James Holmes and dad, Robert Holmes

James Holmes

James Holmes

Robert Holmes math genius

James Holmes, the accused in the horrific Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre on July 20, 2012, is known to be a highly intelligent neuro sciences student who, for some unknown reason, began falling apart this past spring.  It is reported that he failed an oral exam and then began ordering ammunition, guns and protective body gear right around this time.   But the university he attended in Colorado has countered that what James went through was not a pass/fail situation.  It is more of a collaborative review with suggestions for strengthening the presentation.  Hardly the type of experience to spawn a killing spree.  The fact remains that he had initiated withdrawal from the program.  Something was going on with this young man, but it is unclear as to what.

Much has been said of this young man’s intellect but his father, Robert Holmes, it turns out, is quite the genius.  Robert Holmes is, in fact,  a mathematical genius.   This gentleman is so smart that it is reported that  he has managed to mathematically determine where the trillions that were looted from the global economy (primarily American) has gone, right down to the actual accounts where the money  now sits.   In short, Mr. Robert Holmes is able to name names in the biggest banking scandal of all time.  It is Robert Holmes that is the truly dangerous man, not James.  Through his son, have they established control over Robert Holmes?  Interesting possibility and not at all beyond the range of their capabilities, certainly.

UPDATE:  There is no corroboration at this time that Robert Holmes is nor was scheduled to testify before the Senate Banking Committee.  He does work for FICO, he does work in the Fraud division, he is an excellent mathematician.  The matter of being scheduled to testify is an unconfirmed rumor at this time and is most likely false.

Robert Holmes works for FICO (Fair Issac Co), the financial company that determines everyone’s FICO score, upon which all credit depends.  Robert Holmes is purported to be on the list of witnesses summoned by Congress to testify in the Senate hearings regarding the Libor rate scandal.  These hearings have been going on all month and both Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the privately held “Federal” Reserve Board, and Timothy Geithner, Obama appointed tax dodger and Secretary of the Treasury, testified earlier in the month.

Mr. Holmes, it turns out, is the lead scientist in the FICO fraud detection division and it is rumored that a mathematical algorithm he designed discovered an elaborate scheme taking place at the highest levels of the banking world.  This scheme involves manipulation of the Libor rate (London inter bank  offered rate).  It is further rumored that his algorithm has made it possible to trace some $21 trillion in stolen funds (U.S. TARP funds perhaps?) …right down to the bank accounts where the money now sits.  If true, this man, Robert Holmes, could singlehandedly bring down the most corrupt financial scheme in human history.  We are being told that his son, with no strong political views nor any of the other typical disgruntlements, murdered and wounded a theater full of people.  What are the odds on that?   Robert Holmes, it seems, is the one person who might accurately compute those odds.

Consider this.  When a person walks in to a darkened theater through a rear exit door wearing all black, wearing a gas mask with plexiglass goggles, and lobbing smoke bombs into the crowd, there is no way for anyone to make a positive ID.  For all we know, James Holmes may have let the killer in the door, then went to his car to change into identical gear, and just sat there until the police finally noticed him.

RFK fall guy Sirhan Sirhan

Sirhan Sirhan1969-The Patsy

For those of us old enough to remember the Robert Kennedy assassination, we need to acknowledge that Sirhan Sirhan to this day does not remember shooting Robert Kennedy.  And Sirhan Sirhan had a notebook which was submitted as evidence at his trial.  Notebook…now who else is purported to have had a notebook?  James Holmes?

English: Excerpt from Sirhan Sirhan's spiral n...

English: Excerpt from Sirhan Sirhan’s spiral notebook, which was claimed to be a diary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am, in truth, pleased with this notebook business because I suspect that the plot reveals itself rather handily in this one detail.  The purported Holmes notebook, sent to psychiatrist Lynne Fenton, was reported to have been languishing in the college mail room for approximately one week before it was discovered, undelivered.  It is now being reported that there is an investigation underway to determine who leaked the information to the news media about the notebook being there in the first place.  Remember, it had been sitting there, undelivered and unopened for almost a week.  Only a person knowing what was in it, and frustrated that it had not yet been discovered, would have made that call to the media.  And that person was not James Holmes because he was already in jail and having rather curiously warned the police about his booby trapped apartment,  said nothing further, other than to ask “why am I in jail”?.

Sirhan Sirhan’s notebook had been found in his apartment, but other arrangements  needed to be made for Holmes’  little collection of massacring stick figures, since his apartment was so elaborately tricked out with explosives and such…no guarantee that the incriminating stick figures would survive and perhaps they didn’t want to just plant it in the rubble after the fact.  The finding of 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta’s intact passport atop WTC rubble had created quite a lot of conspiratorial kerfuffle at the time.  So, the only solution was to mail it.  But as Scottish poet Robert Burns long ago observed “the best laid schemes o’ mice and men gang aft a-gley”.  In short, shit happens, and the tip to the media may just be the crack in the door that lets the light in.

More than forty years later, lawyers for Sirhan Sirhan are fighting for his release from prison.  A witness who was present at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, Ca testified to both the media and the FBI at the time that there was a man to her right who was shooting at Kennedy and it wasn’t Sirhan Sirhan:

“Attorneys for Robert F. Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan say the Jordanian citizen should be released from prison because his1969 murder conviction was tainted, according to a slew of reports May 2. According to papers filed by Sirhan’s lawyers in February, assassination witness Nina Rhodes-Hughes, now 78, says the official report that Sirhan was the lone gunman who fired a total of eight shots, three of which hit Kennedy, is wrong. Hughes says she told the media and the FBI back in 1968 that there was a second shooter and that a total of 12 to14 rounds were fired at the presidential candidate…Sirhan asserts he does not remember firing his .22 caliber revolver at Kennedybecause he was brainwashed to be the fall guy—a patsy, so the real killer, or killers, could do the crime undetected.” (from http://www.examiner.com)


Robert Kennedy and Juan Romero

From the same article, this tidbit:

“It has also been claimed that convicted “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski took part in MKULTRA at Harvard University in the late 1950s….

Under the MKULTRA program, subjects were brainwashed, administered drugs and experimental chemicals, underwent sensory deprivation sessions and were hypnotized.

Carried out at American universities and secret laboratories, MKULTRA aimed to alter brain function of its subjects, allowing them to be controlled at will or forget sensitive, classified information”.

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