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            James Holmes Not Faking Anything

James Holmes's unusually distended pupils

Holmes’ pupils are HUGE

Look at his pupils…do you see how HUGE they are?

Depending on your eyesight, you may need a magnifying glass to see this, but his pupils are extremely distended.

Yes…he was drugged. The evidence is right in front of us.  I am shocked that no one seems to have picked up on this clue. At the pre-arraignment hearing on Monday, July 23, he was absolutely not faking anything, and this photograph proves it. Almost all the photos released to us were taken from Holmes’ left side and his eyes are off to the side or cast down. But there is this one photo taken from his right side that catches enough of his eyes to enable us to observe that his pupils were dilated to the max. ( I think that when he was stretching his eyes as we saw him do, it was a response to the discomfort of excess light flooding his retina and possibly a sensation of dryness). There is no way to fake the pupil distention. It is seen primarily from the use of certain drugs but can also occur in persons who have been undergoing prolonged and extreme stress.. In any event, he was not faking anything, including not knowing why he was there.

When this story first broke I wondered, almost immediately, if this young man had been adopted by the Holmes’.  Now why would that question whistle through my mind?  If I tell you, you will find the answer hard to bear, but the answer is another clue in trying to dig to the heart of the truth of what happened in Aurora, Colorado…and what happened to James Holmes.

The next article in this series will be “The Cathy O’Brien Story”.  Stay tuned, but only if you have a very strong stomach.  If you can get through the O’Brien article, you will, at last, understand what they do, how they do it, why…and who “they” are.

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James Holmes -aka The Joker

Mind Control?

As of this writing, James Holmes is said to still be in the throes of his

James Holmes (left) Keith Ledger's Joker (right)

James Holmes (left) Keith Ledger’s Joker (right)

psychotic break.  He thinks that he is in a movie.  This makes me wonder just who may have written his script.

A man who was in the movie theater for that midnight show gave a description of events as they unfolded at the Batman premiere of “Dark Night Rises”.   He said that Holmes had taken a seat to the right in the front row.  At some point early in the movie, Holmes took a call on his cell phone and got up, walked to the exit door leading to the parking lot and propped the door open.   The rest we know…Holmes went to his car, changed into his gear and reentered through that door.  He lobbed gas canisters into the theater and then started spraying automatic gun fire into the stunned crowd, killing twelve and wounding fifty eight, many of those quite seriously.

Holmes was a very bright young man studying for a PhD in neuroscience, a Phi Beta Kappa honor student at UC Riverside where he got his B.S.  and he had, until late Friday evening, a perfectly clean criminal record.   A local program in Los Angeles reported that Holmes had been on meds for many years.  Well sure…most likely he stopped taking his meds while he was away from his parents in Colorado and he went into a psychotic snap.  Case closed.

But, how peculiar that he had his psycho snap just as the United Nations brought forward an international treaty calling for the confiscation of guns in places like the U.S.  So, who is writing these scripts?  Maybe its the same  folks who wrote that 9/11 psycho drama.  Because really, there’s just too much coincidence going around.  Remember the infamous Oklahoma City bombing?  That took place just as Congress was contemplating, and leaning toward rejecting, bill HR 1701.  After the Murrah building bombing in Oklahoma City. resistance rapidly evaporated and the bill was enacted into law.

The bombed remains of automobiles with the bom...

The bombed remains of automobiles with the bombed Federal Building in the background. The military is providing around the clock support since a car bomb exploded inside the building on Wednesday, April 19, 1995. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bill opened the door to wire tapping American citizens and was one of the first of many salvos launched against our Constitution and our rights.  Whip up enough fear and the sacred document becomes less sacred.  It works every time.

Only forty five days after 9/11, Congress voted on the bill known as “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act” (USA PATRIOT Act).  At the time, the ever irrepressible Ron Paul noted that the vote was called without giving time for it to be read first.  “The sweeping new law was not made available to members of Congress for review before the vote”.  Just like Obama Care.

I guess they are expecting the same result with this UN treaty.  Holmes was used in an attempt to make Americans hate their guns.  Interesting concept, yes?  Fits what is by now a very obvious pattern, yes?

Unfortunately, by their very nature, covert ops are…covert.  And black ops are very dark indeed.   Can we hone in on any tantalizing clues?  Let’s explore.

Our first question needs to be where does a 24 year old unemployed neuroscience student get the approximately $20,000 necessary to gear up the way he was?  It was reported that he purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition. He was wearing a throat guard, a groin protector, shin guards, tactical gloves and helmet…and sported several very powerful weapons.  Where did he get that kind of money?

Next, scroll up and take a good look at his face.  What comes across to you from his eyes?  Do they look a little vacant?  Drugged? Programmed?

James Holmes becomes the Joker

James Holmes becomes the Joker

If, indeed, Holmes was sitting in the first row and took a call before leaving the theater, who would it have been to call him at that time?   Picture this possibility.  Your phone rings.  There is a voice on the other end that speaks a simple phrase, one that was given to you, programmed into you.  Any time your hear this phrase, you immediately slip into an altered state and perform specific tasks, tasks which you were programmed to perform.  You remain in this state until you hear the antidote phrase, and if you never hear that phrase, you remain in that programmed state.  This young man may be a victim himself …of both mind control and an unscrupulous shadow government, one which orchestrates catastrophe.  The primary goal is to manipulate you.

If you think it wise that the people give up their arms, thinking that then, at last, they will be safe (because we apparently are not safe enough with the TSA agents groping us, the government reading our emails and monitoring our phone calls, and our bodies being bombarded with back scatter radiation every time we fly),  then please consider the following very carefully:

When seconds count, police are just minutes away

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