Lights, Camera, Action-Cut!



The dreaded Islamic terrorist cell, Isis or ISIL , was covertly funded and armed  by the CIA (via Benghazi in Libya) in an effort to overthrow Bashar Assad’s government in Syria.  After the August 2013 poison gas mass murder of Syrian civilians, the USA tried to pin it on Assad’s troops but Russia intervened, strongly demanding all boots off of their Syrian ally

The Russians produced compelling evidence that the Syrian villagers were actually murdered by the CIA backed rebels.  It was something of a shock when British Parliament voted against attacking Syria.  One by one, other nations declined to participate as well.  As the Scotsman poet , Robert Burns, noted “the best laid schemes of mice and men  gang aft agley.”

All went quiet on the Middle Eastern front as our intelligence assets went to work on plan B.  A few months later, voila!  Seemingly out of nowhere, a barbaric group called ISIS began running wild in Iraq.   Oh no, look what’s happened now!  The Syrian rebels that were armed with USA supplied rocket launchers, tanks and all manner of munitions are now ravaging what’s left of Iraq.  In a few short weeks ISIS became the hole in the wall gang grabbing oil wells, dams, bank deposits and gold.  They are now “self funding”.

They have been crucifying  Christians and lopping off the heads of helpless villagers wherever they go. However, to whip up global angst and public support for opposing the barbarians, one needs a the support of the world’s press, not to mention some compellingly manipulative visuals.  The demise of Syria is essential to the end game which is to create a united  Islam.

A radicalized and united Islam can then surround Israel.   At long last, they can get the party started.   Armageddon, all invited.  This is why there seems to be a never ending supply of American and British journalists captured months ago in Syria.  In fact, ISIS/ISIL seems to be lining up a fourth serving of their favorite dish, “tete d’un journaliste”.   They announced with some relish that they have another Brit in hand.  Just wondering, why the disappearance of so many journalists in Syria wasn’t  known until now.   One would think that all these journalists gone missing would have been a big story.  They sure can keep a secret when they want to.

The Godzilla sized fellow dressed in business black in the photo above is our latest villain, Jihad John.  They must be trying to make him into the new Lawrence of Arabia because he seems to have a distinct British accent.  Unfortunately, speaking inane lines such as “I’m back, Obama”,  Jihad John is more reminiscent of  a scripted Batman nemesis

Now, as it turns out, they had them a Frenchie too but France paid his ransom so ISIS/ISIL let him go.  He was interviewed, of course.  He made a point of trying to explain why all the victims look so calm in the face of imminent death by a crude beheading, as though that required some explanation.  The French journalist said (paraphrasing) ” You see, they drag you out on a regular basis and pretend they are about to kill you, but they don’t, so you get used to it.  All of these people probably thought nothing was going to happen to them”.  Yes, of course.  That’s why they are so unruffled.

This is how the game is being played.  Essentially. we are collectively being bullied and manipulated toward another world war by a multi dimensional grade B movie, produced and directed by the CIA.  Jihad John is just another Bin Laden, just another fully tricked out boogeyman to be chased all over creation until he no longer serves a purpose.  Unfortunately, the deaths off camera are real.  The people of Syria and Iraq are really being over run and slaughtered by these mindless, Mohammed bitten tools.  Just think of it as your tax dollars at work.


Hollywood Green Screen

Hollywood Green Screen

 Dedicated to Cheyenne, the Muse