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Energy Pyramid:

(fire in the middle)

“God Geometrizes” – Plato

I followed the directions precisely and cut my pyramid out of office copier paper.   The sides of the  Great Pyramid are of a particular ratio and I measured and cut my sides accordingly.  After assembling it, I oriented it to true north with the help of a compass.  I stored my razor on a platform 2/3rds of the way up.  I was sincerely surprised to find that the razor was remaining as sharp as new despite  month after month of use.  Certain aspects of this, by extension, reminded me of astrology.

Astrology is in part knowing the geometry of the sky as well as knowing what those angular relationships mean in terms of the energy being manifested in daily life.  There are angles known to be harmonious yielding easy flow of energy and other angles which are known to be stressful or discordant.

Dr Emoto has demonstrated that water can respond to intention and the resulting shapes take on the form of complex and often staggeringly beautiful geometric snowflake like shapes when frozen.  And if you attach a flat surface to a violin, sprinkle sand over the plate, draw the bow across the strings,you will see that each note produces a different geometric pattern in the sand, much the way that each word projected into the water produces a unique geometric form.  Frequency and geometric shapes seem to be intimately connected or as Plato stated, “God geometrizes”.  The geometry of the Great Pyramid either produces or modulates a free flowing energy, an energy that we are yet to fully comprehend or explain, but an energy that is there just the same.

Bosnian pyramid emitting energy beam

We see this in South American pyramids also…take a look at this video:

Take a look at some excellent photographic examples of Emoto crystals:

Dr. Masaru Emoto

"Imagine a multidimensional spider's web ...

Dr. Masaru Emoto and Indra’s Net

There are three articles in this blog which are linked by a subtly interwoven fabric of thought.  You can find these under the category above under the header labeled “Emoto Crystals”.  I wrote this series because I see a link between Dr. Emoto’s work in the crystalline expressions which are created from intention projected into water and then frozen and photographed, and the sound expressions produced by a violin that you will read about in the article “Energy Pyramid”.

Dr. Emoto’s work provides some amazing insights into the mind of the Architect, the Creator, The Yehweh. But it is only one small aspect of a much more awesome exploration, a single aspect of the most mysterious and powerful thing, that thing being the very fabric of creation.  And upon that fabric of creation is projected the light of consciousness, and together, they produce what we call reality.  Ancient Hindu myths speak of Indra’s net.  Wikipedia explains this ancient metaphor in the following way:

Buddhist concepts of interpenetration hold that all phenomena are intimately connected; for the Huayan school, Indra’s net symbolizes a universe where infinitely repeated mutual relations exist between all members of the universe.[5] This idea is communicated in the image of the interconnectedness of the universe as seen in the net of the Vedic god Indra, whose net hangs over his palace on Mount Meru, the axis mundi of Vedic cosmology and Vedic mythology. Indra’s net has a multifaceted jewel at each vertex, and each jewel is reflected in all of the other jewels.

Like an infinite hall of mirrors….like a hologram

Different Perspective Blog Articles related to Dr Emoto:

“The Baffling Edge”

“G. Patrick Flanagan”

“Energy Pyramid”

(see header category “Emoto Crystals”)

The Baffling “Edge”


Image via Wikipedia

There is something new on the scene and my mind refuses to believe what I have seen with my own eyes.  I keep asking myself things like “what is it”? and “how can it possibly work”?  It is small, light weight, a bit rubbery. Hold it up to the light and you see a geometric hologram. Flip it over and there is a different hologram on the other side.

As  I stared at the center of the hologram I began to see a slow blossoming of minute petals, a blossoming  that got faster and faster, then suddenly rushed toward me.  Trippy.  It was as if it were rewarding my attention by unfurling some secret world for me.

I taped it to my gas tank and watched in amazement as my mechanic showed me the before and after smog tests.  The results for all the noxious emissions were half or less from the base test.  I couldn’t wait to start driving.  A few days later, I was stunned again….I was now getting 28% more miles per gallon!   What was happening?  What, indeed?

They call it The Edge and it seems to yield 20-30% more miles per gallon, but nobody knows exactly why.  It is said to be embedded with frequencies and these frequencies affect the gas, changing it in some way.  Is it operating on a principle related to those that govern homeopathy?  Possibly.

In homeopathy, water is recognized as being a programmable crystal, so sensitive that a single molecule of anything other than water creates enough resonance to program the water with its frequency.  Is Homeopathy like a hologram in water?  Is the Edge Homeopathy for your gas tank?

Consider Dr.  Masaro Emoto’s work in capturing intention in water, freezing it and photographing it.  When you look at the photographs,you see that each word or thought projected into the water produced a different geometric form, much like snowflakes.  Positive thoughts produce beautiful, symmetrical geometry….negative thoughts, not so much.  Here are the crystal forms for Love and Happiness:

Smog tests verify that the Edge has greatly and often, entirely, eliminated pollutants from emissions.  Independent, objective testing shows us that something very real, something very positive is taking place.

It would appear that we are slouching toward Bethlehem, waiting to be born.  A whole new and vibrantly exciting approach to technology is breaking through, struggling to be realized.  Like the beautiful petals of the flower that blossomed from the center of the hologram,  this new technology is waiting to be noticed.

G. Patrick Flanagan PhD

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G. Patrick Flanagan PhD

It was such a thrill for me to actually meet Dr. G. Pat Flanagan in the late 1970’s.  I had read his book titled Pyramid Power earlier in the decade.  I knew of his two surprising inventions which he had come up with between ages twelve and fourteen.  One was the “Bone Phone” which made it possible for the deaf to hear by bypassing the non functioning ears, sending sound through the bones instead.  A patent was granted to Flanagan for this device  by a skeptical patent official who instructed him to perform a test of the device with a profoundly deaf man whom the official personally knew.  They played classical music and when the deaf man began to cry with joy, the patent was immediately granted.  Flanagan was fourteen.

At age twelve, he did a project for his school science fair.  What was it?  The bubbling volcano?   The mung bean sprouts with and without fertilizer?  No.  This twelve year old had designed a device that could detect missiles and atomic material.  His project was confiscated by the US military and he never saw it again.  A General from the Pentagon explained to him that it had been put into one of our satellites and launched.

Confronted with a mind like that, when he proclaimed in a book about pyramids that you could improve the taste of food, keep food from spoiling, and keep razor blades sharp by placing them inside a pyramid, I decided to pay attention.  Now, there are thousands of variations on the shape we call pyramid.  Flanagan was  specific. The pyramid had to be constructed in perfect proportion to the Great Pyramid at Giza in order to experience these wondrous and mysterious effects.

continued in the article “Pyramid-Fire in the Middle”….see the category “Emoto Crystals” and scroll down to the last of four articles

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