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The Death of Seth Rich-A Different Perspective

Deep Corruption-FBI-DNC-MSM-Hillary Clinton and Other Scary Nightmares

“Because less than 3% of you people read books! Because less than 15% of you read newspapers! Because the only truth you know is what you get over this tube. Right now, there is a whole, an entire, generation that never knew anything that didn’t come out of this tube! This tube is the Gospel, the ultimate revelation.” – quote from the movie “Network” 1976

DNC Headquarters in Washington D.C.

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!  Donald Trump is their boy, quisling in our midst! We elected a quisling!!! OMG !!!!  Trump fired James Comey to quash the investigation in to Trump’s collaboration with the Russians. The Russians hacked  DNC computers, stole emails and forwarded them to Wikileaks. The Russians interfered with our precious Presidential election and stole it from poor little Hillary.  Trump has fired Comey to protect himself! Call in a special prosecutor….now!

This pathetic, limp wristed narrative has become the official Democrat Party mantra repeated ad nauseum on CNN, MSNBC, et al; parroted in the New York Times and the Washington Post as well as thousands of other news outlets across the nation.   But is it true? And if it is not true, how can we be certain that it is not true? In fact, at this point, how can we be sure of anything?  The miserable truth is that we can not be sure of anything. All of us out here in citizen-land are just along for the ride. It is our lot to sit here helplessly while the PIPs (people in power) spin, create, misdirect and play us for the fools that they believe us to be.

Fact Review

Lawn Sign-Colorado

Before we all get swept away in the latest maelstrom of concocted, raw, spun sewage let us remind ourselves of a few things that we already know or should know by now. There is no such thing as a fair election with an honest vote count in this country and there hasn’t been for a very, very long time. If you somehow doubt this as a presumably conscious adult please get yourself a copy of “Vote Scam-The Stealing of America” written by brothers James and Kenneth Collier published in December of 1992. The fraud has been going on all along but now that we have computers, oh my.

It has long been rumored that George Soros owned a company that manufactured voting machines. A link establishing close  cooperation between Soros and Hillary Clinton was revealed in one of the Wikileak document dumps in 2016 however Soros was not the owner of the manufacturing company in question, the company in question being Smartmatic. Smartmatic is, in fact, owned by Lord Mark Malloch Brown. Soros and Brown are, of course, connected behind the scenes through an organization known as the Open Society Foundation but if we dally here too long we shall surely miss the real ruse. The manufacturer simply installs the back doors. The real key, of course, is in who uses those back doors. Consider this: Smartmatic machines were in use in California and Utah up to the primary elections of 2016 but not in use for the national elections.  The national elections are subverted at a single choke point. All of the voting data gets uploaded to a single mainframe and that is where the national elections are hacked, not by Russians, but by George Bush Sr. The only reason we have Trump is due to the fact that he beat Hillary Clinton by a landslide.  The main computer can not  reverse a landslide. The main computer can only finesse the final vote tally. The Russians did not hack the election. Technically speaking, the American people did.

So, what happened to Bernie?

Mr. and; Mrs. Bernie Sanders

These Smartmatic machines were in use while Hillary was desperately trying to fend off the challenge to the Democrat Party Presidential nomination mounted by one Bernie Sanders, now the proud new owner of a $600,000 summer home in Vermont on the shore of Lake Champlain.  It is rumored that the house is referred to by the Sanders family as the “no hard feelings” summer home.  But no matter since the real finesse of managing Presidential S-election is not to be found in the manufacture of a machine. It is to be found in the software. Voting fraud expert Beverly Harris has explained to us how things are actually done on the national level. For those not interested in watching the informative video included below, here is the summary.

The hack can take place either locally on a county by county basis and/or at the point where all results are fed in to a central, master computer. A simple software program can access every single precinct behind the scenes where no one can observe and voting tabulations can be changed in minutes by a single person. The subtle electronic gimmick employed is this: master software over-rides the one voter-one vote  instruction and replaces it with a percentage by candidate.   This leaves behind a tell-tale signature, however…vote counts in decimals. Here is a screen shot of a Memphis. Tennessee race in Congressional District 9 to demonstrate this diabolical technique:.

Notice that the two candidates, Cohen and Herenton, have vote counts that are showing up as decimal counts or fractions. These counts should be, of course, in whole numbers. A voter is not a fraction. The only way the tallies in this contest can end up as fractions is by conforming to a software command to give Herenton 80% of the total votes.  Based on the total voter count in a district, the votes are then divided between the two candidates (or however many there are in a particular race). Only the person controlling the software can see this tally board. Everyone else sees a board that shows voter results as rounded off whole numbers. In other words, Cohen will show a count of 16,034 and Herenton 64,437.  In the days before computers, there were dozens of techniques employed; the ballot boxes driven off the end of the pier ploy, the blank ballots being hand punched by little old ladies in the back room ploy, the dead voter ploy, etc. Wherever there are politicians and political parties there is fraud.  After all, winning isn’t the best thing, it’s the only thing.

See the full and shocking details on how the computer hack technique is done here:


All this to say that if the Russians wanted to hack an American election they would have to get in line…a long line.  Voting fraud is, apparently, a long standing American tradition that has been evolving with the technology. The only solution would be to return to paper ballots with lots and lots of oversight at ballot counting time. Now  you know that you can pressure your local government to get rid of all electronic voting.  If you don’t the only elected officials that you will get will be the ones that the dark machine can control. You know the ones…the pedophiles, the thieves, the compromised.

Now on to Seth Rich….

And now what you have all been waiting for….a different perspective on the murder of the young Seth Rich-

The murder of the DNC staffer in charge of voter expansion was largely ignored by mainstream media at the time but he has been recently reintroduced to the public’s awareness as something of a political football in the Russian election hacking game. For those of you who never heard of Seth Rich, he had been hired by the DNC in December of 2014. His title was, specifically, “Director of Voter Expansion Data”.

At the time of his death he was just twenty seven years old. Shot twice in the back at 4:19 a.m. at the corner of Flagler and First Street in a beautiful residential section of Washington D.C..  Police arrived on scene within minutes  Seth was transported to an unspecified hospital where he died .   This neighborhood has experienced little, if any, such violence over the decades. It is well patrolled and generally a very safe area.  It is also equipped with special sensors that pick up the sound of gunshots.

He still had his wallet, cell phone and wrist watch prompting police to rule this a “botched robbery”. Seth’s parents said that he had bruises on his face, hands and knees.  They also said that he had been on his cell phone with a young lady in Michigan for some eighty nine minutes while he walked home, presumably from his favorite sports bar. . He ended the call with her abruptly after she inquired about a noise in the background telling her that he would call her back when he reached his residence.  Seth was only a half block away from his door when he was gunned down..

Seth Rich “Fact Menu”

Seth Rich

  • It has been widely reported that Seth Rich had spent the evening at his favorite sports bar, Lou’s  The bar closes at 2 a.m.. It is, at most, a forty minute walk from the bar to Flagler and 1st where the shooting took place
  • Joe Capone was the bar manger. Joe has told reporters that he offered to call Seth a cab because he seemed very, very drunk.
  • There is a document floating around on the internet, a page from the White House visitor log, showing that Joe Capone had visited the East Wing which houses the First Lady’s office, on July 6th, only four days before Seth’s murder
  • A WND reporter was stunned to learn from staff at the bar (Lou’s) that D.C. police never interviewed anyone at the bar nor asked for any security footage
  • D.C. Police quickly ruled Seth Rich’s murder a “botched robbery”
  • Neither the DNC nor Hillary Clinton never put up a dime toward a reward for finding Seth’s murderer (s)
  • Both Hillary Clinton and DNC P.R manager, Brad Bauman, have publically stated that Hillary had offered Seth a job working directly for her campaign shortly before his death.
  • Inexplicably, the young DNC staffer was spared the indignity of becoming another Hillary Clinton poster child for gun control.
  • Wikileaks did put up an offer of $20K for information leading to the capture and conviction of Seth rich’s murderer(s)
  • A wealthy Republican, Jack Burkman, offered an additional 100K reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of Seth rich’s murderer(s)
  • Washington D.C Police offered an additional 25K reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of Seth rich’s murderer(s) for a grand total of 145K in unclaimed reward money.
  • The neighborhood where Seth Rich lived and was shot had an astounding number of cameras due to a reimbursement program conducted by the local police. This included private residences as well as businesses in the upscale Bloomingdale neighborhood.
  • Seth Rich was placed on a stretcher and wheeled past a neighbor who was asked to verify his identity
  • Rod Wheeler, private detective and Fox crime consultant was hired by the family to look in to the death of Seth Rich
  • Detective Wheeler went on camera with a local Fox affiliate in May of 2017 stating that a source within the FBI saw evidence that Rich was in contact with Wikileaks.
  • Brad Bauman was hired by the DNC to run interference for the Rich family who have been reportedly overwhelmed by inquiries from news organizations and the public
  • To date, NO documents nor firm details have been released to the public regarding this young man’s death. FOIA requests for the death certificate, police body camera footage, and autopsy report have all been rebuffed with the comment that these items can not be found..
  • The only document which has been seen by the public is the police incident report which curiously fails to identify which hospital treated Seth Rich in the wee hours of July 10, 2016.
  • In spite of Seth being shot twice in the back, no bullet casings were found at the scene of the crime

Those following this blog know that discrepancies are my favorite food followed closely by breadcrumbs so in part two, let’s move in for a closer look.



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