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Iranian Warships Heading For U.S.

Iranian Warships Heading For U.S.

Yes, really.

While I am tempted to think this ridiculous and barely worthy of so much as an acknowledgment, there is actually a chilling possibility here.

Iranian warships heading to the U.S.

Iranian warships heading to the U.S.

It requires connecting a few dots to anticipate a chilling possible scenario, but if it actually happens, Americans shouldn’t allow themselves to be fooled again.

The real powers that be (as opposed to the Kabuki cast that we are asked to elect every few years), have a few hot buttons.  These can be thought of as the various nexus points of their choke hold on humanity…banking, currencies, the Fed (which they own, not you, the citizen and the depositor), GMO’s (they want to control the world’s food supply to ensure full compliance at all times and to sterilize as many as possible worldwide), and of course, energy (oil).

They want to shut down the Straits of Hormuz so that oil prices will skyrocket.  In order to do that, they need a war with Iran.  They are also hankering to take Syria into their clutches.  We saw them try their little hearts out last spring with the attempts to work up hostilities toward Assad after a chemical poisoning of a village.  It was blamed on Assad, but there was evidence that the rebels had actually perpetrated the genocide.

The ultimate goal is to install as much Islamic Brotherhood around Israel as possible in preparation for their World War III scenario during which Israel as well as a good portion of the world is to be destroyed by a united Muslim world.

False Flags

The false flag or the “blame it on” pattern is extremely important.   We have seen many leaders throughout history use this technique to rally their people into attacking another nation or group.  America has suffered many of these manipulations; Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11.  All of these were false flag attacks.  Iran may be the next victim of the pointed finger of blame.

Approximately six months ago, word began to leak out about a rather disturbing disappearance of several nuclear warheads from Dyess Air Force base near Abilene, Texas.  A handful of Air Force mucky mucks were summarily fired as a consequence.  Excuses were made that the dismissals were for gambling and fidelity issues, but the timing and magnitude of the breach of a U.S. arsenal suggests otherwise.  This took place between late August and mid-September 2013.  The missing nukes have yet to be accounted for, and that is the big concern here.

Magnetic Pole Flip

Sun in the process of flipping magnetic poles

Sun in the process of flipping magnetic poles

Our sun was in the process of a magnetic pole reversal around that time. There was a well publicized drill scheduled for Mid-November to simulate the effects of the electrical grid going down.  Some theorized that the nukes would be detonated at the moment that the poles flipped and the grid would be brought down by detonating the purloined nukes high up in the atmosphere, creating a devastating EMP (electro-magnetic pulse).  It would be blamed on the sun.  This proved to be a bogus scenario.  But then came this one:

The Mysterious Folded Bills

tsunami on new $100 bill

Massive tsunami depicted on new $100 bill

A You Tube video analyzed the latest $100 bill and discovered that it could be folded in such a way as to show a massive tidal wave in the process of swallowing what looked to be an American city.  It was pointed out that the $20 bill could be folded to reveal the smoking Twin Towers.  The Illuminati always hide their moves in plain sight, we are repeatedly reminded.

Folded $20 reveals Twin Towers attack

Folded $20 reveals Twin Towers attack

Sen. Lindsay Graham’s Peculiar Prediction

And then Senator Lindsay Graham made that strange statement about needing to destroy Syria because failure to do so would result in the nuking of Charleston Harbor within six months.  If Graham is correct, we can look forward to that happening somewhere around March 5th or 6th, perhaps sooner.

Details about Graham’s remark

So, Iran is now sending some warships steaming full speed ahead, heading for American waters.  As we approach the month of March, do keep in mind that those missing American nukes are still out there. How hard would it be to detonate those things and then point the finger at Iran?  Scapegoats inbound?

Missing Nuclear warheads-Generals Fired

WND-Missing Nukes Denied

Fertilizer Plant Fire in Texas

Fertilizer Plant Fire in Texas

West, Texas apartment building

West, Texas apartment building

As terrible as the bombing attack was in Boston, we had a far worse event in terms of loss of human life and destruction of property.  The tragedy in West, Texas has taken a back seat to the drama and spectacle of suspects and shoot outs in Massachusetts.

I think most of us are finally waking up to the false flag concept.   False flags are incidents planned and perpetrated by people in power to create frightening and destructive episodes.  The purpose is to frighten and cower a population so that resistance is eliminated.   Boogeymen are blamed and everyone rallies against the boogeymen.

We just witnessed the entire city of Boston willingly submit to undeclared martial law.  Everybody stayed home and locked their doors just as they were told.  Afterward, they were praised for being good little boys and girls.

But as all eyes were fixed on Boston, something happened on Wednesday April 17th in a little place called West in the state of Texas.  And it was far, far worse than the marathon bombing.

It started with a fire in a fertilizer plant.  As firefighters came on scene to fight the blaze, the plant erupted with massive explosive force and all were lost.  Buildings within a five mile radius were heavily damaged.  To date, there isn’t a firm death/casualty count.

But I have a surprise for you.  In fact, prepare to be shocked.  That plant did NOT explode from the ferocious fire.  It was hit by a missile.  Please watch the videos carefully.  You really can’t miss it.  As you watch these, consider two interesting points.  First, Texas has demanded that the Federal Reserve return their gold to them and second, this particular plant has been involved in a major lawsuit with Monsanto for many years.

Adam Lanza’s 27 Victims

and Some Highly Curious Details

On Friday morning, December 14th 2012, (we are told) a twenty year old honor student murdered his mother at her 1.6 million dollar home, stole

Sandy Hook Murderer

Adam Lanza

two of her handguns and a rifle, stole her car, and drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.  He proceeded to slaughter, with unknown cause, Dawn Hochsprung, the school principal,  school psychologist Mary Sherlach, and teachers Victoria Soto, Ann Marie Murphy, Lauren Rousseau and Rachel Davino.

Twenty children were also slaughtered without cause, all born in either 2005 or 2006, according to a Fox News online post.  The chief Medical Examiner announced during a press conference given today that he had personally performed seven of the autopsies and that all of his subjects had suffered  multiple gun shots…from the Bushmaster rifle.  But the Bushmaster, from the very beginning, was reported as having been found in the back seat of Nancy Lanza’s car.  Huh?

Initial reporting on this horrific occurrence were woefully inaccurate.  The first report stated simply that there had been a shooting at a school in Connecticut and that the adult victim had been transported to a local hospital for treatment of a shot to the foot.  There were possibly two shooters and one had run off into some nearby woods.

An hour or so later, the story began to change…18 dead children, the school principal, the school psychologist.  Another hour or so later it was reported that the killer had also killed his mother who was a teacher at the school, and his father.  His girlfriend and a male friend of his were missing.  Another few hours and the story changed again…the father was alive as was an older brother and the friend and girlfriend were fine.

Nancy Lanza's home

The Lanza Home

Finally, the death toll became twenty kindergartners, six adults, plus the shooter who had died of a self inflicted head wound.  His mother, Nancy Lanza, by all reports a lovely, giving and well grounded and devoted mother, was found dead in her beautifully appointed home, shot in the face, not murdered in the school as was initially reported.   That detail changed soon after a local parent had publicly declared during an interview that she had checked a roster of school staff and there was no Nancy Lanza listed anywhere.

Still later, it was reported several times that Nancy Lanza had been a substitute teacher there, not a staff member, and that Adam had been “buzzed in” because he was recognized as being the relative of an employee.  However, once it was determined that Nancy wasn’t even a substitute teacher there, the story shifted to Adam having  “forced entry”.  The story of him being buzzed in simply evaporated.

All of that can add up to simple confusion combined with bad reporting and I would leave it at that had I not heard this at the very end of last night’s Coast To Coast broadcast.  The final caller of the night, Fred, introduced himself as being a resident of Washington DC and he wanted to report something suspicious about the Sandy Hook massacre.  He stated that his wife, a security specialist, works for the government.  Early Friday morning, she was watching the a.m. news and she turned to him and exclaimed “that’s old news!  I got a text alert about this  at work yesterday.  The shooter killed his mother, too!”  At the time of the news report that she was watching on TV, it was not yet known/reported that the mother was also a victim.  That information came out several hours later.  Fred drove his wife to her office so that she could print up the report, but it was gone.  Whatever agency that had sent that alert to her office computer had retracted it over night.

So, just as we saw in the James Holmes court photo taken at his Aurora arraignment, please scroll back up and look carefully at Adam’s eyes.  Do you see how distended his pupils are?  If you go to my article on James  Holmes not faking anything, you can look at that one shot that caught James’ eyes.  Both these highly intelligent young men have that tell tale sign of extremely enlarged pupils.

The objective is to manipulate public opinion.  We must have gun control!!!  No, may I suggest that it is time that we  expose the psy ops behind these incidents.

Ironically, on the very same day in China, a man attacked people at a school, slashing 22 children and one adult with a knife.  In another incident in China some time back, a man wielding an ax killed 3 children and wounded 13 at a day care center.

It isn’t the guns, it isn’t the knives or the axes…it’s the people and many times its the rage.  But in America, it’s the set up.  Remember…Oklahoma City…immediate legislation infringing on rights…9/11…immediate legislation infringing on privacy and the freedom to travel.  Now, Obama has something to cry over so that he can accomplish the stripping away of our right to protect ourselves.  Just imagine the cold bloodedness of the people behind these set ups.  They didn’t get what they wanted from the Sikh Temple shooting, they didn’t get it from the Gabby Gifford shooting, they didn’t get it from the Colorado movie theater massacre.  Time to dial it up…20 six and seven year olds…we’ll label them “kindergartners” for additional poignancy.  And we’ll do it just before Christmas to really bring it home.  OK, Congress, let’s have a vote.

The cabal that pulls the strings…they turn my stomach.  And Obama…he is a puppet, like so many before him.  He turns my stomach too.

Obama Crocodile Tears

“Grief Stricken” Obama

I remember when Bill Clinton was leaving Ron Brown‘s funeral, he was yucking it up with the people accompanying him but the second he noticed a video camera, his big grin vanished and he pretended to be wiping away tears.  Barack and Bill, methinks you have the same acting coach.

Clinton doesn't notice the camera yet

Before Bill Spots the Camera


Clinton at Ron Browns’ funeral

And there is MORE…Sandy Hook WTF

The Magic of Monsanto

The Magic of Monsanto

LE MONDE SELON MONSANTOA few days ago, a brave team of scientists in France came forward to announce the shocking results of their unprecedented two year secret study on the Monsanto pesticide, Round Up, and “Round Up ready” genetically modified corn. Rats were fed genetically modified Monsanto corn.  The French scientists observed damage to organs, specifically  liver, spleen and kidney at the 120 day mark.  There was evidence of inflammation in these vital organs.  The rat’s diet was only 11%  GMO.   A few months later, they began to see this:


GMO Tumors in French Study-

and they knew that they were looking at catastrophe.  Did you notice that these are very large rats?  In addition to liver and kidney damage, the Round Up and GMO seed also damage the pituitary, the gland that governs growth. There had been no study to this 120 day mark done to date.  Monsanto made sure of it.

Monsanto has employed many dark tactics over the years.  The Monsanto contract stipulates no saving of seed and no testing of seed, they bribe government officials, they file lawsuits…everything they can do to hide what their products really do, everything they can do to proliferate their poison as far and as wide as they can. The group of French scientists knew what to expect from Monsanto, so they conducted their tests in total secrecy,  the research was considered so “hot”.

According to a French article in Le Nouvel Observateur, the researchers used encrypted emails, phone conversations were banned, and they even launched a decoy study to prevent sabotage!  They were on a mission for humanity, tilting at a gigantic windmill.  They pulled it off.  They have the proof.  They got the goods on Monsanto!

Corn is a staple food in South America.  It is part of every meal.  More Mexicans now die of cancer than of heart disease.  Thanks to the French researchers, we now know why.  The question is how do we respond?  Suggestions, please.

One last thing….how did Monsanto get past the FDA?  Well, this guy helped them along with Donald Rumsfeld.   A conspiracy behind every bush, or a Bush behind every conspiracy?  This guy sure gets around…at least one Bush thumb in every poison pie:

George Bush Championed Monsanto

George Bush at Monsanto

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In the Belly of the Beast

In the Belly of the Beast

Don’t go around tonight,
Well it’s bound to take your life,
There’s a bad moon on the rise.

—Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1969

The Beast

In the late sixties, I had a friend who was a card carrying member of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society).  It was through this friend Michael that I became aware of SDS and its founder, Tom Hayden.  Hayden had a flair for generating interesting quotes.

He advised we young people to “get into the belly of the beast”.  I gave that much thought at the time, and I find myself given to thinking about it now.

Only fourteen years after his SDS days had waned, Hayden was elected to the California State Assembly.  Ten years after that, he went on to the California Senate where he served until the year 2000.  There he was…he had made it into the belly, quite admirably, a man who had taken his own advice.

Time passed and in 1996, I was part owner of an advertising agency.  We decided to host a reception for one of our major clients in the Sacramento area where the client was located.  We held it at a beautiful bed and breakfast complete with a bar setup and lots of ice.  I was standing at the bar with several guests when a jogger came through the door, sweat towel around his neck.  He went straight to the area behind the bar and helped himself to a glass of ice, happily crunching the replenishing chips.

I recognized him immediately and interrupted his blissful reverie, so oblivious of our presence was he.  “Excuse me, sir”, I needled. “That is private ice”.  He looked at me quizzically.  “You are in the middle of a private party”, I explained.  “Oh”!  He was suddenly made aware of his surroundings and the party guests were suddenly aware of  Senator Hayden’s presence.  They all came in closer to Tom Hayden and began greeting him.  He did his best to exchange a little light chit chat with the crowd, but was clearly uncomfortable.

I walked up to him and whispered “Tom, I remember SDS” and looked him dead in the eye. I saw shame flicker across his face.   That was all he could bear.  He smiled wanly and begged off to the crowd saying that he needed to change out of his jogging clothes.

Away he went, me having hit a nerve.  It had seemed to me that he had lost some of his fiery passion for truth and justice along the way, but I think that it is hard to be in the belly of the beast all by one’s self.  The man who had led the clarion call for radicalizing the sixties had gone on to become a Senator and to marry Jane Fonda.

A few days after the party, a thank you note arrived from one of the guests.  It complimented the ambiance, the food, the wonderful wine and music,  He ended his note with “And as for the appearance of the Senator, nice touch”.  It felt so natural, as though he needed to be reminded.  Tom had lost his way, as had his friend, Governor Jerry Brown.  They had joined the others, riding the beast. trampling everything in their way.  The belly of the beast is a seduction that few can withstand.  All aboard!

(It’s the hands you need to pay attention to…by their works you shall know them…Bohemian Grove…the belly of the beast)

Bohemian Grove and Satanic Ritual-The Cathy O’Brien Story

Obama serves the dark side

Obama, Servant

Dan Quayle, Servant
Dan Quayle, Servant

Devil Worship
This is the club they belong to

Hillary Clinton, Servant

Hillary Clinton, Servant

The Pope, Servant

The Pope, Servant

George Bush, Servant

George W Bush, Servant

Bill Clinton serves the darkside

Bill Clinton, Servant

Prince Harry’s Misadventure

Prince Harry’s Misadventure

Britain's Prince Harry

Britain’s Prince Harry

As most are aware, Prince Harry was recently publicly humiliated by photos having been published of him frolicking in the raw at a Las Vegas hotel gathering.  He had been called back to Britain from Afghanistan a few months earlier when his location had been made public.  The Royal Family had become concerned for his safety and he was promptly removed from his base.

All seemed well.  Harry attended his brother’s wedding and went about his life.


Harry in happier times

In August, he went to Las Vegas.  And that’s when things got ugly.  Someone in the suite had a camera and very embarrassing photographs were taken and published.  It didn’t take long for the Royal Family to ship him back to Afghanistan.

Prince Harry-Military-Fatigues

Prince Harry in Military Fatigues

That’s interesting…suddenly, Afghanistan got a lot safer in the Royals’ opinion.  Harry was dispatched to a base in the Afghan province with the heaviest casualties, Kandahar.  Kandahar!

Quite obviously, they consider him expendable.  He has embarrassed them… deeply… as had his mother before him.  In fact, Princess Diana had become a pro at publicly humiliating them.  She seemed to rather enjoy it.

Diana-Tears in a Tiara

What would you have done if you had woken up one morning to the realization that you were just a brood mare,that your husband was deeply in love with someone else, and that he had been in love with this other woman for many years? Embarrassing the Queen was all the revenge she could muster against such an overwhelmingly powerful family.   But as Diana learned, that power is brutal.

One fears that Harry is the latest victim of Royal wrath.  His base suffered a deadly attack today by heavily armed insurgents.  Two Marines lost their lives during the prolonged attack which included small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades.  According to an official court proclamation, “Prince Harry was not in danger”.  And neither was Diana, I suppose.

Princess Diana's Last Ride

Diana Death Trap

Prince Williams new bride. Kate Middleton, has just suffered the same embarrassment that befell Harry.  She was photographed topless in France.  Careful, Kate, dear.  That Queen grandmum-in-law of yours has some mighty thin skin.  If she could ship you off to Kandahar right now, she would.

The Royal Couple

Kate and William

The CIA prepared a series of leaflets for use ...

Image via Wikipedia

Osama Bin Laden, Bush and Obama|The Grand Deception

You just know that something is very wrong with this whole thing   It feels staged, orchestrated, all of it;  9/11, the financial collapse,  Osama, Obama, big oil, the toppling of Middle East dictators, all of it.  The last three years have been a goddam, full on, orchestrated catastrophe!  And now we get this latest story, that of bin Laden’s death which at this point could easily be titled  “72 versions”.

There was a forty minute fire fight,  no, there wasn’t any fight,  bin Laden resisted capture, bin Laden did not resist but one of the couriers had a green squirt gun,  it was a million dollar palatial estate, no it was a crappy little compound with a very high fence,  bin Laden’s wife died, no she didn’t, she was shot in the leg when she rushed the Seals, Osama used her as a human shield, no he didn’t,  she identified him, no she just called out his name, he had three wives with him, there were 23 children, his daughter saw him executed, it was a capture mission, no it wasn’t, it was an assassination mission, no it wasn’t,  bin Laden reached for a weapon, no he didn’t, he was buried at sea in accordance with Islamic law, no he wasn’t, he needed regular dialysis, no he didn’t, the Pakistanis knew where he was the entire time, no they didn’t.  Obama watched the attack in real time, no the feed went down for twenty five minutes.   Oh, spare me!  What is real?

Say, did you know bin Laden was diabetic?  They went through his medicine cabinet at the “palace”.  They mentioned the horny goat weed syrup,  high blood pressure medication ( bin Laden suffered from low blood pressure), but no insulin.   His kidneys had been badly damaged after a poisoning in 1999.  Reports at the time noted that his liver had been damaged as well but there was no dialysis machine.  Whoever it was in that compound, nobody ever saw him.  Whoever was in there could easily have been a double.   Why wasn’t there any insulin?  Diabetes does not just go away.  Neither does liver and kidney damage.  He either had a double organ transplant (tough to pull off when you are cave hopping in rugged Afghanistan) or he died long ago and was replaced by a double, to be executed and dragged out at just the right time for the next big charade.

They say they found plans, not fully formulated, to attack American trains. It isn’t enough to irradiate you and feel you up at the airport.  They want to do it to you when you take a train, too.  That’s why they found him at long last.  They needed a cover, a provocation to move along to taking away your liberty at the train station too.  And if you haven’t noticed, Texas is doing road blockades.  Your papers, please.  You tell me you don’t see the slow, dark creep of a virulent Fascism upon this land.

But wait! Osama was a CIA asset many years ago and his family were such good friends with George Bush Sr. and all the baby Bushes.   In fact, they were all such good friends that some twenty four Bin Laden family members were whisked out of the country two days after 9/11 even though all planes had been grounded.  Maybe that was payback for all the dry wells George W. dug in his younger days with bin Laden investment dollars.  It has been reported that bin Laden used the name Tim Osman in the 1990’s and met with the CIA in Los Angeles.  And, in fact, George W. ran many a company into the ground taking bin Laden investment money with it.

So, let’s explore the Bush family tree a bit.  The family patriarch and father of George Sr., Prescott Bush, helped to fund Adolf Schiklgruber (aka Hitler), paving the road to the holocaust and  WWII.   “Poppy” Bush (George Sr.) was CIA Director for one year from 1976 to 1977.   Osama led the fight in Afghanistan to expel the Godless Russians from the Islamic heartland.  We funded him, we armed him.  It’s all a game, people.  We are being played for fools.  They set up these little psycho dramas and we all go along like little idiots.  What are those FEMA camps for?  New World Order and a very early death….these folks want to reduce the population.  They will use vaccines, gulags, the medical monopoly, false flag maneuvers, currency debasement,  controlled and contrived “news”.  Whatever it takes to pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes so they don’t notice the genetically modified food in the trough and the tainted vaccines in the syringes.

And we shouldn’t notice that Marvin Bush, a far less public brother of GW, was Director of the security company that “protected” the Twin Towers and Building 7.  He was also a member of the Board of Directors of one of the companies insuring the Twin Towers.  Hmm.

I think it likely that George Bush Sr. has been running this country since he became Vice President in 1981.  Behind the scenes, he has run Reagan, Clinton, George W., and now Obama.  He made it possible for Monsanto to introduce GMOs into our food supply and he made it impossible for a citizen to sue a vaccine manufacturer for damages.   It seems like the Bush family has a whole lot of thumbs pressed in to a whole lot of poisonberry pies.  Yes it does.

Same guy?  Look closely at the lower lip and the pattern of the beard centered just below the lower lip.  The guy in the top photo is charismatic and dashing, the man below him, not so much.

Article claims that Bin Laden was not buried at sea after all, based on confidential emails obtained by the hacker group “Anonymous” :

Lesbian wedding.

Image via Wikipedia

My sister lives in New York and posted her enthusiasm for the New York legislature’s recent vote to permit gay marriage,  She wrote  “So happy for the gays!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go New York!”.  Her daughter, my niece, then added  ” marriage is just the next step in the lbgt movement in order for them to be fully accepted by society, and isn’t it true that everyone is created equal? if that’s the case, then why should we limit someone’s rights based on who they love? the question isn’t whether it should be “allowed”, it’s why it has taken so long for this group of people to become fully accepted in the world.”

I gave this whole issue a good deal of thought, instinctively recoiling from what seemed to me to be  naivete, and  responded as follows:

A man was recently arrested because he loves animals…in fact, he loves animals so much that he became intimate with them on a regular basis.  Then there are men who love children, so much so that they would like to marry them.  In terms of logic, the argument you present is fraught with peril because you are arguing that “love” is the premise for marriage. The purpose of marriage is actually to protect property rights, not to ratify love.  Females and children are property in the male mind, and marriage was established for legitimate transfer of personal property such as real estate and currency.  Given the nature of males, there were and are always heated arguments about legitimate children and illegitimate, and who inherits.  It’s really all about “stuff”, not love, and the flow of material goods.  If you doubt me, look up what happens when we divorce.  It is 100% about who gets what, not about who loved who by how much.   People do not need a piece of paper to prove that they love someone.  Nor do they need the government setting them up for yet another pick pocketing caper.
As for rights, gays have had all the same rights for quite some time.  This is about a word, but that word seductively lures at least half of them into a spider’s web that will eventually strip them of 15 to 30% of their net worth (the lawyer’s fee).
As for being accepted by society, unfortunately, it seems to be human nature to invent excuses for excluding and victimizing others.  Consider Islam where the Shiites hate the Sunni and the Sunni hate the Shiite….these are all Muslims who are bound by their Koran to protect one another yet each suppresses the other, often violently, within their respective societies.  If it isn’t skin color, then it is religion, and if it isn’t religion then it’s orthodox vs moderate, and if not that, then it’s sexual preference, and if it isn’t that, then it’s something else.  And as long as there is a Bible or a Koran left on Earth, there will be no social acceptance of gays.  This planet is one bubbling cauldron of psychosis and neurosis. There is always some kind of bullshit going on somewhere, and most certainly every time a legislature gets together for a vote.

Takes all the romance out of it, doesn’t it?

HAARP But No Angels

Description: Trees were knocked down and burne...

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(High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

HAARP is a project spearheaded by the U.S. Navy, Air force and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. There is much debate surrounding this project. Is it a Star Wars weapon, a weather modification tool, a communication device, or merely a benign academic project out in the remote Alaskan bush?  Military documents state that HAARP intends to “exploit the ionosphere for military purposes”.   Unfortunately, the power levels being used represent a reckless threat to our defense shield (the ionosphere) which could have catastrophic consequences.  The earth’s magnetic field which reflects harmful cosmic rays away from us has weakened greatly in the last two decades, some might say to the point of alarm.

Dr. Nick Begich wrote a book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP.   He came to some alarming conclusions regarding HAARP’s true purpose after researching the patents that have been filed on behalf of the HAARP project. HAARP technology is based on the theories, research and work of Nikola Tesla.  There are tales of disquieting side effects that appear to have accompanied some of Tesla’s experiments, the mysterious and devastating explosion over Tunguska being among them.  There has been a spate of reporters lately caught on tape speaking absolute gibberish.  One of HAARP’s known potentials is the disruption of cognitive function.  Bees can’t find their way back to their hives and are dying by the millions. They depend on the earth’s magnetic grid to navigate, as do birds, whales, dolphins and fish.  We had many reports of mass die offs of fish and birds in the weeks preceding the massive 9.0 quake off the coast of Sendai, Japan on March 11 this year.

Here is a video of the signals being broadcast by HAARP starting on March 9th 2011. To me, the cause and effect is pretty clear, and even more so if you factor in that the same HAARP patterns preceded the quakes in Haiti AND Christ Church, New Zealand.

I have a question. If this benign little atmospheric research tool is actually setting off megaquakes,  shattering nuclear power plants, washing away multiple thousands of innocent lives,  should it have the right to continue to operate?  WTF? Our country has been co-opted by extremely evil people. The video below is an absolute must see.  How long before the world rises up to defend itself from us?  And most Americans do not have any idea what is being done in our name.  We’d better make this stop before it is too late, before they pump so much energy into the ionosphere that it ignites, before Russia and China unleash their justifiable rage on unwitting Americans, whichever comes first.  What you will be seeing is a chart of HAARP, NOT earthquake traces.  Furthermore, the HAARP website that these tracings were taken from is NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE. This public information site was shut down in late March following the 3/11/11 quake and tsunami that hit Japan!

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency of the...

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Compromised-How the Presidency was Co-opted by the CIA

Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed and John Cummings-a book review

On the page preceding the contents page and above a letter from President Truman describing the purpose of the CIA that he had created, the author begins:

“This book deals with the Central Intelligence Agency co-opting the Presidency and how black operations, like a cancer, have metastasized the organs of government to the point where the malignancy can not be removed without destroying the government it was designed to initially preserve.”

Compromised is the story of Terry Reed, former CIA asset turned CIA liability.  He saw many things first hand. He saw that Bill Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, was instrumental in the Iran-Contra operations in which arms were sent to the Contras in exchange for cocaine. He knew that they used the Mena, Arkansas airport for the operations.  He knew the ace pilot, Barry Seal, who flew many of the missions and was later “terminated” shortly before his scheduled trial.  Seal had told Reed that the Bush brothers were into the cocaine business.  Silence is golden.

The book is 546 pages, packed with detail and extremely illuminating.  Terry had to flee for his life and his struggle to survive is documented within the book.  More Americans should read Compromised.  It helps greatly in grabbing the bigger picture that envelopes us today.  We who have lived through 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s have been witness to many orchestrated events, thinking them “real”.  In fact, only the deaths and casualties were real, but not necessarily the explanations of who was to blame.  Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11…we Americans have given up so many liberties in the wake of these extraordinary events.

The Bush family, Bill and Hilary and now Obama….these are henchmen in our bosom working on behalf of a much bigger conspiracy.  Will we awaken as a nation in time to undo that which they have wrought upon us?

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