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Germanwings 4U 9525-

After An Eclipse

Contour map Alps

Contour map Alps

Alas, Poor Lubitz

Did you hear the latest?  A check of Lubitz’s personal tablet device has revealed an online search for information on flight cabin doors. Huh?  Is it even conceivable that pilot training does not cover this subject thoroughly?  Given the number of aircraft hijackings over the years and the modifications to the cockpit doors after 9-11-2001, there is no chance that pilots are not thoroughly instructed about the doors. The airbus he flew had a special switch on the pilot console. Surely, every dial, lever and switch inside the cockpit is taught in the greatest detail to every pilot  Why would Lubitz need to seek such information online?

In the same report, we are told that he was also researching suicide methods. One might imagine that there were at least twelve excellent methods suggested, yet he chose to employ the one method that he never needed any additional information for and the one method involving mass murder which, apparently, he did not research.  For those so highly practiced in plausible denial, this latest nonsense is surprisingly inept, implausible and downright obvious scape-goating and must not be tolerated by a discerning public.  This event was grotesque enough.  We do not need any fanciful embellishments.   Let’s see if we can reason our way through to the truth.

Popular Theories

Anyone who is paying the slightest attention knows that all kinds of theories are floating around regarding this crash.  There was a new laser weapon being tested in Italy that day, NATO was conducting military exercises in the area, it was CERN (it had started up the day before), it was a scalar weapon, the one they used to bring the towers down on 9-11, and last but not least, it was the horribly depressed co pilot, Andreas Lubitz committing suicide.

Forgive the pun, but none of those theories fly.  Beginning with the CERN theory, the skies in that area were teeming with passenger jets all day, even at the moment of the crash there were many planes throughout the area.  Why would only that plane be affected?  Here is a screenshot showing Germanwings 4U 9525  with other flights in the area at the time:

4U 9525 not alone

4U 9525 not alone

Our Germanwings flight was in trouble well before it even reached the French coast line.  The plane began to rapidly descend the minute it reached the 38,000 foot cruising altitude over water.  Logically speaking, this one fact narrows our field of inquiry to pilot error, automation malfunction, and of course, Theory X (hoax). It also eliminates accidental shoot down by NATO and accidental strike from the new laser weapon.

CERN is definitely off the hook. along with accidental laser weapon and accidental NATO strike.

The Lubitz theory has already been covered in a previous article but to briefly summarize, issues of depression are from 2009 with nothing after that.  The medical facility that he was frequenting insists that the issue was not regarding depression. Lubitz was a marathon runner.  Marathons require frequent practice.  Severely depressed persons can not get up from bed much less run miles and miles several days per week.  Running also produces the happy molecule, endorphin.  When you have to go back to 2009 to find a reason for insane behavior in 2015, you are grasping at straws.  Which is why somebody, somewhere, felt compelled to come up with the “smoking tablet”, a world where pilots go to look up things that they already know all about


4U 9525 Debris Pattern

In this set of pictures taken in the French Alps after the crash of Germanwings 4U 9525, we see that the air craft is absolutely pulverized and we see charring.  With this kind of crash, we would expect to see charring, so we do not question this, we accept it.  It is disconcerting to realize that the human mind is easily fooled.  The debris pattern is readily accepted.

No.  This debris pattern is very, very odd as is the “burn pattern”, quite frankly.  If you look at all of the photographs from this heavily covered event, you begin to realize that the charring looks more like a forest fire from some years back.  The debris looks like it flowed down the gullies, just as water from melting snow would.  We do not see bodies nor body parts.  And we do not see the tail section anywhere.   The tail section seems to always survive…not this time.  As for the debris, it looks as though it was just dumped there.

4U 9525 Pulverized

4U 9525 Pulverized





 They said that all was pulverized, even the bodies. Then what is this?  And the rock looks charred, but the rock in this area has been black for a very long time as we shall see from Google

Charred canyon wall

Charred canyon wall?


  Consulting the Modern Day Oracle

In ancient times, people with questions consulted an oracle, whether that was Delphi or just the village thrower of bones.  Today, we have the mighty Google.  Here are some Google views of the area.  The longitude/latitude of the crash (N44.280, E6.439) was obtained from Aviation Herald and used for all Google Earth and Google map queries.  It should be noted here that these coordinates are not exact but we can see the area of the crash just to the right of the yellow pin  (source Germanwings crash location)

And, voila!  This area has been blackened for quite some time.  In fact, since the Alps are primarily granite, this is likely the natural color of the stone itself and not a result of burning at all.  This was photographed in 2003.  Anyone can see this by plugging in the coordinates and by employing the back in time slide seen in the upper left corner.

Google Earth 2004



Google Earth July 2012

Crash Site Google Earth July 2012

Google Earth July 2012


Just to be sure, let us compare a wider, higher elevation shot taken of the crash site March 24th 2015.  At first glance, it looks like the plane crashed near the top of this massive prominence.  We see smoke and our brains do not question the dark areas being char, being the by product of a fire that has reduced to the smoldering stage.  But as we see from the Google shots from 2003 and 2012, this area has been black for a long, long time. Knowing this as fact, we are now able to consider the possibility that the smoke we see in the next picture is actually from smoke bombs.

Crash Site

Crash Site


Google Map View of this area-red arrow indicates crash zone

Google Map shot of crash zone

Google Map shot of crash zone

What About the Pulverization?  HAARP? Scalar Waves? Alien Death Ray?


Ou La La Xenon Death Ray!

Ou La La Xenon Death Ray!


No. Well, at least not this time.  Keeping in mind that we are likely dealing with another Boston Bombing or Sandy Hook type of event here,(drill gone live) we will suspend our disbelief and play along with what we are shown.  There are many types of crashes, many causes. A nose first into the ground looks different than a belly crash, the wreckage from a plane dropping from 35,000 ft looks different than one dropping upon takeoff or landing.  A crash into granite (think Alps) will, indeed, suffer a great deal of pulverization as do many other types of crashes.  Sorry folks, no Xenon Death Ray required.



American Eagle 1994

American Eagle 1994



Japan Air 1985

Japan Air 1985

Why would Israel Have a Search Team There?

 Hatzolah of the Alps?

Hatzolah of the Alps?



The presence of an Israeli search team on site suggests that this event may have been a practice drill “gone live”, in other words, a scripted, orchestrated pre-planned, catastrophic event superimposed over a training event; a choreographed embellishment of an otherwise innocuous activity.  Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing and London’s 7/7 attack all bear similar symptoms.

The prevailing theory as to why these events take place simultaneously with drills is to provide plausible cover for agents planted on site.  The agents are there to “mop up” as needed, such as when a data card may need to be removed from an aircraft black box, or perhaps to set off a few smoke bombs.  They can dress up like security, rescue or medical and be very helpful in a very discreet way.  It is a pretty good theory.

 Noch Eine Finsternis

Lufthansa Logo

Lufthansa Logo

This cartoon appeared in print in Germany one day before the Germanwings crash.  The logo in the cartoon, that birdlike  image flying across the full moon, is Lufthansa’s logo.

Germanwings is owned by Lufthansa.  The caption at the bottom left of the cartoon says “Noch eine Finsternis”  translates “and another darkness”.  There was a solar eclipse on March 20th, 2015; a darkness experienced all across Europe .  The Germanwings crash was on March 24th. Indeed, soon following a darkness, and itself, being a darkness.

German Newspaper

German Newspaper

 To be continued







Germanwings 4U 9525- Propaganda

Definition Merriam Webster –   Propaganda – “ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.”

Mark Twain

The brilliant Mark Twain

The Week in Review

3/24  –  Barcelona, Spain  



10:00 am local timeGermanwings airbus 320, flight 4U 9525,  took off approximately 30 minutes later than scheduled on its routine daily flight to Dusseldorf, Germany.



10:45 am – distress signal :

BBC reports that the French Interior Ministry said that there was a distress signal from the plane but no radioed “mayday” from the pilot


Announcement of distress signal

Announcement of distress signal










CNN says that “rescue teams may have to ski to the crash site”-f-ing ridiculous.  (Dear reader, if you are still using CNN for factual information, please reconsider.  The CIA can barely spy, much less run a news organization properly.)  In the event that some readers are not familiar with skiing,  rest assured, a copious quantity of snow is absolutely required.

Rescue teams to ski to site????

Rescue teams to ski to site????



All news outlets report that the plane is in splinters from the high speed impact with the mountain. There is no way that anyone could survive, much less be found in one piece, yet we are shown this:



4U 9525-Full body corpse airlift?????

4U 9525-Full body corpse airlift?????







Day One French Alps- Black Boxes Found

3/25   Both “black boxes” recovered however French President Hollande announced that the data card was missing from the recorder that stores system data. The other box held the audio cockpit recording which, they said, revealed that the pilot had left the cockpit briefly and was locked out by  co-pilot Andreas Lubitz.   In spite of frantic pounding on the cockpit door, the co-pilot said nothing and did not release the lock.  The plane began its mysterious and rapid yet controlled descent very soon after the pilot had left the cockpit.   Data Card Missing From Black Box Casing

Day Two Lubitz Reprogrammed Autopilot To Descend To 100 Feet

3/26  Even though there was no data available due to the missing data card from the black box , officials announce that the co pilot, Lubitz, had manually reprogrammed the autopilot to go from 38,000 down to 100 ft.  How, precisely, would they be able to determine this without any data, one wonders?  Here is what that box does :  ” records technical data that should tell investigators whether any of the plane’s systems malfunctioned, and which buttons were pressed or dials set.”  (source: – March 29th)

Day Three Dusseldorf Apartment Searched-Doctor’s Note Found

3/27 Andreas Lubitz’s apartment in Dusseldorf was reportedly searched.  No suicide note was found however several doctor’s notes were found in a trash can.  The notes had been torn up and purportedly declared him “unfit to fly” and requested that he be excused from duty.  (source CNN online CNN “Unfit to Fly”)

And then there was this innuendo implanted in the public consciousness, attributed to Lubitz :

“a former girlfriend of Lubitz, identified only as Mary W, said he had told her last year: “One day I will do something that will change the whole system, and then all will know my name and remember it.”

She added: “I never knew what he meant, but now it makes sense.”  (source

Supposedly, this statement came from a girl who was close to Lubitz in 2009 when he was in training.  He would have been all of twenty one years old. Legions of idealistic young people have uttered similar, if not identical, pronouncements as they embark upon their uncharted futures.  There is absolutely nothing sinister within this remark at all and the use of this quote is nothing more than sensationalism, irresponsible reporting, and character assassination by innuendo.

Day Four  The Islamic Radical Convert Is Born

3/28   Rumor begins to surface that Lubitz had converted to Islam during his extended training break.  Sorry fellows, this feeble smear just won’t work without the required “Allahu Akbar” screamed from the cockpit.   You missed your chance, so drop this b.s. before you totally crash your credibility, as if you haven’t already.  (source  Lubitz a Muslim Convert)….and I am a Snickers bar

Day Five  Current Girlfriend “Goldbach” Being Interviewed

3/29  From the Wall Street Journal online edition:  “The investigators have also been interviewing witnesses in the case, including Mr. Lubitz’s girlfriend, who lived with him in Düsseldorf. Ms. Goldbach, whose first name hasn’t been released, could bring critical elements to the investigators’ assessment of Mr. Lubitz’s state of mind shortly before the crash.”  

Has someone dropped a fat clue here?  Is Germany being punished because she dared to ask for her gold to be returned?  As in “we want our gold back”.

Day Six  Report of Distress Signal Retracted

3/30 –  Retraction – Officials now insist that there was no distress signal 46 minutes in to the flight

No Distress Signal 4U 9525

Day Seven  Cellphone Found Intact-Recorded Last Moments

3.31  CNN:  Cellphone found intact, recorded frantic passengers’ last moments and impact!  Not so fast….we are then told “Lt. Col. Jean-Marc Menichini, a French Gendarmerie spokesman in charge of communications on rescue efforts around the Germanwings crash site, told CNN that the reports were “completely wrong” and “unwarranted.” Cell phones have been collected at the site, he said, but that they “hadn’t been exploited yet.”    Interesting choice of words, rather Freudian.  I am sure they meant to say “explored” instead of “exploited”.  (source:  CNN Cell Phone With Final Moments Found)

Missing Data Disks still missing….but yet more sinister is this report:  “Today the MSM has also confirmed this story via the Guardian with very little fanfare, almost making light of the fact that the black box was apparently opened and the memory disks removed.”  (source Recorder Black Box Taken From Casing)

Anomalies, Big and Small

“A helicopter pilot in the French Air Force based in Orange, 30 minutes away from the site of the crash, told IBTimes UK witnesses in the crash investigation told him “they had heard an explosion and seen smoke”.   While the French authorities have not confirmed these accounts, the pilot confirms the French Air Force has received a number of corroborating witness testimonies. 

The pilot also confirmed that debris was found upstream from the crash site – which he said confirmed the fact that the piece of fuselage had “been detached from the aircraft before impact”.  “The search zone is quite localised, but a piece has been found upstream, which is a bit unsettling,” the pilot said from Orange.  

Why would this be “unsettling”?  In short, it indicates that  the plane had exploded before impact with the mountain which is what several witnesses had stated.

source  Debris Found Upstream From Crash Site

And now, some alphabet fun from an alphabet agency:  Andreas Lubitz  was co pilot and Patrick Sondenheimer  was pilot.   If we take the initials from the two names and run them together, we find the crash location, A-L-P-S.   What would the odds be on this being a pure and simple coincidence?

There is a highly suspect short section of the audio which has been incorporated in to several YouTube videos.  We hear banging on the cockpit door and a muffled,  barely distinguishable “open the door, damn it!  C’mon, please, NOW!”.   There is just one problem with this in that both the pilot Sondenheimer and the co-pilot Lubitz were native German speakers.  While English is the universal air control system language, no doubt that an authentically locked out pilot would have been screaming at the top of his lungs in the language that was native to the two pilots….German, not English.  It is highly unlikely that this is the audio from the Germanwings crash.  Hear for yourself here :

And here we have a creepy bleed through of realities.  The movie “Wild Tales”, a highly acclaimed Argentinian film and Academy Award nominee for best foreign film of 2015,  was released on March 27th.  Called a dark comedy, it is a collection of six tales of “apocalyptic revenge”.  One of the tales depicts an airliner taken over by a man who ignores the frantic pounding on the cockpit door and proceeds to crash the plane.


Highly Recommended Reading   The CIA Propaganda Machine  Here is a sample quote

“The CIA also owns dozens of newspapers and magazines the world over. These not only provide cover for their agents but allow them to plant misinformation that regularly makes it back to the US through the wire services. The CIA has even placed agents on guard at the wire services, to prevent inconvenient facts from being disseminated.”

Flight Radar’s tracking of the ill fated Germanwings flight:



Germanwings 4U 9525- Deja Vu All Over Again

Germanwings crash site

Germanwings crash site

 March 24th, 2015-Barcelona, Spain

A routine and relatively brief flight from Barcelona Spain to Dusseldorf Germany turned to tragedy this past Tuesday.  All one hundred fifty people on board perished when the Germanwings flight inexplicably drifted down from its cruising altitude and slammed in to the desolate, barren, snow-less rock of the French Alps.

Flight captain Patrick Sondenheimer left the cabin as the Airbus 320 achieved cruising altitude.  When the pilot returned and entered his re-entry code at the cockpit door, his co-pilot, twenty seven year old Andreas Lubitz, did not unlatch the door for him.

Sondenheimer began to tap on the door gently and verbally identified himself.  There was no response.   Sondenheimer became more assertive, pounding louder on the door-still no response.  The pilot, now in a state of panic, grabbed a fire extinguisher and began ramming the door with it.  Inside the cockpit, co-pilot Lubitz remained silent, ignoring radio calls from ground control and ignoring the loud alarm that was triggered by the rapidly narrowing proximity of the plane to the mountains below.  The cockpit recording captured the sound of Lubitz’s breathing; regular, normal breathing…no fear, no panic, no “Allahu Akbar”, no “death to Spanish infidels and German high school students”…just normal breathing.   The plane slammed into the mountain at 378 knots (435 mph) splintering the plane and its passenger into millions of tiny fragments.

Germanwings was started by parent company Lufthansa Airlines in 2008.  This is the first loss of a plane for Germanwings.  Lufthansa has not lost a plane since 1993.  Lufthansa is clearly one of the safest and most conscientious airlines in the world.

He Must Have Been Depressed

Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

It wasn’t long before allegations of severe depression surfaced.  Human beings have such a powerful normalcy bias that the only explanation that ever makes sense is “severe depression”, usually followed  by the phrase “as a result of a break up with a girlfriend”.  Surprisingly, no one has yet tried to attach the “lone assassin” meme to him, but there is still time.

People who were close to Andreas in his home town of Montabaur, western Germany, described him as being happy with no signs of depression.  There are photos of him running in marathons.   His biceps indicate that he worked with weights.  It’s extremely hard, and sometimes utterly impossible, to exercise when you have severe depression.  You can’t even get up from the bed.  So who are we trying to kid with this drivelingly irrelevant theory?  Yet, all the news updates are touting this.

Now, what did they say about his breathing?  It was normal.  Think about it.  There is great uncertainty in suicide, in death, very great uncertainty. Imagine that you are at the very brink of your very life.  You breathe normally? ….in…..out….normally, no concern, no doubt, no guilt, no conscience.  Normally…. seconds from certain death, knowing that you will vaporize first, followed by one hundred and forty nine innocents, all screaming in terror, seeing the mountain rushing toward your face…. but you breathe normally.

Doctor’s Note Found in Lubitz’s Apartment

There was no suicide note of any kind found.  But there was a crumpled, torn and shredded doctor’s authorization for absence found in Lubitz’s residence.  Germanwings insists that the note was not presented to them. Given the note’s condition, we can be sure this is true.

Morning reports heard on the radio in Los Angeles stated that the newly found note covered a term of time which included the date of the flight. but was not specific to March 24th.  It covered an unspecified term which commenced before the 24th, possibly ending after the 24th.  Was this an early morning media error in communicating fact or were later reports altered to accommodate a scripted (as in false)  explanation?  By afternoon, the story had changed.  The note to excuse Lubitz from work was for that day, March 24th.

At this juncture, ask yourself this simple question   If you intend to kill yourself later that day,  do you make time to visit your doctor, much less for an authorized absence form?   Maybe you have a stomach ache, a pulled muscle, you feel the flu coming on.    How long would it take to get an appointment?  Did Lubitz obtain the note that morning, the day before, the Friday before?  It makes a difference.   4U 9525 was a morning flight. Almost certainly, Andreas  saw a doctor either very early that morning or the night before….if the note covered the 24th only.   But if the doctor’s note had been written days or weeks before, why didn’t he process it to management?  The doctor insists that the visit and note had nothing to do with depression.

Two Americans Onboard

Yvonne Selke of Nokesville, Virginia, and her daughter Emily were both killed in the crash. Ms Selke was a highly regarded employee of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. in Washington.  Booz Allen Hamilton…where have we heard this company’s name before?  This is the company that Edward Snowden worked for when he turned whistle blower.  Booz Allen is a consulting firm that holds contracts and close relationships with a wide range of U.S. government agencies including the NSA.  Ironically, they are currently developing a predictive analysis program.   Here is a description of their mission:

developing predictive intelligence services that include anticipatory cyber threat solutions, protection, and detection capabilities and the application of social media analytics designed to provide early identification of trends that would otherwise not be possible using after-the-fact analysis of traditional data sources.”

In other words — they want to catch the bad guys before they do bad things.”  They didn’t predict Snowden and  they didn’t predict Lubitz.  Ironic, right?


Strange Parallels

4U 9525 Pulverized

4U 9525 Pulverized

4U 9525 failed to respond to French ground control at the point of entry to their air space.  Descent of the plane began at the moment that the airbus crossed from Spanish to French air space.  MH 370 went silent and began descent just as it crossed from Malaysian to Vietnamese air space.  Unlike MH370, the airplane’s transponder was left on.  At the moment 4U 9525 crossed from water to land, the plane began to descend.

MK Ultra mind control victim Cathy O’Brien related a particularly chilling tale long ago.  She was in the presence of two now famous men.  One was the man who was clearly in charge of the MK Ultra program and the other was his political protege.  They had a young Italian man in tow as they all boarded a small plane.  The older man wanted to demonstrate the power of the MK Ultra program to the protege.  When they reached sufficient altitude, the man in charge commanded the young Italian to step out of the plane.  The young Italian stood up and silently and obediently plunged to his death without so much as a whimper.  There was no fear, there was no protest, no resistance.  It was as though he had been asked to walk  in to another room.   His breathing was normal….in…out.


All That Glitters



All throughout human history it has always been about three things; gold, slavery, and the elite.  Sumerian legend asserts that a superior alien race had come to Earth in search of gold.  In fact, to quell a rebellion within their own ranks, this alien race created man to mine it for them.

Their own people were not well suited to the task of burrowing deep within the planet and hauling the heavy, precious yellow metal topside.  They just weren’t enjoying themselves.  A solution had to be found and that solution was….us.  And now that we can splice DNA and combine the genes of disparate species, the legend doesn’t seem quite so absurd anymore. states:

“The Genetic Evidence
The recovered records place the location of the Anunnaki laboratory where the first humans were literally produced in east central Africa just above their gold mines. This falls precisely on the map where the mitochondrial DNA “search for Eve” places the first woman Homo Sapiens and in the same period. (The gold mining engineers of Africa have found 100,000-year-old gold mines in that area.) The evidence for, and description of advanced genetic engineering is all there in the ancient documents. Our rapid progress from inception to going to Mars soon, after only 250,000 years, does not correspond to the million year periodicities of slow evolutionary development of other species such as Homo Erectus before us. As so many thinkers have pointed out, we are radically and anomalously different”

Sumarian Depiction of Annunaki

Sumerian Depiction of Annunaki


From these rude beginnings, human kind were imprinted with three primary and unfortunate themes; the paramount importance of gold, the desirability of finding someone else to do all the dirty work, and the acceptance of a parasitic ruling class.

In our day, every corporation has a boss (CEO) and the boss keeps the major portion of the gold….and/or the fiat currency.  We collectively accept that the guy at the top is entitled to the majority of the spoils, yet he performs the least actual work.  It is as though the guy at the top has some particular innate superiority and thus the entitlement.  Curious.

To this we can add the delicate subtlety of Wall Street which invents and injects yet another parasitic stratum to the formula.   A corporation intending to raise capital through an IPO (initial public offering) never sees another dime once all of the initial IPO shares have been sold. All subsequent “investment” goes to the buying and selling of those shares…and of course, to the commissions to the Wall Street brokerages authorized to conduct the trades.

And then we must add the not so delicate subtlety the U.S. Fed and its constellation of central banks that create money from nothing  and rank and file banks that create money from debt, ensuring that the slavery pervades and perpetuates.  Working in concert, the government and Wall Street orchestrate “pump and dump” cycles that sucker in the little guy and then strip him of everything he traded his labor for over a lifetime.  These elite have the temerity to refer to their victims as “useless eaters”.  The elite seem oblivious to the fact that these “useless eaters” have designed, built and maintained every aspect of the physical world that they, the elite, manipulate.

We call this world we live in an “evolution”.   In fact, it is status quo stretching back through millennia.  Nothing has changed at all.  It is all still about gold, slavery and the parasitic elite.

The Midas Touch

Croesus Coinage

Croesus Coinage


The ancient Greek king Croesus, (595 –c. 547 b.c.) is credited with minting the first true gold coins with a standardized purity for general circulation.  Croesus was renowned for his wealth in his time.  He was burned alive along with his wife and family by the Persian king, Cyrus the Great.  Croesus did pick the fight, but he did so out of concern for the growing Persian empire just south of his kingdom.

There has been no war in modern times that has been fought for the reason declared.  All wars are for plunder and all battles end with plunder.  Simple, simple, simple.   Everything else is mumbo-jumbo….human rights, despotism, genocide-just a lot of hot air.  Every war is about gold, slavery and the elite.  Period.

Yamashita’s Gold

General Tomoyuki Yamashita

General Tomoyuki Yamashita

The Luzon hills, Philippines, are riddled with caves, tunnels and underground vaults.  Rumor says that there are one hundred seventy five vaults in this part of the Philippines, each of which had been brimming with gems, gold, currency, art and rare antiquities.  The vaults were built by General Yamashita in the late 1930’s-early 40’s.

As World War II drew to a close, Japanese General Yamashita, a team of Japanese engineers, and two Imperial Princes feverishly stashed away tons of gold bullion bars, gems, platinum and other stolen treasures which they could not take back to Japan due to the U.S. stationing of a submarine blockade around Japan.   The loot represented the wealth of twelve Asian nations accumulated over thousands of years. Much of the loot had been successfully moved to the land of the rising sun, but much of it remained stranded in the Philippines.

Golden Lily

Emperor Hirohito

Emperor Hirohito

Emperor Hirohito’s brother was put in charge of operation “Golden Lily”, the plundering of twelve  neighbors.   The Japanese army, accompanied by teams of experts, visited banks, museums, pawn shops, art galleries, factories, private homes and, of course, the national treasuries. They even shook down all the crime bosses and syndicates while they were there. They left no stone unturned.  The quantity of plunder was beyond belief.

When American tanks were close, the chief engineers of those vaults were given a farewell party 67 metres underground in Tunnel 8 in the mountains of Luzon, stacked with row after row of gold bars. As the evening progressed, they drank great quantities of sake, sang patriotic songs and shouted banzai (long life).”- Source Golden Warriors by Peggy and Sterling Seagrave

The inebriated engineers did not notice General Yamashita and the Imperial Princes slipping away from the celebration shortly after midnight, but no doubt they were aware of the explosions from planted charges as they were buried alive in the tunnel.

But we must always expect the unexpected.  In late 1945, Emperor Hirohito’s  “richer than Croesus”  status was thwarted when U.S. Intelligence Agents learned of the location of vaults in the Philippines after an exhausting torture session of one of Yamashita’s Majors.



Edward Lansdale was the American supervisor of the torture sessions.  The Americans were able to locate at least twelve vault locations and, of course, they stole everything that there was to steal.  (Many years later, Lansdale would surface again in connection with the Kennedy assassination).  President Truman decided to keep the treasure secret for a number of reasons including keeping the price of gold stable. Many governments’ currency values were directly pegged to the price of gold at the time.

“To hide the existence of all this treasure, Washington had to tell a number of lies. Especially lies about Japan, which had stolen most of the gold. America wanted Japan to become its anti-communist bastion in Asia, where the mainland was being overrun by communists. If American conservatives and Japanese conservatives were to ally effectively against communism, they had to begin by enlarging their financial resources for the Cold War. 

Above all, the source of much of this hidden wealth must never be acknowledged. Washington had to insist, starting in 1945, that Japan never stole anything, and was flat broke and bankrupt when the war ended. Here was the beginning of many terrible secrets. 

Because they remained ”off the books”, these enormous political action funds got into the wrong hands, where they remain to this day. We can reveal that in 1960, then vice-president Richard Nixon ”gave” one of the biggest of these political action funds, the US$35-billion (about HK$272 billion) M-Fund, to leading members of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). In return, he is believed to have sought their support for his presidential campaign that year.

Evidence of Golden Lily loot comes also from straightforward legal actions in America. Such simple things as the probating of the will of Santa Romana (“Santy” had performed the torture under Ed Lansdale’s supervision), verification of his tax records, and legal evidence of his fortune deposited in the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and elsewhere, provide hard proof that the world is awash with clandestine bank accounts growing out of Golden Lily”

“We have evidence from former CIA deputy director Cline that the gold bullion Santy and Lansdale recovered was secretly moved to national treasuries and prime banks in more than 42 countries, including Great Britain. We also have evidence from British archives confirming this.” -Source: Gold Warriors by Peggy and Sterling Seagrave

All Quiet on the Western Front

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

While the Japanese were hard at work pillaging and plundering in the East, Adolph Hitler and his band of merry Nazis had taken on the same mission in the West.  As a dark testament to German efficiency, they outdid the Japanese with their attention to confiscatory detail by robbing, in addition to everything else, their Jewish concentration camp victims of the gold fillings in their teeth.  Much of these spoils made their way to the Rothschild vaults in Switzerland fueling the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the International Monetary Fund  (IMF).  This, you see, wasn’t “money out of thin air” , this was money from other people’s pockets (and teeth).


To be continued-upcoming: Liars and Tricksters and Gangs, oh my!


Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory



The true story of how Ambassador Leo Wanta amassed a $27 trillion fortune while breaking the back of the Russian Ruble.

There is no way to tell the story better than the following article by Don Nicoloff in the Idaho Observer, Jan. 2007:

Following the money backwards leads to President Reagan, Russian rubles and Ambassador Leo Wanta

Ambassador Leo Wanta is the lawful “principle” and “trustor” of funds stashed in accounts all over the world.

Editor’s note: The story of how Ambassador Leo Wanta was commissioned by President Reagan to make $trillions for the American people in shrewd (but legal) currency trading that concentrated on buying Russian rubles at a discount to destabilize the Soviet economy surfaced in 1992. The Wanta story was recently revived on the Investigative Journal by Greg Syzmanski through interviews with Ambassador Wanta broadcast on the Republic Broadcast Network. As it turns out, British financial news publisher Christopher Story has published the documents in evidence giving credence to what is arguably the most important story in recent memory. As you will see, several poorly-reported incidents during the 90s helped to bury the Wanta story as a tall-tale. As events unfold and independent researchers put the pieces together, Ambassador Wanta is emerging as a real man whose activities produced $trillions that are stashed away in real banks and invested in real properties. If this story is true—and the evidence is becoming unavoidably compelling—then it will not be long before all the world will know.

By Don Nicoloff

While many Americans argue about a variety of current scandals in federal, state, and local governments throughout the United States, the media has remained suspiciously silent about them. Contrary to the myriad of facts and evidence of government complicity or wrongdoing that independent investigators have been steadily uncovering in their analyses of the “attacks” on the World Trade Center; the “bombing” of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City; the sieges at Waco and Ruby Ridge; the facts behind the shoot-out at the Rayburn Senate Office Building/parking garage in May, 2006; the virtual security collapse and mass invasion by illegal aliens along U.S. Borders; the spraying of our skies, crops, and water resources with chemtrails; the numerous bank, investment, securities frauds and sex scandals among members of the Congress, the Senate and the Roman Catholic Church; the secret formation of a “North American Union” and its NAFTA “Super Highway”; the ill-conceived “War on Terror” and the phony “War on Drugs,” the mainstream media has been complicit in conspiracies of silence.

In fact, the media has aided and abetted our “elected” lawbreakers in these coverups by endlessly spewing the “talking points” designed to create dissent, confusion and to ridicule or discredit those who demonstrate courage while exposing these despicable and treasonous acts.

Never before in our history has the erosion of Constitutional rights and civil liberties been occurring at such an accelerated pace. There is no denying that the age of Big Brother is now upon us, but those who are naive enough to believe the propaganda they are being spoon-fed on a daily basis are in complete denial that ours is no longer the land of the free. The mind control programs to maintain the illusion of freedom in the mass American mind have been in place for many years and are being tested and modified as needed.

For those who would argue that the media is “fair and balanced,” one need only to perform a Google search on the Internet to learn that “Operation Mockingbird” was the government’s official declaration that the mainstream media will be controlled — at any cost. The $64,000 question is: “Exactly how much money will it take to control the mainstream media?” The answer: “Lots — billions, at the very least.”

Enter Leo Wanta

Beginning in the early-1980s, President Ronald Reagan and a small group of his closest advisors initiated a plan to destabilize the Russian ruble. Reagan recruited his most-trusted intelligence agent Leo Emil Wanta to perform this delicate task. Wanta had served the U.S. intelligence community as a Treasury agent, in arms dealing and in other “sensitive” matters. He was chosen for this mission, not only for his loyalty to the president, but also for his unfailing honesty. In addition to his responsibilities in carrying out this covert financial coup against the former Soviet Union, Wanta was also instrumental in thwarting an attempted assassination of President Reagan “in the White House”—yet another event that went unreported by the media.

The presidency of Ronald Reagan was tumultuous, to say the least. Reagan’s administration survived several scandals and he, personally, survived several assassination attempts. Only one of these attempts, the shooting by John W. Hinkley, Jr., would be made public. That shooting was captured live on television and posed a particular problem for the media—there would be no video coverup of the events. Even the shooting of White House Press Secretary Jim Brady was broadcast, along with the apprehension of Hinkley.

In hindsight, a closer look at the 1981 attempted assassination of President Reagan smacks of a conspiracy. Not of Jodie Foster, but of a Montauk-style event. Was it possible that “those in the know” had other plans for our president? The jury who heard Hinkley’s case determined he was “not guilty by reason of insanity.” It is quite plausible that Hinkley was a mind-control experiment, a la MK-Ultra. After all, how does one associate the love of a teen actress with the assassination of a U.S. president? Only those familiar with the Montauk experiments would suspect such an association would be the result of mind control programming.

What remained a part of the official media coverup of this failed assassination were numerous pertinent facts. Hinkley’s father, John, Sr. was a former oil-business associate and golfing buddy of George H.W. Bush. Bush was suspiciously absent during the event and, according to accounts of various White House staffers, was resentful of Alexander Haig’s “I’m in control” proclamations. The evening of the assassination attempt, John Hinkley’s brother and his wife were “dinner guests” at the home of the Vice-President’s son, Neil Bush, of Silverado Savings and Loan fame. Coincidence?

President Reagan’s administration began auspiciously with the release of the 63 embassy hostages being held in Iran, an event which was orchestrated to embarrass a sitting president, Jimmy Carter, thus assuring a Republican march to the White House. The failed “secret rescue attempt” which resulted in crashed military helicopters in the desert before the event was successfully launched, may have been orchestrated as well.

In November, 1986, President Reagan admitted to Americans that arms were sold to Iran in the summer of 1985, but he insisted there was no relation to the above-mentioned hostage release. Israel played a part in no fewer than three deliveries of tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire command link-guided (TOW) missiles to Iran, which subsequently resulted in the release of another hostage, Benjamin Weir. Without the release of some 29 other hostages, Israel withdrew from its original agreement with the U.S. and Iran. The U.S. implemented a second strategy, an operation headed by Lt. Col. Oliver North, to sell the arms directly to Iran—with a considerable markup—and then send the profits to Nicaragua, to covertly fund the Contra rebels who were fighting the communist Sandanistas in power.

It was also assumed that the CIA was involved in drug trafficking as part of the Iran-Contra affair, and many have since come forward to confirm those suspicions. Much has already been written by others about the validity of the War on Drugs. As we would soon come to find out, this was the proverbial tip of the iceberg.


In 1982, Inslaw, a Washington, D.C., computer software manufacturer, developed a program called “PROMIS.” The program was to be used by the U.S. Justice Department to track cases across the country and would be useful in organizing the department’s case files. One feature of PROMIS was its command-line structure, which permitted some 700,000 instructions. Although the program was designed to be used by the bankruptcy courts, it found its way into the NSA, the DIA, the CIA, the FBI, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Coincidentally, Inslaw sued for payment of the software which was stolen and then pirated. Inslaw sued the Justice Department and won a $6.8 million judgment, a verdict that remains in dispute.

When it was discovered that PROMIS could be used to track military movements and other sensitive data, the software fell into the hands of the Israeli intelligence community and the government of Iraq as well. This could explain the ban on of the sale of PC-486 processor technology to Iraq during the first Gulf War.

According to an article in The American Free Press by Mike Blair, “A Terrorist, the CIA, ‘Blue Death’ and the Inslaw Case”, in 1986 a clandestine meeting took place at the Hilton Hotel in Sherman Oaks, California. Present were several key figures: Ted Gunderson, former Supervisory Special Agent for the Los Angeles District of the FBI; Ralph Olberg, a “prominent, American businessman who worked at the Afghan desk of the State Department”; Michael Riconosciuto, “then a long-time weapons and explosives expert linked to the CIA” and “the Inslaw case” and “Tim Osman,” the alias assigned to Osama bin Laden “without his beard,” according to Orlin Grabbe, the newsman who first reported the story.

At the Hilton meeting, discussions centered on “the supply of U.S. Stinger II missiles and modified Red Chinese 107 mm rockets obtained through Olberg’s Norinco contacts in China,” to be used by Afghan rebels against Soviet helicopters and other aircraft. Reports were to then be forwarded to the CIA as to the missiles’ effectiveness against the Soviet aircraft.

It was known that the computer software had also “fallen into the hands of the Israeli Mossad.” The article described how the software had been used as a “backdoor entry” into intelligence computers. This meeting was also a precursor to the events of 9/11, indicating the existence of covert relationships between so-called “terrorist organizations” and the U.S. government prior to Sept. 11, 2001.

Stirring the pot, thickening the plot

Enter Leo Emil Wanta, Ambassador from Somalia to Switzerland and Canada. With an initial investment of $150 billion, borrowed from the U.S. Treasury and, thus, the American people, Wanta purchased rubles from contacts in the Netherlands. According to Wanta, the ruble was valued at $1.20 on the international currency market at the time. By purchasing rubles in above-normal quantities, his company, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., of Vienna, Austria and other locations, was able to acquire them far below the standard exchange rates. To boot, his company was trading with U.S. dollars and other currencies.

During several live radio interviews on Greg Szymanski’s “Investigative Journal” radio program in early 2006 on the Republic Broadcasting Network, Wanta described purchasing rubles at various prices ranging “from 18 to 23 cents on the dollar.” AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., would then resell the rubles at higher rates to other investors in the financial markets. Dollars were converted into rubles, rubles into yen (or other currencies) and the process would be repeated, over and over again, until the Soviet banks could no longer bear the pressure of cashing in their own currency. According to Ambassador Wanta, “the accounts were distributed throughout secret offshore accounts and had doubled in value every two years.”

It should be emphasized that the plan Ambassador Wanta designed was perfectly legal. The same strategy is employed everyday by investors throughout the world. Wanta’s plan differed though, in that his goal, at the bequest of President Reagan, was to cause a financial collapse of the Soviet Union. His repeated purchase of “discounted rubles” enabled him to profit with an advantage not available to others in the financial markets – but was and is still legal. The plan was carried out under Executive Order 12333 (EO 12333, UNITED STATES FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES is a comprehensive executive order, easily found on the Internet, that was signed by President Reagan on December 4, 1981.)

Bush fingers the Wanta cookie jar

Eventually, Wanta’s AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., along with his other corporations, amassed a sum worth $27.5 trillion. Wanta emphasized that the initial $150 billion startup capital was repaid to the U.S. Treasury and that he intended for the profits to be returned to the American people, according to President Reagan’s orders. While in Hong Kong, Wanta and his Chinese business partner, Howe Kwong Kok, were approached by then President George H. W. Bush. According to Wanta, Bush, Sr., had demanded access to the funds that Wanta had accumulated. Wanta and his partner refused, citing that the funds “belonged to the U.S. Treasury and the American people.” Wanta’s partner died of poisoning 10 days after this visit. Bush, former Director of the CIA and a former U.S. Ambassador to China, obviously maintained powerful connections there.

Unbeknownst to Ambassador Wanta, while he was in Switzerland, a plot was unfolding to circumvent his total authority, by presidential order, to safeguard and invest the $27.5 trillion fund he had accumulated through a series of financial maneuvers. The international financial community was well aware of the coup that had taken place, yet not a word had been reported by the worldwide mainstream media. A new president, William Jefferson Clinton, had taken office in 1992 and would soon learn about the financial coup and the efforts of his predecessor, George Herbert Walker Bush, to illegally divert the funds to offshore accounts for personal use.

Clinton fingers the Wanta cookie jar

Prior to Clinton’s arrival in Washington, D. C., it was no small secret that there were an unusually large number of people “in the know” who suddenly died of suspicious circumstances. Personal bodyguards, security personnel and even financial associates who had prior careers in the military or in law enforcement and had since worked for Clinton when he was the governor of Arkansas, had “car accidents” and committed “suicide” in ever-increasing numbers. These people knew too much about the drug deals and financial dealings at the Rose Law Firm where Hillary Clinton was a partner. Even two young boys who witnessed the Mena, Arkansas, drug shipments arriving by train were murdered, in order to protect these dark secrets. The dark secrets followed the Clintons to Washington, D.C.

Shortly after Bill Clinton took over the presidency in 1993, questions were raised by The New York Times about the Whitewater Development and Madison Guaranty loan scandals. The Clintons had invested in the project (at a “loss”) and it was learned that the bank had used its influence to hand out political loans amounting to $3 million with deposits of only $300,000. This procedure is practiced by virtually every bank that loans money under the “authority” of the Federal Reserve System. Banks were permitted to loan up to 10 times their actual cash deposits, a practice approved by the Federal Reserve.

Note: Coincidentally, it is this “regulation” that makes it possible to “create money out of thin air.” No actual exchange of money occurs between the Federal Reserve and the lending bank, though the loan transaction is recorded on paper as if there had been such an exchange. One can assume that the Fed receives its “cut” from the interest-bearing portion of the loan, as well as the principal portion, 90 percent, which has been financed from funds that actually never existed. Today, the “required” cash on hand is reported to be closer to two percent.

The Federal Reserve, a private corporation and not an actual government agency, ultimately receives interest on such loans—interest that is funneled into offshore accounts which provide profits for private, foreign banks. When loan payments are in default or dire straits, the banks “repossess” the physical property, whether real estate, a building, house, business development, or any motor vehicle that has been financed through this illusory system. This confiscated property is resold, often at a discount, because the banks and the Fed are willing to “lose” any portion of the 90 percent which has been financed only on paper and not by any tangible means. The process is merely repeated again by the “new owner,” until the banks determine that all loans have been “satisfied.” The loan schemes devised under the authority of the Federal Reserve account for the false, inflationary valuation of real estate and the rapid depreciation of motor vehicles, are just two examples of our illusory economy. One can assume that all credit agencies operate under the same system.

The New York Times story had precipitated an investigation into Whitewater by the U.S. Justice Department—the same U.S. Justice Department which was complicit in the theft and piracy of the previously-referenced PROMIS software program created by Inslaw: The same U.S. Justice Department that had failed to pay a $6.8 million judgment in damages to Inslaw was now going to investigate a law firm, a bank that illegally loaned money to politicians, a real estate entity that was a “shell” corporation created by attorneys and a former governor of Arkansas who had become president of the United States.

To thicken the plot, former White House Deputy Counsel, Vince Foster submitted several delinquent tax returns for the Whitewater Development project in June, 1993. In July, 1993, Foster “committed suicide” in Fort Marcy Park in Virginia—so the “official” story goes. After a conflict of interest was determined in the appointment of Robert B. Fiske by Attorney General Janet Reno, Kenneth Starr was appointed by a panel of three judges to head the Whitewater investigation in 1994. There was even an investigation into the murder of Vince Foster, who had worked with the Rose Law Firm alongside Hillary Clinton. Although several improprieties by the Clintons were discovered, Foster’s (timely, untimely?) death was ruled a suicide and only James and Susan McDougal received jail time. James McDougal eventually succumbed to a “heart attack” while serving his prison sentence.

Contrary to the findings of the Starr investigation, one of Kenneth Starr’s lead investigators, Miguel Rodriguez, claimed there was a coverup of the forensic evidence discovered in the Foster murder. According to Rodriguez, evidence at the crime scene did not match the evidence contained in the “official report.” Rodriguez is recorded on tape describing details of the coverup and his frustration with a corrupt legal system. At the conclusion of the Whitewater investigation, Rodriguez was “demoted” to a state job in California. Mr. Rodriguez, through the miracles of modern medicine, has recently become Miss Michelle Rodriguez.

Aside from the business association between Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster, there were numerous references to a romantic relationship—an extramarital affair. Reports from Secret Service agents and White House staffers detailed accounts of this illicit relationship and others, which were by no means a secret to Washington insiders. The public is reminded of the many dalliances of our 42nd president and the crude manner in which his accusers were handled by his staff, his attorneys and the media. At the time the First Lady was blaming reports regarding her husband’s sexual exploits as part of “a right-wing conspiracy.” Numerous White House security agents then came forward with reports of her own trysts with female partners, in various rooms of the White House during nightly security checks.

What was contained in those delinquent tax filings that cost Vince Foster his life? What could have driven him to commit suicide? If what Miguel Rodriguez said about the Starr investigation was correct, that it was being used to coverup the murder of Vince Foster, perhaps Ambassador Leo Wanta could shed some light on a possible motive.

The Vince Foster connection

In 1993, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta met with Vince Foster in Geneva, Switzerland. Foster had traveled there to make a special pickup of a disbursement that had been formally requested by the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. According to Wanta, he had been working on “Seal projects” and had been requested to transfer $250 million to an account that was retrievable by Foster. The account was destined for the “Children’s Defense Fund,” hardly a “Seal” project. Wanta arranged for three payments, approximately $81 million dollars each, to be made and converted to U.S. Treasury notes which were given to Foster, who then gave them to Hillary Clinton.

The “Children’s Defense Fund” was a pet project of Hillary Rodham Clinton. It would be revealing to track the $250 million “appropriation” from Switzerland to its final destination. Congress usually handles such appropriations, which are mandated by legislation. Congress did not authorize the briefcase pickup of $250 million from Geneva, Switzerland—by deputy White House counsel-turned-bagman. If the “Children’s Defense Fund” is actually a CIA operation, then one must also conclude that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a CIA operative.

Shortly after Vince Foster departed for his return trip to Washington (with $250 million in tow), Wanta was arrested by Swiss police. His long nightmare had just begun. He was an Ambassador with diplomatic privileges and was incarcerated in a Swiss dungeon. No one close to Wanta, other than principals within the U.S. administration and intelligence agencies, knew about his imprisonment for quite some time. Were it not for Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli Prime Minister, he might have remained there for an eternity. Israel, along with several other European countries, held a financial interest in Wanta’s release. Rabin’s communication to Swiss authorities ultimately influenced Wanta’s release from Swiss detention, although he was then immediately shackled and illegally extradited to a Federal Court in New York City, and then to Wisconsin, in order to face phony tax charges.

Pardon me?

Wanta, who not only held diplomatic immunity but was also a U.S. Secret Service/Treasury, CIA, and FBI agent, had been instructed by then FBI Director William Sessions to arrest Marc Rich (Reich). Rich is a key player in arms deals, drug trafficking, oil and mineral exploration, and other big-ticket transactions and is a known CIA operative. Rich, who was operating Martwell Investments, a corporation with suspicious contacts to the United Nations, was indicted by then Prosecutor Rudolph Giuliani. According to accounts originally authored by Christopher Story, a Fellow at the British Royal Society of the Arts, and published by the “International Currency Review,” “Economic Intelligence Review” and on his associated website,, Rich was tipped off by Mossad agents and escaped arrest by Wanta. It was then that Ambassador Wanta was illegally arrested by Swiss police and incarcerated in a dungeon for 134 days, until his subsequent illegal extradition to New York. Sessions was relieved of duty shortly thereafter.

To add to the mystery, Marc Rich (Reich) was proven by Story, in the “International Currency Review,” Volume 31, Numbers 3 and 4, with a mountain of irrefutable documentation, to have entered Canada in 1954 under the name, “Hans Brand,” a German national born in Lelbach/Waldeck uber Korbach, Germany, and not in Antwerp, Belgium. “Marc Rich” (Reich) is merely an alias, and contrary to his exaggerated, autobiographical declarations, the facts documented by Story expose the extent to which the government will hide the truth from the public. In 1983, Rich and his partner Pincus Green were indicted by then U.S. Attorney Guiliani for tax evasion and illegal trading with Iran. Both Rich and Green fled to Switzerland to avoid prosecution and remained on the FBI’s most wanted list until January 20, 2001—the day President Clinton gifted Rich with an 11th-hour pardon prior to leaving office. The pardon caused a shockwave of anger and disbelief among those who understood the treasonous nature of Rich’s activities.

Wanta’s troubles come home

Rich’s association with the Clintons may have some relevance to the theft of “Contract #4,” a $5 trillion contract previously held between the United Nations and Ambassador Leo E. Wanta, and subsequently “stolen” by the Clintons.

Before the false charges were dismissed in New York City, the federal judge asked Wanta why he was there and why his briefcase contained “$18 billion in Treasury instruments.” The judge dismissed the charges on the basis of Wanta’s diplomatic immunity, though she was interested in the large sum in Wanta’s possession. The prosecutor rushed to have all charges dismissed, in an attempt to prevent Wanta’s disclosure of the true facts behind his arrest and appearance in federal court.

Upon his release from the proceedings in federal court, Ambassador Wanta was arrested, now for a third time, by “two New York City policemen on the courthouse steps and without a warrant.” The charge: “tax evasion in the State of Wisconsin.” Again, Wanta faced trumped up charges, though he had not lived in Wisconsin for years. By this time, in 1993, it was apparent that someone was trying to permanently prevent him from accessing the funds he had amassed at the bequest of President Reagan, for the ultimate benefit of the American people.

According to Wanta, after his illegal arrest and extradition to Wisconsin, he was drugged while incarcerated in an Oklahoma prison, during which no fewer than four attempts were made to have him permanently diagnosed and admitted to a mental institution. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal suffered a similar fate in 1949, until he was eventually “suicided.” The reader is reminded that “suicide” is merely doublespeak for “homicide,” especially when a government official or operative is in a position to disclose information pertaining to a crime committed by someone in government.

However, due to the enormous amount of money amassed during the financial destabilization of the former Soviet Union, Wanta would not suffer the same fate until the locations of the accounts and pass codes could be determined—accounts he had carefully established to keep the funds from being stolen by several interested parties.

Note: Wanta later described three attempts by agents to murder him while he was illegally imprisoned by Swiss authorities. On one occasion, after receiving advice from a female Chinese physician who had examined him, he refused to eat some cheese that was included with his meal. Another prisoner ate the cheese and died “almost instantly.” Wanta had previously been denied medications and treatment for prior-existing medical conditions and he had also been beaten by Swiss intelligence operatives during his illegal incarceration. The Swiss authorities also informed Wanta that Vince Foster had “committed suicide” on the birthday of Wanta’s daughter, a veiled threat to imply that she or another family member may be “taken out” in a similar fashion.

A summary of Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta’s ordeal in the Wisconsin courts reveals “bogus,” trumped-up felony income tax charges that were assessed during a time he was living in a foreign country as an ambassador with diplomatic immunity.

In June, 1992, Wanta grudgingly paid a Wisconsin tax fine of $14,129 while operating in Singapore. The payment was forwarded to his attorney in Wisconsin, but was not recorded by the authorities until late 1995. A second penalty (of the same amount) was paid under protest in July, 1992, as the first payment “had not been received.” A third payment of $30,626.97 was made in July, 2005, based upon “accrued interest” of the previously “unpaid fines.” Finally, Wanta’s home was seized and sold for a reported $60,000.

On each occasion, pertinent documents and receipts were “lost,” “misplaced,” or “never received.” The third such payment was actually made on behalf of Ambassador Wanta by Story, the above-mentioned editor, from his personal funds. Incredibly, in October of 2006, a fourth assessment of this “fine” against Wanta was again made by the authorities of the State of Wisconsin, citing similar “reasons” for the fine. Wanta, it is believed, is soon to file a $1 billion lawsuit against the state under RICO statutes and other torts.

Who is Leo Wanta?

Although Wanta’s birth records and his Social Security number indicate his given name at birth was, “Lee Emil Wanta,” he is known in intelligence circles as, “Leo Emil Wanta.” The fact that Wisconsin authorities levied charges against him under “Leo Emil Wanta” shows the charges to be related to his position within the scope of his intelligence duties, and not as a private individual, “Lee Emil Wanta.” The insinuation by the prosecution that “Leo Emil Wanta could not have been the Ambassador to Somalia because he is not black” is further testament of a conspiracy to discredit Wanta, while intelligence agencies and three successive presidential administrations blatantly pilfer public funds—funds that Wanta is still intending to repatriate into the U.S. Treasury.

Subsequent to Wanta’s illegal incarceration and persecution due to the bogus charges levied against him, he received an “Illuminati” 22-year prison sentence in Wisconsin. He was painted as a “liar” and a “con man” by the prosecution, though never actually proven by any evidence in court. To the contrary, fabricated statements made by Wisconsin authorities and the FBI conflicted with those made by the CIA. While Wanta was incarcerated, the CIA was raiding the various assets of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., New Republic/USA Financial Group, GES.m.b.H., Aneko Credit PTE, Limited, Marvelous Investments, Ltd., AmeriChina and his other companies, proclaiming that he was actually “dead,” even though the CIA was well-informed of his “trial” and subsequent incarceration in an Oklahoma high-security prison. A 26-page handwritten letter to President Clinton at the White House persuaded him to commute Wanta’s sentence to “house arrest” in Wisconsin, but the illegal raiding of the various Wanta-owned, Title 18, Section 6 accounts then continued unabated and continues today.

After years of victimization through illegal imprisonment, torture, beatings, drugging, defamation, and assassination attempts, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta rose from the ashes of his “death” and began to shock the rest of the world. In 2003, Virginia District Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee declared Ambassador Wanta to be the “Principal” and Trustor of the $27.5 trillion in funds obtained via the financial implosion of the Soviet Union. Wanta was now in a position to investigate the various means by which the last of three successive presidential administrations had been systematically embezzling the very funds he was commissioned by President Reagan to accrue to revitalize the beleaguered American economy.

Violating the public trustor

Upon his “release” from prison, Wanta remained under house arrest until May, 2005. Out of the way and powerless to intervene, Wanta watched as the raiding of his corporate accounts continued. To fully understand the enormous deception and level of corruption, one must read the publication, “International Currency Review.” This 480-page quarterly is a masterful piece of investigative journalism which decimates the falsehoods, deflections, inconsistencies, and conspiratorial deceptions employed by the Administration, the banks, U.S. intelligence agencies, the U.S. Treasury, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, and the Wisconsin State / U.S. Departments of Justice. Irrefutable evidence has been revealed in this publication, including official documents, Wanta’s handwritten notes and communications to government officials, court transcripts, public records, bank records and receipts.

The bank documents and illicit transactions that Wanta had documented are also supported, in some instances, by photographic evidence. On at least one occasion, intelligence operatives filmed Senator Hillary Clinton at the Bank of Crozier, Grenada. Wanta and others have documented no less than $742 billion in theft from U.S. Treasury accounts there, where Clinton is alleged to have presented CIA documentation in order to withdraw funds in April, 2003. The evidence was submitted to Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, who has been conducting grand jury investigations into a variety of crimes committed by career politicians and government operatives.

Add to this mountain of evidence supporting Wanta’s claims, in particular the exhaustive list of “participating banks” and elected officials “in the know,” and there can be no doubt that there is a concerted effort by the mainstream media, the government and the courts to completely coverup this most-important crisis. Recent developments in foreign countries underscore the level of deterioration of trust and confidence in the U.S. government due to the outrageous plot to conceal the facts of this case and its negative impact on the world economy and exponentially-escalating levels of U.S. debt.

By December, 2005, Ambassador, Principal and Trustor Wanta had agreed to a settlement of $4.5 trillion, in order to prevent the total implosion of the U.S. economy. This settlement would have required his silence about the remaining funds, which would have given the thieves an “out” and allowed them to continue their pillaging. The settlement would also prevent a domino effect from occurring in other world financial markets. The embezzled funds have since circuited the world several times over, being deposited, transferred, and then laundered through off-balance sheet derivatives and other illegal transactions.

The numbers are staggering

It was no coincidence that the settlement funds were “signed off” to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, former Chairman of Goldman Sachs. Upon instructions from Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee, the $4.5 trillion settlement was originally deposited into a Bank of America account in Virginia, where the case was decided in federal court by Judge Lee. The windfall tax that Ambassador Wanta intended to pay to the U.S. Treasury amounted to $1.575 trillion. Just on the accrued interest alone, that windfall tax would have earned “$96 billion per day,” according to Christopher Story’s “ICR” accounting. Story estimated that the U.S. Treasury, through the duplicitous activities of Secretary Paulson, lost some $10.5 to $11 trillion in interest during the 7-month period following the original “due date” of the $4.5 trillion settlement.

The State (Commonwealth) of Virginia stood to gain a windfall tax payment of some $270 million from the settlement. Because Vice-President and Treasurer Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., of the Ameritrust Groupe, Inc. conducts business in the State of Pennsylvania that state was due a similar windfall tax payment, though the actual amount is unknown at this time.

Other disbursements promised to foreign officials and/or governments include: “$30 billion to the Russian Federation, [and] $5 billion each to the governments of Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.”

Where’s the money?

Previously, similar amounts had been promised to the governments of Israel and Palestine, though the “publicized” $15 billion dual payments to both governments were also stolen. Remember that Yitzhak Rabin had attempted to assist in the release of Ambassador Wanta from a Swiss gulag in Lausanne in 1993. Again, the media did its job by covering up the story.

In addition to the blatant refusal of the U.S. administration and the U.S. Treasury to disburse the funds to the legal trustor, the funds were transferred from bank to bank, moving first from the Bank of America account to Wachovia Bank in New York and onward to Goldman Sachs. Intelligence information shows that the funds still reside at Goldman Sachs, though this is denied by the firm. In fact, a Treasury agent recently confirmed that the funds are there, being held illegally and with the complicity of Secretary Paulson.

Shortly after the North Korean “nuclear missile test” scare in late-2006, it was reported by intelligence sources that President Bush had traveled to that country while Treasury Secretary Paulson went to Latvia. Some of the Wanta funds had previously been tracked through North Korea, en route to India. The reported amount was $25 trillion. Coincidentally, after the “successful” missile tests, North Korea received a secret $55 million payment from the U.S. The media assisted in the promotion of fear, yet failed to report this curiously-timed disbursement of funds.

In mid-December, 2006, both Secretary Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke traveled to China to meet with elders and finance ministers. Though the Chinese repeatedly urged U.S. officials to disburse the $4.5 trillion in Wanta settlement funds (and were repeatedly assured they would be dispersed), Paulson and Bernanke attempted to coerce them into “refinancing” $1 trillion in loans (the Chinese had been propping up the U.S. economy to protect its exports business in America by “purchasing” U.S. debt in the form of U.S. treasury bonds and other securities for several years) at 1 percent interest, far less than the usual 4-5 percent they previously received. To boot, the Chinese had already withdrawn $32 trillion in Clearinghouse Interbank Payment System (CHIPS) accounts ($1 trillion per day) during October and November, 2006, which nullified credit transactions above $100 million.

To add further insult to injury, the Chinese then began purchasing oil with British pound sterling, essentially “dumping” the dollar as the preferred oil currency. This fact was again covered up by the mainstream media, when they reported that China was “attempting to sabotage the dollar, by dumping $1 trillion in credits.” The very same accusations were being made on the Congressional floor, prior to the Christmas recess.

Buoyed by frequent updates on the Wanta Plan and reports on the December 23, 2006 arrest of Treasury Secretary Paulson in Germany, the claims made by Ambassador Wanta appear, on all accounts, to be genuine. Paulson was allegedly arrested for attempting to block the settlement a second time. He arrived “late” to the funeral of President Gerald Ford, and was seen sitting behind Nancy Reagan and next to Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. Due to an impending visit from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Paulson was reportedly ushered on a plane and flown to Israel. Paulson reportedly was in possession of an Israeli passport, as well. His “diplomatic documentation” in Germany was also in dispute and was not “substantiated” by the U.S. Consulate.

Pieces are falling into place

A careful examination of the Internal Currency Review will reveal that former President George H.W. Bush holds “dual citizenship” with Germany, as he is the reputed “head” of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, the Dachau DVD, or the Abwehr (underground S.S.). Satellite photos confirm that Bush attended a “secret” meeting of the organization, over which he presides, since taking over its leadership from Dr. Henry Kissinger. Kissinger replaced the DVD founder, Admiral Canaris, who became ill in 1976. Canaris reestablished the DVD in Oklahoma City under the name, Samuel Randall Pittman after World War II. The DVD records were stored in the Murrah Federal Building, which was subsequently destroyed in the infamous bombing by “Timothy McVeigh.” CNN also assisted in the coverup of that event, although they “accidentally” transmitted pictures of an “unexploded, stacked bomb” which was visible in the portion of the building that was left standing.

Among the many documents that have mysteriously surfaced on the Internet—documents that support Wanta’s claims—are a series of bank transfer records known as the “Vreeland Faxes.” Delmart Edward “Mike” Vreeland, an ONI agent, posted copies of Wanta’s records on the Web which detail multi-billion dollar transactions, account numbers, and recipient information. Of interest to many were the names of the “shell” corporations. “The Francis X. Driscoll Trust” was purportedly a joint account between George H.W. Bush and the Queen of England. “Pilgrim Investments” was found to have ties, among others, to Hutchison-Whampoa Ltd., the global shipping company owned by Li Ka-Shing, a Chinese billionaire and real estate tycoon. Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) is a subsidiary that controls ports around the world and has the exclusive rights to control the Panama Canal. Though the arrangement appeared to make no sense at all to most Americans, with the information above, we can now understand why the current administration attempted to give the “port inspection” contract to Hutchison-Whampoa in the Bahamas in 2006, under the pretext of “inspecting cargo for nuclear devices.”

Though the media reported the Ports Dubai scandal, they failed to accurately describe the attempt to “hand over” American ports to a company from the Middle East. Despite the news that “six” ports were to be handed over to the company, 22 to 29 ports along the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico would have been a more accurate analysis of the plan.

According to Leo Wanta, on November 1, 2001, U.S. agents secretly met in Manila, Philippines with a “lieutenant” of Osama Bin Laden, Datu Ben Abu. Wanta detailed the identity of participants of the meeting, which was reminiscent to the above-referenced Hilton Hotel meeting in 1986. In a handwritten letter to Vice-President Richard Cheney, Wanta described “Red Mercury, Stinger II missiles and boxes of cash (weapons).”

Also present at the clandestine meeting were a “Dr. Navarro” and a “Madame Teleki (Eva Teleki).” Despite Wanta’s incarceration, it appeared that his expertise was still considered valuable to the perpetrators of 9/11. Cheney forwarded the letter to the head of the NSA, Condoleeza Rice, and then on to the president. Despite the rhetoric we heard leading up to the invasion of Iraq, it was apparent our government was willing to assist those who were later blamed for the WTC/Pentagon attacks — al-Queda. Of course, the media failed to report and investigate this important story as well.

End notes

Little known to the public is the imminent insolvency of several large financial institutions due to the off-balance sheet and tax-free transactions in worldwide derivatives markets. Although the media continue to sensationalize their usual bevy of trivial news stories, the greatest financial scandal in the history of the United States—and in the world—marches onward, while their treacherous conspiracy and complicity to hide the facts in this case demonstrates their willingness to honor treason, corruption, and tyranny.

Despite the best efforts of the government and its intelligence agencies to distort the facts, misinform, or outright lie about the Wanta Plan, the Internet has been a repository of information. As the story has begun to be understood and verified by many outstanding researchers and conspiracy experts, the criminals perpetrating the fraud on the American public and the world have suddenly realized that the clock is ticking, and time is running out. Several Internet talk-show hosts (not worth mentioning by name) have determined the story to be “a hoax.” Such ignorant declarations smack of the same hypocrisy that is evident among a “bribed” or “bridled” mainstream media. The citizens of the United States have witnessed countless assassinations of public figures, the subsequent coverups, and the rhetoric that ultimately follows. The problem here is that we have been lied to one too many times, and this story will not “go away,” as have those of the past.

The time has come for all Americans to awaken from the mind control, the brain washing, and the dismantling of our individual sovereignty. Ambassador Leo E. Wanta, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., and Christopher Story (a British citizen) have exhibited a determination to honor the truth, a quality severely lacking among those entrusted with our safety and well-being. These courageous men have demonstrated more loyalty to our country than those who have openly and systematically defied the very laws they, themselves, have created. The crime of the millennium is being perpetrated before our very eyes, and if left to an incompetent, compliant, and conspiratorial media, the price will be far greater than what is now an estimated $75 trillion in stolen funds.

Thanks to blogger Juan V. for guiding me to this information.  Here is a link to Juan’s site:

Tekgnosis Blog

Synchronized Universe| The Strange Suicide of Ronald Opus

Strange Universe

March 23, 1994 RIP

Ronald Opus

Synchronized Universe| The Strange Suicide of Ronald Opus

March 23, 1994

It was the habit of the old man, when in an argument with his old wife, to grab his shotgun and wave it at her in a threatening manner.  Sometimes, he even aimed it straight at her and pulled the trigger.  That’s why he never put any ammunition in it.

They lived together in an apartment on the ninth floor of a ten story building with a son who witnessed these shotgun shenanigans many, many times.  So when the old lady cut off the son’s financial support, and unbeknownst to the old man, the son loaded the shotgun and waited.   He hated them both; two birds with one stone.

So imagine the shock for the old man when six weeks later, there he was, for the millionth time, waving that shotgun at his wife.  She was running past of one of the windows as the old man raised the gun and aimed it at her, incoherently ranting and trembling with rage… for the millionth time.  But for the very first time, as he pulled the trigger, a burst of buckshot came exploding out from the muzzle.  It was only because he was trembling with fury that he missed her and the shot went straight out the window.

The old man stood frozen in place as his mind struggled to process all that had just happened.  He knew that gun had no ammo, but that was the least of his problems.  His mind was stuck on something else; that the body of a man had flown by the window just as the buckshot flew through it.   He ran to the window and looked down to see the lifeless body of an apparently young man caught by a safety net at the eighth floor level.  The net had been left in place by a window washing crew that was coming to finish up the next day.

Which is why the young man, who was intent on committing suicide that day in March ’94, did not know the futility of his attempt  and did not expect a net to be there and thus jumped from the floor above the old couple.  He died, not from falling, but from the shots that came through the window just as his head passed… that came from a gun which was thought to be unloaded, but was surreptitiously loaded by an enraged son trying to murder his mother by making good use of his father’s cartoon like behavior.

It was later learned that Ronald Opus, our deceased jumper, had attempted on multiple occasions to arrange the murder of his own mother, and having failed, decided to part from her the only way he could.  He would have survived but for the other young man trying to kill his mother and some exquisite synchronization in our universe.

The irony of this is simply overpowering.    But alas, dear reader, this story is just an urban legend. It did sound unlikely, did it not?

Stranger than Fiction

How often have you heard that truth is stranger than fiction?  There are so many bizarre true stories out there.  We think we understand reality, but we don’t.  There will be a collection of these true but stranger than fiction tales added over time, so take the RSS feed or add yourself to the subscribe list to receive email alerts as new articles roll out.  Enjoy-

Looking across Castle Park in central Bristol,...

Image via Wikipedia

This true tale took place in the year 1210, during the reign of King John “Lackland” of England and was recounted in an important book of those times, a book read by the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto IV.  The book is known as Otia Imperialia.
A woman was sitting at her kitchen table in Bristol, England.  Her husband, a sailor, had been gone for many, many months on a sea journey. She was startled to witness a knife come hurtling through a dormer window which embedded itself in the table just in front of her.  She stared at the knife.  It looked so familiar.  She knew her husband’s knife well and she knew it was his.  But how could it be?  She pulled it out and stored it in a drawer thinking to show it to her husband when he returned.  She knew it was his.  She knew it, but where had it come from? When the sailor finally returned, his wife listened to his stories as she went to the drawer to fetch the knife.  She quietly laid it before him and his buoyant chatter  suddenly seized.  He stared, his eyes grew twice their normal size.  After some time, he was able to relate his astonishing tale that would at last explain where the knife had come from, but to this day, not how. He told her “I was eating supper with the crew.  When I finished, I went to the side of the ship to wash my knife in the water but as I leaned over, it slipped from my hands into the ocean.”  The couple then compared the date and time of the wife’s incident and the husband’s loss of his knife.  The two events had happened at the same time.

Today’s recommended site:

Amy Winehouse performing in Berlin in 2007

Image via Wikipedia

Or was Amy Winehouse the reincarnation of Janis Joplin?

I was watching the “Back to Black” video and something suddenly struck me….was Amy Winehouse a reincarnation of Janis Joplin…Joplin’s evolution?  They both projected so much powerful  soul into their music.  Janis was harder, more fierce and energetic.  Amy was a more restrained and polished version of Joplin’s expression. Winehouse’s look was 1965, especially in the “Back to Black” video…the eyeliner, the beehive hair, the dress.  Joplin hit her prime in 1968 and by then, the look of the period had changed radically.  Janice adopted the hippie persona of her time.  But the voice…that voice.

Janis drank and drugged herself to death and Amy the same, both at age 27.  How odd….both at age 27.

Janis Joplin was the queen of rock and roll and the queen of soul.  She concentrated on songs from the blues category and sang them like no one else could.  Her voice had amazing range and you could feel that it was coming deep from the core of her.   She died from an overdose of heroin in 1970, just sixteen days after Jimi Hendrix.  Joplin’s  voice was described at the time as being “devastatingly original”.

And “devastatingly original” describes Winehouse as well.

Janis Joplin

Janice Joplin

So watch the two videos.  Maybe you will hear what I hear.  Enjoy…



(Hit the play button….walk away for a few minutes and let these videos load….then hit the replay button. Otherwise, the stop and start will drive you crazy)




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