in early 2016.  It was time for Weiner to hit the road and so he did with his laptop in tow.

The ridiculous banter with the fifteen year old opened the door for the FBI to search Mr. Weiner’s computers for child pornography. Mon Dieu! That is when a curious file labeled “Life Insurance” was discovered.  The file is said to contain some 650,000 emails belonging to Huma Abedin leading FBI Director James Comey to announce the reopening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

 Justice Compromised

This past summer, on the day following the birthday of our great nation, FBI Director James Comey rattled off a litany of toe curling charges against the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  It was a lengthy cluster of super charges, any one of which would have sent a person straight off to the gallows a hundred years ago. The country held its breath waiting for the coup de grace.  It never came. An astonished nation instead heard the words, “no reasonable prosecutor” and “no proof of intent”.

Disgruntled agents within the FBI have leaked information that Comey found no intent because he did not look for any intent. The investigation was sickeningly superficial.  Precious few appropriate subpoenas were ever issued. Hillary Clinton has committed perjury, destroyed evidence (she deleted the 33,000 emails and had the hard drive acid washed after a subpoena was finally issued for her emails), has committed obstruction of justice and engaged in conspiracy. Any one of these is a Federal offence worthy of a cot in a Leavenworth-style facility.  But Mr. Comey was all see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  She’s just careless, that’s all, and we don’t have a statute for careless.

Internal chicanery is generally difficult to pin down but a constant drip of emails courtesy of Wikileaks has shed a great deal of light on the leniency extended to our wanna be Criminal in Chief.  Internally, the FBI rank and file grumbled about Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s interference in their investigations of various Clinton crimes. He was personally in charge of the email investigation. No doubt, Mr. McCabe would deny ever telling agents to stand down or back off from thoroughly exploring various dark corners but this is what the rank and file have leaked to the public.  And how utterly fascinating that Hillary Clinton personally helped to raise money for Jill McCabe’s Virginia State Senate bid.  Mrs. McCabe did not win the Senate seat and her husband was not promoted to oversee the investigation until the Senate race was over. Still, the damage had been done. McCabe owed Clinton a favor at that point. He should have recused himself from the Clinton investigation team. He did not do so.

Not to be outdone, the “Justice” Department headed up by the hapless Attorney General and tarmac queen, Loretta Lynch, has appointed  Assistant Attorney General, Peter Kadzik, to head up their new Clinton email probe. Who is Mr. Kadzik, exactly? Three guesses…..come on, you can do it.  Still stuck?  Ok, let me help you.

Here are the game rules; any lead investigator must be 1) someone who should recuse themselves, 2) someone who owes something to the Clintons, and 3) someone who absolutely has no business heading up such an investigation.  So if you learn that Kadzik is a personal friend of Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta and is married to Amy Weiss, former White House Deputy Assistant to the President/Deputy Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton, you can assume that the results of investigation #2 will be the same as the results from investigation #1. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Icing on the cake quote from John Podesta: “He kept me out of jail”. You see, Kadzik had been John Podesta’s attorney during the Monica Lewinski investigation.  That quote refers to Peter Kadzik.

Huma in Hot Water

In a deposition taken on June 28th, 2016 in the matter of Judicial Watch vs. the U.S. Department of State, Huma was specifically asked if she had copied email files:

Q.  “Did you ever save any of the emails either as a PST or PDF file”?

A.  “No, I did not”.

Q>  “And why not”?

A.  “Honestly, I wish I thought about it at the time. As I said, I wasn’t perfect. I tried to do all my work on state.gov and I do believe I did the majority of my work on state.gov and many of the instances where I was on Clinton email it was because I had forwarded something from a state.gov account in to a Clinton email. And in other instances like Clinton email I was communicating with somebody who was on a state.gov account and it was captured through there. I did the best I could to do everything right. It did not occur to me to print and file.”

However, after the find on estranged husband Weiner’s laptop, the question now is did it occur to her to CC herself on everything and forward copies of her emails to her personal Yahoo mail account?  650,000 emails….that is a lot of emails. The only statements that we have heard thus far come from Huma and from Weiner. Huma said that she has no idea how those emails got on to the family laptop. Weiner says that they were downloaded from Huma’s phone as a backup. Any which way you want to slice it, that is one amazing back up file in terms of sheer number.

Who could possibly accumulate that many emails in the span of a twenty year career, even as Hillary’s right hand?  It averages to 32,000 emails per year. We know that Hillary had some 33,000 emails relating to State Department matters over the course of her tenure as Secretary of State. She served from January 2009 to  February 2013, four years.  This averages to approximately 8,200 emails per year.

The fact that these emails were in a file labeled “life insurance” is quite chilling. Was this Huma’s life insurance or was this Anthony Weiner’s life insurance?  Was Anthony Weiner a mole?  Did he download the emails without Huma’s knowledge?  These are all interesting questions. Let’s see what they find.  Either way, the house has really landed, hasn’t it?


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Alas, poor Hillary

Alas, poor Hillary






Affordable Care Act Is Actually Unaffordable!

Uncle Sam Can't Find a Doctor

Uncle Sam Can’t Find a Doctor

From Moneymorning.com:

“According to The Wall Street Journal, your health insurance premiums could double… or even triple in the years ahead…According to analysts at the IRS, the CHEAPEST health insurance policies available to the typical American working family will cost about $20,000 per year…Even though President Obama promised that healthcare premiums would go DOWN by $2,500 per year.

But your health insurance premiums are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cost of Obamacare.

The bigger cost is TAXES…

Did you know there are no fewer than TWENTY new taxes or tax hikes that come with Obamacare?  By calling it a tax, not a penalty, Chief Justice John Roberts admitted it was the largest tax increase in the history of the United States, BUT HE VOTED TO LET IT HAPPEN ANYWAY!

What that means, of course, is  the IRS will give even MORE power to frighten and force American citizens into paying higher taxes.  In fact, the Obama administration has given the IRS an extra $500 million to enforce the rules and regulations of Obamacare.

And don’t be surprised if unemployment goes from bad to worse.  In fact, it’s already starting to happen.  Which may be the reason why the Obama administration decided to postpone the so-called “Employer Mandate” until January 1, 2015…

That’s safely AFTER the midterm elections, by the way…

Even workers who are lucky enough to keep their jobs will see their PAYCHECKS CUT…

Because the law says that if you only work 30 hours a week, your employer doesn’t have to buy insurance for you.  Employers aren’t stupid.  They’ll start turning some of their full-time employees into part-time employees by cutting their hours from 40 to 30 per week.

And speaking of cutting back, don’t be surprised if doctors start to disappear, too.

Some doctors will go bankrupt under Obamacare. Some of them will go into other lines of work. Some will take early retirement.  More importantly, thousands of bright young men and women will choose NOT to become doctors in the first place.

Who can blame them?

Obamacare will impose punishing paperwork burdens on doctors, hospitals, and the rest of the healthcare system.

Who wants to spend 8 years in medical school and residency just to become a poorly-paid paper pusher?

As a result, YOU are going to wait longer to see a doctor.  Don’t believe me?

Romneycare in Massachusetts has ALREADY had this effect. The average waiting time to see a doctor in Massachusetts has gone from a miserable 33 days to an appalling 55 days.

No wonder Congress tried to weasel out of this law almost as soon as they passed it…

“This wonderful new law applies to YOU but not US,” they said.  And they tried to pass a bunch of “waivers” to their buddies in labor unions and nonprofit organizations like AARP, too.

But perhaps the WORST part of Obamacare is what it does to the tradition of individual liberty and economic freedom in this country.  The federal government now has the power to FORCE you to buy something you don’t want.

What’s next, I wonder?

Will you be forced to buy solar heating panels?

Hybrid cars?

Twenty-year Treasury bonds that pay an interest rate of 0.001%?

Obamacare will turn millions of honest, hardworking Americans into criminals if they don’t buy health insurance.  The good news is that they CAN’T put you in jail for not buying health insurance.  The bad news is that once you’ve finished paying the penalties, pushing the paperwork, and getting the red tape off your neck you may WISH you were in jail…

Because prisoners are EXEMPT from Obamacare…


Now, let me ask you a question…


Are you?  We are trading the 15% that did not have insurance (yet could still get treatment) for 90-95% who will not possibly be able to afford it.  How many Americans can afford $20,000 premiums?  This was never about healthcare.   Perhaps now you can finally see it for yourself.

And perhaps now you will be ready to accept that there really IS a cabal that controls our legislators and our President.  It’s real, it’s evil and it/they want most of us dead. It’s called “thinning the herd”.  Larry Nichols can tell you.  He worked with Bill and Hillary Clinton back in Arkansas.  He can tell you that Hillary is all in on winnowing back the population by whatever means necessary.

Sugar and Spice

Hillary Clinton-Benghazi-What Does It Matter?

What Does It Matter?

Remember her? Hillary?  What does it matter?  For those of you old enough to remember the glorious Clinton years, do you remember that SHE was the one who assembled a committee, behind closed doors, to hammer out the details of a national healthcare bill?  Obama didn’t work on that bill, Hillary did.  Behind closed doors.  She didn’t get it completed because it leaked out that doctors who accepted cash payments were to be imprisoned.   Remember?

She wants to be President.  She will run in 2016.   Obamacare is really Hillary Care.…the same woman who asked before a congressional committee “what does it matter?” when she was being grilled about Benghazi, the death of our Libyan ambassador and the four brave Americans who fended off attackers for over eight hours in an attempt to rescue him.  The ambassador was sodomized.  What does it matter.  Your life, your family, your health…do you really think that any of that actually matters to this woman?  Be not fooled…there is no taming this shrew!

Shrew You

Shrew You

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