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Bloom Box generates buzz, skepticism with 60 Minutes spot –

So, what is a Bloom Box and why should you care? It is intriguing, cutting edge technology comprised of silicon wafers (from simple beach sand) coated with special inks on both sides. Oxygen flows along one side if the wafers while a small quantity of fuel which can come from gas, bio-fuel gas, or even solar generated fuel, flows along the other side.  This process actually produces electricity. Emissions are minimal, thus this technology is quite green.

Two small boxes of the stacked wafers can power an entire American home.  Large commercial stack units have been undergoing testing at Google and EBay facilities and the research lab is appropriately located in Silicon Valley, California.  The goal is to mass produce these boxes for the home for less than $2,000,  And that, my friends, is progress and progress should interest you.