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Malaysia Flight 370-The Devil in the Details

Debris found today off Reunion Island

Repost:  Originally posted April 27, 2014



The Lie Is Always Different at Every Level

I recently heard an intelligence analyst caution that “the lie is always different at every level”.  We can be sure that whatever was conveyed to the Malaysian government regarding the disappearance of MH 370, most of it is a lie deftly wadded around some tiny kernel of truth.  In fact, I expect that there is a little kernel of truth in just about every one of the following tales-

Malaysia’s Tale

“Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, explained during an exclusive Truth Jihad Radio interview that only a remote-hijacking fly-by-wire scenario can explain the plane’s disappearance. Chang’s views were confirmed by Gene “Chip” Tatum, a former Special Forces Air Combat Controller and US Army special operations pilot who has carried out ultra-sensitive missions at the direct orders of US Presidents.

Chang says the Malaysian government has been given sealed evidence by one or more foreign governments concerning the fate of MH-370. As a condition of receiving that evidence, Malaysia is not allowed to divulge it.

Matthias Chang is familiar with the highest levels of power in Malaysia. He presumably has some idea of what is in the sealed evidence. But if he did know, he could not say it directly.

Maybe that is why Matthias Chang recently sent an email to MH-370 investigators in the alternative media with a “hint”:


It is only natural to wonder what that vague description could possibly mean.  Was the plane remotely hijacked?  Or worse, captured by a UFO?  Flown to Diego Garcia, Australia, Israel, or Iran?  Would any of those things bring our world to a halt?  Probably not…but what would?   Hmmm


Thailand’s Tale

MH370 Path Over Thailand

MH370 Path Over Thailand

Thailand waited four days to describe a zig zag path over its land and waters, in complete contradiction to  an oil rig worker in waters off Vietnam who described a plane on fire flying away from him.  Busy night …MH 370 seemed to be everywhere.

And look at that crazy sharp left turn MH 370 made.  Gosh, that;s quite a hairpin little turn there.  Airliners actually can’t turn like that.  They are too heavy and too big.   They have to bank their turns which would make that graphic to the left, well, impossible.

The Maldives Tale

At least twenty residents of  southern Maldives spotted  MH 370 (or a twin) at 6:15 am.  It was flying very low over the south most island, at an approximate 3,000 ft altitude.  The plane was coming from the north, heading south-east.  Diego Garcia is south and slightly west.  Australia seems a more  likely destination from here, but who can be sure?   The reported route had been quite erratic to this point,  It was this eye witness reporting that helped give rise to theories involving Diego Garcia, the classified U.S. base leased from Great Britain.

The Pilbara Tale

I stumbled upon this following tidbit in the comments section under an article about 370’s disappearance:


The plane landed in Australia in a place called the Pilbara. A friend of mine worked at that remote airport whom told me he saw a Malaysian plane land. The strange thing is that there was a huge military presence for one week prior to the landing. My friend and two other on duty incidentally died 1 week after he told me that. Somebody need to research the Pilbara in Australia, it’s close to the Fortescue Minerals Mine in the outback.”

The beauty of the Pilbara is that it is still so sparsely populated. It would be a perfectly desolate place to bring a hot plane….or its twin.

The Yemen Tale

The United States started droning the crap out of southern Yemen on the 21st of April, 2014.  The last tally was 55 dead including a wedding party of fifteen.  Three “high ranking Al Qaeda ”  were reported to be among the dead although no names were ever released.  According to a local source in Yemen, the strikes took place in Bayda Province.  Interestingly, this province has a nice, quasi remote airport, Al Bayda.  Keep that in mind for later.

Tel Aviv’s Tale

In November 2013, Israel purchased a Boeing 777-200  “twin plane”   just four months  before the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 on March 8th 2014- a plane that was being kept in a hanger in TelAviv..


But it just irks me that everybody seems so eager to jump on Israel for every little thing. By itself, Israeli owning an identical plane proves nothing.  It went into the back file under “see if this fits into the puzzle later” category.  The only reason that I kept it in my mind at all comes from a vague sense of a Rothschild connection to 370’s disappearance combined with the fact that Israel is a Rothschild creation.   And of course, Rothschild owns Freescale and Freescale had twenty employees on that flight.

When I got to this tale,  my brain really started screaming to me.

Inmarsat’s Tale

Imarsat pings to MH370 engine

Inmarsat pings to MH370 engine

Inmarsat is a satellite company  owned by a capital investment company named Harbinger.  Harbinger used to be known as Zapata.  Zapata was a failed oil investment company owned by the George Bush syndicate that took millions of Bin Laden family investment dollars with it when it sank in bankruptcy beneath the sands of Texas not long before before George Jr. made it to the White House.

 By George, I Think I’ve Got It!  Flight 370’s timetable:

Elapsed (HH:MM) Time Event
00:00 8 March 7 March Take-off from KUL (Kuala Lumpur)
00:41 16:41
00:20 01:01 17:01 Crew confirms altitude of 35,000 feet (11,000 m)[35]
00:26 01:07 17:07 Last ACARS data transmission received;[36] crew confirms altitude of 35,000 feet, a second time[35]
00:38 01:19 17:19 Last Malaysian ATC voice contact[37]
00:40 01:21 17:21 Last secondary radar (transponder) contact at 6°55′15″N 103°34′43″E[38]
00:41 01:22 17:22 Transponder and ADS-B no longer operating.
00:49 01:30 17:30 Voice contact attempt by another aircraft, at request of Vietnam ATC; mumbling and radio static heard in reply[32]
00:56 01:37 17:37 Missed expected half-hourly ACARS data transmission[36]
01:34 02:15 18:15 Last primary radar contact by Malaysian military, 200 miles (320 km) NW of Penang
01:41 02:22 18:22 1st of 6 roughly hourly Classic Aero[39] pings (handshakes) since last ACARS transmission, via the Inmarsat-3 F1 satellite[40][41]
05:49 06:30 22:30 Missed scheduled arrival at PEK (Beijing)
06:43 07:24 23:24 Malaysia Airlines pronounces flight missing in statement released to media[38]
07:30 08:11 8 March 6th and last successful automated hourly handshake with Inmarsat-3 F1[40][42]
07:38 08:19 00:19 Unscheduled, unexplained partial handshake transmitted by aircraft[43][44]
08:34 09:15 01:15 Scheduled hourly ping attempt by Inmarsat goes unanswered by aircraft[40]

Now let’s start stapling the parts together, shall we?

How Clever

How Clever

Sister plane housed in Tel Aviv is flown out to Al Bayda airport in Yemen where it waits.  It is empty-perhaps not even having a pilot on board.  This is the plane spotted over south Maldives flying at low altitude coming in from the north and heading south east.  Its purpose is to provide the ping data to the Inmarsat satellite owned by George Bush.  This plane may have been outfitted in Israel or Yemen to hold extra fuel.  This is probably the plane taken to very high altitude (45,000 ft)

Meanwhile, back in Malaysia, Flight 370 severed all contact with ground control.  It began to bank to the right just as the transponder went dark (not the left as Thailand asserted).  It could have landed at Diego Garcia or in Pilbara.

And now, NASA’s Tale…and it’s a whopper

continues here: 



Enigma at 35,000 Ft-Malaysian Flight 370

NASA’s Tale

NASA photographs taken March 10th 2014 capture the salvage of parts of a Malaysian airliner off the coast of Vietnam:

Images were released to the public by NASA on March 31st of this year.  The photographs were taken just two days after the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370. The passenger plane went missing over the waters between Malaysia and Vietnam shortly after the pilot had said good night to Malaysia’s tower and shortly before  entering the airspace of Vietnam.  In a normal world, this would have been the first place to conduct a thorough search, but it wasn’t.  Instead, the public was treated to a “Where’s Waldo” style search of waters off Thailand and then Australia…apparently while a salvage vessel quietly gathered airliner sections off Vietnam’s southern coast.

Secretive Salvage Expedition

Secretive Salvage Expedition

Well, well, well…what have we here ?  That certainly looks like the paint detail used by Malaysian airlines, doesn’t it?  But the evening news hasn’t breathed a word about this, so it can’t be true.  Right?

Thailand’s Tale

MH370 Path Over Thailand

MH370 Path Over Thailand

. There was a very early report from a worker on an oil platform in Vietnamese waters stating that he saw an intact plane in flames the night of March 8th.  This report was dismissed out of hand when two days later  Thailand announced that it had radar evidence that MH370 had made a radical left turn, crossing back over Penang, heading north over Thai waters.  Then satellite company Inmarsat chimed in with a report that the airplane’s Boeing engines had continued to check in for seven hours after it went missing.  That pretty well quashed the oil rig worker’s  report .

All eyes shifted to waters off Australia’s western coast…some of the deepest waters in the world.  They heard Waldo faintly pinging there, so they said. For more NASA  photos of the sneaky salvage as well as the platform worker’s  report, go here:

And here is a fascinating critique of Inmarsat’s Boeing engine ping data and their conclusions:

So, it looks for all the world that we have found Waldo….

Malaysian Airliner

Malaysian Airliner

Or have we?  Might we instead  have found the Israeli sister ship?   To accept that this is MH370 being quietly plucked from Vietnamese waters means that we must discard reports from Maldives that a passenger jet with Malaysian air markings passed so low overhead that people rushed out of their homes to see what was causing a loud roar at 6:15 am the day of the disappearance .  This is firm.  Whatever theory one comes up with, this must be included in some way that makes sense.

And why would Ft. Lauderdale based GA Telesis  feel compelled to plant a back  dated press release about the sister plane?   They seemed to retroactively feel the need to establish that the sister plane was in Tel Aviv for the purpose of dismantling it.

We must also not disregard reports from relatives that loved one’s cell phones continued to ring hours after the missed landing time in Beijing.  The problem here is that we can not dismiss factual information, just as we must not dismiss what we see in those NASA photos.  We do see the distinctive Malaysian Air design.   But here is what we don’t see…bodies… seats, flotation cushions …luggage.  The photos were taken only a day or so after the disappearance of the plane.   Would the waters be so devoid of flotsam if this were the crash site of a flight loaded with cargo and 239 luggage bearing occupants? This looks to be some sheepishly quiet gathering of the embarrassing fragments of a failed plan. I think the artificiality of the event is revealed this way.  NASA photos show a fragmented plane being salvaged near Vietnam, near where MH370 went off radar.

Unfortunately, Thailand shows it cutting a sharp left heading west, and then cutting north.   At least nine eyewitnesses saw or heard a plane flying very low along the coast of northern Malaysia at 2:15 am.  These eyewitness reports would support the Thai radar to a degree.

There is zero evidence supporting the plane crossing back yet again and crashing in the waters where it first went missing and was subsequently photographed by NASA. . Inmarsat, owned by Harbinger Capital )formerly known as Zapata Oil, A George Bush Sr company) says MH 370’s engines pinged for at least six hours.  and submitted a diagram that sent everybody looking in all the wrong places.  As noted in other articles on this site, there always seems to be a Bush thumb in every poison pie.

Imarsat pings to MH370 engine

Imarsat pings to MH370 engine

 So, what have we got here, exactly?


Reports of sightings

Reports of sightings

A plane was observed flying at low altitude over two locations-Penang, Malaysia and at the south most island of Maldives.  Maldives had no fewer than twenty witnesses pegging the sighting at 6:15 am.  The plane was said to have come from the north, heading south east.  Pilbara, Australia is south east of that location.  Pilbara does have an airport and is in a very remote and sparsely populated region of Australia.  The airport is there to transport workers to the iron mines in the area.  The previous article. “Devil in the Details”,  describes a comment found on a blog stating that a man’s friend reported the sighting of a Malaysian airplane at that airport.  Not long after, the friend who witnessed the landing died, as did several other airport workers. according to the comment.  We have no way of verifying this report, but given the role that Australia has played in the fruitless plumbing of the depths of the Indian Ocean,  one is inclined to wonder.

What we have here is conflicting data combined with a very explosive series of NASA photos that place the plane pretty much everywhere other than the one place it was supposed to go-Beijing.  We have it on Thai radar heading north over Thai waters, we have witnesses in north Indonesia that support the Thai radar, we have it flying low over Maldives, we may even have it in Pilbara, Australia.  We have Harbinger-owned Inmarsat (formerly” Zapata”-a George Bush Sr company)  registering engine pings for six to seven hours, and an exhaustive, though fruitless, search off the western coast of Australia.  We have an identical sister plane sitting in a hangar in Israel and a messy U.S. “anti terror” drone attack in Yemen with at least 55 unidentified victims that smells more like an intelligence “wet op” than an anti terror strike.

We know that there is an airport in Al Bayda, Yemen.  Coincidentally, the drone attack took place in that very same region.  Were there some witnesses in Al Bayda  that needed to be expunged?  Was MH370 flown to Yemen from Kuala Lampur?  Or was the sister plane moved from Israel to Yemen and then flown from Yemen to Australia and then crashed into the waters off the coast of Vietnam??  That particular airplane has plenty of range.  It can easily handle the distance between Yemen and Australia.

Blue dotted line=MH 370 conforming to transponder information as well as Thai radar and presuming a Diego Garcia landing

Red dotted line=sister plane stored in Tel Aviv to Pilbara and then ditched near Vietnam

Red solid line-MH 370’s intended destination (but not the actual flight plan)

One Theory

One Theory


This may have been a plot to create a major international incident between Iran and Israel, one intended to ensnare China to support Iran.  Originally, the finger seemed to point to two young Iranian males with stolen passports.  Remember the ridiculous photograph of the two suspects at the airport.  The same legs were used for both and the photo shopping was comically amateur.  The move by GA Telesis may have been an attempt to walk it back just as much as it may have been an attempt to account for the sister plane.

There is only one thing for certain here….whatever was supposed to happen did not.  Something went very, very wrong for the perpetrators and they are no doubt still scrambling for options for their grand finale.  The families will not stop seeking answers, nor should they.  Only the psychopaths who planned this debacle know for certain where the innocent people on board ended up.


Oil Platform and debris field locations

Oil Platform and debris field locations

Breaking News on Diego Garcia

(This is an update to the update of April 3rd)

John Holloway placed a call to a random Maldive resident and CONFIRMS that a Malaysian flight passed overhead, flying very low, over an island in the Maldives on the same day that flight 370 went missing.   Maldives is not far from Diego Garcia, although Holloway seems more inclined to think that it crashed south of the Maldives.  Were it that straight forward, the United States would have done what it always had done in the past…jump in with both feet to help.  This is the first time to my memory that the USA, with its superior and superlative technology,  has not participated actively in a search of this kind.

April 3rd Update:

From the U.S G.S.A.

Diego Garcia requisition for a cargo ship

Diego Garcia requisition for a cargo ship


We have an interesting development which may possibly be related to the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370. This is a request from Mar 31, 2014 4 pm EST seeking a cargo ship for “transport and relocation purposes”  for dry cargo. Furthermore, Matthias Chang, a prominent Malaysian lawyer, author, and former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s political secretary and adviser stated in a recent radio interview that “As mystery deepened regarding the missing Boeing 777 and its 239 passengers and crew, most of them Chinese, it became clear that highly classified military technology might hold the key,”Change stated on Global Research. “But the investigation became deadlocked over reluctance of others to share sensitive data, a reticence that appeared to harden as the search area widened.”

Chang has also stated that “the United States has taken advantage of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight to test capabilities of China’s satellites and judge the threat of Chinese missiles against its aircraft carriers.”

Erich Shih, chief reporter at Chinese-language military news monthly Defense International, said the US has more and better satellites but has not taken part in the search for flight MH370,  Shih claimed the US held back because it wanted to see what information China’s satellites would provide.

Well, perhaps there is an additional reason why the U.S.A. has declined to participate.  If the U.S.A., or Israel for that matter, hijacked the plane, and the U.S.A. has the best technology for finding the plane, why would it participate?

Chang pleads: ”Malaysian media, please read at the minimum three times, the sentences in bold AND WAKE UP TO THE REALITY that our country has been badly treated, even though our country put all its national security cards on the table so that countries whose nationals are passengers on flight MH 370 could come forward with sincerity to assist in resolving this unfortunate tragedy which is not Malaysia’s making. Malaysia is but a victim of this tragedy whose plane, MH 370 was used for a hidden agenda for which only time will reveal.”

On March 27, Chang exposed how Israel is exploiting the missing MH370 crisis to create public opinion for a war against Iran, a Muslim country with close ties with Malaysia.

Mr. Chang has the following questions (and so do WE):

1)        Was the plane ordered to turn back? If so, who ordered that?

2)        Was the plane turned back manually or remotely?

3)        If the latter, which country or countries have technologies to execute that operation?

4)        Was MH370 weaponized before its flight to Beijing? 

5)        If so, what are likely methods for such a mission – biological weapons, dirty bombs?

6)        Was Beijing / China the target? And if so, why?

7)        Qui Bono?

8)        The time sequence of countries identifying the alleged MH 370 debris in the Indian Ocean was first made by Australia followed by France, Thailand, Japan, and Britain via Immarsat. Why did US not offer any satellite intelligence until today?

9)        Before the switch of focus to the Indian Ocean, was the SAR mission in the South China seas a cover for deployment of undersea equipment to track and monitor naval capabilities of all the nations’ navies competing for ownership of disputed territorial waters? Reuters as quoted above seems to have suggested such an outcome.

Diego Garcia

10)     Why has no focus, especially by foreign mass media, been on intelligence and surveillance capabilities of Diego Garcia, the US strategic naval and air base?

11)     Why were no questions asked whether the flight path of MH 370 (if it crashed in the Indian Ocean) was within geographical parameters of the Intelligence capabilities of Diego Garcia? Why were no planes deployed from Diego Garcia to intercept the “Unidentified” plane that obviously would pose a threat to the Diego Gracia military base?

12)     Outdated capabilities of the Hexagon satellite system deployed by the US in the 1970s has a ground resolution of 0.6 meters and latest technologies boast the ability to identify objects much smaller in size. Why have such satellites not provided any images of alleged debris in the Indian Ocean? Were they deliberately withheld?

13)     On April 6, 2012, the US launched a mission dubbed “NROL-25” (a spy satellite) from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The NROL-25 satellite was likely rigged with “synthetic aperture radar,” a system capable of observing targets around the globe in daylight and darkness, able to penetrate clouds and identify underground structures such as military bunkers.

He adds that these questions should not be shot down by those with “a hidden agenda that such queries amount to ‘conspiracy theories’.

Well, fellow Americans, time once again to call our elected representatives in Washington.  If we did this, if that plane has been sitting at Diego Garcia all this time while families are left to agonize in doubt and confusion, then we THE PEOPLE have surely lost our way if we fail to speak up for the innocent men, women and children that have been caught in this convoluted snare half way around the globe.  Be a human being.  Pick up the phone, call your Congress person, and start making a stink.  Otherwise, surely, we shall fully deserve what happens later.

Link to requisition document:

Flight 370 Hijacked to Diego Garcia ???

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

U.S. Military Base Diego Garcia

U.S. Military Base Diego Garcia

In a previous article, I asked the question “what was on that plane?”   I would like to add , “and who was on that plane?”  Most of the passengers were Chinese nationals, among them, this remarkable combination; twenty passengers who worked for Freescale Semiconductor  of Austin, Texas.  These folks all went missing on Saturday March 8.  There were persistent rumors that four of these employees had been named in a patent that was granted three days after Flight 370’s disappearance, leaving Freescale as sole patent holder.

Update #3:  The patent trail was a false one.  None of the men named in the patent are on the passenger manifest  Flight 370 Passenger Manifest

Here are the four patent holders-patent #8,671,381 issued 3/11/14-System for optimizing number of dies produced on a wafer

Wang; Peidong
Chen; Zhijun
Cheng; Zhihong
Ying; Li

and, of course, Freescale Semiconductor of Austin Texas is also  named in the patent

Diego Garcia, however, is a different matter:  Eyewitnesses on Maldives Report Low Flying Jumbo Jet March 8!!!

Cabaltimes-370 redirected to Diego Garcia

Pilot’s Simulator Had Diego Garcia Programmed In

When the pilot’s residence was searched, a flight simulator was found there.  Some route data had been erased on February 3rd, but other data was left indicating routes being practiced for Diego Garcia, Sri Lanka and India.  If the pilot was a willing participant in a plot to divert the airplane, why would the pilot leave behind such clues?  We have to consider the following two possibilities

  • the pilot left behind false clues to throw investigators off track
  • the pilot was being forced to participate through threat or blackmail and left behind genuine clues


4 of 5 Patent Holders Missing with Flight 370   (new reports claim that this is not true and, in fact, the passenger manifest does not include any of the names on the patent)

But we know from other capers that the Cabal never keeps things simple.  We have found the who, or at least some of the who (no doubt the two phony passport holders were manipulated to be on that flight having procured their documents and flight reservations from the mysterious Mr. Ali).  But how about the what?

Seychelles Islands

Seychelles Islands

Two security personnel were found dead aboard the Alabama Maersk moored in the Seychelles three weeks ago.  One was an ex Navy Seal.  The Maersk carries food aid to south Africa.  Maybe it carries more than food aid.  Somebody killed those men and it wasn’t for soy beans.  Was something taken off the Maersk that night?  Whatever it was, did it end up in Malaysia…and was it on its way to Beijing?  And was the airplane hijacked remotely???  Spooks abound in this one, ladies and gentlemen.  Spooks abound.

Malaysian Mystery-Flight 370

Into Thin Air-Update

New-Update to the update 3/14/14

I wonder if Mr. Putin knows where Flight 370 is.  Could be in Iran, could be in Crimea.  

Sunday 09 March 2014 22.54 – “An armed pro-Russian force wearing military uniforms bearing no designated markings have sealed off another military airport in Ukraine’s Crimea, a defense ministry spokesman on the peninsula said. The 80 or so-strong group blocked off the entrance to the airport near the village of Saki and established machine-gun posts along the landing strip, the spokesman told Reuters.”  In fact, Russia had taken over two other airports in Crimea on February 28th.

This incident has all the ear markings of a state sponsored hijacking.  This even feels like special ops. It was ridiculously deft, sophisticated and coordinated…as I had said in the original article, I immediately thought of Barry Seals after I watched the YouTube radar video below.  I am willing to bet that George Bush Sr knows where that plane went to..

We now have to be concerned that this may be the prelude to a much bigger incident and an impending false flag event.  Just because it may get traced to Crimea doesn’t necessarily mean that the Russians were responsible (nor the Iranians if they announce that it went to Iran).  The final scenario just has to be plausible with all fingers pointing to a bad guy.  Last thought here is that this little operation was well beyond the scope of Somali pirates, in case that becomes the explanation.  In that scenario, it would be announced that the plane has a $100,000,000 value if it is broken down for its parts and Somalis are pirates….very, very poor pirates   Let’s rule them out.

At this reporting, a theory that the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean is being floated (pun intended).  Do not forget that the behavior of the cell phones negates any scenario of a crash over water.  The plane landed on terra firma and it landed near a cell tower, not in the middle of any ocean.  If the plane is to be used in a future false flag attack, the powers that be are going to have to get the world to believe that it crashed in a place where it can not be retrieved.

If the plane gets outfitted for a nuke, the odds are that it would be one of the American nukes that went missing this past August.  Just keep that in mind if/when the time comes.  They would be counting upon both incidents being forgotten by the time they pull the false flag


And now, here follows the original article written a few days ago along with the first update :

Watch the video.  In fact, watch it several times.  The first time, you will be focused on Flight 370.  Notice that the plane goes from 25,000 feet to zero feet within a second. That  just doesn’t work.  Even a plane heading nose first into the drink takes several seconds to travel that distance.    Both the speed and the altitude should have registered changes.    While you are there, notice that the latitude and longitude of the flight’s last position are quite apparent.  We were told that they were searching over waters near VietNam.  Why?

All planes have transponders that ping their location.  Knowing the longitude and latitude, why weren’t they looking in the most likely area  to pick up the pings? Are they determined not to find it?   And how could that one plane to the south speed up like a fighter jet and then, just as suddenly, resume cruise altitude speed?

The second time you watch the video, keep your eye on the lower right zone.  There are three planes all in a row heading out over the ocean.  At 1:45 on the timer, the last plane in the row does an instantaneous 180 degree spin and goes back the way it came!  Of all the bizarreness, this is primo.  It immediately reminded me of CIA contract pilot, Barry Seals.  He flew cocaine and arms back and forth between Mena, AK and South America during Iran Contra   Seals was famous within spook circles for his ability to fly a plane so perfectly that he could get under the belly of another plane with his transponder off.  The other plane would turn its transponder off as Seals switched his on , taking on the radar identity of the legitimate flight   Seals evaded detection in this way by playing the radar.  Did two planes flying in opposite directions at the moment that Malaysia 370 vanished pull a Barry Seals?  Did they switch in mid air right there on the radar?  What the hell was going on out there off the coast of Malaysia that day?

And if you watch it a third time, you will see two planes simply vanish over the ocean.  

A man working on an oil drilling platform had sent in a report stating that he had observed an airplane on fire from his location.  His location is in line with Flight 370’s last known position…so why can’t it be found???

Malaysia flight 370 sighted ablaze in the air by oil platform worker

Malaysia flight 370 sighted ablaze in the air by oil platform worker

But the tell tale clue is wrapped around the cell phones carried by passengers and crew of flight 370.  Dozens of reports have come through from anxious relatives that the cell phones of the crash victims rang when they called.  What does this mean?  It means that they are not under water, they are not in some remote jungle.  They are on land not far from a cell tower.  That’s what that means!!!!

Malaysia Flight 370 cell phones ring

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