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After An Eclipse

Contour map Alps

Contour map Alps

Alas, Poor Lubitz

Did you hear the latest?  A check of Lubitz’s personal tablet device has revealed an online search for information on flight cabin doors. Huh?  Is it even conceivable that pilot training does not cover this subject thoroughly?  Given the number of aircraft hijackings over the years and the modifications to the cockpit doors after 9-11-2001, there is no chance that pilots are not thoroughly instructed about the doors. The airbus he flew had a special switch on the pilot console. Surely, every dial, lever and switch inside the cockpit is taught in the greatest detail to every pilot  Why would Lubitz need to seek such information online?

In the same report, we are told that he was also researching suicide methods. One might imagine that there were at least twelve excellent methods suggested, yet he chose to employ the one method that he never needed any additional information for and the one method involving mass murder which, apparently, he did not research.  For those so highly practiced in plausible denial, this latest nonsense is surprisingly inept, implausible and downright obvious scape-goating and must not be tolerated by a discerning public.  This event was grotesque enough.  We do not need any fanciful embellishments.   Let’s see if we can reason our way through to the truth.

Popular Theories

Anyone who is paying the slightest attention knows that all kinds of theories are floating around regarding this crash.  There was a new laser weapon being tested in Italy that day, NATO was conducting military exercises in the area, it was CERN (it had started up the day before), it was a scalar weapon, the one they used to bring the towers down on 9-11, and last but not least, it was the horribly depressed co pilot, Andreas Lubitz committing suicide.

Forgive the pun, but none of those theories fly.  Beginning with the CERN theory, the skies in that area were teeming with passenger jets all day, even at the moment of the crash there were many planes throughout the area.  Why would only that plane be affected?  Here is a screenshot showing Germanwings 4U 9525  with other flights in the area at the time:

4U 9525 not alone

4U 9525 not alone

Our Germanwings flight was in trouble well before it even reached the French coast line.  The plane began to rapidly descend the minute it reached the 38,000 foot cruising altitude over water.  Logically speaking, this one fact narrows our field of inquiry to pilot error, automation malfunction, and of course, Theory X (hoax). It also eliminates accidental shoot down by NATO and accidental strike from the new laser weapon.

CERN is definitely off the hook. along with accidental laser weapon and accidental NATO strike.

The Lubitz theory has already been covered in a previous article but to briefly summarize, issues of depression are from 2009 with nothing after that.  The medical facility that he was frequenting insists that the issue was not regarding depression. Lubitz was a marathon runner.  Marathons require frequent practice.  Severely depressed persons can not get up from bed much less run miles and miles several days per week.  Running also produces the happy molecule, endorphin.  When you have to go back to 2009 to find a reason for insane behavior in 2015, you are grasping at straws.  Which is why somebody, somewhere, felt compelled to come up with the “smoking tablet”, a world where pilots go to look up things that they already know all about


4U 9525 Debris Pattern

In this set of pictures taken in the French Alps after the crash of Germanwings 4U 9525, we see that the air craft is absolutely pulverized and we see charring.  With this kind of crash, we would expect to see charring, so we do not question this, we accept it.  It is disconcerting to realize that the human mind is easily fooled.  The debris pattern is readily accepted.

No.  This debris pattern is very, very odd as is the “burn pattern”, quite frankly.  If you look at all of the photographs from this heavily covered event, you begin to realize that the charring looks more like a forest fire from some years back.  The debris looks like it flowed down the gullies, just as water from melting snow would.  We do not see bodies nor body parts.  And we do not see the tail section anywhere.   The tail section seems to always survive…not this time.  As for the debris, it looks as though it was just dumped there.

4U 9525 Pulverized

4U 9525 Pulverized





 They said that all was pulverized, even the bodies. Then what is this?  And the rock looks charred, but the rock in this area has been black for a very long time as we shall see from Google

Charred canyon wall

Charred canyon wall?


  Consulting the Modern Day Oracle

In ancient times, people with questions consulted an oracle, whether that was Delphi or just the village thrower of bones.  Today, we have the mighty Google.  Here are some Google views of the area.  The longitude/latitude of the crash (N44.280, E6.439) was obtained from Aviation Herald and used for all Google Earth and Google map queries.  It should be noted here that these coordinates are not exact but we can see the area of the crash just to the right of the yellow pin  (source Germanwings crash location)

And, voila!  This area has been blackened for quite some time.  In fact, since the Alps are primarily granite, this is likely the natural color of the stone itself and not a result of burning at all.  This was photographed in 2003.  Anyone can see this by plugging in the coordinates and by employing the back in time slide seen in the upper left corner.

Google Earth 2004



Google Earth July 2012

Crash Site Google Earth July 2012

Google Earth July 2012


Just to be sure, let us compare a wider, higher elevation shot taken of the crash site March 24th 2015.  At first glance, it looks like the plane crashed near the top of this massive prominence.  We see smoke and our brains do not question the dark areas being char, being the by product of a fire that has reduced to the smoldering stage.  But as we see from the Google shots from 2003 and 2012, this area has been black for a long, long time. Knowing this as fact, we are now able to consider the possibility that the smoke we see in the next picture is actually from smoke bombs.

Crash Site

Crash Site


Google Map View of this area-red arrow indicates crash zone

Google Map shot of crash zone

Google Map shot of crash zone

What About the Pulverization?  HAARP? Scalar Waves? Alien Death Ray?


Ou La La Xenon Death Ray!

Ou La La Xenon Death Ray!


No. Well, at least not this time.  Keeping in mind that we are likely dealing with another Boston Bombing or Sandy Hook type of event here,(drill gone live) we will suspend our disbelief and play along with what we are shown.  There are many types of crashes, many causes. A nose first into the ground looks different than a belly crash, the wreckage from a plane dropping from 35,000 ft looks different than one dropping upon takeoff or landing.  A crash into granite (think Alps) will, indeed, suffer a great deal of pulverization as do many other types of crashes.  Sorry folks, no Xenon Death Ray required.



American Eagle 1994

American Eagle 1994



Japan Air 1985

Japan Air 1985

Why would Israel Have a Search Team There?

 Hatzolah of the Alps?

Hatzolah of the Alps?



The presence of an Israeli search team on site suggests that this event may have been a practice drill “gone live”, in other words, a scripted, orchestrated pre-planned, catastrophic event superimposed over a training event; a choreographed embellishment of an otherwise innocuous activity.  Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing and London’s 7/7 attack all bear similar symptoms.

The prevailing theory as to why these events take place simultaneously with drills is to provide plausible cover for agents planted on site.  The agents are there to “mop up” as needed, such as when a data card may need to be removed from an aircraft black box, or perhaps to set off a few smoke bombs.  They can dress up like security, rescue or medical and be very helpful in a very discreet way.  It is a pretty good theory.

 Noch Eine Finsternis

Lufthansa Logo

Lufthansa Logo

This cartoon appeared in print in Germany one day before the Germanwings crash.  The logo in the cartoon, that birdlike  image flying across the full moon, is Lufthansa’s logo.

Germanwings is owned by Lufthansa.  The caption at the bottom left of the cartoon says “Noch eine Finsternis”  translates “and another darkness”.  There was a solar eclipse on March 20th, 2015; a darkness experienced all across Europe .  The Germanwings crash was on March 24th. Indeed, soon following a darkness, and itself, being a darkness.

German Newspaper

German Newspaper

 To be continued







Germanwings 4U 9525- Propaganda

Definition Merriam Webster –   Propaganda – “ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.”

Mark Twain

The brilliant Mark Twain

The Week in Review

3/24  –  Barcelona, Spain  



10:00 am local timeGermanwings airbus 320, flight 4U 9525,  took off approximately 30 minutes later than scheduled on its routine daily flight to Dusseldorf, Germany.



10:45 am – distress signal :

BBC reports that the French Interior Ministry said that there was a distress signal from the plane but no radioed “mayday” from the pilot


Announcement of distress signal

Announcement of distress signal










CNN says that “rescue teams may have to ski to the crash site”-f-ing ridiculous.  (Dear reader, if you are still using CNN for factual information, please reconsider.  The CIA can barely spy, much less run a news organization properly.)  In the event that some readers are not familiar with skiing,  rest assured, a copious quantity of snow is absolutely required.

Rescue teams to ski to site????

Rescue teams to ski to site????



All news outlets report that the plane is in splinters from the high speed impact with the mountain. There is no way that anyone could survive, much less be found in one piece, yet we are shown this:



4U 9525-Full body corpse airlift?????

4U 9525-Full body corpse airlift?????







Day One French Alps- Black Boxes Found

3/25   Both “black boxes” recovered however French President Hollande announced that the data card was missing from the recorder that stores system data. The other box held the audio cockpit recording which, they said, revealed that the pilot had left the cockpit briefly and was locked out by  co-pilot Andreas Lubitz.   In spite of frantic pounding on the cockpit door, the co-pilot said nothing and did not release the lock.  The plane began its mysterious and rapid yet controlled descent very soon after the pilot had left the cockpit.   Data Card Missing From Black Box Casing

Day Two Lubitz Reprogrammed Autopilot To Descend To 100 Feet

3/26  Even though there was no data available due to the missing data card from the black box , officials announce that the co pilot, Lubitz, had manually reprogrammed the autopilot to go from 38,000 down to 100 ft.  How, precisely, would they be able to determine this without any data, one wonders?  Here is what that box does :  ” records technical data that should tell investigators whether any of the plane’s systems malfunctioned, and which buttons were pressed or dials set.”  (source: – March 29th)

Day Three Dusseldorf Apartment Searched-Doctor’s Note Found

3/27 Andreas Lubitz’s apartment in Dusseldorf was reportedly searched.  No suicide note was found however several doctor’s notes were found in a trash can.  The notes had been torn up and purportedly declared him “unfit to fly” and requested that he be excused from duty.  (source CNN online CNN “Unfit to Fly”)

And then there was this innuendo implanted in the public consciousness, attributed to Lubitz :

“a former girlfriend of Lubitz, identified only as Mary W, said he had told her last year: “One day I will do something that will change the whole system, and then all will know my name and remember it.”

She added: “I never knew what he meant, but now it makes sense.”  (source

Supposedly, this statement came from a girl who was close to Lubitz in 2009 when he was in training.  He would have been all of twenty one years old. Legions of idealistic young people have uttered similar, if not identical, pronouncements as they embark upon their uncharted futures.  There is absolutely nothing sinister within this remark at all and the use of this quote is nothing more than sensationalism, irresponsible reporting, and character assassination by innuendo.

Day Four  The Islamic Radical Convert Is Born

3/28   Rumor begins to surface that Lubitz had converted to Islam during his extended training break.  Sorry fellows, this feeble smear just won’t work without the required “Allahu Akbar” screamed from the cockpit.   You missed your chance, so drop this b.s. before you totally crash your credibility, as if you haven’t already.  (source  Lubitz a Muslim Convert)….and I am a Snickers bar

Day Five  Current Girlfriend “Goldbach” Being Interviewed

3/29  From the Wall Street Journal online edition:  “The investigators have also been interviewing witnesses in the case, including Mr. Lubitz’s girlfriend, who lived with him in Düsseldorf. Ms. Goldbach, whose first name hasn’t been released, could bring critical elements to the investigators’ assessment of Mr. Lubitz’s state of mind shortly before the crash.”  

Has someone dropped a fat clue here?  Is Germany being punished because she dared to ask for her gold to be returned?  As in “we want our gold back”.

Day Six  Report of Distress Signal Retracted

3/30 –  Retraction – Officials now insist that there was no distress signal 46 minutes in to the flight

No Distress Signal 4U 9525

Day Seven  Cellphone Found Intact-Recorded Last Moments

3.31  CNN:  Cellphone found intact, recorded frantic passengers’ last moments and impact!  Not so fast….we are then told “Lt. Col. Jean-Marc Menichini, a French Gendarmerie spokesman in charge of communications on rescue efforts around the Germanwings crash site, told CNN that the reports were “completely wrong” and “unwarranted.” Cell phones have been collected at the site, he said, but that they “hadn’t been exploited yet.”    Interesting choice of words, rather Freudian.  I am sure they meant to say “explored” instead of “exploited”.  (source:  CNN Cell Phone With Final Moments Found)

Missing Data Disks still missing….but yet more sinister is this report:  “Today the MSM has also confirmed this story via the Guardian with very little fanfare, almost making light of the fact that the black box was apparently opened and the memory disks removed.”  (source Recorder Black Box Taken From Casing)

Anomalies, Big and Small

“A helicopter pilot in the French Air Force based in Orange, 30 minutes away from the site of the crash, told IBTimes UK witnesses in the crash investigation told him “they had heard an explosion and seen smoke”.   While the French authorities have not confirmed these accounts, the pilot confirms the French Air Force has received a number of corroborating witness testimonies. 

The pilot also confirmed that debris was found upstream from the crash site – which he said confirmed the fact that the piece of fuselage had “been detached from the aircraft before impact”.  “The search zone is quite localised, but a piece has been found upstream, which is a bit unsettling,” the pilot said from Orange.  

Why would this be “unsettling”?  In short, it indicates that  the plane had exploded before impact with the mountain which is what several witnesses had stated.

source  Debris Found Upstream From Crash Site

And now, some alphabet fun from an alphabet agency:  Andreas Lubitz  was co pilot and Patrick Sondenheimer  was pilot.   If we take the initials from the two names and run them together, we find the crash location, A-L-P-S.   What would the odds be on this being a pure and simple coincidence?

There is a highly suspect short section of the audio which has been incorporated in to several YouTube videos.  We hear banging on the cockpit door and a muffled,  barely distinguishable “open the door, damn it!  C’mon, please, NOW!”.   There is just one problem with this in that both the pilot Sondenheimer and the co-pilot Lubitz were native German speakers.  While English is the universal air control system language, no doubt that an authentically locked out pilot would have been screaming at the top of his lungs in the language that was native to the two pilots….German, not English.  It is highly unlikely that this is the audio from the Germanwings crash.  Hear for yourself here :

And here we have a creepy bleed through of realities.  The movie “Wild Tales”, a highly acclaimed Argentinian film and Academy Award nominee for best foreign film of 2015,  was released on March 27th.  Called a dark comedy, it is a collection of six tales of “apocalyptic revenge”.  One of the tales depicts an airliner taken over by a man who ignores the frantic pounding on the cockpit door and proceeds to crash the plane.


Highly Recommended Reading   The CIA Propaganda Machine  Here is a sample quote

“The CIA also owns dozens of newspapers and magazines the world over. These not only provide cover for their agents but allow them to plant misinformation that regularly makes it back to the US through the wire services. The CIA has even placed agents on guard at the wire services, to prevent inconvenient facts from being disseminated.”

Flight Radar’s tracking of the ill fated Germanwings flight:



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