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In Search Of….Kogi BBQ

The Kogi BBQ Truck

(originally posted Aug. 13 2011)

Kogi-Unbelievable creativity

For the benefit of those who may have no idea what a Kogi truck is, allow me to explain this way; it would be as if Emeril LeGasse and Bobby Flay teamed up and bought five or six roach coach catering trucks, stuffed them with their most awesome culinary creations and parked one of them outside your office so that your lunch would be something you would relish and talk about all freaking day.   You would talk about it to your boss, your co-workers, hell, you would call up your mom…the food is that good.  And look at that line in the photo.  Yes, you would stand in it.  You would stand in that line in the broiling noon sun, in a drenching rain storm, in the middle of a tornado alert, in an earthquake.  As long as that truck is there, you will wait.  Why?

Because Kogi makes food that is so unique, so delicious, so unusual and reasonably priced that you will wait along with everyone else, heart racing and salivary glands pulsing because you know that it is so worth it.   The Kogi truck offers certain signature dishes like the short rib taco on a regular basis but there is always a weekly special like this week’s which was their chicken pineapple torta part deux.  Oh my God!!!  Oh my dear God!!!

So now, I can not rest until I snag one of their Chego burgers.  Behold…grass fed beef, pineapple, grilled sweet pickled red onions, cheese, chili sauce, fried shallots, Thai basil, wild arugula, and….coconut mayonnaise.  But let me tell you what happened today when I got to the hallowed Kogi truck.  Sadly, this is a story repeated every day here in Los Angeles.   We arrived at the downtown location a couple of minutes early and parked at a meter one block away and scurried to the truck where a modest line had already formed at 11:25 am.

The Kogi Chego Burger

Just as we placed our order, a police car pulled up along side the truck and without warning, the shutter was brought down on the ordering window.  I walked over to the patrol car to find out what the problem was.  The officer explained that the owners of two desolate sandwich shops across the street had called to complain and they had no choice but to make the truck move on.  People who had already ordered would be permitted to get their food but the rest of the folks behind us were out of luck.

Now, wait a minute.  Across the street, we see two sandwich shops.  Did either of them call the police when the other leased their space on the block?   If they had, would the police have come and shooed the newcomer sandwich shop away?  Is that their job?  Is that their jurisdiction?  You know the answer…absolutely not.  Commercial competition is not a crime so where does the authority come from to support the harassment of the Kogi truck?  Let’s stop here and examine this in a larger context, the context of a destructive national behavior.

When the economy folded in 2008, the Fed threatened a financial Armageddon if we didn’t cough up trillions of dollars which were subsequently and surreptitiously used to prop up many failing dinosaurs like General Motors, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, etc.  Trillions were sent overseas to prop up failing banks and to support over blown real estate prices.

How the hell does this relate to Kogi?  The local regulatory system is propping up failing businesses and trying to keep superior competition on the sidelines by squeezing their profits and their ability to thrive.  When we artificially prop up and protect businesses that fail to thrive (whether it is because they provide an inferior product, or an outmoded product  or because they are corrupt), we stifle innovation and creativity.   We end up squeezing out what we want most dearly;  value, newness,  innovation and problem solving.  We squeeze out the Kogi truck.

The current international economic stagnation is being caused by dead companies refusing to step aside. To add insult to injury, they are creating debt for all Americans in order to create the funny money to slap on their books so that it looks like they are still alive.  Lipstick on a pig; and they put a shotgun to our head to make us buy the lipstick…. for 27 trillion dollars.  Nice.

And here is more stagnation.  The poor Baby Boomers must stay at their jobs longer because the truth of the matter is that just about everybody with an IRA, a 401k or a Keogh, a stock or a mutual fund, a job or a house…all got Bernie Madoffed by October 2008.  Ole  Bernie is simply a flesh and blood metaphor, a personification, of reprehensible behavior at the highest financial levels.  As above, so below.  The bottom line here is that young people can’t find work.  Companies released many millions to the unemployment line all throughout 2009.   Combine this with a scenario where people who were about to retire can not possibly do so.  Now here is the crap cherry on the shit sundae….retirement age people with union or government pensions will retire and start draining pension funds that are already drained.  Here comes more trouble.  Nice.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s time to go stand up for Kogi.  I will go talk to my council person and see what shakes out.  Get on the subscribe list.  I will fill you in on what happens.  Then maybe you’ll get some ideas about what you can do.  And then maybe we can get the country that we want.  We want Kogi.

Forced Vaccines-You Make the Call

It’s starting to look a lot like genocide, but it isn’t.  It’s just business… and that sacrosanct, precious bottom line.  From time to time, there are bad batches. A “successful” corporation never misses an opportunity to monetize product, so rogue batches don’t get destroyed, they get sold. This is why vaccines can’t be trusted.

The individual can not sue pharmaceutical companies for damages  –  victimized families are “compensated” by a fund. Two Billion dollars has been paid out thus far.  That’s a pretty high price to pay for something that is pushed on us as being “safe and effective”.  Sadly, vaccines are neither. Yet the state Senate is poised to make child vaccinations mandatory in California!

Supreme Court Rules Vaccine Makers Protected

Vaccine Injury Compensation Programs

There are two articles here. For your own sake, please look at both of them

from Natural News:

Child Vaccination Deaths in Mexico




From InfoWars:

Pending California Forced Vaccine Bill



Need I say more?  Feel free to send this article to your family and friends in California. It is time for you to make a call.  Here is a link to the California State Senate. If you don’t know who your Senator is, use the “Find my Senator” button top left.   Call them, forward this article to them if you’d like. It should help you make your point.  Keep track of how they vote and if they go the wrong way, vote against them next time   California State Senate Website



We The People

Obama: "I Crack Myself Up"

Obama: “I Crack Myself Up”

(This is a repost, with minor revision, of a post from a few years ago.  I added to the rant about the healthcare system and changed the very end.  I just realized that those aren’t banker boots, it’s …..)

A Letter to Karen Bass

Dear Congresswoman Bass

Let me begin by thanking you for your community conferences which I greatly appreciate.  You are doing a great job of reaching out to your constituents and I don’t recall even one of your predecessors making such effective use of communication tools, nor making such an effort.  I love it and I love you for doing it.

I was invited to participate in your town hall phone conference on Thursday, July 28, 2011. Several of the people who called in to ask a question seemed to be wondering if the Tea Party (primarily very conservative Caucasians) might be giving President Obama a hard time over the debt ceiling just because he is black.  You were quick to point out that the raising of the debt ceiling has been done many, many times and it simply passes each time without all this brouhaha.  What makes Obama so different…why should this debt ceiling be any different?  Here is why, and it is not because he is black,  (Embedded in the boomer generation are a whole lot of white folks who marched and protested and laid themselves down in the streets along with their black brothers and sisters back when it counted.  Many Obama votes came from this group).

In his first year, Obama pushed through a completely ruinous national health care bill which few of our representatives ever read as it had thousands of pages and Speaker Pelosi didn’t release it until the last minute… ”You’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it”). The Democratic majority blindly voted to pass it.  In the meanwhile, trillions of dollars were created by the Federal Reserve Board, a private corporation that collects our taxes and then loans them back to us with interest.  They, in turn, distributed a large portion of the trillions to favored foreign banks and a few favored domestic banks with absolutely no requirements!!!

Therefore, the stop foreclosure program failed.  Millions of American homes have ended up going back to the banks, many of them illegally with jimmied documents or no documents.  There was much illegal activity yet there have been no prosecutions!

Our economy is in tatters.  If you can find a job at all, it is 25% of what you once earned.  Obama stopped oil drilling, the Gulf is a toxic sewer, fisheries are dead.  How can we keep borrowing money when we can’t possibly pay it back?  Our productivity is being stifled, the tax base is being strangled to death, yet Democrats want to raise taxes.  Jobs are permitted to be shipped overseas while at the same time, cheap and illegal labor is tolerated, even cultivated and coddled.  You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t kill a cow while screaming at it to make more milk.  You can’t keep borrowing money, printing money and raising taxes on a nation while you simultaneously quash its productivity.   You can’t promise everybody health care when you have no way to pay for it.  What was that figure you quoted? I think you said that we need to borrow 130 billion dollars per month over and above what we already have borrowed.  You need to raise the debt by $130,000,000,000 per month even before the health bill kicks in.

[Speaking of this forced fed insurance, I bitterly resent that our government, which is supposed to protect its citizenry, has instead installed a taproot into the national jugular vein siphoning limitless dollars (borrowed) and diverting them to a bloated and corrupted healthcare system.  Most cancers, for example, can be cured for well under $500.  Not here.  In America, the treatment of choice is chemotherapy which costs $200,000 and almost guarantees recurrence.  Qui bono?  The corporations that manufacture the chemo, that’s who.  Fascism gone wild.]

As for Obama’s documents, which also came up in the discussion, he hasn’t any.  That is the truth, uncomfortable as it may be.  Everything he has released thus far has been a computer generated forgery.  His birth certificate registration number is completely out of order when compared to other children born in the city at that time and it was signed by  registrar “U.K. Lelee”.  The other certificates had a completely different (and less whimsical) registrar name and signature.  Neil Abercrombie ordered that the records be searched when he became Governor of Hawaii, yet nothing was found.  Abercrombie is a friend to Obama.  If it had been there, he would have found it, one would think.  [His social security number belongs to a man born in the 1800’s and his draft card is a fake as well.]

So, Karen, it isn’t because Obama is black.  It is because he is leading the American people, all of the people in all of their skin colors, into the slavery of insurmountable debt; this glorious, vibrant, and unique collection of once thriving human beings will be groveling in abject poverty under the boot of European bankers the CIA/ESF.   Ironic.

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

This clip is from “The Great Dictator”-Charlie Chaplin

Watch this only if you are a human being….and if you are, pass the link to this to everybody you LOVE…and please do me a favor…click “like” if it moves you

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