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The Sandy Hook Warren Report

Repost-Originally posted Feb 15 2014

Police Open Trunk of Honda

Police Find Weapon in Trunk

It has now been a year since the country was treated to the Sandy Hook horror show.   And now, at long last, the state of Connecticut has finally issued a final report; a second assault, if you will; but this time upon our intelligence.

“While no report is statutorily required…”   

From said report, here is one of my favorite sentences:  “It is not the intent of this report to convey every piece of information contained in the voluminous investigation materials developed by the Connecticut State Police and other law enforcement agencies, but to provide information relevant to the purposes of this report.”  

That says it all right there since it is obvious that the report is intended to stand as the last word on a lie; and just like the infamous Warren Report, to support a massive deception perpetrated upon the American people…“the purposes of this report”

The stated methodology

The report states that they consulted their police recordings from that day. Where, then, is the explanation for an officer calling in, not once, but twice, “eighteen kids and a teacher in a closet in the kitchen.” ?he report blithely refers to fifteen children crammed into a small bathroom.

Let’s take a look at the problem of the closet:

The Connecticut report stuck with the narrative reported by mass media that all of the fifteen children in room 10 (Miss Rousseau) died and five from room 8 (Miss Soto) died and that all of the bodies were found in the two classrooms.  Those classrooms were not located near the kitchen.  There would be no way to argue that the officer meant to say “fifteen children and a teacher in a bathroom in a classroom”, as the report now states.  The report makes no mention of the fact that its details are at odds with the information on the scanner.  It just blithely ignored the evidence that it claimed to have .


Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle

“Consistent with Public Act 13-311,10 exceptions to the state Freedom of Information Act11 and C.G.S. Sec. 17a-101k(a) 12 this report will not list the names of the twenty children killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School, nor will it recite 911 calls made from within the school on that morning or describe information provided by witnesses who were in the classrooms or heard what was occurring in the classrooms.”

Somebody needs to break it to the people that prepared this report that the names of the victims were released the day after the massacre. The 911 calls were released to the public a week or two before the report was released.   How very, very strange to include this paragraph in the report.

The Oxymoron

“All of the firearms were legally purchased by the shooter’s mother”.   Really?   The Bushmaster, the Saiga (the shotgun in the trunk), and the Savage Mark II (used to kill Nancy Lanza at home) are not legal in Connecticut.  So then, how were they legally purchased by Nancy Lanza?

Born Bad

Adam Lanza's Arsenal

Adam Lanza’s Arsenal

For extra good measure, they threw in a photograph of baby Adam sitting with ammo draped over his legs with a hand gun pacifier . This is subtle brainwashing, dissolving any doubt that Adam had been raised in a gun culture. But consider this, Adam was born in New Hampshire, not Connecticut. The move to Connecticut meant leaving anything like a Bushmaster behind in New Hampshire.  As we have already observed, Connecticut gun laws are strict.


The Telltale Pants-32R

Here follows something that must be considered as a major oversight and a clear indication that the report is, in large part, a fabrication.   On page 27 of the report (p. 31 of the pdf), it says that Lanza at the time of his autopsy was 72 inches (6 ft.) tall and weighed only 112 pounds.

In the photos of the clothing worn by the vegan Rambo,  a photo provided in the report shows a pair of black pants. We can clearly see the size of “32 R”.

Size 32R-Can not fit 112 lb 6 foot tall person

Size 32R-Can not fit 112 lb 6 foot tall person

(In other words, a 32″ waist and average or regular length). At six feet tall, Adam’s pants should have been “L”, (long) and the waist for someone that height and weight can not be more than 24″, and would probably be smaller than 24″.  A “32R” would have slid off of his body. These pants clearly could not have been worn by someone that thin and that tall.  The investigators fabricated the pants. What else, then,  did they fabricate?




Lanza I.D.

Lanza I.D.

Here is the Newtown Technology Team photo ID of Adam Lanza right on top of a desk.  Adam had been a member of that team at least five years earlier. That is a long time to keep an ID badge right on top of one’s desk, isn’t it? And it is right next to a Honda key and a pair of glasses.   A pair of glasses….

Those eye glasses on the desk look so familiar, don’t they?   They look so very much like they might belong to Ryan

Look at the glasses

Look at the glasses

The Missing Mask

Where is the Mask?

Where is the Mask?


Lead teacher, Nancy Hammond was following close behind the school principal and the psychologist when they ran out of a parent conference and were gunned down in the hallway.  Nancy was injured, but she survived.  The report states that Hammond described the killer of her two colleagues as wearing a mask.

The report included all of the clothing of Adam Lanza worn that day; his pants, shoes, shirt and his hat…but no mask.  We know who did have masks…the folks dressed like nuns in the purple van that was stopped and then released by police some miles from the school.  Hammond saw a man in a mask, Lanza had no mask, the men in the purple van had masks…

…Lee Harvey Lanza.


Hole in the Head

Hole in the head

Hole in the head

You have just mindlessly slaughtered two classrooms full of children and teachers.  Suddenly, you hear the pitter patter of police feet.  You drop your Bushmaster, the one that police said you never had until after the coroner said that the bullets in the victims were all from a Bushmaster…and then they said you did.  You take hold of one of your two trusty handguns and …(from the shape of the hat, the bullet hole is either in the top rear or the top front).  So you take hold of one of your two trusty handguns and shoot yourself in the top of your head. Miraculously, your hat remains crisp and clean, your blood and brains fail to splatter.

You are right handed, so you shoot yourself with your right hand, pointing backward …really?  Why didn’t you shoot yourself in the side of the head? Or toward the front?  Or maybe you didn’t shoot yourself.

This Newtown report is as big of a whitewash as the Kennedy assassination’s Warren Report.

Now that we have had all that cake, here is some icing…

 Sandy Hook Fraud-Certainty Principle

Sandy Hook Fraud- Certainty Principle

– How we can be certain, at long last, that we have been played for fools –

Nearly three years later, the great debate still rages.  In the comment section below nearly any blog article or You Tube video regarding any of the many flaws in the Sandy Hook narrative, we find people who attest to being “the friend of an aunt of a man who lives next door to a Sandy Hook  family that lost a child…. and how dare all of you say these shameful, hurtful things!”

The comment usually ends with something like “you f_ing idiots!”  For good measure, they like to point out that “all these stupid points have been debunked”.  Indeed, all of the stupid points have been debunked, and rightly so. There were many, many “straw dog” arguments  planted along the way and many YouTubers and bloggers fell for them, which is why we find ourselves three years later not quite convinced either way. Everybody knows that there is something very, very wrong with Sandy Hook.

Here are two important definitions from the Urban Dictionary website:

straw dog

“In business, something (an idea, or plan, usually) set up to be knocked down. It’s the dangerous philosophy of presenting one mediocre idea, so that the listener will make the choice of the better idea which follows.

The purpose of a straw to create cognitive dissonance.  The purpose in creating cognitive dissonance is to ensure that no meaningful action takes place.

cognitive dissonance
A condition of conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistency between one’s beliefs and one’s actions

Therefore, straw dog  is quite a beautiful and effective psychological tool for blunting effective opposition and redirects human energies to swirl like some turd floating aimlessly in a low flush toilet.

Here are some personal Sandy Hook straw dog favorites:

”  and we brought dad’s baseball cap to Grace “


The laughing parents– yes, Robbie Parker (Emilie Parker’s father) and mom and pop McDonnell (parents of Grace McDonnell), confounded and disgusted us all with their ear to ear grins.

The narrative of scribbling on the small, white, occupied casket with Sharpies. of various colors was particularly unsettling.  In this photo, the mother has just told CNN’s Anderson Copper that they brought Grace many things on the day of her funeral, even dad’s baseball cap (Grace loved baseball).  What tremendous composure.  (But start to see it for what it is. It’s a straw dog).


Grieving Sandy Hook Father

Grieving Father, Rob Parker


And who can forget the devastated Rob Parker as he approached the microphone the very evening of the massacre? (It was his second appearance of the evening, having already spoken at his church.)  He graciously informed the viewing public that a friend had set up a Facebook page in Emilie’s honor so that we could donate to little Emilie.

This guy is just another straw dog.



Unfortunately, there is no pot at the end of the rainbow in this laughing parent issue  All that a debunker need point out is that people on anti-depressants can often display wholly inappropriate emotional response (which is why many people stop taking them). Since medical records, including prescriptions, are guarded by strict and heavily consequential HIPPA laws, you will never know if there were anti depressants lurking behind this bizarre behavior.  This issue does not and can not ever prove anything with it.


Everybody Must Check In

Everybody Must Check In

The electronic sign-Sandy Hook was just a drill as evidenced by the Gene Rosen photograph showing him standing in front of a sign at the Firehouse. The sign said “everyone must check in”.  Truthers crowed that this was proof of a drill, neglecting to check as to when the photo was taken.  As it turned out, the photograph was not taken on December 14th, 2012 and is, instead, evidence of an expected measure taken to protect a crime scene which had yet to be fully investigated and photographed.  No gold here.



However, there are many far more solid issues yet remaining, issues about which our truth seekers remain curiously silent. Let’s call these points the “undebunkables”.  Since I have now created a new word, albeit it an awkward one, kindly allow me the liberty to create the definition as well…“that which can not be debunked, that which can withstand all efforts to debunk; syn. gotcha


Back dated fundraising and tribute pages

  • Joseph Ametrano had posted a video titled:  “Sandy Hook Elementary Tribute” on a VIMEO account weeks ahead of the alleged massacre. Ametrano’s video was captured and re-mixed by Dutchsince to expose the Sandy Hook foreknowledge. It really needs to be noted here that Ametrano posts his musical videos under his company’s name. Bacmaster.  The earliest date found for the posting of the SH tribute was in August of 2012, four months before Sandy Hook happened.  Bacmaster, indeed.
  • United Way’s “Our hearts are with Sandy Hook” fundraising page was crawled and added to the Google search engine on December 11, 2012, three days before Sandy Hook happened.
  • Victoria Soto’s Facebook tribute page was also created on December 11, 2012, three days before Sandy Hook happened.
  • The Sandy Hook Elementary victims fund page was created on December 13, 2012, the day before Sandy Hook happened.
  • set up their Sandy Hook fund raising page on December 10th, four days before Sandy Hook happened.

AP-“Advanced Precognitive” news

And last, but not least, the trusted MSM news source, AP, posted an article about the Sandy Hook tragedy on November 18, 2012, one month before Sandy Hook happened.

Timothy Hunter had made this particular find but his YouTube was taken down for copyright infringement.  Luckily, a blogger, dcclothesline,  took a screen capture  of a telling slide from the video

Note that AP scooped all of the big three;  Sandy Hook, the Aurora Batman shooting and the Boston Bombing.  They must have one hell of a psychic working over there.

To quote dcclothesline, “Lest you think the Nov. 18, 2012 Google time stamp for the “Always smiling: Portraits of Conn. victims” AP story was a mere computer glitch, that AP story was reposted by, with a publication date of Nov. 20, 2012 — 24 days before the actual Sandy Hook massacre:”

The time stamp issue has withstood the test of time, not to mention countless troll attacks.  Google must have been having fits behind the scenes as people took the position of “Google glitch” to explain the very off time stamps applied to these critical pages.  And if it were only Google, that explanation might suffice, but it was Vimeo and Facebook as well.  This is not a straw dog, this is gold.

Still not convinced? Let’s return to for the “rest of the story”:

“Hunter had uploaded his video onto YouTube more than a year an 2 months ago on Jan. 5, 2013. He says that since his discovery, as well as a post on this same AP deception on the blog InsaneMedia, the AP changed the dates and deleted content of the incriminating photos.

More troubling still, Insane Media is no longer accessible even via Google Cache. If you click the preceding “Google Cache” link for Insane Media’s AP photos post, you’ll get this message:

NOTICE: This domain name expired on 3/5/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion.

For the links to all the posts FOTM has done on Sandy Hook, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.

A big h/t to Dean Garrison of The D.C. Clothesline.


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.”

This comment was left at the end of the article :

“All this elucidates is a complete ignorance on how those “timestamps” are created.

Weak… so very fucking weak.”

Mr. Hunter, the man who had produced the YouTube video regarding these glaring time stamp issues,  replied:

I contest that. I am not “ignorant” of how the timestamps are made – in fact I spent a lot of time studying various timestamps from many sources, as well as creating my own to see how you can manipulate them. There are two dates attached to each photo in the AP database – a “creation date” and an “upload date.” The most logical conclusion about the creation date is that it is the date the photo was taken. This is made very clear in the first pictures from the database shown in the video. It is readily apparent if you browse through the AP database yourself.

If I’m misunderstanding these timestamps, then PLEASE explain to me why both Lily Guabert’s photo, as well as Allison Wyatt’s, contained a creation date of 6/15. If you can’t answer that, you’ve got nothing. You see, Lily Gaubert was not even a victim. She was a random woman’s daughter whose picture just happened to be listed as victim Allison Wyatt for days after the hoax occurred.

So you’re left with these options – was Allison Wyatt’s photo taken on the exact same date as her fake replacements – Gaubert? That is very farfetched to believe, especially considering the Hockley photos contain the same date. Since it would be ludicrous to believe that all of these children (one not being a victim) would have had all of their photos taken on the same day, the only option left to believe is that they were uploaded or edited on the same date.

You can understand this better if you watch the video here,
It is only five minutes, and should help you comprehend if you’re not going to allow your cognitive dissonance to force you to immediately assume we are “hateful” or “weak” as you put it.

This is an educational site, and you are mistaken.

Timothy Hunter’s video is no longer available on YouTube, nor is the website “Insanemedia”.



Lily Gaubert


"Madeleine Hsu"

Madeleine Hsu”

Lily Gaubery

  Lily Gaubert

"Allison Wyatt"

      “Allison Wyatt”


Many are familiar with this very interesting chapter in the seemingly limitless litany of Sandy Hook anomalies.  In brief, Lily’s mother was shocked to see that a photograph of her daughter was being circulated by MSM, identifying her as Sandy Hook victim, Allison Wyatt.

After Mrs. Gaubert posted a public plea for help, the photo was removed by MSM and replaced with the photo to Lily’s right

It remains unclear as to whether or not Mrs. Gaubert realized that her daughter’s picture was being identified as Madeleine Hsu as well.










The Adam Lanza Cinderella Story

(Originally posted on 9-18-14- revised to add a video back in)

I was sitting at my computer watching a training tutorial on local marketing.   Suddenly, two images zipped through my mind.  I suddenly realized that I had just been given two facts that cancel one another out.  Hilarious!  Why did this not occur to me months ago when the official police report came out?  I was studying backlinks, not Sandy Hook.  Where did this come from?

George Stephanopolous did an interview with Sally Cox following the Sandy Hook Massacre.  She described the harrowing experience of hiding under her desk as she heard gun fire not far away.  The killer walked in to her office… she could see him from the knees down and he was only twenty feet away.  “His feet, his boots were facing my desk and then he turned and walked away”, she told George.

The official Newtown police report was finally released more than a year later in late December 2013.  The heavily redacted report contained photographs of everything that Adam Lanza had been wearing on December 14th, 2012, the day of the Sandy Hook massacre.  Whomever nurse Cox was peering at from under her desk, it wasn’t Lanza. Here are the “boots”:

Oops…a lack of attention to details.

Courtesy of the Newtown police

Courtesy of the Newtown police

Lanxa's Other Shoe-Newtown Report

Lanxa’s Other Shoe-Newtown Report










The interview with Sally Cox starts at 3:30 on the video.  The original video posted here was pulled down-no surprise.  Scrub-a-dub-dub.  Watch it while you can.  It may be the last one with the interview footage on it.

The Sandy Hook Curse

Be Careful Who You Serve

Be Careful Who You Serve

Here follows an article written by Tony Mead which demonstrates perfectly the concept that anyone participating in a CIA/Cabal plot such as Sandy Hook needs to turn whistle blower IMMEDIATELY.  As I have pointed out in many other articles,  keeping silent results in one’s untimely demise.

And I really, really would stay clear of that Yale-New Haven Hospital.   Checking out of that place is a real long shot.

“Close to nineteen months have passed since the event known as the Sandy Hook Massacre transpired. Amazingly, there has still been no conclusive evidence put forth by any of the families affected or the investigators involved to dispel the many ‘conspiracy theories’ that have evolved from the event. In fact, new mysteries seem to expose themselves even more as time passes by.

 From Douglas Cottle, who died Sept 29, 2012, at age 62 to Michael Bellmore, who died May 3, 2014 at age 27, more questions than answers seem to arise. The Connecticut State Police Commander, the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, the Western Connecticut State Police Commander as well as the Connecticut State Medical Examiner have all been eliminated from the story either by retiring or death. What better way to cover up any possibility of ever disclosing the truth ? What better way to perpetuate conspiracy theories ?

Perhaps the death of Douglas Cottle was an unfortunate incident compounding the grief of Alissa Parker when she lost her daughter Emilie in the Sandy Hook tragedy. He was her father and the Grandfather of Emilie. He was a 62 year old dentist from Ogden,, Utah who sustained serious injuries while participating in his ninth LOTOJA 206 mile bicycle race on Sept 9, 2012. According to his daughter, she thinks another racer may have clipped his tire, throwing him off the bike where he crash landed on his face. His face suffered over 30 fractures ! Perhaps if repeatedly beaten with a tire iron, one could sustain 30 fractures. I find it highly improbable that a fall from a bicycle could inflict such injuries.(1)

Nevertheless, Mr. Cottle was sent to an ‘elderly care’ facility after being released from the hospital, apparently because the VA hospital was full. Mr Cottle was reportedly combative at times at the center as he repeatedly tried to rip out his feeding tube, despite their attempts to restrain him. He was uncooperative and reportedly tried to stand on his own, against the advice of his physician, which led to his falling down and sustaining yet another head injury. This time his injuries proved fatal and he died on Sept 29.

Was this a case of a terrible accident (there hadn’t been a fatal accident in LOTOJA’S 30 years of racing), compounded by a lack of critical care rendered to an apparently healthy individual (prior to the race), or was it the apparent removal of a person who may have had foreknowledge and was unwilling to participate in such an endeavor as the Sandy Hook Hoax ? From all of the nice things said about him in his obituaries, I truly believe this was a good man. His may have been the first of the many Memorial Funds yet to come to the participants from Ogden, Utah. You can still donate:

At least in the case of Mr. Cottle, there is somewhat of an explanation as to the events and injuries that led to his demise. More recently, the death of William Podgorski, the CT State Police Western District Commander, who was also a Lead Investigator in the Sandy Hook incident remains unexplained. He died after a ‘brief, undisclosed illness’ followed by surgery on Monday, June 16 at Yale-New Haven Hospital at the age of 49. According to a friend of mine who had seen Bill Podgorski just a short time before his death, he appeared in perfect health. No further information has been released regarding this sudden death.(2)YNHH

This Yale-New Haven Hospital was also the place where Reporter Michael Bellmore breathed his last breath on May 3, 2014 after being relieved of his duties as a New Haven Register journalist and reduced to a consultant to the Town of New Hamden. Judging from the credits on his obituary, this kid was a talented, aspiring journalist, who would never leave such an admirable job at theRegister to become a ‘consultant’.

[Image Credit:]

Perhaps he was asked to leave. He was involved in the earliest reporting on the Sandy Hook shooting and was there on Dec 14, according to his Twitter Feed. He was also present when both Governor Malloy and President Obama addressed the city of Newtown in the aftermath. How does a 27 year old die so suddenly and inexplicably, and, again, in the care of Yale-New Haven Hospital ?(3) Did he stumble into something he shouldn’t have ?

Some of the mysterious deaths occurring in the past 18 months are not as obviously connected to the Sandy Hook incident. Take for example JoAnn June Egletes, the secretary of Irving Pinsky, who was the attorney who initiated a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut for $100,000,000 on behalf of a 6 yr old child that was traumatized by the incident. Despite his acting on behalf of an affected child, he was immediately vilified, chastised and threatened. He even had gunshots fired through his office. He withdrew the lawsuit citing the need for further investigation. I wonder who would have the motive and the means (guns) to enact such an act of terror on his office.(4)

PinskyHis secretary JoAnn June Egletes, died Sept 21, 2013, at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Again, I have yet to find an explanation as to the death of this 53 year old woman. It would sure be an effective way to intimidate Mr Pinsky from reconsidering that lawsuit.(5)

[Image Credit:]

It sure seems odd that the deaths of Egletes, Podgorski, and Bellmore all occurred at Yale-New Haven Hospital as well.

These deaths supplement the other few mysteries surrounding Sandy Hook, such as the death of Scott Getzinger, who was the props manager for the Batman Dark Knight Rises movie (in which the map showing ‘Sandy Hook was shown). He died after sustaining non-life threatening injuries in a car crash on April 7, 2012. The investigation of his death still has not been completed.(6)

There is also the case of Robert Hoagland, who went missing July 28, 2013 and has not been seen since! (7) He went missing when his wife was in Turkey for a 17 day excursion. With all of the mysterious $0 real estate transactions that have occurred and the odd number of homes owned by individual families and corporations, it is certainly relevant that Robert Hoagland was a Real Estate agent in Newtown. Despite various criticisms levied against Vision Government Solutions and their explanation that the zero dollar amounts assigned to various transactions was some sort of a ‘glitch’, they have since revitalized all of their data, and yet the zero dollar amounts remain!”


The remainder of the article can be seen here:

Now where did this Parker baby learn that, I wonder?

Sandy Hook Glass

Sandy Hook Glass

Note the top of the window pane-it bows inward.  Look at the bottom…it bows inward and is shaped like the toe of a boot.  The window was  shot multiple times and then kicked in.  Most of the glass can be seen on the floor right under the kick point.  There is a concentration there of glass particles.

Sandy Hook Glass

Sandy Hook Glass

Adam Lanza-Home Inventory List Released

Check found to cover purchase of yet another deadly firearm!  Nancy Lanza, how could you?

“Authorities” recently released a purported inventory of items found at the Lanza residence.  All major media pointed out that the inventory included a check made out to Adam.  They characterized it as a Christmas gift with a note from Nancy that the check was intended for him to purchase a C183 which was identified in these reports as a type of gun.

Here is a photograph of the deadly, frightening, malicious C183:

The Kodak C183

Kodak C183

Aim, click, shoot. Spare me.  Mainstream media=garbage reporting.

NRA membership cards for both Nancy and Adam were listed in the inventory but the NRA insists that they were not members. I am reminded of Chauncey Holt who explained how easy it was to print up fake I.D.s for Lee Harvey Oswald, fake Secret Service pins and fake FBI and CIA credentials.  He had a difficult time printing up a fake Communist Party membership I.D. for Oswald because the Communist Party did not have an I.D. card.  He had to invent one for Oswald.  How difficult would it be to print up NRA membership cards?

If you are relying on mainstream media for information, you are a fool.  A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.  Think for yourself.

Related articles

Sandy Hook Math

Sandy Hook Math-All the Numbers

Life of Pi

sandy hook achool

Sandy Hook Elementary

There is something very wrong with the entire story.  This blog has many articles dealing with the primary inconsistencies still remaining in this case.  See the blog menu to the right. When you are done with this article you will find plenty to keep your brain busy.

I have done my best to keep up with the various other blogs and videos calling attention to various discrepancies in the case but no one seems to be focusing on what I consider to be one of the key problems with Sandy Hook (and there are so many)…the number of child victims and where they were located when found. The official narrative echoed in all main stream media and virtually all MSM based blogs tell us the same story; that all but one of Lauren Rousseau’s class perished, that Soto had managed to hide seven of her students in a closet (later found safe and sound) and that she had bravely confronted the shooter telling him that her class was in the auditorium.  We were also told that some of Soto’s children tried to run and were shot dead along with Soto.   It makes no sense but for the sake of this discussion, let’s play along like good little boys and girls  and see where it takes us.

Picture this: Here comes Adam Rambo, boy vegetarian, toting weapons and ammunition that weighs more than he does.  First, he blasts through reinforced glass and wiggles himself and all his gear through the hole he made.  The principal and psychologist are gunned down in the lobby and a third woman, the lead teacher, Natalie Hammond, is wounded but survives.

I’d like to pause here for a moment.  If you are the head of a school and you have been trained on how to execute a school lock down, do you rush toward the thunder of gunshots or do you lock the entry door to your main office, jump on the P.A. and order an immediate lock down while ordering  your secretary to call the police?  Perhaps they were responding  to a noise other than gunfire?  I would surmise that they heard glass breaking but for the fact that the glass was likely well reinforced to be at least bullet resistant, if not bullet proof.

Returning to the official narrative, Natalie Hammond, lead teacher, had followed the principal and psychologist as they departed from the conference room where they had been conferring with a parent.  Having mowed down the principal and psychologist, Rambo mysteriously allowed Natalie Hammond to crawl away, wounded as she was in the leg, hand and foot, bleeding profusely no doubt, and leaving a blood trail… no doubt. Hammond managed to hide behind a door.  The principal’s secretary also hid behind a door.  The nurse, Sarah (Sally) Cox took cover under her computer desk.   The shooter walked into her office.   Instead of following Ms. Hammond’s blood trail and finishing her off, he continued along  to the nurse’s office.

According to Ms. Cox, he was twenty feet away.   She saw him from the knees down and only for a few seconds through a hole cut for computer wiring. Inexplicably, the shooter turned and walked out of the principal’s annex.  We are told he then turned left and headed down the kindergarten corridor. He proceeds to walk past Ms. Roig’s kindergarten class in room one, even though she is busy jamming everybody into a tiny bathroom, making plenty of noise in the process…the screeching of chairs, the pattering of children’s feet across the floor, the sound of a bookcase being pulled across the bathroom door.  Rambo even bypasses Ms. Soto’s class in classroom two.

Rousseau's Class

Lauren Rouesseau’s Class

He went straight to Ms. Rousseau’s group in room number three.  We are told that her room wasn’t locked.  Being a substitute, we were told, she was not given a key. According to official reports circulated by the media, they were all huddled in a far corner of the room.  Police  found one child there barely alive, but the child died at the hospital.  One other child survived by playing dead and she was covered in her classmates’ blood.  In this room, we are told that 14 of 15 children died along with Rousseau and her teaching assistant.

Soto’s room was next.  He doubled back.  He could have continued down the hall or crossed the hall, but he doubled back.  We were never told if Soto’s room was locked.  Assuming  that it was, entry would had to have taken place with great force.  Yet there was no report of her door being breached.  If the lock was fired on, there would be a great deal of damage to it.  Any group of first responders would have stopped there first, one would think, seeing the damage.

The two boys, Aidan Licata and Bryce Maksel, who were in the group that escaped simply stated that when the shooter came into the room they immediately ran. Neither boy said that the shooter blasted the lock first.  So, Soto’s room must have been unlocked …or the shooter had a key.

Staying with official versions, officers discovered seven children alive and well locked in a closet in Ms. Soto’s room.  They have said that the information about Ms Soto telling the shooter that her children were in the auditorium came from these survivors.  In addition, we are told, several of her students made an attempt to flee, but were killed in the act by the shooter.

Here is another spot to hit the pause button.  If Soto had hidden all of her class, then why did some run?  Wouldn’t they have remained where the were?  It seems she had managed to hide only seven.  And if the remaining children were out in plain sight, what good does it do to tell a shooter that the children were somewhere else?  It’s nonsense, but it keeps getting repeated by MSM as if it were gospel.  It reminds me of that “Let’s roll” meme born out of the Flight 93 myth spun from 911.  Had the entire class been hidden, none would have run.  If the shooter entered her room while she was in the act of hiding them, it would do no good to say that they were in the auditorium.  There is no way to salvage this account.  It is, at least in part, an invention.

Moving on to the math, having been told that Rousseau lost fourteen of her fifteen students, and that twenty died in total, six students had to have died in Soto’s room.  Six dead plus seven in a closet equals thirteen. Additionally, a number of children  ran from Soto’s room.  Thankfully, they escaped uninjured.  From official reports, we can not be absolutely certain how many there were, but we do know for certain that there were no fewer than four because the police scanner audio includes an officer reporting in that he is transporting four children over to the fire house.  No fewer than four, and according to Bryce Maksel’s mother, actually a total of five .  So, now we have to add those four to the thirteen which equals seventeen. And if we accept the eyewitness account of six year old Bryce Maksel who told his parents that there were four children with him, this would equal eighteen children. The problem with either account is that Ms Soto had only fifteen (or possibly sixteen) students.  She did not have eighteen.

A friend of Soto’s had written a tribute to Soto: “I talked to Vicki Tuesday and she told me that she loved her 16 angels and never wanted to let them go. Today when the shooting started Vicki hid her kids in closets and when the gunman came into her room she told them the class was in gym. She was then murdered. Not one of her students were harmed. Words can not express how heartbreaking and tragic this. I will miss you dearly.”   Here is where this account can be found:

You will notice that the “friend” says that Vicki “had hidden all of her students and that not one was harmed”.   We know that “not one was harmed” is not true.  We also know that if some children were not locked in a closet and able to run, then there was no point in telling the shooter that they were somewhere else, so can we rely on this “friend’s” account of sixteen students?  I think not.  The class photo shows fifteen students. Until and unless we can obtain an authentic roster of her class, the only evidence is the photo.  I know that children sometimes miss picture day, but for now, I want to stick with what we can see.  There are few enough facts as it is.

Soto Class 2012

Victoria Soto’s Class

The class photo shows fifteen students.  If we accept the official story, we total too many students between the two classes.  Fourteen dead in Rousseau’s room plus one Rousseau survivor plus seven in Soto’s closet plus six that died with Soto plus five that ran equals…thirty three.  We need to total thirty, thirty one max. This is where Mrs. Maksel’s testimony comes in to help us.  She went to the fire house to wait for her son Bryce to be brought there from the police station.  He and his companions had been picked up by the sister of CT State House Rep John Frey.

Sandy Hook Survivor

Survivor Bryce Maksel

Mrs. Maksel told us two important things; when she arrived at the fire house, there were only five students there from Ms. Soto’s class and that there were five other students total that escaped the room, including her son Bryce.  That’s ten survivors, but one girl survived from Rousseau’s room and that equals eleven. And eleven is one too many. The five children already at the fire station could have only come from the group that had been locked in a closet.  We are left to wonder why all reports said there were seven alive in the closet.  Seven students in the closet throws off even the “official” story that we just analyzed.  To sum up the official story;

A)  Total students: 30

Total deceased: 20

Survivors should be 10 


B) Total students:31

Total deceased: 20

Survivors should be 11

Official survivor count:

  •  1 girl who played dead from Rousseau’s class
  • 7 children in a locked closet in Soto’s room
  • 6 children who ran (per Gene Rosen) from Soto’s class

Survivors:  14  (We can only have 10 or 11 survivors, not 14)

More likely survivor count:

  •  1 girl who played dead from Rousseau’s class
  • 5 children in a locked closet in Soto’s room
  • 5 children who ran (per Mrs Maksel) from Soto’s class

Survivors:  11

In the midst of all this dizzying math, we are forced to consider an entirely  different reality.  Before we go any further, why don’t we carefully examine the two class photos?  Count the total number of children who are not identified, either by name or inset thumbnail photo.  Those would be the survivors and there are twelve.  We were told that fourteen died from Rousseau’s class, but we count thirteen.

Thirteen deceased from Rousseau’s class plus five deceased from Soto’s class yields a very interesting tally, as we will see in a minute.   The total is eighteen.  Remember that…eighteen.

Let us go back in time to the very first reports of Sandy Hook.  The initial reports said that eighteen students died.  In listening to the polices scanner,  we hear an officer reporting in at 10:31am that “one of the places is in the kitchen– teacher and eighteen kids there”.  He made this report twice and used the word “victims“.  There can be no mistake about this.  The officer is not referring to classrooms.  He clearly says “kitchen“.  The kitchen must be near or connected to the cafeteria where we were told that twenty five children were rehearsing.

So then, suppose we do the math from here instead of the two classrooms.  We will assume that Ms Rousseau’s class and most of Ms Soto’s class were rehearsing for their grade level contribution to planned holiday performances.  They were both first grade.   We will also assume that five, not seven, of Ms Soto’s students remained in the classroom, and subsequently hidden in a closet, probably by her teaching assistant who most likely did not have her own key and like Rousseau, could not lock the door.

Five alive in Soto’s closet plus twenty five rehearsing equal thirty.  Here is the first time that we find a balanced equation with evidence to match (the two class photos).  If we go back to the official story, we have to assume 31 children total in order for the math to work.  But the children were not found in the classrooms, they were found in a closet in the kitchen.  The evidence for this is straight from the police scanner.

One child, Rousseau’s, survived by playing dead. She was covered with classmates blood. She would have been in some tight area with other students for that to happen, so we will assume that there were actually nineteen students in the kitchen closet before the police opened the door.  If six were able to run (Gene Rosen’s story), then we have another balanced equation (19+6=25) and we could be sure that police/media reports of twenty child deaths was a lie.  We could also be certain that police/media accounts of the carnage taking place in the classrooms was also a lie.  According to the police scanner, the classroom scenario is a lie.

More likely survivor count:

  •  1 girl who played dead from Rousseau’s class
  • 5 children in a locked closet in Soto’s room
  • 5 children who ran (per Mrs Maksel) from Soto’s class

Nineteen  in the kitchen closet (18 victims+1 survivor) plus five survivors from Soto’s closet plus five that escaped equals twenty nine.   Getting closer, but no cigar…one short.  Or is it?

If we think back once again to early reports, the most poignant detail that we were given was that there were fourteen backpacks still hanging in Ms. Rousseau’s classroom…fourteen.  But Rousseau had fifteen students.  One of her students most likely missed class that fateful day.  We need to add that child to the survivor count:

Most likely survivor count:

  •  1 girl who played dead from Rousseau’s class
  • 1 child who missed school that day from Rousseau’s class
  • 5 children in a locked closet in Soto’s room
  • 5 children who ran (per Mrs Maksel) from Soto’s class

Survivors:  12

We now have twelve survivors and twelve matches the total number of children in the two class photos who are not labeled (and are, therefore, the survivors).  Eighteen deceased plus twelve who survived equals 30, and this total also matches the photographic evidence of thirty students total.

Now, at last, we have an alignment between the math, the statements on the police scanner and the photographs.  But we also have a much, much bigger problem.  We were told that twenty children died.  We were given twenty names and twenty photographs and twenty funerals.  Were two children murdered somewhere else and then slipped back into the autopsy pool in the middle of the night?  Or are two of the children still alive?

To be continued


Sandy Hook Terror-Madmen at Work

Barman Map

Gotham City Map CloseUp
Strike Zone 1-Sandy Hook

Part Two

The Devil’s in the Details

For weeks now, I have been looking at videos pertaining to the Gotham City map, finding myself simultaneously amused, fascinated, and repulsed.  On the one hand, how challenging to imagine that more attacks might be ferreted out in time to stop them, on the other hand, if this map is a kind of code from the perpetrators, that would be treating this like some kind of interactive game, and that’s beyond psychotic.  Then again, mowing down twenty tiny, helpless children is psychotic in and of itself, isn’t it?

I must briefly digress

Something interesting has just surfaced.  Please keep in mind that we have had absolutely no proof that Adam Lanza was at that school in Newtown that fateful Friday…none.

Shepard Ambellas, founder and director of has unearthed something terrifically tantalizing.  There is an entry in the SSDI database (Social Security Death Index) for Adam P Lanza, born April 22, 1992…died Dec. 14, 2012, right?

No, not deceased Dec 14, 2012.   Adam Lanza died the day before on Dec 13, 2012.  See for yourself.  And while you are there, be sure to read the comments.  There are many challenges in the comment field, but it seems to me that the rebuttals are pretty solid.  Here is a link to that article:

Intelhub-Adam Lanza SSDI entry

Now let’s return to Psycholand

There is a great deal to say about that Gotham City map.  First of all, as you can plainly see, it says “SANDY HOOK” in neat capital letters and it is labeled as “Strike Zone 1”.  There are a total of five strike zones on that map.

Quite curiously, the Prop Master of the Batman Rises movie, Scott Getzinger, 46 years old, died in April of 2012.  He was in a car accident and was taken to the hospital with a few broken bones. His injuries were said to be non life threatening.  He never checked out of the hospital.

Stranger still, he lived in Newtown, CT.  He and his wife were having major issues with the Newtown school board pertaining to issues surrounding one of their three young children.  Being Prop Master, Scott would have had control of the Gotham City map.  It is just one more bizarre feature of this extremely bizarre case.

Let us now examine Strike Zone Two-“NARROWS”

Dark Knight Rises Map

Gotham City Strike Zone #2-NARROWS

Trying to anticipate the next attack, if it is even really there, is a lot like trying to predict from the Bible Code.  In the Bible Code, it’s relatively easy to locate the prediction once  the event occurs.  It becomes painfully obvious at that point.  But before hand, well, there are thousands of possibilities sitting there.

Which one is the right one?  There are many schools all over the country with the word Narrows in their name, there are docks and neighborhoods shaped like the shape of that artificial island labeled NARROWS.  And there is the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Verrazano Bridge-NY

The Verrazano Bridge

If you focus on the light blue lines outlining the Narrows island shape on the Gotham City map, you can see a boat.  Could it suggest explosives on a boat set to detonate at a position from under the bridge?  The Verrazano is a very long and low bridge.  It connects Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Again, if you focus on the light blue outline, the boat looks something like a ferry or a Carnival cruise ship; not a freighter, not a war ship.  In New York, you can take the Staten Island Ferry to cross the Narrows.  Were they going to place the explosives aboard that ferry? Not the bridge, but the ferry?  And when they arrested Aaron Greene and Morgan Gliedman in Greenwich Village, did they thwart it?  Greene/Gliedman Arrest Greenwich Village NYC

Here is Strike Zone 3

Down Town? Cobble Hill?  Cobble Hill is in Brooklyn.  Go back to Strike Zone 2. You can see part of the word Cobble Hill in the bottom left corner. Remember, the Verrazano connects Brooklyn and Staten Island. Therefore, we are looking at the narrows from the Brooklyn side.  Across that weird island that looks like it could be a boat must be Staten Island.  So, we are looking at something planned for the Narrows!

See how this can grab you?  Now, I have to see if I can figure anything out about strike zones 3, 4, and 5.  I am pretty sure I nailed strike zone 2.

Dark Knight Rises Mao

Strike Zones 3 and 4

Sandy Hook Likely a Terror Attack!

but by who? Were there plans for more? 

On 12/14/12, according to a report recorded on the Fairfield Ct police scanner, an officer had stopped a purplish van at a location not far from the Sandy Hook school.  He reported two occupants, a possible ski mask, and one occupant dressed as a nun which he apparently thought suspicious because he called them “possible suspects”. There have been rumors about a maroon van that left the Sandy Hook parking lot with its back window shot out.  This was not covered in the media and I think I know why.

Greenwich Village Street

A Greenwich Village Street

The van was most likely released in the hopes of seeing where it would go.  The occupants must have felt so relieved.  The purple van continued on.  It went to Greenwich Village.  

I grew up in New York and I loved Greenwich Village like no other part of New York.  I went there often.  I was always drawn to 10th Street. It felt to me that I had lived there long ago.

In the 50’s, the beatniks lived in the Village, in the 60’s, the hippies.  It got a facelift in the 80’s but managed to retain its creative attitude and its edginess.  You could sit and play chess in Washington Square.   The Marshall Chess Club was on 10th Street.

The venerable Thomas Paine, father of the American Revolution and author of the 1776 pamphlet “Common Sense”, died in Greenwich Village.  It has always attracted “radicals”.   Abbie Hoffman, Jack Kerouac, Paul Krassner and Lenny Bruce all lived in Greenwich Village.  It has always been a conclave of artists, poets, writers and counter culture.  The Village has always had a unique personality.

Washington Square NYC

Washington Square

Now, it  attracts terrorists. Makes sense, really.

NYPD served a search warrant  on 12/29/12 at an apartment in Greenwich Village.  The police took two people into custody; Aaron Greene and Ms. Morgan Gliedman (who was 9 months pregnant). Ms. Gliedman immediately went into labor and was rushed to the hospital.  Both parents have a heroin problem.  In fact, they met in rehab. So romantic, so Greenwich Village.

NYPD announced that they found shotguns, a copy of “The Terrorist’s Encyclopedia”, and, oh yes, HMTD (a particularly unstable high explosive) and chemicals to make more HMTD.  You want to bet they took the yellow brick road back from Sandy Hook?

Greene/Gliedman arrest

Location of Arrest

Yes, there’s more.  There will be a part two.  I don’t think that Greene was planning to blow up Washington Square.  I am thinking Simon and Garfunkel…”Bridge Over Troubled Water”.  We’ll be taking a close look at that Gotham City map next…the one from Batman Dark Knight Rises.  Stay tuned.

Terror Attack Pt 2:

Sandy Hook Warren Report

Sandy Hook-Some Compelling Questions

There are either five  or six children who  escaped from Soto’s room. One was a boy named Aidan Licata. His parents have given interviews telling what Aidan has told them so far.  The parents of a second surviving boy, Bryce Maksel, have given information as well. This band of five or six, (depending on which media report you read), were taken to the police station by a woman who was heading to Sandy Hook to check on her own kids.  The police then transported them to the firehouse where parents picked them up. Note, this seems to give Gene Rosen…well, there seems to be a complete lack of facts to support a word he said.  But that leaves us with two big problems.

1)      If the kids weren’t there, then how did Rosen know Soto by name? Victims names were withheld until approx 7pm Saturday EST. Was he not interviewed starting on Friday afternoon?

2)      Soto’s class was small…15. We know from Aidan and Bryce that either 5 or 6 escaped.  We were told that 5 of her pupils died-please see photo of Soto class with victims labeled-AND we were told that police found 7 of her students alive in a closet. That’s too many kids.  Add it up.

We were told that all 14 of Rousseau’s children died. We were told 20 died in all.  That means 6 of Soto’s class died. But only 5 are labeled on the photo of Soto’s class.  Let’s look at it another way. the media said that Rousseau had 14 students.  There are 15 in the class photo with Soto, or a total of 29 students. But look here…there are actually thirty students…count them. Lauren had 15, not 14.  This means we have ten survivors total. The 7 from Soto’s closet plus either 5 or 6 from Aidan’s surviving group totals 12 or 13, not 10.  It never adds up!  If the children were killed in their classrooms as we have been told, you can never get the 20 victim total.  It seems to me that we have one child missing from Rousseau and one missing from Soto.

Let’s try working backwards from 30 students which we get from counting the students in the photos. Subtract 7 survivors from Soto’s closet. Now we have 23. From the 23, let’s subtract 5 to account for Aidan, Bryce and 3 others who escaped. Now we have 18…the number reported by the officer on the scanner.  I really think we have 2 missing children.  Geez.  I think we do.

Rousseau's Class

Lauren Rouesseau’s Class

Soto Class 2012

Victoria Soto’s Class

3)  In listening to the Police Scanner, we hear officers mention two sites where bodies were located.  An officer radios in that he has located 18 children and a teacher in a closet in the  kitchen, not in classrooms. Repeat, not in the classrooms.  Where do you find a kitchen in a school?  It should be inside the cafeteria, yes?

Sandy Hook Cafeteria Entrance

Hall Outside of Cafeteria

4) Another officer announces that he has bodies in the pool but he can’t handle them.  What bodies in a pool?  What pool?  The closest pool is 1,500 feet away in a public park named Treadwell.  From Google maps, it looks like it is up a big hill.  Unless there is a pool on a second floor of the school gym, there is no room in Sandy Hook school for a pool.  Why would bodies be found there?

Treadwell Park Pool

Pool Near SH Elementary

5)  Well, for that matter, why were there bullet holes in Lauren Rousseau’s car?  If the children were murdered in the kitchen, that was on the other side of the building from where her car was parked. Stray bullets from that side could not hit her car.

6)  Shooters in the woods…at least two. WABC Helicopter footage shows one suspect laying on the ground and one taking off  from behind a tree.  Well, here is something ominous.  The original report has been removed from the Fox 43 website (a FOX station in central Pennsylvania). They attributed the story to CBS.  Here is what it said:

From Fox43 Central Pennsylvania

“CBS News reports that a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect. Miller reports that authorities have gone into a home connected with the individual in custody after seeing what appeared to be a body inside.

A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, “I did not do it.”

It looks as though the police caught both of our “woodsmen”, and one of them was even storing a cadaver at home!  Ever hear a word about this?  I didn’t think so.

7)  Here is another overlooked tidbit.  Fire Chief, William Halstead, said that he  stepped out of the firehouse and saw an EMT motioning to him for help.  The fire chief helped the EMT get a woman out of her car. She had been shot in the hand and thigh.  But the shooting victim was close to the firehouse, not the school.  Play the video and look down the road. You’d need eyesight better than an eagle to see an EMT motioning from the school.  Ever hear a word about this?  I didn’t think so.

8)  A purple van was stopped a few miles away.  It’s on the scanner.  An officer reported the occupants as being “one suspect with a possible ski mask and one dressed like a nun”.   Isn’t it far more likely to buzz in a nun or two than a wild eyed vegetarian waving a rifle, a shotgun, a Bushmaster and four handguns?  Almost any AR-15 fits nicely in the folds of a nun’s habit. Just a theory.

9)  Rodia-He wasn’t there. He was getting a warning from a cop up in Greenwich while he was driving his mother’s sage green Nissan.  Then why is there a Google earth shot of Vollmer where Rodia lives showing a green car (Nissan?) and a smaller black car (Honda?) in the driveway? See my article on Rodia for the video:

(This article is  dedicated to Minnie who left me a comment recently.  I think I sensed some frustration in her comment.  At face value, she seemed to be knocking on the various conspiratorial You Tube videos out there.  But I actually think that she was crying out for a reason to believe.  Her statement, “it’s all coming apart like wet toilet paper” seemed  like a plea for something more concrete, more solid and substantial.  There’s plenty left still standing, now that we’ve had time to work our way through the straw men issues that seemed so easy to dismiss such as the early fund donation pages.)  There are at least nine points that are much, much harder to explain away.

Straw man – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To “attack a straw man” is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by replacing it with a superficially similar yet unequivalent proposition

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