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Hillary Clinton-A Special Place in Leavenworth

It is said that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it- indeed.



Bill Clinton, born William Jefferson Blythe III, defeated George H.W. Bush in 1992 to become the 45th President of the United States. He was succeeded by George W. Bush, also known as junior or double-ya. America seemed to be obnoxiously oblivious to the fact that their beloved country, through these two families, was in the hands of a crime syndicate.  Certainly, the citizenry had become aware that every election seemed to be the a choice of the lesser of two evils, but by 1992, it was simply reduced to two evils.

George Bush Sr.

George Sr. had been forced upon Ronald Reagan as his Vice Presidential running mate. Reagan didn’t want him in the same way that Kennedy had not wanted Lyndon B. Johnson as his running mate.  A mere sixty nine days into his Presidency, Reagan hovered near death in the back of his limousine after being shot at point blank range by John Hinckley Jr., son of a close Bush associate, John W. Hinckley Sr.  In fact, these two families were so chummy that Scott Hinckley, brother of John the Reagan slayer, had dinner at the Denver home of Neil Bush the very night of the assassination attempt as reported by the Houston Chronicle.  Had Scott’s brother succeeded, George Bush Sr. would have been President by the time they sat down to dinner.  The kid was just an inch or two off but happily an inch is as good as a mile.

Catcher in the Rye

Following the shooting, detectives searched John Hinckley Jr.’s hotel room. They found a copy of the iconic J.D. Salinger novel “Catcher in the Rye” on the coffee table. Such a popular novel, its presence there would have meant nothing had it not also been on the person of Mark David Chapman when he assassinated John Lennon outside the New York City Dakota apartments. In fact, after shooting Lennon in the stomach at point blank range, Chapman sat down on the steps and read “Catcher” until police arrived. This lead many to speculate that there must be a secret mind control program which  produces and triggers assassins. In fact, there have been many mind control survivors who have come forward to tell their stories of being hypnotized, tortured and programmed. The program that they were subjected to against their will is called M.K. Ultra. According to MK Ultra survivor, Cathy O’Brien, the man who ran the program for the CIA was none other than George Bush Sr.


Oliver North Testifying to Congress1986

1986-Oliver North Testifying to Congress

George Sr. must have been ever so disappointed in that tiny little miss on that 30th day of March 1981.  But no matter. Bush found solace in his Iran-Contra game which went in to high gear in 1985 and blundered in to public view in 1987.  Following Congressional hearings, everything was blamed on Colonel Oliver North and his little band of merry men so that George Sr. could run for President himself in 1988.  President Bush (Sr) went on to pardon many of the convicted in the Iran-Contra scandal in the final days of his single term.  You see how this works,

But the devil is always in the details and most Americans just don’t bother with details. It really should have mattered to them that cocaine and guns were being swapped at a tiny little airport in a little Arkansas town called Mena.  And it really should have mattered that the Governor of Arkansas at the time was none other than…..yes….Mr. Hillary.  As Governor, he was in a position to facilitate and protect the Iran-Contra swaps that were taking place in Mena.  Contract CIA pilots like the infamous Barry Seals would pick up cocaine in Nicaragua and fly it up to the Mena airport where it would be off loaded, replaced with munitions for the Contra rebels, and flown back down. This elegantly simple “fair trade” model would  be repeated many years later in another CIA/Clinton caper we call “Benghazi”.

Read more: http://dccrimestories.com/crime-history-nov-21-1986-oliver-north-fawn-hall-begin-shredding-iran-contra-evidence/

Bad Blood

When Bill Clinton won the Governor race in Arkansas back in 1978,  he and Hillary had barely unpacked their toothbrushes in the Governor’s mansion when a three million dollar annual contract was awarded to HMA (Health Management Associates).  HMA was to provide healthcare to the prison population in the state of Arkansas.  In a ruling years later, the U.S. Supreme Court termed HSA as an “evil place run by some evil men.”

The state of Arkansas does not pay prisoners for their labor, so when HSA offered them $7 per pint of their blood, they lined up, many of then donating two pints per week. HSA then sold the pints for $50 each and split the profits with the Arkansas Department of Corrections.  What they did not bother to do was screen for AIDS and thousands of pints of deadly, tainted blood was sent off to U.S. companies to be turned into plasma and products for hemophiliacs.  Two years later, the FDA issued a warning regarding the high degree of AIDS infection in prison populations and U.S. drug companies and fractionizors stopped buying from HSA.  So, HSA started exporting to countries like Canada, France, Spain and Italy. The primary buyer of the toxic HSA supply was a Canadian company called Continental Pharma Cryosan Ltd.  Cryosan had already been caught importing blood taken from Russian cadavers as well as Haitian slums.

Cryosan passed the tainted blood on to the Canadian Red Cross and exported to Europe as well. It came as no surprise that many tens thousands of people in Canada and worldwide became infected with hepatitis and AIDS and died. But in the immortal words of Hillary Clinton, as with Benghazi, “what does it matter”?

Source:  http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/09/04/arkansas-bloodsuckers-the-clintons-prisoners-and-the-blood-trade/

Part II (“Clinton-Memory Lane” ) will cover:


Vince Foster

Ron Brown


Influence Peddling-The Clinton Foundation




Malaysia Flight 370-The Devil in the Details

Debris found today off Reunion Island

Repost:  Originally posted April 27, 2014



The Lie Is Always Different at Every Level

I recently heard an intelligence analyst caution that “the lie is always different at every level”.  We can be sure that whatever was conveyed to the Malaysian government regarding the disappearance of MH 370, most of it is a lie deftly wadded around some tiny kernel of truth.  In fact, I expect that there is a little kernel of truth in just about every one of the following tales-

Malaysia’s Tale

“Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, explained during an exclusive Truth Jihad Radio interview that only a remote-hijacking fly-by-wire scenario can explain the plane’s disappearance. Chang’s views were confirmed by Gene “Chip” Tatum, a former Special Forces Air Combat Controller and US Army special operations pilot who has carried out ultra-sensitive missions at the direct orders of US Presidents.

Chang says the Malaysian government has been given sealed evidence by one or more foreign governments concerning the fate of MH-370. As a condition of receiving that evidence, Malaysia is not allowed to divulge it.

Matthias Chang is familiar with the highest levels of power in Malaysia. He presumably has some idea of what is in the sealed evidence. But if he did know, he could not say it directly.

Maybe that is why Matthias Chang recently sent an email to MH-370 investigators in the alternative media with a “hint”:


It is only natural to wonder what that vague description could possibly mean.  Was the plane remotely hijacked?  Or worse, captured by a UFO?  Flown to Diego Garcia, Australia, Israel, or Iran?  Would any of those things bring our world to a halt?  Probably not…but what would?   Hmmm


Thailand’s Tale

MH370 Path Over Thailand

MH370 Path Over Thailand

Thailand waited four days to describe a zig zag path over its land and waters, in complete contradiction to  an oil rig worker in waters off Vietnam who described a plane on fire flying away from him.  Busy night …MH 370 seemed to be everywhere.

And look at that crazy sharp left turn MH 370 made.  Gosh, that;s quite a hairpin little turn there.  Airliners actually can’t turn like that.  They are too heavy and too big.   They have to bank their turns which would make that graphic to the left, well, impossible.

The Maldives Tale

At least twenty residents of  southern Maldives spotted  MH 370 (or a twin) at 6:15 am.  It was flying very low over the south most island, at an approximate 3,000 ft altitude.  The plane was coming from the north, heading south-east.  Diego Garcia is south and slightly west.  Australia seems a more  likely destination from here, but who can be sure?   The reported route had been quite erratic to this point,  It was this eye witness reporting that helped give rise to theories involving Diego Garcia, the classified U.S. base leased from Great Britain.

The Pilbara Tale

I stumbled upon this following tidbit in the comments section under an article about 370’s disappearance:


The plane landed in Australia in a place called the Pilbara. A friend of mine worked at that remote airport whom told me he saw a Malaysian plane land. The strange thing is that there was a huge military presence for one week prior to the landing. My friend and two other on duty incidentally died 1 week after he told me that. Somebody need to research the Pilbara in Australia, it’s close to the Fortescue Minerals Mine in the outback.”

The beauty of the Pilbara is that it is still so sparsely populated. It would be a perfectly desolate place to bring a hot plane….or its twin.

The Yemen Tale

The United States started droning the crap out of southern Yemen on the 21st of April, 2014.  The last tally was 55 dead including a wedding party of fifteen.  Three “high ranking Al Qaeda ”  were reported to be among the dead although no names were ever released.  According to a local source in Yemen, the strikes took place in Bayda Province.  Interestingly, this province has a nice, quasi remote airport, Al Bayda.  Keep that in mind for later.


Tel Aviv’s Tale

In November 2013, Israel purchased a Boeing 777-200  “twin plane”   just four months  before the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 on March 8th 2014- a plane that was being kept in a hanger in TelAviv..

Source:  http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=29535

But it just irks me that everybody seems so eager to jump on Israel for every little thing. By itself, Israeli owning an identical plane proves nothing.  It went into the back file under “see if this fits into the puzzle later” category.  The only reason that I kept it in my mind at all comes from a vague sense of a Rothschild connection to 370’s disappearance combined with the fact that Israel is a Rothschild creation.   And of course, Rothschild owns Freescale and Freescale had twenty employees on that flight.

When I got to this tale,  my brain really started screaming to me.

Inmarsat’s Tale

Imarsat pings to MH370 engine

Inmarsat pings to MH370 engine

Inmarsat is a satellite company  owned by a capital investment company named Harbinger.  Harbinger used to be known as Zapata.  Zapata was a failed oil investment company owned by the George Bush syndicate that took millions of Bin Laden family investment dollars with it when it sank in bankruptcy beneath the sands of Texas not long before before George Jr. made it to the White House.

 By George, I Think I’ve Got It!  Flight 370’s timetable:

Elapsed (HH:MM) Time Event
00:00 8 March 7 March Take-off from KUL (Kuala Lumpur)
00:41 16:41
00:20 01:01 17:01 Crew confirms altitude of 35,000 feet (11,000 m)[35]
00:26 01:07 17:07 Last ACARS data transmission received;[36] crew confirms altitude of 35,000 feet, a second time[35]
00:38 01:19 17:19 Last Malaysian ATC voice contact[37]
00:40 01:21 17:21 Last secondary radar (transponder) contact at 6°55′15″N 103°34′43″E[38]
00:41 01:22 17:22 Transponder and ADS-B no longer operating.
00:49 01:30 17:30 Voice contact attempt by another aircraft, at request of Vietnam ATC; mumbling and radio static heard in reply[32]
00:56 01:37 17:37 Missed expected half-hourly ACARS data transmission[36]
01:34 02:15 18:15 Last primary radar contact by Malaysian military, 200 miles (320 km) NW of Penang
01:41 02:22 18:22 1st of 6 roughly hourly Classic Aero[39] pings (handshakes) since last ACARS transmission, via the Inmarsat-3 F1 satellite[40][41]
05:49 06:30 22:30 Missed scheduled arrival at PEK (Beijing)
06:43 07:24 23:24 Malaysia Airlines pronounces flight missing in statement released to media[38]
07:30 08:11 8 March 6th and last successful automated hourly handshake with Inmarsat-3 F1[40][42]
07:38 08:19 00:19 Unscheduled, unexplained partial handshake transmitted by aircraft[43][44]
08:34 09:15 01:15 Scheduled hourly ping attempt by Inmarsat goes unanswered by aircraft[40]

Now let’s start stapling the parts together, shall we?

How Clever

How Clever

Sister plane housed in Tel Aviv is flown out to Al Bayda airport in Yemen where it waits.  It is empty-perhaps not even having a pilot on board.  This is the plane spotted over south Maldives flying at low altitude coming in from the north and heading south east.  Its purpose is to provide the ping data to the Inmarsat satellite owned by George Bush.  This plane may have been outfitted in Israel or Yemen to hold extra fuel.  This is probably the plane taken to very high altitude (45,000 ft)

Meanwhile, back in Malaysia, Flight 370 severed all contact with ground control.  It began to bank to the right just as the transponder went dark (not the left as Thailand asserted).  It could have landed at Diego Garcia or in Pilbara.

And now, NASA’s Tale…and it’s a whopper

continues here:  https://adriaen22.wordpress.com/2014/06/22/enigma-at-35000-ft-malaysian-flight-370/ 



The Men Who Killed Kennedy Pt 5

3 tramps in Dealey Plaza

“Very few people know of the incestuous relationship that existed and probably still exists at the moment between these various very powerful elements; organized crime, the intelligence community, the political, and the powerful business interests” -Chauncey Holt


The three tramps,  Montoya, Harrelson and Holt, sat through some soft ball questioning by the Dallas Polica.  They had the BATF ID’s which Chauncey had made back in Los Angeles and a story about working a gun running under cover operation.   They were free to go.

Soon after, two men showed up at Holt’s father in law’s place  looking for him, Chauncey decided to take cover in Mexico.  Getting picked up and photographed was not a good thing.  He had accidentally been photographed at one of Oswald’s “Free Cuba” events back in August and had caught holy hell for that gaffe.  This exposure was far more dangerous.

Holt flew down to Acapulco with two other CIA contract agents and took shelter in a safe house owned by the  esteemed and prosperous Los Angeles attorney, Frank Belcher.  It should be noted here that Belcher’s brother, T.A. Belcher, was an oil company owner as well as a CIA asset.  Belcher’s wife was the sister of Bob Reynolds.  Bob was Chief of Station at JM/Wave.  JM/WAVE was a high level CIA facility in Florida.  All in the family.

Warren Commission in a Nutshell

Belcher’s close associate,  attorney Joe Ball, would soon be named to the Warren Commission.  In an attempt to soothe Chauncey’s concerns, Belcher suggested that Chauncey speak to Joe Ball. Chauncey did so and Ball told Chauncey “not to worry since the sole purpose of the Warren Commission was to pin the assassination on Oswald”.  Anything else would be “swept under the rug.”  Ball was going to be in a position to make good on his promise due to his Warren assignment of Dealey Plaza and the book depository.  Ball was to be given personal oversight of these two critical hot spots. “Oswald acted alone” was to be the sole agenda and Joe was in position to make sure that the truth never seeped in to the Warren Report.

The CIA Purge of 1975-Rogue Agents

Chauncey remained in South America doing various Agency contract jobs until 1975 when the Agency purged itself of its rogue contract agents. What, one might ask,  prompted the CIA to purge itself at that particular moment in time?  Quite simply, scrutiny was coming to call.

House Select Committee on Assassinations-1975/76

By 1975, there had been ever so many controversial assassinations in America and irksome conspiracy theories were gaining traction with the American people.  Congress decided to convene The House Select Committee on Assassinations.  Preparatory work started in late 1975 but the committee gained full steam by mid 1976 when they began to focus on the Kennedy assassination..

The CIA suddenly felt compelled to clean house.  George Bush Sr. was appointed CIA Director in January 1976, right about the time that the House Select Committee began its hearings on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.   This was the same George Bush who could not remember his personal whereabouts on November 22, 1963.  And surely, his appointment as CIA Director was no coincidence.  George’s job would be to manage the Agency’s dirty laundry relative to the JFK probe.  The American people were being guaranteed yet another white wash.

A Bush Thumb in Every Poison Pie

Let’s help him out, shall we?  See George, here is where you were the night before.  The Oilmen event started at 6:30 pm.  Don’t you remember staying in Dallas until the next day?  By the time that event was over with, by the time everybody was done with dinner, by the time the various attendees were done at the bar following the dinner, you tucked yourself in at the Sheraton.  Then you got up the next day, watched the ‘big event, hung around the book depository for awhile and then snuck off to a pay phone to make a very weird phone call.

Oil Drilling Convention-Nov 21, 1963-Dallas

Oil Drilling Convention-Nov 21, 1963-Dallas

“Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us”- George Bush Sr,

Given George’s tendency for forgetfulness, one wonders if he recalls the phone call he made at 1:45 pm on November 22, 1963, an hour and fifteen minutes after John Kennedy had had his brains blown out in Dealey Plaza, Dallas.  This would be the deliberately vague call that Bush Sr. placed providing a pathetically weak “lead” in the Kennedy assassination.

George dear,  that was an attempt to establish an alibi that you were in Tyler Texas at 1:45 pm on the day of the assassination.   1963 was long before cell phones and GPS .  George could have said that he was calling long distance from Guam.  No one would have been the wiser.  More likely, George was calling from a pay phone in Dallas.  Amusingly, he ended his call by stating that he was proceeding to Dallas. Texas and would remain in the Sheraton Dallas until the following day (November 23rd). at which time he would be returning home to Houston.

As we have already observed, George had arrived in Dallas the prior afternoon in order to attend the Oilmen’s Convention at the Sheraton-Dallas. The memorandum describing this ridiculous call was kept classified until a few years ago.  So now we know where George was on November 22, 1963. And we know that George was perfectly aware of where he was as well.  The murder of Kennedy was a coup d’etat with several key participants ascending to the Presidency in the years that followed, starting with Lyndon Johnson  LBJ was followed by Nixon, Ford,  and eventually, George Herbert Walker Bush, aka “Poppy”.

Here is the entire Bush memorandum:

The TellTale Heart

The TellTale Heart

Finding himself without an income following the CIA purge of 1975, Chauncey had to leave South America and subsequently returned to the States. He was imprisoned for mail fraud in 1977.   Once in prison, Chauncey was approached several times by the Feds who wanted him to roll over on Meyer Lansky.  Holt refused them.  The CIA sent someone to see him as well.  He was offered relaxed conditions in the prison and a generous stipend upon release if he would keep silent about his activities on behalf of the Agency.  He kept his silence until 1997.  Both Lansky and Licavoli were dead by this time.

They had both been very, very good to Chauncey.  It is reasonable to think that Chauncey held them in deep respect until they died, but that he had been waiting with a measure of repressed indignity.  It is also reasonable to believe that Chauncey did not know what he was involved in until it had all played out.  The CIA is notorious for its “need to know”.

Chauncey Holt chronicled his experiences in DVD format titled “Spooks, Hoods and the Hidden Elite”, completing it only eight days before he died at age seventy five.  He wanted us to know about the “incestuous relationship that existed and probably still exists at the moment between these various very powerful elements; organized crime, the intelligence community, the political, and the powerful business interests”.


upcoming:  The Mystery of Lee Harvey Oswald


The Cathy O’Brien Story

The Cathy O’Brien Story


exposed or made vulnerable to danger, suspicion, scandal, etc.;

jeopardized: a military oversight that compromised the nation’s defenses.

(dictionary definition)

Prepared to be revolted…

Please keep a few things in mind while you watch the following video…it’s true, it’s shocking, and  the only people in a position to keep this utter perversion quiet happen to be the very people that she names.   And the reason that it goes on unchallenged and unabated is due to the fact that anyone in a position to stop it has been compromised…and those at the very top of the pyramid are in a position to call “National Security” to shut down investigations when they get too close.  And there are “wet ops” for everything else.

Truly, her allegations are so outrageous that she must be deluded; deluded because her demeanor says that she isn’t lying.  It revolts so deeply because down inside, we know how wrong it is and it is disgusting.  When I first heard her story back in 1996, because of who she names, I assumed she was just a very disturbed woman.  But as time wore on, I saw similar information coming from many different places, different people and different directions unrelated to Ms. O’Brien.  And if you think it through, it explains everything including the utter dysfunction of our government, its defecation on our Constitution, the unrelenting grab of our rights; all  in spite of  our government having been  strategically designed to protect us.  It explains how a Supreme Court can rule clearly unconstitutional law as “constitutional”. how a Marxist with no American citizenship can become President, how the media chooses to fill thousands of programming hours every week with everything other than the truth.

Let’s start with Cathy’s allegations about accompanying plane loads of cocaine from South America to Mena, Arkansas.  That’s just crazy.  She says that Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas during the Iran-Contra years, knew all about the otherwise clandestine  activities at the Mena airport.  No way!

Ex CIA operative, Terry Reed, wrote a book based on his personal exploits titled  Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. ( There is an article in this blog devoted to this book). Reed’s story took place during the Iran-Contra scheme and tells it from his point of view.  His narrative confirms that the airport at Mena, Arkansas was the location where the cocaine/gun exchange was taking place.   O’Brien saw this as well and says so in the video.

Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas at the time .  Reed refers to Clinton frequently throughout his narrative and independently corroborates O’Brien on the connection between Clinton, Bush Sr. and two of the Bush boys.  He witnessed their presence together at a large coke deal.  War on drugs?  Are you kidding?  That “war” is just to keep prices up.  It is such a cash cow for the Company.  This is just a war on competition…we pay for it, the CIA controls all the proceeds and the entire process dovetails into the pedophilia projects.  Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and Burr are all spinning in their graves.


Johnny Gosch in captivity age 12

Johnny Gosch

In 1982, a twelve year old paperboy was snatched at the start of his route in a Des Moines neighborhood.  His name is Johnny Gosch.  In spite of a national campaign of news coverage, Johnny remained missing.  Two years later, Eugene Martin disappeared from Des Moines under similar circumstances, and in 1986, Marc James Allen was snatched.  What happened to these children?  The CIA had better uses for them… as sex slaves… because the photos really, really help keep everybody in line.  That’s crazy…right?…

“July 11, 1990

Gary Caradori, special investigator, hired by the Nebraska state legislature to report on the Franklin Scandal and his son A.J. die in a suspicious plane crash near Aurora, Illinois. A sheriff’s deputy on the scene of the plane crash reported recovering pornographic pictures of children with high profile politicians. The FBI collected all of this material and no mention of it has been heard since. Right before his death, Caradori told his wife that he knew what happened to Johnny Gosch. Although the plane crash was a civilian matter, the military took charge of the investigation for unknown reasons.” (quoted from www. justiceforjohnnygosch.com)

Two months after being abducted, Gosch was sold for $35,000 to Michael Aquino who took him to a ranch near Buena Vista, Colorado where he was subjected to torture, mind control and prostitution.  These children are put up for auction and are often purchased by offshore perverts.  Their parents spend the rest of their lives tortured by the not knowing…and Noreen Gosch is tortured by the knowing.  Johnny escaped many years later and visited Noreen just long enough to tell her the mind bending details of his abduction and sexual enslavement.  Like Cathy O’Brien and her daughter Kelly, Johnny was sent to service politicians and well heeled corporate bigwigs.   This is what is happening in the land of the free.

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove where the elite party like its 410 A.D.

“Do as thou wilt”-Aleister Crowley

Does it make it even more revolting to know that this all takes place in the context of Satanic ritual?  Would you be upset to learn that these powerful fat cats practice blood sacrifice?  That they keep women as “breeders” because they believe that infant blood is the most powerful?  The favored age range for sacrifice is typically newborn to age three.  They also enjoy participating in snuff films and joyfully welcome new members at the annual pow wow at Bohemian Grove.  And these same people run our country and our corporations…Death Inc.   I told you it was revolting but now you know how and why your Constitution is being destroyed and by whom.
If you find this information to be important, and I hope you do, pass along the link to this article.  Perhaps if we band together fast enough, we can stop this madness.  They are on the verge of having their sick world take hold over all of us.  That is what this is about…the final solution…their solution…the New World Order and the upside down crucifix.  As Ayn Rand wrote “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law“.   For those at the top, it already is.  This nation is unrecognizable from fifty years ago.  It has lost its soul to Visigoths who fancy themselves “enlightened” when, in fact, they are ordinary barbarians.
For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?  We can well do without this band of useless eaters.  They need to be put on trial and locked away for the good of the many.  This is real, this is sick, and this must be opposed.
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