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David Bowie Bows Out-Blackstar-Part 2

National Enquirer Jan 22 2016

National Enquirer Jan 22 2016

In part 1, we reviewed just how improbable it was for Bowie to have composed all of those songs, recorded his promotional videos and worked on his off Broadway play, “Lazarus” while battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

In the Blackstar promotional videos, we can see that he has his own hair and eyebrows.  Now, a mere eleven hours ago, The National Enquirer has stepped forward to reveal (drum roll, please) that Bowie really died of AIDS.  And, oh yes, the body was immediately cremated  “They immediately cremated his body without an autopsy to hide the AIDS secret,” a source told “The ENQUIRER.”  

So now we have a man who was suffering from AIDS, terminal liver cancer and enduring debilitating chemotherapy at the time he was composing, recording, performing and working on a play.  Spare me. The spin doctors are working feverishly on damage control and simply making matters worse, as they always do.  It doesn’t add up and there is nothing they can do now, short of saying that he was murdered, to make it add up. Give it a rest, why don’t you, and leave the poor man be.

Before we return to the subject of Mr. Bowie’s final project, it might be worth noting the National Enquirer’s ties to the CIA.  In 2010, Jeff Stein wrote an article for regarding the pending release of a book written by the son of Gene Pope, founder of the National Enquirer.  Referring to an incident involving a freelance photographer for the Enquirer, a telephoto lens, and a captured document in Henry Kissinger’s open briefcase, Stein wrote:

“Pope (the son) has a unique vantage on this particular story: The editor in question was his father, Gene Pope, founder of the scandal-mongering tabloid. Gene Pope, meanwhile, happened to have reason to turn toward the CIA. Through family connections, he had dodged the Korean War draft by doing a two-year stint with the agency (CIA) in psychological warfare”.


The National Enquirer was and still is a propaganda tool for the CIA. Whenever they break a story just be sure that it isn’t so much about what enquiring minds want to know, it is more about what the propaganda Wurlitzer wants those minds to believe. The key phrase in the quote above is “psychological warfare”.  That says it all.

Dead Astronomers

Robert Harrington had  located and tracked a large object approaching our solar system back in 1990.  He made observations of it over a two year period and when he finally felt that he had enough data to make an announcement to the public, he made preparations to return home for a press conference. But he never made it to the press conference. Seemingly out of the blue, he was stricken with esophageal cancer and died on January 23, 1993. He had determined that the massive body was approaching from the south at a 30 degree tilt to the ecliptic of our solar system….something like this:

Projected orbit of X

Projected orbit of X

While pretending to sponsor cancer treatment research back in the early 1960’s, The CIA learned the method for producing raging, fast moving cancer in the human body.  They did so by duping several researchers into thinking that they were working on a cure.  Always in search of plausible deniability techniques, the fast moving cancer method quickly became a favorite of “The Company”.  Not only was Harrington likely dispatched in this insidious manner, astronomers Allan Savage and Brian Geoffrey Marsden seem to have met the same fate in 2010.  It would be quite plausible to write these two deaths off as “natural” given the fact that Savage was eighty four and Marsden was seventy three when they died of cancer had it not been for this one curious detail.  The two men died just five days apart of an identical form of cancer that afflicts just one in a hundred thousand people. Savage died on November 13, 2010 and Marsden on November 18th.

The astronomical community was already reeling from the sudden death of the extraordinary John Huchra, age sixty one, on October 8, 2010. Among many other amazing talents and contributions to the study of space, Huchra was known for his unparalleled ability to compute and plot the position of objects in space and to predict orbits.  He died of a heart attack, his second in four years.

In the prior year of 2009, astronomer Kevin Beurle perished in a hot air balloon disaster in Turkey on May 29th. As time moved forward, things only got worse for professional stargazers:


February 6– Astronomer Walter Steiger, age eighty seven- died from a collision with an SUV while motoring on his moped in Hilo, Hawaii. No drugs nor alcohol was found in his system nor had he been speeding.  Bad brakes?

March 3– Astronomer James Elliot of Cornell, age sixty seven – discoverer of the Uranus ring system died of complications of cancer treatment.

September 29– Astronomer Michael Drake, lead scientist for NASA , age sixty five- died of liver cancer


January 11– Astronomer Steven Rawlings was found dead in a friend’s bungalow near Oxford, Great Britain-no obvious cause of death and was ruled to “seem accidental”. Various reports said that he had mental problems, died of cardiac arrest, died during a headlock being applied by his friend after Rawlings attacked him. Who knows?

March 10– Astronomer Koh Ichiro Morita was found near death outside his apartment in Santiago, Chile with what appeared to observers to be  a head injury. Curiously, his death was officially attributed to pancreatic cancer.

May 30– Astronomer Richard Crowe age sixty, was the only fatality in a jeep accident near Sedona, Arizona. during a canyon tour. The jeep went off the narrow road and tumbled end over end down a canyon wall. Crowe died while awaiting a helicopter rescue which took three hours to arrive on scene.

There are at least ten other astronomers who died between 2007 and 2010 but it is difficult to ascertain anything untoward about their deaths. Even the deaths listed above can be argued to have been natural. But if all these deaths are natural, astronomy has to be one of the world’s deadliest professions. Nothing here is definitive but it is certainly worth considering.

Project Camelot’s Interview of Kameran Faily

Mr. Kameran Faily had recorded three interviews with Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot between September and December 2015. In his third interview posted on YouTube on December 17 2015, Faily brought up the topic of David Bowie’s “Blackstar” album. He asserted that Bowie was conveying a warning about the dark star that the ancient Sumerians warned of. Why is that important? Why should Faily’s opinion of iBlackstar’s meaning carry any more weight than Christians alleging that the video is about the devil or a blog commenter asserting that it is about “black lives matter”? Still another dismissively insists that “Blackstar” was simply about Bowie’s death. Why should we think Faily knows enough to have his opinion count?

Kameran, an Iraqi Kurd,  has had a very interesting life. His family have been negotiators and peace brokers in the middle east for many generations. They have advised sheiks, caliphs, bankers, as well as the Queen of England. Mr. Faily holds multiple degrees in physics, astrophysics and is a religious scholar.  He is also a consultant to several persons that the rest of us regard as Illuminati members. He is thoroughly familiar with the Illuminati, their structure, their rivalries, their rituals, their codes and their twisted logic.

His December interview is certainly very, very interesting. He wove together a very persuasive argument supporting the idea that Planet X is right at our door step by integrating various passages from the Bible and coordinating those with corresponding passages from the Koran.  He drew upon what was at the time the upcoming Bowie “Darkstar” release to underscore his predictions regarding the timing of the event saying that this was an Illuminati warning to humanity from the beneficent faction within the group. There exists a certain amount of incompatibility between the concepts of ritual child sacrifice, satanic worship, fascism Nazism, and beneficence, is there not?  To add beneficence into that equation does seem disquietingly oxymoronic.

Faily’s intentions are, no doubt, good. Mr.Faily certainly was not clued in to the fact that Bowie was about to die. Perhaps he was being used by his wicked cadre of Illuminati contacts. We shall know soon enough because he described a devastating scenario that he calculated to occur between April and August of this year, 2016.  Keep your eyes on those skies, though likely, this is just another Illuminati ruse.

Land of the Rising Suns?

What do we have here? Two suns? Three suns? Four suns?  Or maybe we have holographic projections. What are those straight line pink beams in the sky? Each of these “suns” seems to have its very own ethereal  pink beam. Have we caught somebody using a very advanced secret technology?  Are there chem trail mixes that can actually turn the sky into a gigantic projection screen?  Have any of you seen multiple suns in the sky with your own eyes? If so, please do leave a comment.

This looks like a test run for the pending “alien invasion” that the Illuminati reportedly have planned for some time in the future when they are ready to officially ring in their “New World Order” with centralized global governance, a single currency, and the one true god, Lucifer. Look forward to holograms of alien hordes spewing forth from their inter dimensional, supra galactic chariots. It will, no doubt, be quite a show.

Would the real sun please stand up?

            Would the real sun please stand up?          

Somebody somewhere is working very, very hard to convince us that there is a massive planetary object lurking in our solar system poised to topple mountains and wrench the Earth’s crust.  Is this real or is this just another dose of manipulative fear porn?  Consider the source. Fear porn is the most likely answer, purpose unknown. As for Mr. Bowie, he was quite an imaginative character with great talent. His voice was unique and his musical genius will be missed. Goodbye, David.
David Bowie-Illuminati

David Bowie-Illuminati

Planet X

Dreams of Planet X-

Originally posted 3/12/11

Updated 8/12/12-See below for new videos-

Re-update 3/18/13-You need to pay attention, especially if you live near  the ocean-Remember the footage from Japan in March 2011-the ocean swallows absolutely everything…there is something approaching us and all the governments are keeping silent about it.

Mars (back left), Mercury (back right), Moon (...

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Back when I was still living on Long Island, I had a dream.  It was forty years ago, but it never stopped haunting me.  I was reminded of it a few days ago when a woman called in to the Coast to Coast am radio show and  told a story.  I knew it was time to write down the dream.  She said this:

I am out on Long Island quite a bit and for the last year or so, when I look at the sun, I can clearly see another round shape near it.  It is large, bigger than size of the moon as it looks from earth.  It has a crisp outline, not fuzzy like the sun. Does anybody know what it is? Has anybody else noticed it?

So, this was my dream.  I was in the house that I actually lived in.  I walked outside.  It felt like I was leaving a party and I remember feeling happy in the dream. I was talking to someone who stood off to my right. When I turned my head to the right to answer, my blood ran cold.  In the sky, huge….I can’t even explain how huge, was this glowering, black-orange planet hanging in the sky close to earth, so close to earth.  In the dream, I thought “What the hell is it?”  Fear, immense fear shot through me.  Shock.  Awe. Abject terror.  I think that was 1971.

Periodically, I have dreams that feel just as real as daily life.  I have all my senses functioning in these special dreams, sight, smell, hearing, changes in temperature.  The planet dream was one of those.

Sumerian scholar, Zacharia Sitchen contended that there is another planet in our solar system which he called Nibiru.  He said that it has a very different and elongated orbit, taking 3600 years to complete each orbit around the sun.  Therefore, it has the potential of intersecting with another planet’s orbit.  It does not circle the sun like the others and he said that it was inhabited and that those inhabitants created us with genetic splicing.

Lately, I hear about Planet X, the topic of something called “Zeta Talk”. Here, it is described it as a dark star, primarily iron and it affects our planet something like a strong magnet.  Uranus, we learned from our probes,  has a deeply tilted axis, as though it was tipped over by something.  What caused that?

The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and the North Pole has been wandering. Airports have had to realign runways because of it. Solstice sunrise was off by two minutes in the high north latitudes,  I believe it was this past spring.  What caused that?

And now a woman on Long Island says she is seeing something next to the sun.

You can explore Zeta Talk here:

And here is yet more shifting of the magnetic pole demonstrated in a photo you can see here. This compass was taped down on a table surface aligned with true north.  Remember, there already was some magnetic pole shift in play when this person taped the compass down, so what you see here is not the whole story. It has been shifting gradually since 1946, but this photo isolates a very large jump immediately following the 9.0 quake off Sendai, Japan on 3/11/2011.

UPDATE 1/29/2012

Holy Christ!  Was any of this on our news here in the U.S.?  Look at this!

 Over China March 6  2011

Update:  Since the posting of this article in early 2011, this video has been posted on You Tube…NASA Employee tells what he knows

And another insider

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