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Caylee Anthony

Casey Anthony-Some Highly Curious Details

I admit that I did not follow the Casey Anthony case very closely as it began to unfold over the summer of 2008 .  I only know what I heard in the news.  It started with the story that  little two year old Caylee Anthony was missing in Florida and that the young, single mother was claiming  that a nanny had taken her somewhere but the child had never returned.  It was reported that the frantic grandmother had called the police to report the child missing, not the mother.    The grandmother had reported the strong smell of a dead body emanating from the trunk of her daughter’s car.  (Later, during the trial, the grandmother recanted the report of the smell saying that she just wanted to make sure that the police responded.  Other witnesses who rode in the car after the disappearance gave conflicting opinions, some saying it smelled like a decaying body, others saying that the smell was more like rotting garbage.)

Casey Anthony

The young mother, Casey Anthony, was arrested after she was caught in a huge lie regarding her employment status.  And worse, they could find no evidence that nanny Gonzalez ever existed.  In December 2008, five months after Casey’s arrest,  the body was located in a wooded area near the Anthony home.   I don’t know about you, but at that point, I was pretty sure that Casey murdered her child.  So I thought the verdict to be remarkable when I heard it.  The news had certainly painted Casey darkly, reporting that she went out dancing while her daughter was missing and got a tattoo with the words “beautiful life” in Italian.  But then, I did a little digging and I found some unreported facts that have me wondering what really happened. Some facts that I discovered are so, so strange.  Here is the strangest of what I unearthed.

Casey Anthony first mentioned the name of her nanny, Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, in April 2006.  She mentioned this person by name while conversing with the father of her ex-fiancee, Jesse Grund, when she was informed that they would no longer be willing to watch Caylee anymore.  Yet police insist this person does not exist.

On June 17th 2008, a Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez registered with Sawgrass apartments to view apartment #210.  When first questioned by police, Casey took them to the Sawgrass apartments claiming that she handed the child over to Zenaida at the bottom of the stairs from apartment #210 but when she went there later in the day to fetch Caylee,  Zenaida was nowhere to be found.  Police determined that apartment #210 had been vacant for five months.   This incongruity disturbs me, but the next Zenaida fact sent my mind reeling.

The Anthony home is located on Hope Spring Drive in Orlando and they had been in that house for nineteen years at the time of Caylee’s disappearance.  If you make a right turn coming out of their driveway and travel along Hope Spring, you come to a stop sign at Suburban where you must make either a left or a right.  If you turn right and travel just a few hundred feet down Suburban, you come to the area where Caylee’s bones were discovered on December 11, 2008.  This is a very large, swampy lot that sits behind the homes along Hope Spring.

The names of the owners of the two homes at the end of Hope Spring are Zenaida Almondovar and Redesvind Gonzalez.  One of the two homes is vacant.  And of you were to extend the property lines of these two homes into the swamp, you would encompass the scattered remains of Caylee.  Now, what are the odds that the first name of one owner and the last name of the other owner combine to make the name of the purported baby sitter?  And what are the odds that a person with that name shows up at an apartment building one day after Caylee is last seen alive and registers to view a vacant apartment…and that Casey insists that she dropped her child off at the bottom of those stairs that lead up to that vacant apartment?   Strange enough, but there’s more.

There was very little left of Caylee Anthony by December 11th 2008.  Her bones were scattered over dozens of feet of terrain in various directions.  The story is that Roy Kronk, a utility worker, located a bag in those woods and picked it up and was shocked to see a small skull roll out.  The fact is that the utility worker did make this discovery, and the skull did roll out, but he made the discovery on AUGUST 11, 2008.   He met a police deputy at the vicinity of his find on August 13th 2008, but the responding deputy, who has since been fired, did not make any effort to locate the bag and skull and left the scene after only five minutes or so.  The utility worker made a second attempt to get the police involved with this location on December 11 after locating the bag again and calling it in to his supervisor.  The supervisor contacted the police.

Now, nobody would give a second thought to a small child being reduced to skeletal remains after 6 months, but the fact is that Caylee was skeletonized after only six weeks!  Is that even possible? And the duct tape…this, too, is very strange.  When tape is placed over the face, skin cells at the very surface will embed in the glue of the tape.  And as decomposition sets in, the tape will loosen and fall away as insects burrow along consuming the parts they like.  The tape should have been off the skull but in fact, the tape was all that held the mandible in place.  There were no skin cells found on the sticky side of the tape.  That tape was applied AFTER most, if not all, of her flesh was gone!  As cold and heartless as we are being asked to believe Casey Anthony to be, can we be expected to believe that Casey hid Caylee’s body somewhere until only bones remained and then taped the mandible to the skull before dumping it in the woods so close to her home?

And then there is the problem of Wanda Weary who was traveling to Atlanta on July 2nd 2008 with her teenage son.  She spoke to a little girl who said that her name was Caylee Marie Anthony but Wanda could not understand her so she asked her to repeat.  When the child could not be understood once again, the blond adult female accompanying her said “Caylee Marie Anthony”.  The child was said to be almost three years old. (Caylee was only a few weeks away from her third birthday that day).  The FBI could not find Caylee on the flight manifest, so it was assumed to be bogus.  The woman said the woman and child sat in row 11 or 12 of her flight.

I am no longer feeling  contempt for the jury’s verdict.  This case is strange as shit and had I been on that jury, I am not sure that I could vote to convict either.  I am having a hard time believing that Casey could pull off so much murder magic all by herself.  And I am wondering if that poor child was being used in child porn with a whole lot of influential people conspiring to point in every direction away from the truth?  I suspect the same for Jon Benet Ramsey….didn’t they duct tape her mouth shut, too?

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