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David Bowie Bows Out-Blackstar-Part 2

National Enquirer Jan 22 2016

National Enquirer Jan 22 2016

In part 1, we reviewed just how improbable it was for Bowie to have composed all of those songs, recorded his promotional videos and worked on his off Broadway play, “Lazarus” while battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

In the Blackstar promotional videos, we can see that he has his own hair and eyebrows.  Now, a mere eleven hours ago, The National Enquirer has stepped forward to reveal (drum roll, please) that Bowie really died of AIDS.  And, oh yes, the body was immediately cremated  “They immediately cremated his body without an autopsy to hide the AIDS secret,” a source told “The ENQUIRER.”  

So now we have a man who was suffering from AIDS, terminal liver cancer and enduring debilitating chemotherapy at the time he was composing, recording, performing and working on a play.  Spare me. The spin doctors are working feverishly on damage control and simply making matters worse, as they always do.  It doesn’t add up and there is nothing they can do now, short of saying that he was murdered, to make it add up. Give it a rest, why don’t you, and leave the poor man be.

Before we return to the subject of Mr. Bowie’s final project, it might be worth noting the National Enquirer’s ties to the CIA.  In 2010, Jeff Stein wrote an article for regarding the pending release of a book written by the son of Gene Pope, founder of the National Enquirer.  Referring to an incident involving a freelance photographer for the Enquirer, a telephoto lens, and a captured document in Henry Kissinger’s open briefcase, Stein wrote:

“Pope (the son) has a unique vantage on this particular story: The editor in question was his father, Gene Pope, founder of the scandal-mongering tabloid. Gene Pope, meanwhile, happened to have reason to turn toward the CIA. Through family connections, he had dodged the Korean War draft by doing a two-year stint with the agency (CIA) in psychological warfare”.


The National Enquirer was and still is a propaganda tool for the CIA. Whenever they break a story just be sure that it isn’t so much about what enquiring minds want to know, it is more about what the propaganda Wurlitzer wants those minds to believe. The key phrase in the quote above is “psychological warfare”.  That says it all.

Dead Astronomers

Robert Harrington had  located and tracked a large object approaching our solar system back in 1990.  He made observations of it over a two year period and when he finally felt that he had enough data to make an announcement to the public, he made preparations to return home for a press conference. But he never made it to the press conference. Seemingly out of the blue, he was stricken with esophageal cancer and died on January 23, 1993. He had determined that the massive body was approaching from the south at a 30 degree tilt to the ecliptic of our solar system….something like this:

Projected orbit of X

Projected orbit of X

While pretending to sponsor cancer treatment research back in the early 1960’s, The CIA learned the method for producing raging, fast moving cancer in the human body.  They did so by duping several researchers into thinking that they were working on a cure.  Always in search of plausible deniability techniques, the fast moving cancer method quickly became a favorite of “The Company”.  Not only was Harrington likely dispatched in this insidious manner, astronomers Allan Savage and Brian Geoffrey Marsden seem to have met the same fate in 2010.  It would be quite plausible to write these two deaths off as “natural” given the fact that Savage was eighty four and Marsden was seventy three when they died of cancer had it not been for this one curious detail.  The two men died just five days apart of an identical form of cancer that afflicts just one in a hundred thousand people. Savage died on November 13, 2010 and Marsden on November 18th.

The astronomical community was already reeling from the sudden death of the extraordinary John Huchra, age sixty one, on October 8, 2010. Among many other amazing talents and contributions to the study of space, Huchra was known for his unparalleled ability to compute and plot the position of objects in space and to predict orbits.  He died of a heart attack, his second in four years.

In the prior year of 2009, astronomer Kevin Beurle perished in a hot air balloon disaster in Turkey on May 29th. As time moved forward, things only got worse for professional stargazers:


February 6– Astronomer Walter Steiger, age eighty seven- died from a collision with an SUV while motoring on his moped in Hilo, Hawaii. No drugs nor alcohol was found in his system nor had he been speeding.  Bad brakes?

March 3– Astronomer James Elliot of Cornell, age sixty seven – discoverer of the Uranus ring system died of complications of cancer treatment.

September 29– Astronomer Michael Drake, lead scientist for NASA , age sixty five- died of liver cancer


January 11– Astronomer Steven Rawlings was found dead in a friend’s bungalow near Oxford, Great Britain-no obvious cause of death and was ruled to “seem accidental”. Various reports said that he had mental problems, died of cardiac arrest, died during a headlock being applied by his friend after Rawlings attacked him. Who knows?

March 10– Astronomer Koh Ichiro Morita was found near death outside his apartment in Santiago, Chile with what appeared to observers to be  a head injury. Curiously, his death was officially attributed to pancreatic cancer.

May 30– Astronomer Richard Crowe age sixty, was the only fatality in a jeep accident near Sedona, Arizona. during a canyon tour. The jeep went off the narrow road and tumbled end over end down a canyon wall. Crowe died while awaiting a helicopter rescue which took three hours to arrive on scene.

There are at least ten other astronomers who died between 2007 and 2010 but it is difficult to ascertain anything untoward about their deaths. Even the deaths listed above can be argued to have been natural. But if all these deaths are natural, astronomy has to be one of the world’s deadliest professions. Nothing here is definitive but it is certainly worth considering.

Project Camelot’s Interview of Kameran Faily

Mr. Kameran Faily had recorded three interviews with Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot between September and December 2015. In his third interview posted on YouTube on December 17 2015, Faily brought up the topic of David Bowie’s “Blackstar” album. He asserted that Bowie was conveying a warning about the dark star that the ancient Sumerians warned of. Why is that important? Why should Faily’s opinion of iBlackstar’s meaning carry any more weight than Christians alleging that the video is about the devil or a blog commenter asserting that it is about “black lives matter”? Still another dismissively insists that “Blackstar” was simply about Bowie’s death. Why should we think Faily knows enough to have his opinion count?

Kameran, an Iraqi Kurd,  has had a very interesting life. His family have been negotiators and peace brokers in the middle east for many generations. They have advised sheiks, caliphs, bankers, as well as the Queen of England. Mr. Faily holds multiple degrees in physics, astrophysics and is a religious scholar.  He is also a consultant to several persons that the rest of us regard as Illuminati members. He is thoroughly familiar with the Illuminati, their structure, their rivalries, their rituals, their codes and their twisted logic.

His December interview is certainly very, very interesting. He wove together a very persuasive argument supporting the idea that Planet X is right at our door step by integrating various passages from the Bible and coordinating those with corresponding passages from the Koran.  He drew upon what was at the time the upcoming Bowie “Darkstar” release to underscore his predictions regarding the timing of the event saying that this was an Illuminati warning to humanity from the beneficent faction within the group. There exists a certain amount of incompatibility between the concepts of ritual child sacrifice, satanic worship, fascism Nazism, and beneficence, is there not?  To add beneficence into that equation does seem disquietingly oxymoronic.

Faily’s intentions are, no doubt, good. Mr.Faily certainly was not clued in to the fact that Bowie was about to die. Perhaps he was being used by his wicked cadre of Illuminati contacts. We shall know soon enough because he described a devastating scenario that he calculated to occur between April and August of this year, 2016.  Keep your eyes on those skies, though likely, this is just another Illuminati ruse.

Land of the Rising Suns?

What do we have here? Two suns? Three suns? Four suns?  Or maybe we have holographic projections. What are those straight line pink beams in the sky? Each of these “suns” seems to have its very own ethereal  pink beam. Have we caught somebody using a very advanced secret technology?  Are there chem trail mixes that can actually turn the sky into a gigantic projection screen?  Have any of you seen multiple suns in the sky with your own eyes? If so, please do leave a comment.

This looks like a test run for the pending “alien invasion” that the Illuminati reportedly have planned for some time in the future when they are ready to officially ring in their “New World Order” with centralized global governance, a single currency, and the one true god, Lucifer. Look forward to holograms of alien hordes spewing forth from their inter dimensional, supra galactic chariots. It will, no doubt, be quite a show.

Would the real sun please stand up?

            Would the real sun please stand up?          

Somebody somewhere is working very, very hard to convince us that there is a massive planetary object lurking in our solar system poised to topple mountains and wrench the Earth’s crust.  Is this real or is this just another dose of manipulative fear porn?  Consider the source. Fear porn is the most likely answer, purpose unknown. As for Mr. Bowie, he was quite an imaginative character with great talent. His voice was unique and his musical genius will be missed. Goodbye, David.
David Bowie-Illuminati

David Bowie-Illuminati

Bowie Bows Out-Blackstar

Bowie Bows Out-Blackstar

David Bowie-Labyrinth

David Bowie-Labyrinth

Legendary performer and rock super star, David Bowie, stopped performing in concert back in 2004. He took his final bow on January 10th, 2016, succumbing to a cancer that few knew that he had.

At the recent and unexpected news of Bowie’s death, mainstream media began trumpeting about Bowie having suffered a series of heart attacks that brought an abrupt end to his personal appearances as well as Bowie having been diagnosed with an incurable cancer some eighteen months ago. Oh, now you tell us.

Curious Contradiction

Only seven weeks before Bowie’s death, close friend and music producer,Tony Visconti, gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine explaining that heart surgery in 2004 had cured Bowie of his cardiac issues. Rolling Stone published the article on November 23rd 2015 regarding the pending release of Bowie’s “Blackstar” album. Here follows a quote from that article. Please keep in mind that Bowie’s death came only six or seven weeks after this interview was published. Tony Visconti met with, spoke with, and socialized with David Bowie on an ongoing and frequent basis:

“Bowie hasn’t sung a note publicly since performing “Changes” with Alicia Keys at a New York charity event in 2006, and he hasn’t given an interview in more than a decade. That has led to rumors that Bowie, who underwent emergency heart surgery for a blocked artery after a show in Germany, is in failing health, but everyone involved with insists that’s not the case. “He’s in fine health,” says Visconti.’He’s just made a very rigorous album.’ “

“Sessions for often lasted seven hours, and Bowie sang at full force throughout the entire day. “He’d just go from zero to 60 once we walked out of the control room and into the studio,” says Guiliana. “And his vocal performances were always just stunning, amazing.” In his downtime, Bowie was working on the Off-Broadway musical Lazarus, in which he was intimately involved in every aspect of production, down to casting.”

Considering the fact that that the interview was conducted in late 2015, Visconti’s next comment regarding the surreal short video Bowie produced to promote the “Blackstar” single seems eerily prescient:

“I don’t think he’s ever going to play live again,” says Visconti. “If he does, it will be a total surprise.”  (Bowie had shared with him the fact that he was “done with touring” many years ago).


Yet in spite of all these reports of energy and vigor,  David Bowie shed his mortal coil on January 10th 2016. his distinctive and singular voice forever silenced. Mr. Bowie, born David Jones in South London, was an absolute master of self reinvention.  Two days prior to his passing, he had celebrated his sixty ninth birthday which coincided with the release date of what is now his final recorded album.. Given Visconti’s observations, this is all quite curious leading some to speculate that Bowie is the latest “Illuminati sacrifice”.

Anyone who is familiar with even mid stage cancer can attest to the disease’s ability to sap one’s energy. Cancer is utterly enervating.  Its victims can barely walk from their bed to the bathroom much less put in seven or eight rigorous hours each day at a sound studio and then dash off to work on their play production across town.  It just doesn’t seem possible that Bowie had been afflicted with cancer during the making of his “Blackstar” album which was produced during the first six or seven months of 2015.

The “Blackstar” compilation also includes a tune called “Lazarus”, so perhaps there is more to come from the quirky pop star. The truly big question will be if Jesus would agree to participate. Some who knew Bowie in his earlier years might think that quite unlikely

Rolling Stone Part Deux

Three days after Bowie’s death, friend Tony Visconti engaged in some heavy duty back pedaling in yet another Rolling Stone piece. Here are Visconti’s remarks published on January 13th 2016:

“Visconti first learned of Bowie’s illness a year ago, when he showed up for Blackstar recording sessions in New York. “He just came fresh from a chemo session, and he had no eyebrows, and he had no hair on his head,” says Visconti, “and there was no way he could keep it a secret from the band. But he told me privately, and I really got choked up when we sat face to face talking about it.”

“He was optimistic because he was doing the chemo and it was working,” says Visconti, “and at one point in the middle of last year, he was in remission. I was thrilled. And he was a bit apprehensive. He said, ‘Well, don’t celebrate too quickly. For now I’m in remission, and we’ll see how it goes.’ And he continued the chemotherapy. So I thought he was going to make it. And in November, it just suddenly came back. It had spread all over his body, so there’s no recovering from that.”


So, after Visconti as well as members of the band that worked on “Blackstar” gave interviews describing Bowie as energetic and productive at the time that he was making the just released album, now Bowie is being portrayed as undergoing chemo, bald as a billiard ball and without eyebrows during the early months of 2015. Keep in mind that Bowie was also working on his off-Broadway production, “Lazarus”.  All of this had taken place between January and March of 2015.  Hmmm.

More puzzling still, according to Visconti, after remission, Bowie pressed in November 2015 to record at least five more new tunes that he had just recently penned for an album to follow “Blackstar”. Now wait….if Bowie wrote “Blackstar” as a farewell, as a personal dirge, why was he working on a follow up?  And if he was undergoing chemo at the same time that he was doing the vocals for “Blackstar”, how was he spending seven hours a day in the studio and then sprinting off to work on “Lazarus”?  And if he was bald with no eyebrows, why does he have a full head of hair and perfectly obvious eyebrows in the videos for the songs “Lazarus” and “Blackstar”? Cancer is extremely debilitating, chemotherapy even more so.  Something doesn’t smell quite right here.


David Bowie-Black Star

David Bowie-Black Star

As they learned of Bowie’s death music critics immediately and quite understandably assumed that “Blackstar” was a personal reflection of Bowie’s impending passing. One columnist went so far as to herald Bowie’s death itself, timed with the release of “Blackstar:”, as a work of art; another termed it “a perfect exit”, and another portrayed his album “Blackstar” a “parting gift to fans”.

But was Bowie describing his personal and impending demise to which close friend Tony Visconti’s seemed totally oblivious ….or was Bowie warning us of ours?

Was Bowie chosen by the Illuminati to convey a dire warning to us or was he given the death penalty by the Illuminati for having done so? According to Visconti the album was recorded in secrecy during the first few months of 2015. According to the press, Bowie was secretly fighting cancer for the last eighteen months.  One wonders just how many other secrets may be lurking out beyond our loathsome, chem-trailed skies? There is just so much they are hiding from us all the time, isn’t there?

Fraught With Symbols-Dripping With Double Entendre

Perhaps we can learn something from looking carefully at the promotional video that Bowie made to promote the “Blackstar” album. Here is a sequence of some of the primary images (themes) presented to us in that video:


Astronaut-Taped Middle finger

Astronaut-taped middle finger

The video opens with images of an astronaut alone in a desolate landscape. The very first frame is a closeup of the astronaut’s left hand…the very first image. A piece of red tape has been wound around the middle finger. This shot is a deliberated closeup.  Therefore, we may presume that we are supposed to notice the middle finger. The very first message of this video is that it is an “F-U” to someone or to a group of someones,  else why wind red tape around the tell tale digit?

Dead Astronaut

Frame two reveals that we are looking at an astronaut


Astronaut-smiley face

There is a smiley face on his space suit. The breathing tube is barely visible just below and to the left of the smiley face. It is not connected to an air supply.

Bandages and Buttons

Bandages and Buttons

At the point of transition from a purely instrumental introduction, Bowie appears wearing a blindfold with buttons in place of eyes and sings the lyrics “On the day of execution, on the day of execution, only women kneel and smile.  At the center of it all, your eyes, your eyes.”  When you are wearing bandages over your eyes and you have buttons in their place, might you not be suffering from “eyes wide shut”?


Space Odyssey parallel

2001 A Space Odyssey parallel-invoking Stanley Kubrick?

Roughly one third of the way through the video we can barely distinguish a human form that is slowly floating, feet first, toward the strange dark star that had been seen hanging in the sky. Compare to the floating astronaut in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001-A Space Odyssey”.  In Bowie’s video, the floating figure rotates the same way that the astronaut did in Kubrick’s film.

Scene from 2001 A Space Odyssey

Scene from Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey


Eyes Pointed Skyward

Eyes Pointed Skyward

During an instrumental bridge, there is a scene in which Bowie holds a worn and somewhat ancient book in his hand. We are shown the cover which bears a solitary black star printed over a black cover. In some of the frames, that black star is very hard to see. He stares up at the sky along with three other people. They all look concerned.  Lyrics resume:

“Something happened on the day he died, spirit rose a meter and stepped aside. Somebody else took his place and bravely cried ‘I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar. How many times does an angel fall? How many people lie instead of talking tall?  He trod on sacred ground. He cried loud in to the crowd ‘I’m a black star, I’m a blackstar. I’m not a gangstar'” 

Knit these various themes together and we find Bowie stitching up oblique references to Stanley Kubrick, outer space, eyes wide shut, death, and a glowering dark star. It would seem that Bowie may be warning us of a danger that people in high places know about, yet say nothing.  Bowie is trying to “talk tall”.

Rumors of a Dark Star

Brown Dwarf 2008-Ifrared Antarctic

Brown Dwarf 2008-Ifrared Antarctic

In 2008, a man who had a friend in NASA asked if there was any evidence of the planet Nibiru and its brown dwarf sun….its “dark star”, Nemesis.  He was sent a rather shocking photo taken by an infrared telescope located in Antarctica.   The glowing object was in the vicinity of Pluto and the Kuiper Belt and is likely the long sought culprit responsible for perturbations in Pluto’s orbit.

A brown dwarf is a burned out star, an object that is not visible to an ordinary light refracting telescope.  It can only be detected with infrared which will “see” its heat as opposed to its light.  The red-orange glow is a massive cloud said to be composed of iron ore particles which the dead star is continually shedding.

Sumerian Legend

Persons familiar with the work of the late Zecharia Sitchin  already know something of the planet Niburu which is said to cyclically intrude into our solar system along with its sister planets and its dark star companion. The Sumerians recorded a nasty incursion many thousands of years ago. The period of orbit of this rogue mini solar system is thought to be roughly 3,600 years.  It has been speculated that the great flood of Noah may have been triggered by one of the dark star’s crossings some twelve thousand years ago.

Recent Strange Goings On

Here follows two very interesting photographs taken by people half a world apart, people who are not connected and are unknown to one another. Clearly, something “extra” and rather large has been wandering our skies of late. But is it the legendary Planet X as some are speculating?  Many have captured it on video.  Just look through You Tube for the dozens and dozens of home videos of everything from a double sun to the Blue Katchina. The silence from “officialdom” is deafening.  But don’t worry, we have always been told.  Legions of amateur astronomers will warn us even if NASA won’t. Apparently not. The amateur astronomer does not have access to infrared technology. They won’t be able to see the dark star Nemesis until we all can and we won’t be able to see it until it is upon us.

May 27,2013-South America


Plane Window May 27,1013

Plane Window May 27, 2013

The plane was in South America not far from the equator at the moment the picture above was taken.  Whatever this object is, it is easier to observe the further south you are on our planet.
Our sun is clearly visible at the bottom of the photo and we can see a conjunction between planets Jupiter and Venus.  This conjunction is confirmed by the Swiss Ephermeris which tracks the planets for astrologers.

May 2013 Swiss Ephemeris

 January 14, 2014-Sacramento, California

Venus Eclipse of X

Venus eclipsed by an unknown intruder?

NBC television station KCRA in Sacramento, California caught our planet Venus eclipsing something rather large in 2014. The KCRA  photo is a zoom lens capture of a large glowing sphere behind Venus. This occurred during a routine pre -dawn morning news segment during which the news anchors check in with their helicopter.  One of the anchors noticed something odd in the distance and requested a zoom in from the camera man.
There is only one problem.  On January 14th, 2014 when this event was accidentally captured by the KCRA morning news helicopter, there were no planets (other than Venus) from our solar system in that position!
The KCRA video taken a year and a half ago show a large body between Venus and the sun.  With the sun illuminating it, we should be able to observe the signature reddish cloud….but we don’t. Nor do we see it in the preceding photo taken from an air plane window over South America. So then, it can not be Nemesis, the dead star of planet Nibiru.  By now, we should have seen and felt the effects.
At the time of Moses, most likely it was a Nemesis flyby that bestowed Egypt’s renowned seven plagues.  One of the plagues described was of their waters turning red….a consequence of passing through the thick cloud of iron ore. On the other hand, what these may be are one of Nemesis’ planets. Nemesis does have several of is own planets, so the Sumerians claimed.

North Pole Anomaly

North Pole Migration

North Pole Migration

Federal agency NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) supposedly has been tracking the position of the north pole. The graphic above is based on NOAA reports. The location of the north pole has been measured and tracked since 1831. The degree of movement of the pole has greatly accelerated over the last few years. NOAA does show it moving and does show that movement accelerating. However, it does not seem to be actually measuring the location of the pole, it has been estimating it. How do we know this?
A Russian ice breaker actually measured the location of the north pole in 2014 as it sailed over it. It was some five hundred miles to the east and a bit more south of where NOAA reported it to be.  What is the significance of this? For one thing, it goes a long way toward explaining the rapid melting of ice at the north pole because the north pole isn’t anywhere near where it used to be. And it proves that the melt taking place at the north pole has nothing to do with human beings, their nasty carbon dioxide exhalations, nor their cars…unless the weight of the cars is making the Earth tip over.

Crustal Slippage?

Tracking the North Pole

Tracking the North Pole


On January 11th, 2011, the residents of Llulissat, Greenland were positively freaked when the sun rose two days early. At their latitude, they experience a month and a half of total darkness in the winter. It is a constant. Looking at the map where NOAA thought the north pole was in 2014 vs where it actually was, it does appear that the Earth’s crust did actually slip.. The slippage of the crust would account for the sun rising two days early. Media reports of the early sunrise tried to attribute the phenomenon to melting glaciers. As Bowie said, some people lie rather than talking tall.

To be continued in Part 2 
David Bowie-Illuminati

David Bowie-Illuminati

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