Joan Rivers-It’s Not Like She Was Lying

Joan Rivers-Obama Gay

Joan Rivers-Obama Gay


In early July, a very well put together eighty one year old Ms. Joan Rivers was heading for a building entrance when a reporter stopped her to ask a question or two about a gay wedding at which Ms. Rivers had recently officiated.  After Joan assured him that it was wonderful, he asked “and do you think the country will see…the United States will see… its first gay President or the first woman President?

She turned back toward the reporter and replied “Well, we already have it with Obama so let’s just calm down”. As she climbed the stairs, she found something to add “You know Michelle is a tranny…a transgender.  It’s OK.”. Several publications slammed her for such inappropriate comedy noting that Rivers is famous for her cutting and outrageous comedic style.   I think they fail to realize that she wasn’t trying to be funny.  She was answering a question.  Furor ensued.

On July 4th, 2014, the popular website, Breitbart, chillingly headlined the following…


Can Joan Rivers survive calling Obama gay, first lady “Tranny”  Hmm.  Ominous, to be sure.  Of course, they were referring to her career.

Watch the video of the interview.  Pay attention to three things; her answers, her gait, and her demeanor.  She is being perfectly honest and she seems to be slowed down, either by tranquilizers or some medication that tranquilizes as a side effect.  She is clearly not in comedic mode until she realizes at the very end  that she has managed to shock everyone within earshot.  This was no attempt at comedy, sardonic or otherwise.



On August 28th, 2014, Joan was rushed to Mt. Sinai hospital in New York after suffering cardiac arrest during a minor endoscopic procedure.  It has been speculated that she may have been given too much anesthesia or possible the wrong kind.  She was put into an induced coma by hospital staff and it is not known if she will recover.  Can Joan Rivers survive?

Barack Obama was a long time attendee of Reverend Wright’s Trinity Church.  Three gay, male, fellow parishioners were all murdered between mid November and December 23rd, 2007, not long after Obama’s official announcement …Larry Spence, Nate Bland and Donald Young…silence is golden.

Barack’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, managed to live to be eighty five, yet also managed to die on November 2nd, 2008, just hours before  the historic Presidential election that put her grandson in office.  With her death, there were no more living family members who knew with certainty where he was born and to whom he was born.  To this day, Mr. Obama/Soetoro/Sorbarkah has yet to produce a single viable, authentic document to support his birth, education,grades,  social security status, draft status, etc.,  In fact, the social security number that he uses as President actually belongs to a Harrison J. Bounel, born in 1890!  Now that’s some chutzpah, as Joan Rivers might say.

While Michelle is not trans gender,  Ms. Rivers was correct on her first proclamation.  There are too many bath house aficionados in Chicago vouching that Barack was a regular in his Chicago Senate days.  One of his two daughters is rumored to have been adopted from Morocco.  The problem isn’t that Barack is gay, the problem is that everything about him is a lie.  Thats the problem.  Next thing you know, we’ll be finding out that he is really Keyser Soze.


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

 Update-September 4, 2014:

Today at 1:17 pm EST Joan Rivers died.  As I feared, Joan Rivers could not survive the simple truth she shared with everyone….that we have the first half black, homosexual President.  Regarding Michelle, however, Ms. Rivers was incorrect.

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