Antonin Scalia-Murder, She Wrote

Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia

When a Supreme Court justice, not coincidentally a vociferous advocate for the United States Constitution,  suddenly dies alone in the  1100 sq. ft. “El Presidente” suite of a remote hunting resort, might it not be appropriate to schedule an autopsy whether or not the family wants one? Not in the case of Antonin Scalia who supposedly died “peacefully in his sleep” not long after arriving at the tastefully opulent Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter, Texas.  Peaceful and natural death is so patently obvious that it can be determined over the phone. Coroners everywhere must be rejoicing. By summary decree of the Marfa, Texas Justice of the Peace they now have a much lighter workload,

The Setup

Resort owner, Houston businessman and Vietnam War veteran John Poindexter, had invited a group of thirty or so of his personal friends for a three day stay at his ranch resort over the Presidents’ Day weekend. One of Scalia’s friends is a friend of Mr. Poindexter. Scalia’s unnamed friend had been directly invited by Poindexter. Presumably, this mystery friend had wrangled an invite for Scalia who was originally expected to attend along with one of his sons. However, Scalia’s son was not able to accompany his father at the last minute for reasons unspecified.

The guests arrived on Friday, February 12th and engaged in a group tour of the 30,000 acre resort and hunting ranch after which they regrouped for dinner, socializing and conversation. Scalia is said to have left the other guests somewhere around nine p.m. with some reports saying that he was tired and other reports saying that he complained of not feeling well. None of Poindexter’s other guests have been identified therefore it is unlikely that any of the guests granted interviews to the press.  We may safely assume that these two descriptions either came from Poindexter or were invented by those reporting on the story.  In any event, the last time Mr. Scalia was observed to be alive was around 9 p.m. Friday evening.

According to Mr. Poindexter, he went to the door of Scalia’s suite to fetch him for breakfast around 8:30 a.m on Saturday, February 13th. Scalia did not respond and he left. Poindexter reported that the door was locked.

Mr. Poindexter returned to Scalia’s door  around 11:30 a.m. with the mutual mystery friend in tow.  When Scalia again failed to respond, they gained entry to the suite and found Scalia dead in the bed, dressed in pajamas, bedclothes unwrinkled.  For the record, the definition of bedclothes includes sheets, blankets, comforters and pillowcases; not pajamas.  Also for the record, it is customary in a high end hotel or resort for the maid to enter the rooms while guests are at dinner in order to remove decorative bed pillows and bedspread from the bed.  (This resort serves cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 p.m. and dinner at 7:30 p.m.) Large rectangular pillows would be placed on the bed at that time, two per side for a total of four.  This is referred to as turning down the bed.  Maids at high end hotels are trained to leave beds looking military tight-no lumps, bumps or wrinkles. The bed skirt would be even and perfect.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Here We Go

Here We Go

Upon entering the room, Poindexter found that Scalia’s body was ice cold and 911 was called. The venerable Scalia was then pronounced “dead from natural causes” by local Justice of the Peace Cinderela Guevara (yes, really) who was able to determine this fact via telephone consultation with U.S. Marshals and Scalia’s personal physician back in Washington D.C.  She did not order an autopsy because “there was no evidence of foul play and the family did not want one”.  Cinderela, Cinderela, you take your fairy tales too seriously.  How can you determine absence of foul play without an autopsy? The man may have been poisoned, he may have had a pillow held over his face which resulted in a “natural heart attack”,  he may have suffered an embolism, a stroke or he may have been murdered.

Antonin Scalia was, after all, seventy nine years old and overweight.  His physician advised that he had been recently evaluated as being  “too frail to undergo a surgical procedure” to correct a torn rotor cuff injury.  Interesting….too frail for the surgery, but not too frail for the recent tennis games that caused the rotor cuff injury.  Too frail for the surgery, but not too frail to fly to a hunting resort?  Are we to imagine that Scalia was going to restrict himself to spitting at the quail? Surely, he was too frail to hoist a hunting rifle, right, doctor?

One wonders if the family, the doctor back in Washington or the witless Cinderela had been informed of the fact that Scalia had been found on that bed with a pillow over his face?

source: My San Antonio News

To summarize, arguably one of the most powerful and detested men on earth is found dead in bed on unwrinkled bedding (as if he had been placed there after death), a pillow over his face. No coroner comes to the scene, no medical professional of any kind checks the body.  He could have been bruised all over his body for all we know.The notoriously inconvenient VIP is then immediately declared dead by “natural causes” by a woman who never saw the room, the body, nor recent medical records.  Welcome to another episode of the New World Order….oh, I mean the Twilight Zone.

Bad Signs

The ranch is so, so very remote:  In fact, it is so remote that guests have to sign a waiver stating that they understand that medical help and rescue are far, far away. So don’t get hurt, y’all.  Cell phone service is said to be spotty. Bring your own iodine and band aids and pack a splint or two just to be on the safe side.  This is no country for old men despite the ranch’s luxurious appointments.  Don’t worry about the Mexican drug cartels fifteen miles away. They won’t bother you. Honest.

Cibolo Ranch in Shafter Texas

Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter Texas

  • Scalia had declined Federal protection to which he was entitled though his destination was extremely remote and close to the Mexican border
  • Something came along that prevented his son from accompanying him on the trip
  • Scalia did not know his host, Mr. Poindexter, and accepted the invitation from a mutual unidentified friend
  • Hillary Clinton had recently commented that she would appoint Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if she were elected President ( A precious few Supreme Court Justices have died while still serving on the court. What a presumptuous and brazen comment for her to have made just two weeks before the death of Antonin Scalia.) source:  Hillary Open to Nominating Obama to Supreme Court
  • Why would they immediately announce that Scalia had died of natural causes, when in fact, there was no way to know that? Isn’t this another one of those “nothing to see here” moves to which we are now so very accustomed?
  • Why would the bedclothes be unwrinkled?

Dark Possibilities

No autopsy. If the man had been poisoned, we will never know. If he had been smothered with that pillow, we will never know. If he had suffered a heart attack as a result of being smothered by a pillow, we will never know. If the CIA had used their heart attack inducing dart gun on him, we will never know.

In 1975, Congressional hearings were held regarding the CIA’s invention of a special dart gun that could deliver an undetectable, lethal dart into a hapless victim. Then CIA Director William Colby was grilled by Senators John Tower and Frank Church.  Colby had brought along one of the guns at their request. “There is a battery in the handle”, he explained “and it shoots a tiny dart”.

Senators Church and Tower-1975 Senate Hearing

Senators Church and Tower-1975 Senate Hearing

Ex CIA employee, Mary Embree, a researcher for “The Company” explained that she had been asked by her boss to research poisons that induce heart attacks but would not be detectable in the blood afterward. She found one and they came up with a way to freeze the poison into a tiny dart and thus was born the high velocity heart attack gun.  All that anyone would see would be a very tiny red spot on the skin. Colby admitted that the victim would never even feel it.

Following Scalia’s death, this information about the CIA heart attack gun and the 1975 Congressional hearings sprung up all over the internet suggesting that this is the red herring to chase in this case.  So we won’t chase it.



The Room Where He Died

Here are photos of the El Presidente suite taken from the Cibolo Creek Ranch website:  This is an impressive room, indeed. Anyone would be thrilled to stay in such a room, most especially for free as Scalia had.  The weekend stay for all of the quests was at no charge to them.  This was an offer that few could refuse.

El Presidente Suite-Cibolo Creek Ranch

El Presidente Suite-Cibolo Creek Ranch


El Presidente Suite-Cibolo Creek Resort

El Presidente Suite-Cibolo Creek Resort-Photo by Matthew Busch

This suite has floor to ceiling glass doors.  Were all of these doors locked as well? It is doubtful that anyone checked because, after all, it was just so obvious that the controversial Supreme Court Justice had died peacefully….of “natural causes”.

Our Clues

Here is what we have to work with: One dead enemy of the State dressed in pajamas, a virtually pristine crime scene set in a remote location, no security detail at said remote location, a son who is detained from attending with his father, a hasty rush to declaration of no foul play, a pillow over the dead man’s face, no sign of struggle, unwrinkled bedclothes…and no autopsy. It isn’t really very much, but it might be all we need.

Unwrinkled bedclothes suggests a staged final resting scene. A staged final resting scene suggests that, if he was murdered, it was not while on the bed. Had he died on the bed from either smothering or heart attack, the bedding would have been disturbed.  If he did not die on the bed, he would have to be carried to and placed upon said bed. Scalia was a portly man. Ah! So might we have not one, but two, murderers?  Both are strong males wearing rubber sole shoes. The floors are a beautiful south western baked Saltillo tile.  Shhh! Quiet, please.

But what about the pillow over the face? The bedding bore no sign of Scalia flailing and struggling. If it wasn’t used to smother him, what was its purpose?  The pillow could be the defining clue because it had to have a purpose, but the purpose wasn’t smothering.

Carbon Monoxide

As long as you can drain the blood before it can be tested (immediate embalming and flushing of the fluids works well) as well as skip the autopsy (done!) , this is the way to tango. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and deadly as hell.  Rather than making its victims squirm or resist, it relaxes them into a euphoric and stupefied state.  Two or three deep breaths later, corpus delicti. Since you need a strong concentration of CO in order to complete your mission post haste it is best to swap the clogged tail pipe in the auto technique for the face mask/canister method depicted below.. The one tell tale sign produced by this method would be foaming at the mouth. A nice, fluffy, substantial  pillow strategically placed would mop that up nicely.  You wouldn’t have to wait around until the foaming stopped.


Carbon Monoxide Cannister

Carbon Monoxide Canister

Now, here is something very, very interesting. This photograph was snapped by San Antonio based photographer Matthew Busch.  What do we see here?  If we are standing at the foot of the bed, the pillows and bedding are all to the right side.  No doubt these were moved in order to access the body in order to remove it to the awaiting hearse. This bed would have had a total of four pillows, two on the left, two on the right. People staying in a room alone will often grab one or both of the spare side’s pillows in order to sit up in bed to read or to watch television.  Conversely, if sleep is intended, one of the two pillows on the selected side will be moved out of the way and the “sleep” pillow will be positioned flat. These two pillows to the right of the bed are clearly positioned for sitting up in bed as opposed to sleeping.

According to descriptions provided in the Cibolo Creek Ranch website, the mattresses all have pillow tops.  The photo would seem to indicate that the pillow tops are made from memory foam. So then where is the depression that would have been made by Scalia laying vertically on the bed?  We can see the impression of a knee at the left edge of the pillow top probably left by one of the men removing the body. This knee impression is aligned with the deep horizontal furrow resulting from turning the body for removal from the left side of the bed where there is more room to maneuver,but where is the vertical impression from the body’s reported position when found?

Bed Where Scalia Died

Bed where Scalia died-photo by Matthew Busch

The following photo was taken from the original. The deep horizontal furrow, the knee imprint at the left edge, and the condition of the pillow are all quite clear.  But again, where is the vertical depression that Scalai’s body would have made? Another thing to observe is the lack of staining from the loss of bodily fluids which follow death.



Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Here is another zoom in, this time on the anomalous gap in the bed skirt at that left corner near the foot of the bed that is evident in the Busch photograph.  This is particularly ominous.  A portion of the bed skirt is folded to the left forming a kind of triangle. At the peak of the triangle right where the mattress meets the box spring, there are two depressions.  The depressions are rounded, as if made by fingers reaching up from under the bed!  This was not the maid, my friends. Those were made by someone sliding in or sliding out from under that bed.


The Mystery Guest

Who was it that traveled to the ranch with Antonin Scalia? Who could it have been? Can we figure it out? We certainly can try.  Mr. Scalia was given the “El Presidente” suite, clearly indicating that he was a very important guest. One might think that he would, in fact, be granted the most prestigious suite at the ranch given his exalted position as the longest serving member of the United States Supreme Court. But the ranch has one other prestigious suite.  In fact, the other suite known as Master Suite Veranda Cibolo is a cut above “El Presidente”.

For those who pay to stay, the Veranda Cibolo commands a higher price tag. It has amenities that the “El Presidente” suite does not including a large fireplace and a screened veranda.  This tells us that in the special group of nearly forty guests, there was one person of higher rank than even Mr. Scalia.  This is the person of such power that he was never named. Who could this possibly be? Obama? Not likely. George W.? Getting warmer.

How about this guy? Scalia loved hunting and he hunted often with his good buddy, dead eye Dick. No wonder nobody mentioned his name. He already has a bad enough rep when it comes to friends and hunting trips. Remember that time he was aiming at a quail but shot his lawyer instead?

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney

An outlandish theory? Not really.  Watchdog Groups Question Cheney/Scalia Hunting Trip. Somebody more powerful than Scalia was at that ranch that weekend. Else Scalia would have been given the Veranda room.