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Mandalay Bay-Liars and Windows and Doors, Oh My!-Part 2

In order for any of the Las Vegas Harvest Festival attack to make sense to you, it is imperative that you read part one of “Liars and Windows and Doors, Oh My”. Without the context provided in part one the rest will only confuse you more. Please do not proceed any further without reading part one. Here is the link for part one:

Our Corpse

We should probably begin with what is, aside from the dead and wounded toll, our one and only fact. The man who lay dead on the floor of Mandalay Bay suite 32-135 the night of October 1st 2017 was not Stephen Paddock.

Had Stephen Paddock been, as described by the coroner, six foot one with brown eyes and defined, rounded earlobes and lots of missing teeth, we’d be fine. But we are not fine because Steven Paddock was six foot four, blue eyed with a very particular earlobe structure that is referred to as “attached”. And Paddock had teeth, lots of teeth which is probably why the coroner used fingerprints to support the identification instead of the more customary dental charts. I would like to pose a question as to how fingerprints were used to identify Mr. Paddock when the man had absolutely no criminal history?


Earlobes are as unique as fingerprints and a lot more difficult to fudge providing there is a sufficient trail of photographic evidence. Every photograph of Mr. Paddock shows his earlobe structure rather clearly as well as his blue eyes. His driver license and fishing license confirm blue eyes as well as a six foot four inch height. So who is the dead man on the floor? Your guess is as good as mine but we can all be sure of who it is not. It is not Paddock.

Here are the comparisons so that you may see for yourselves:

Mr. Paddock


Paddock Earlobe Closeup

SP Earlobe Closeup

Look carefully not only at the earlobe but the entire ear.  There is simply no match here. The ear of our corpse is rounded at the bottom much like a reverse letter “J”.  Paddock’s lobes angle sharply where they join the face. Technically, he has no earlobe. The man on the floor is not the friendly, intelligent accountant millionaire….period, end of story. Therefore,  for the remainder of this article we shall refer to the dead man on the floor (and possible shooter, though Paddock likely took off well before the attack on concert goers began) as “SP”…which represents the concept of Stiff Person, not Stephen Paddock.  Mr. Paddock’s name will only be used when actually discussing Mr. Stephen Paddock. From here on, when you see “SP”, think “stiff person”, not Stephen Paddock.

One last thought before we move on. It is entirely possible that Sheriff Lombardo was telling the truth when he stated that it looked to him that Steven Paddock had an escape plan.  From the looks of those earlobes, Paddock most assuredly did.

Eye Wide Shut

Right eye closed, left eye open

To the best of my knowledge absolutely no one has noticed a very disturbing and obvious detail about this corpse.  One eye is wide open but the other is closed. There is some suggestion of lividity along the right cheek below the closed eye.  What might this tell us?  Think about it. What could this mean?  Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat for a few minutes and see if you come up with anything.  As you do so, let us make one more observation about our corpse.

Mouth Closeup

There seems to be some tissue missing from the left mouth corner (your right) and there is a blood pattern of an unusually straight line running from the mouth corner toward the ear. The gunpowder residue, which is black,  is right in that mouth corner.  Now, I will ask again. Does this evidence tell you anything?

Here is what it tells me. At the moment of death this man’s head was turned to the right. The LVMPD FIT report did mention injury to both legs; ” Preliminarily, the injuries noted were on the posterior of both calves”.  This is a vague statement and there is no further detail but it does suggest that the man was struck from behind with an object long enough to contact both calves.  The Las Vegas Review Journal was given a copy of the coroner report and this is what they wrote:  ” Paddock also had scrapes on his right upper calf and knee and a bruise on his left calf.”  This description would suggest that the man was struck from behind and fell on his right knee.

So then, it sounds as though the dead man found on the floor in Vista suite 32-135 had his legs knocked out from under him and fell to the floor, landing on his right knee. Likely he was then pushed over and held down with the right side of his face making contact with the floor.  Pressure was applied to his head making it impossible for him to turn his head nor to open his right eye. The purpose of forcibly holding down the head was, of course, to facilitate the insertion of the barrel of a gun onto the left corner of his mouth. Murder, she wrote.

Eau du Rat-First Whiff

The following is a quote taken from the LVMPD preliminary report released on January 18,  2018:

“On or around September 9th Paddock made his room reservation for a Vista Suite ending in 235 but not a specific floor. On September 20th Paddock was internally  assigned to room 33-235. On September 21st Paddock was internally changed to room 32-235. On September 24th Paddock was assigned to room 32-135.”

Footnote 4 at the bottom of the page states:

“4 All internal changes to Paddock’s rooms were done by a Mandalay Bay computer without Paddock’s knowledge.” 

We can discard any notion of this having been a well planned, premeditated act on the part of Steven Paddock with this one simply stated footnote. He never asked to be placed in a room overlooking the concert nor in sight of the fuel tanks for that matter.

That said, footnote 4 is only partially correct. The wording makes it sound as though the computer system autonomously made these changes to Paddock’s room assignment but the computer can not do this. A human being would have looked at the vacancies on September 20th and chosen to place him in 33-235.  A human would have subsequently moved him to the suite one floor below (32-235 , still in his preferred wing) on September 21st.  And a human being would have moved him to the 100 wing the day before his arrival on September 24th.

To underscore the fact that Paddock did not want the suite on the 32nd floor in the 100 wing, Paddock spoke with his VIP host about his room assignment two days after he checked in. According to the LVMPD report:

“Paddock spoke with his VIP host reference wanting the “Vista Suite” at the end of the hall with the double doors. Paddock was insistent on the suite and connecting room. Paddock wanted to be in the 200 wing as it had a better view, according to him. Paddock was upset about the room, but was not angry. Paddock never mentioned the reason why he wanted a connecting room.”  Paddock obviously did not want a room overlooking the venue. So much for the carefully planned theory.


It is difficult to pinpoint the very first lie in this despicable, deplorable, insufferable charade.  Let’s agree to allow one or two of the earliest Pinocchio briquettes to quietly extinguish on the hearth.  It would be unreasonable to expect the first round or two of public statements made within a few hours of the massacre to have been without flaw.  Not much was known yet much was being asked.

When Sheriff Joe Lombardo stood before the cameras and assured everyone that it was just one solitary lunatic with twenty three bump stocks up in suite 32-135 of the Mandalay Bay it wasn’t so much that he was lying. He was struggling to preserve a city and its economy, struggling to defend millions of residents who depend on the conventions, the honeymooning couples, the sightseers, the gambling Californians and the international high rollers that collectively make life in Las Vegas possible.  None of us would have wanted to be in his shoes that dreadful night.  So then, regarding the first round or two of mendacious mumblings, all is forgiven.

But long after the emotional peak of the event had passed the lies kept coming. With each round the lies got bigger, bolder and more bizarre Here we are more than six months out from October 1st, 2017 and officialdom just can’t seem to find any truth to share. The public is left to wonder if the police and FBI are simply and unrelentingly corrupt or simply and unrelentingly incompetent. Or might it be a little of both?

Let us review some of the highlights, a veritable Whitman’s sampler of chewy prevarications shamelessly fed to a public starving for information:

  • The date that Stephen Paddock checked in to Mandalay Bay suite 32-135
  • Paddock’s careful, crafty, premeditated selection of a suite overlooking the concert venue
  • The whereabouts and whenabouts of Paddock companion Marilou Danley
  • The howabouts and whenabouts of SPs death
  • The whereabouts and whenabouts of security guard Jesus Campos
  • The whereabouts and whenabouts of building engineer Stephen Schuck

Press Conference-Pinocchio and the Enforcer-source: HDRCFX Cornwall (YouTube)

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Mandalay Bay-Liars and Windows and Doors, Oh My!-Turning Point

Definition of the term “False Flag”:

Real carnage with a fake narrative; an orchestrated pre-planned attack performed in such a manner as to cast blame on an innocent target; a nasty little strategy that not only instills deep fear in a population but provides the initial step in the formula “problem-reaction-solution”.

The Cody Snodgres Story

Cody was recruited by the CIA pretty much straight out of high school. He had a high I.Q. and had intended to study physics in college. The CIA makes a habit of recruiting highly intelligent young people because, as we all know, you just can’t fix stupid.

At first Cody protested that he didn’t want a government job. He wanted to work for himself one day. The recruiter assured him that they could accommodate his drive for personal independence and made him a contract agent….a highly compartmentalized contract employee paid with cash, lots and lots of cash.

Cody raked in millions over time performing missions overseas. But one day Cody was offered something here at home.  They wanted a building blown up in a dusty little American town, a place you may have heard of called “Oklahoma City”.  Cody said no…he wasn’t willing to pull that shit in the U.S.A. so they pulled in Tim McVeigh instead.  The targeted structure was, of course, the Murrah Federal building.

Remains of the Murrah Building, Oklahoma City

Now, let’s think back to what we Americans got right after the Oklahoma City bombing incident on April 19th 1995. According to legal analyst, Andrew Cohen:

“The most significant negative consequence of the bombing was the passage of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA), a 1996 federal law that enhanced penalties for terror-related crimes and sought to streamline the federal appellate process for claims arising out of state criminal cases. There were too many appeals taking too long, AEDPA proponents argued, to the point where delays were eroding confidence in our justice systems.

What the AEDPA has actually done, however, is further erode confidence in our justice systems by blocking from substantive federal judicial review even state appeals that have merit. It turns out that the officials most vociferously supportive of the AEDPA were often those from jurisdictions that had terrible records of wrongful convictions spurred by prosecutorial misconduct, racial bias, inept judges, and shoddy police work. They didn’t want endless appeals, we now may say in retrospect, because they didn’t want those dubious convictions overturned.

So there are countless innocent men and women who are still in prison in America today because of the AEDPA, a law that likely would never have passed had the Murrah building not been bombed. And even as the law has “streamlined” appeals in some cases it has bewildered lawyers, frustrated judges, and generated countless new procedural and substantive questions that the United States Supreme Court has been forced (with varying degrees of success) to address term after term after term.

The AEDPA is a terrible legacy of the Oklahoma City bombing—made measurably worse because officials then overreached again in restricting due process rights just a few years later following the terror attacks on New York and Washington. You can draw a straight line from the AEDPA to the Patriot Act if you try. And neither this Congress nor this Supreme Court (no matter how many wrongful convictions we read about) seem likely to try to restore the status quo ante of 20 years ago.”

Source: New York University School of Law, Brennan Center For Justice

As we witness the flow of time from the bombing of the Murrah building to today we, and our Constitution, have been assaulted by 911, Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, San Bernardino, Orlando, Las Vegas 10/1 and most recently,Parkland, Florida.  There are many more such events in between, almost too many to mention. All of these events have a common purpose, a common theme and a common source. Instead of poorly informed American students marching around demanding gun control, we should all be marching around demanding the dissolution of the CIA. It’s that simple.

And now, of course, they can snatch you out of your bed in the middle of the night and “disappear” you for no particular reason. No hearing, no trial, no explanation, no note left on the pillow for your frantic family….and it’s law…because they can call you a terrorist and that makes it all ok….even if you are not a terrorist by any classic definition because now, if you simply disagree, you are a terrorist.  This is what happened while you were all busy being good, hard working Americans. Now let’s get back to the Las Vegas Massacre.

The Mandalay Bay

                                           Las Vegas Blvd. South

Most people are not aware of this but the Mandalay Bay Hotel is built right over an aquifer and during construction suffered from a serious malady, subsistence or uneven settling. One wing had dropped some seventeen inches and a company specializing in structure reinforcement had to be called in to combat the problem back in 1998.

In the year 2000, the corporation owning Mandalay Bay filed suit against its insurers in an effort to recoup cost over runs on the construction:

“Mandalay Resort Group of Las Vegas sued three of its insurers to force them to pay costs it incurred to correct the $950 million Mandalay Bay’s subsidence problem in 1998.

The resort spent between $8 million and $10 million to install 536 metal cylinders under the 43-story, 3,700-room building, after it began sinking during construction in June 1998, which resulted in hairline cracks in the valet parking garage, warped door frames, windows and other structures. The hotel-casino sank 18.8 inches during construction as its weight squeezed moisture out of an underlying aquifer. In a Clark County District Court suit, Mandalay alleged Allendale Mutual Insurance Co., FM Global, Factory Mutual Insurance Co. doing business as Layne Associates Ltd. Insurance — which paid $1 million of its total claims — improperly dismissed the rest of its claim and attributed the subsidence problem to “faulty workmanship, construction, design and materials.”


This subsistence problem seems to also be an issue for next door neighbor, Luxor.  Concerns were raised locally in 2011 when cracks were being noticed in the Luxor.


Both properties are currently owned by MGM Resorts. The CEO of MGM Resorts, James Murren, as well as a significant number of MGM Board members dumped MGM Resort stock in the month of September immediately preceding the October 1st attack on the Route 91 Harvest Festival held directly across the street in yet another venue owned by MGM Resorts.  And the month prior to that saw financier George Soros placing a PUT option on MGM Resort stock. Soros was betting that MGM Resort stock was going to take a nosedive in the near future.  These people must all be psychic, right?

Shades of 9-11

Twin Towers Controlled Demolition

Why spend so much time on the structural problems of these neighboring hotels? It is important because of a parallel event that took place on September 11, 2001  It was a well known problem for the Twin Towers in New York City that both buildings were riddled with asbestos. In addition, one of the towers’ structural integrity had been compromised by a bombing in the underground garage in 1993.

Killing many birds with a single stone is the signature of a well-planned mission.  It’s a kind of efficiency that the Germans would be proud of.  Waste not, want not. These operations can get very expensive. Best to maneuver as many “problem children” into position as possible before letting that stone fly.

There had been a piece of legislation languishing in the Senate. It was the unconstitutional “Patriot Act”. According to the ACLU, the Patriot Act was:

“Hastily passed 45 days after 9/11 in the name of national security, the Patriot Act was the first of many changes to surveillance laws that made it easier for the government to spy on ordinary Americans by expanding the authority to monitor phone and email communications, collect bank and credit reporting records, and track the activity of innocent Americans on the Internet. While most Americans think it was created to catch terrorists, the Patriot Act actually turns regular citizens into suspects.”


And thus a complex, well planned operation was cobbled together consisting of multiple key missions; Demolition, gold grab, insurance fraud, provide impetus and cover for anti-Constitutional legislation…and last but not least, make sure some conferences are set up for that morning in various conference rooms and make sure certain pesky people get invited. And, oh yes, one last thing…..a big thing…whip up public support for an all American invasion of small, dusty countries.  Sweet…efficient, and deliciously diabolical.


This is how things are done when the soulless run the operation. It was no different with Route 91 and the Mandalay Bay. Well, the planning was no different, the soullessness of the planning committee was no different,  but the execution of the plan did not go quite as smoothly.  In fact, something went terribly, terribly wrong.  Something went so wrong that it can’t be massaged back to efficacy no matter how hard they try, Kinda like Humpty Dumpty.  How does that rhyme go? “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again”,  Right fellas?  You woke up at approximately 11:19 p.m. on 10/1 to find that the yolk was on you.

Liars and Windows and Doors Part 2;


Mandalay Bay-Las Vegas Shooting Part 10

Figures Lie and Liars Figure

This man spent the greater portion of his life seeking out a Unified Field Theory…so am I

A Cautionary Tale About Statistics

I wrote this article as a result of a visceral reaction that I had to a manipulative video made by #IamJohnCullen/#John E Hoover. All of the Hoover videos are manipulative propaganda. This reaction came from the YouTube video posted on the topic of  statistics- A22:

Long ago in a distant galaxy I worked all day long with statistics. I was a media buyer. Every move I made hinged on the stats. I had to estimate rating deliveries on new programs, old programs, specials, news reports, comedies, melodramas, soap operas, cartoons. I had to figure out if a new program was going to appeal more to males than females, more to teens than 18-34 year olds, more to higher incomes than lower incomes, more to Toyota buyers than to Honda buyers. I was top in my field. I do not say that from ego, but from fact. I had an extraordinary record for hitting my numbers ( media, we called them “projections”) as well as selling more actual product than my peers. At one company, I became so in demand with clients that I found myself working 100 hour weeks.

That particular company was the ONLY media company in the industry that subscribed to BOTH Nielsen and Arbitron; the reason being that they did a lot of sub contract work for major agencies, some of whom subscribed to Nielsen and some subscribed to Arbitron.  At the time, both Nielsen and Arbitron measured television audience deliveries.  Therefore, I found it to be highly intriguing and highly disturbing that on any given day, ARB might show a 15 rating while NSI stated a 7 for the same exact program. So, of course, me being me and wanting to solve the mystery, I began to explore why.

I began by phoning up the reps at the two companies and challenging them to explain. Each told me how solid their methodology was, the other guy was wrong….no gold there. So I started doing personal projects in my non-existent “spare time” to get to the bottom of the mystery. I went to the front of the books where the more “raw” data could be found. This is where they published their sample sizes and I quickly saw that this was where the problem began. As an example, in a city the size of Los Angeles with millions of people, returned diaries measured in the neighborhood of 400 to 450 meaning that each returned diary spoke for some 20,000 other people.

Then I observed that both employed “weighting” factors in an effort to compensate for erratic diary returns in the various categories that concerned media buyers the most such as ethnic groups, high income groups, teens, homeowners, low income groups, etc. The light dawned. I was looking at data based on assumption, not measurement. I was looking at dozens of assumptions overlaid on very small sample sizes. In short, I wasn’t looking at data at all. Those agencies were shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for their precious subscriptions to junk science. That’s the real world.

You can apply this lesson to global warming or virtually anything else that is based on statistics, up to and including whether helicopters, Saudis, AK47s, Steven Paddock, or a team of mercenaries were involved in the Las Vegas massacre. Unless you have enough data and the right data, you are stroking yourself. That’s the real world.

We have recently been informed that the Las Vegas coroner performed autopsies on roughly 50% of the victims. We know, or should know, that many people were injured in various ways, many from tripping or being trampled, or shot but managed to survive.

We hopefully realize that the data on survivors is unavailable due to HIPPA laws combined with the fact that hospitals are private corporations and not subject to FOIA requests. Therefore, we will never have enough data to  prove where the shots originated, how many people were involved in the attack, whether this was a foreign attack or domestic, whether the weapons were bump stock, belt fed, or semi automatic cartridge, whether the FBI is covering up for themselves or for the CIA…or a little of both,

Quite simply, we will not be able to reach valid conclusions while solely employing the means of statistical analysis. That said, there are places where statistical analysis can be of help however we must also embrace the concept of thinking and looking “outside the box”. I will readily concede that “outside the box” is a nebulous and perilous place, yet we must venture there.

I would like to acknowledge and direct readers to several people who are doing an incredible job, both with science and outside the box.However, keep in mind that not every point will be valid whether science based or intuition based (including me). These people are all making noteworthy, serious contributions and display dedication to the victims and the families of this horrendous travesty. D James, John E Hoover/Mr Visual/#IAmJohnCullen, According to Joe, Charlton, Charles Walton, Laura Loomer, HDRCFX, and Jake Morphonios. ..and last but not least, Scott Binsack. Some of the aforementioned are counter co-intel pro.  You know who you are and to you I say thanks for some great material. I enjoyed myself ever so.

In the end, it will boil down to this. It was Saudis (funding), Mossad (planning/training), and CIA (staffing/providing the “expendables”).

One last point….consider what can happen in the unfortunate event that the herd turns on the sheep dog. This hopefully illustrates why it is important to be part of a coordinated, cooperative team when your back is to a cliff. Solo hot dogs risk ending up on the grill…with or without mustard and relish.

Mandalay Bay-Not What You Think Part 9B

X Files?

Here follows still shots taken from the strangest footage you are likely to see associated with the October 1st concert massacre in Las Vegas. You can watch this footage on You Tube. According to Joe has it titled “New Video Evidence Inside Mandalay to Substantiate My Theory”.   The footage is extremely brief, only about six or seven seconds, but it is profoundly peculiar.   It is definitely a hallway in the Mandalay Bay. That is their carpet and the artwork on the wall to the right is a butterfly which is the Mandalay theme. All of the artwork is butterfly themed. Still shot number one is taken just before the first person appears.  It is the perspective that shows where the camera was relative to the end of that hall where all the shenanigans take place. All of the other shots have been cropped by me in an effort to see each person more clearly. :

1: The empty hall

2:  Man number 1:

3:  Man number 2:

4:  Man 3 and man 4:

5:  Man number 5: (note: as man 4 passes, we can now see that he has something slung over his back to the left of the man carrying a larger item)

6:  Man number 6:

I don’t know where this explanation came from, it may have originated with Las Vegas PD, but I have heard several times that this was just an ad hoc strike team of officers sent in to the Mandalay Bay to clear the floors. I am going to assign that explanation a paltry 3% chance of being true and here is why. Let us put ourselves in the place of the officers who had to actually go in there and do that job. We can see that this is a team. We can also see that men 1, 4, 5, and 6 are all carrying items, some items are bulky or large. This leaves only 2 men acting tactically, ready to fire.  Therefore, men 2 and 3 must be protecting 1, 4, 5, and 6 and whatever they are carrying, correct?

Now, whether you are ad hoc or swat to the core, in no event are you going to traverse a long hallway in as tense a situation as this was without acting tactically…every single man. You want to live. You have to pass that open hall. On a tactical mission, will you carry bulky items that delay you from accessing your weapon?  You are in the rear. The two tacticals are up front, no tacticals behind you. No. This can not be any police team clearing halls. But here is the $64,000 question. What are they carrying? Why?

Example of a Mandalay Bay Suite

Mandalay Bay suites are beautiful, aren’t they?  The lighting is so soft and subdued.

So then, how do we account for this bright, white light that seems to just flood over the floor in this crime scene photograph leaked to the press?  Look at the floor of the suite next to Paddock’s body…bright, reflected light. Look carefully at the rug, how it looks with the light that is natural in the room.

Now look at the room as it appears in the Paddock photograph. Nice lighting, yes? It’s a nice white light, not soft, not subdued. It’s directional, limited to a particular area, not like the natural room light which is diffused.  CSI has not been here yet. There are no identifying number cards placed anywhere.

Professional Photography Tools

Who are these people? They are not a police tactical team. If they really had to have some men carrying items like that one of the armed ones would have stayed in that open area until the vulnerable ones passed. It can’t be CSI because they would not come in until everything was clear for them to come in and photograph, in which case, they need no tactical member escort. So who are these people?

Mandalay Bay-Not What You Think-Part 8 B

Jake vs Joe – Are these shooters or just reflections of helicopter strobes?

Shooters or Helicopter Strobe Reflection?

While this article could be construed as a debunking of Jake Morphonios’ video titled “Debunking the Luxor Rooftop Gunmen Theory-Las Vegas Shooting-Part 47” I  prefer to think of this as a defense of the YouTuber known as “According to Joe” who was the first person to examine the footage that captured the shooters up on the Luxor roof top near the David Copperfield Theater.  It was Joe’s findings that I presented in my article “Mandalay Bay Not What You Think – Part 8″ which immediately precedes this article as you scroll down on the main page of the blog.

In short, Joe (a former police officer) asserts that there were muzzle flashes on the video, 100%.  Jake disagreed and attempted to demonstrate that these flashes were simply reflections from a helicopter strobe and tail light, a helicopter that was performing a highly illegal and highly dangerous fly through between hotels,  far too low and far too close to the Mandalay Bay. Jake was non-plussed by this extreme violation of the local aviation rules and dismissed this by stating that it was the Las Vegas police helicopter that appeared on the Flight Radar 24 recording .  It is important to note right at this point that the police helicopter did not arrive on scene until approximately 10:25 pm, some ten minutes after the volleys aimed at the Route 91 concert venue had stopped.

Obviously, one of these men is right and the other is wrong. Let’s move in for a very close examination of these opposing points of view to see if we can determine which man is correct.  I will be concentrating on what I believe are the two Achilles’ heels in Jake’s video.

  • Heel #1: These lights are just reflections
  • Heel #2: The reflections are from the police helicopter

I will be presenting information from the following sources:

  • Google map 3D of the Las Vegas area between Mandalay Bay and the Luxor stepped suites and rooftops where the two shooters can be observed
  • Still shots from According to Joe’s video titled “100% Two Actual Shooters on Video in Vegas” posted to You Tube on Nov. 12, 2017
  • Wikipedia chart of tallest buildings in Las Vegas with their respective heights notated in feet
  • Still shots of helicopter positions, identification data and anomalies according to Flight Radar 24 as presented and analysed by  Truth Tracker posted to You Tube on November 4, 2017. The title of this video is “Las Vegas Shooting Proof, the Disappearing Helicopter and the Imaginary Plane”
  • Quotes taken from the police scanner regarding armed men in camo entering vehicles parked in the Excalibur parking lot. We can see The Excalibur Hotel in the foreground of the photo in question. (Thank you Greg from the UK for posting so much of your transcription in my comments section of the preceding article).


According to Joe

In this first still shot taken from “According to Joe” the helicopter flies in to view from somewhere behind the space between the Mandalay Bay and the Luxor.  At this point the helicopter lights do reflect on the north-most face of Mandalay Bay but the reflection is cast well below and ahead of the helicopter. Also notice that the reflected light on the glass of the hotel is only slightly bigger than the lights on the helicopter.  Once that helicopter clears that edge of the narrow north face all of the angles change.  There is no longer any surface for those strobes lights to bounce off of. The Mandalay Bay is a Y-shaped building.  The next wall that the chopper will pass is angled away from the Luxor. That wall faces east and the wall beyond that is angled to the south and also facing east.

Achilles Heel #1

Illegal chopper flying between hotels


To further support the case against the flashes on the roof terrace of the Luxor suites/Copperfield Theater being that of reflected strobes look carefully at that area between the light pole and the south tower. By the time the chopper reaches that point it is just too far away to do what Morphonios tells us it is doing.  Did Morphonios consciously decide to overlook the fact that he was dealing with zoomed in footage?  The zoom function enables us to clearly see the flashes on the terrace roof but it greatly distorts our perception of distances.

In order to appreciate just how distorted the photo above actually is let’s look at the 3D Google map of this area.  The string of larger dots represent the path of the helicopter, the smaller dots show how far the light from the helicopter strobe would have had to travel to the terrace in order to prove Jake’s perfect synchronization.  And even if the strobes were powerful enough to cover that distance, what, exactly, would they be reflecting off of????

Google 3D map of Mandalay Bay to the Luxor terraces

Now let’s look at something else of importance….the height of the Mandalay Bay hotel, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Hotel heights in Las Vegas including Mandalay Bay Hotel

We can clearly see that Mandalay Bay is 480 feet in height.

FAA Authorized Flight Path for Strip Tours by Helicopter

         Helicopter Tour Flight Path Originating from McCarran Airport

All helicopter traffic out of McCarran Airport must  head due north, curve west after passing the downtown area (North Las Vegas), head west and then south roughly following the I-115 freeway. They continue until they pass the Mandalay Bay Hotel and then turn east to return to base on the outskirts of McCarran Airport. It is a well defined elliptical path that all tour helicopters must follow. Failure to do so could result in loss of pilot license for the pilot and/or the operating license of the tour company. It is no small matter to violate the defined flight path.  There are passenger jets landing and taking off around the clock from McCarran to contend with as well as noise restrictions, all of which are under the authority of the FAA.

Helicopter Tour Flight Path From North Las Vegas Airport

Please note that there is NO authorized path directly above nor between any Las Vegas Strip hotels.  Both flight plans track south of the Mandalay Bay before curving to the east.  Both flight plans restrict the tour helicopters to fly south when on the west side of the Strip and both must fly north when on the east side of the Strip.  Tour helicopters may not fly directly above those Strip hotels nor can they fly between them.


Achilles Heel #2

Jake tells us hat it was just the police chopper….no….no….NO it isn’t and it is ridiculously easy to prove that it isn’t.

At approximately 10:25 pm, some nine minutes after the last rounds of automatic fire were leveled against the fleeing crowd, a Las Vegas police helicopter arrived on scene as shown in the next screen shot taken from one of Truth Tracker’s videos analyzing the Flight Radar 24 data from McCarran airport the night of October 1st. The green line shows the path that the helicopter flew. It approached from the north, hooked left to make a fly around of Mandalay Bay and then went east to the edge of the airport.

Look closely at the data card to the left of the screenshot. It shows the helicopter’s altitude just above the red dot in the box between the two blue lines.  The altitude shows at 3,100 feet. It is high up in the sky and it is not violating FAA altitude parameters although no doubt it could if deemed absolutely necessary.  The very fact that the police helicopter’s path can be captured in its entire route around the Mandalay Bay demonstrates that it was not flying below radar. not below 300 feet, at any point in its run. Had it gone that low it would have “gone dark” from Flight Radar 24’s point of view. It would have “blinked out” as did several helicopters that had taken off from McCarran airport and apparently landed on or near the Mandalay Bay Convention roof .

The police helicopter is at 3,100 feet, where it should be, way, way up in the sky. Let us take another look at the helicopter that was flying between the Mandalay Bay and the Luxor:

Now that we know the Mandalay Bay is 480 feet in height we can estimate this chopper’s altitude. Goodness gracious. It would appear to be flying at 300 feet maximum. Now that is interesting.  Radar cannot pick anything up under 300 feet, both satellite and ground radar.  It would seem that this boy was trying to stay off radar, wouldn’t it?  And if this were the police chopper looking for something that caused him to drop down that low for a better look, wouldn’t he be using his floodlight, the one they scan the ground with?  Bottom line for Jake, this is no police helicopter

Jack Pot

The police scanner is the connect-the-dot jack pot in our mystery.  One of my readers, Greg from the U.K. has taken the time to transcribe the ongoing scanner chatter that transpired well after 11:20 pm, the time that was given for the discovery of the lifeless corpse of Steve Paddock on the floor of suite 135, 32nd floor, the point in time where most copies of the police scanner cut off. You can find his work in the comments section of Part 8.

At time mark 10:10:31 (10:10 pm which was the mid point in the assault on the concert) an officer radios in the following:

‘We have a rifle deployed. We are in front of Mandalay Bay. We are trying to see where the shots are coming from. If anyone can advise if they’re coming from Mandalay”.

Dispatch responds:

“It sounds like it’s either Mandalay or Luxor. We cannot tell”.

And there is this one:

10:24 13 Female officer on scene:  “I have security talking to me right now they have a tall male with a 413 ( person with a gun) inside the Luxor males restroom.”

10:25:26 “There was a subject on top of the valet at 23:30 hours (11:30 pm) at the Luxor.  He was running across the roof.”

10:32:29 “About three minutes ago a black Duly unknown truck, looked like a Chevy, unknown occupant ripped out of the parking lot east of Excalibur, south of Delano. Reported by several people and witnessed by me. Keep an eye on it”.

Those little red triangular awnings in the foreground of the photos belong to the Excalibur.

What Does Muzzle Flash Look Like?

When I looked at Joe’s closeups of the shooters on the Luxor suites veranda, I was troubled by the size and shape of the light coming off of the shooter on the left. It just seemed too much to me so I started hunting around for anything that would show me what authentic muzzle flash looks like. Here is what I found and it looks like a damn tight match to me. If you watch Joe’s video at slow speed, you will see all of these flash shapes coming from that Luxor veranda:

I am hoping to visit Las Vegas to see if there is any reflective material up on those terraces but for now I think Joe is correct. I will update if I find evidence to the contrary.

Upcoming:  The telltale Paddock suite doors, Jesus Campos, the cart in the hall, the body on the floor and other interesting odds and ends


Mandalay Bay-Not What You Think – Part 8

Because a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

October 1st, 2017 – Our pictorial begins with a helicopter flying between the Mandalay Bay and The Delano Hotels….100% illegal, by the way.

Just as it clears the far left edge of Mandalay Bay, two shooters open fire, automatic fire, on the concert goers. They are not in nor on the Mandalay Bay. They are not Stephen Paddock. They are not one person.  They are two shooters on one of the open roof levels of the David Copperfield Theater located next to The Excalibur Hotel.

Before you look at the goods, familiarize yourself with the layout. The David Copperfield Theater is a stepped structure to the immediate right of the Luxor Hotel on the map. The Theater affords excellent targeting to that area to the far right of the venue, the area where panicked, fleeing concert goers were instructed to go after the initial volleys of automatic weapon fire had started the stampeding of the crowd. They were literally herded straight in to the next attack zone.

These were, by no means, the only team. There were many shooters that night.  Some were seen at ground level by fleeing concert goers. No muzzle flashes were captured on video coming from the Mandalay Bay that night. Paddock, or whomever that was dead on the floor that night, was simply the “Oswald”, the patsy.

The disgusting gutter slime that keep doing this to us should roast in hell for all their inhuman little schemes. From my lips to God’s ears. Lone shooter, 64 year old millionaire gone crazy on 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay my a__

This was a tightly run, highly planned, paramilitary operation. Period. :


David Copperfield Theater                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               And now the goods:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       First, the unidentified chopper comes in to view                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Illegal Chopper flying between hotels                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Chopper clears MB-Look at staggered rooftop of Copperfield Theater                                      

For contrast-No shooting yet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Muzzle Flashes Begin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Now Go Watch the Video                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Should the link fail to work, you can find it on YouTube under the title    “100% TWO ACTUAL SHOOTERS ON VIDEO IN VEGAS “- According to Joe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think- Part 7-Update 1

Death Toll Continues to Mount – Not unlike the aftermath from the Grassy Knoll

God forbid this list keeps growing but if there are more people to add this page will get updated as necessary.

This is update #1 to the original article posted 10/30/17. It is now 11/2 and there is another person to add already:

10/31/17: Orville Almon, age 66, of Almon Law, the attorney for Jason Aldean and many other Nashville recording artists died in his sleep from a seizure (the same was said of young Kymberley Suchomel). Following a meeting he attended with MGM officials, Las Vegas police and the FBI. He described the meeting to a friend as having been “incredibly strange and complex”. Mr. Almon practised entertainment and music law. In addition to representing Jason Aldean, he was also the attorney for the Route 91 Music Festival.

The website “Music Row” said of Mr. Almon  “Over the years, Almon has earned many awards and accomplishments including being recognized in Best Lawyers in America, Mid-South Super Lawyers and by BusinessTN as one of Tennessee’s Best 150 Lawyers”. In closing, it might be important to note that Mr. Almon was known for his integrity.

10/9/17:  Kymberley Suchomelage 28– Wrote a lengthy description of her ordeal which she posted on Facebook – stated with certainty that there were multiple shooters on the ground at the venue

10/16/17:  Dennis, age 52,  and Lorraine, age 53, Carver escaped the concert killing field on October 1st only to die in a fiery car crash eerily reminiscent of the death of journalist Michael Hastings. They were driving home at night in their 2010 Mercedes Benz when, for no particular reason, the car ran off the road and slammed a metal speaker intercom and two brick pillars. The vehicle was immediately engulfed in flames. The only problem with this scenario is that the Mercedes is built like a tank with steel reinforcement in the engine compartment and along the car’s underbelly. It is also equipped with technology that warns the driver of situations like going off the road and heading for brick pillars and even goes so far as to apply the brake assist so as to avoid collision. Perhaps authorities should look in to the possibility that it had a bomb placed in to it because there is no way the Mercedes explodes upon impact . It is a meticulously engineered automobile. Here is her Facebook post following the ordeal at the concert:

Lorraine (Lora) Carver’s Facebook Post

I found the following paragraph from the Las Vegas Review Journal, October 27, to be of interest. It was part of an article written about the crash and death of the couple (credit: Rio Lacanlale) :

“A week after the fatal crash, another item carrying memories of their 52-year-old father showed up on their doorstep. During the confusion of the shooting, he had lost his phone, but a Las Vegas FBI agent promised to ship the phone to him.

‘When we turned it on, all his photos and messages were still there,’ Brooke said. ‘This is how we know they’re looking down and watching over us.’

10/15/17: Chad Nishimura-Mandalay Bay Valet who helped Stephen Paddock with his bags was shot outside his church while exiting his car. The coroner and police did not release the name of the deceased (Nishimura) for an extended period of time. Mr. Nishimura had been reported as missing from work after the mass shooting upon the crowd at the country-western concert. Now we know that he was not missing, he was murdered. At the time, Mr. Nishimura had reported that there was nothing unusual about Paddock’s luggage when he checked in. He had been cooperating with police and had been interviewed by the FBI. Chad had given an interview to KITV in Honolulu which has since been scrubbed.  Draw your own conclusions.

10/22/17: Sheryl Stiles, mother of Iraq war veteran and Las Vegas police officer Charleston Hartfield. age 34. Charleston died at the concert on October 1st. His mother and many other relatives had traveled to Las Vegas for his funeral. Two days after burying her son, Ms. Stiles was on an escalator at her hotel. She suffered a heart attack, fell and subsequently sustained a brain injury from the fall. She was removed from life support last Sunday. Her son, Charleston was not on duty while he was attending the Harvest 91 concert the night of October 1st.

10/24/17: Danny Contrerasage 35– Found dead in a vacant house in Las Vegas. Multiple gunshots-Coroner ruled homicide. Danny had posted on his Twitter “Feeling lcky to be alive. can’t believe I got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns. not evry 1 so lcky:”  @dannyc911

Danny sent out that Twitter at 3:03 pm on 10/2. His Twitter account was suspended sometime thereafter:

Danny Contreras Twitter Post Following His Escape

And then:

Danny Contreras Twitter Page




Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think- Part 5B

Bermuda Bob Revisited….and are we on the trail to uncovering fake news embedded within this event?

Is this how real evidence gets undermined or was the Las Vegas Massacre another hoax perpetrated upon us? Did people die? Were the sounds of gunfire real?  Future articles will be focusing on these questions.

I wrote an article three days ago…part 5. I am sitting here just a trifle stunned by what I stumbled across last night. I had to drop everything to cover this. I just can’t believe it.  For me personally, this is a turning point. Going forward, I now must focus on analyzing, in great depth, what is true and what is false in this event.  Is there an after the fact spin being layered in to distract from, and to discredit, genuine evidence?

In part 5, I pointed out a blurry, dark, grainy and exceedingly brief sequence captured on cell phone video by a concert goer. A large man jumps up and rapidly exits the concert all by himself. I pointed out that he was tall, stocky, wearing a long, white, short sleeved t-shirt and dark Bermuda shorts.  I also noted his remarkably slender calves given his otherwise stocky frame. Here are the two shots of him that I managed to isolate from the video. In one of the stills, he happened to lower his left hand into some background light. You can see the silhouette of the object he is holding and it looked like a weapon.

Next, I located some outrageous footage taken from the mezzanine level of the Tropicana Casino taken the night of October 1st. People in the casino were stunned by a group of people marching through, some dressed like imitation SWAT, holding automatic weapons and telling them to put their hands up. To the rear of the rag tag parade were two men, one of which was a tall, stocky man in a short sleeved white shirt and Bermuda shorts. I pointed out that he had surprisingly slender calves and wondered if he might be the same Bermuda Bob from the shadowy concert video. I also pointed out the odd, green, handled soft carry case he was holding and showed a similar case that was designed for a very deadly brand of hand held weapon. While I felt I was on to something important, I never expected to find what I found tonight. I can now give you a rather fascinating pictorial sequence. The moral of this story has got to be ‘never wear your favorite pair of tangerine shoes to a massacre’.

Those shoes seemed like such a mistake for a shooter to make, but then again, if one is planning to spin things later on, it makes perfect sense. Instead of what it looks like, instead of what it seems, this could be evidence of extraordinarily diabolical thinking, intricate pre-planning.  This is a turning point, the precise spot where things need to be examined from a different perspective.

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Bermuda Bob, white short sleeve T-shirt

Bermuda Bob is holding something

Bermuda Bob closeup of item in his hand

Peculiar Parade

Bermuda Bob, put on your red shoes

Is that you, Bermuda Bob???

Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think-Part 6A

Possible shooter captured on cell phone video taken from the back wall of Route 91 Harvest concert

Witnesses, victims present at the Route 91 Harvest concert, have insisted that it sounded like some of the shooting at them was coming from inside the venue, not from far away. At long last, footage has surfaced of what may be exactly that. This series of still shots were taken from a You Tube video. I will provide a link so that you can see this with your own eyes.  Here we go:

Back Wall of Route 91 concert venue

Zooming in on the man in black who pops up



Looks as though this person has climbed on top of a trailer inside the venue and is getting in to position to begin firing..

Here is the full video:

Part 6 is in the works – a continuation of the goings on at The Tropicana Hotel and Casino and more witness statementd




Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think-Part 5

Authentic Las Vegas SWAT

Multiple shooters, Multiple locations

There are so many detailed eyewitness accounts available all over the internet regarding the bizarre assault on Las Vegas three weeks ago that it is difficult to decide which to include here. As we learned from Kymberley Suchomel in Part 4, shots were coming at them from all sides, all directions.  Some of the shots seemed to be coming from within the venue itself. People reported horizontal shots as well as those coming from higher elevation. No one, including police, saw anything at all coming from Mandalay Bay until the very end of the prolonged gunfire.  There is a video posted in Mandalay Massacre- Not What You Think Part 3 which was filmed by a concert attendee who managed to escape. In that video we can hear at least fifteen separate volleys of varying duration, varying distance, varying weaponry.  From time to time we can clearly hear vollies overlapping.

The footage from the female taxi driver waiting in the taxi line at Mandalay Bay establishes that there were shots being fired from a great distance as well as shots coming from directly overhead. A forensic acoustics analysis by Mike Adams available on YouTube backs this up.

Using math and physics, Mike demonstrates that there were two and possibly three shooters firing on the crowd. One was approximately 450 yards away from the venue and another only 250 yards out.

So why is law enforcement and FBI still trying to perpetuate this myth of a lone shooter?  It is just absurd at this point to continue with the charade.


In the Crowd ?

Hand Held Rapid Fire Weapon

Here is an exchange between ABC’s George Stephanopoulos  and Michelle Leonard, a vendor at the Route 91 Harvest country western concert, who was forced to flee for her life. . Stephanopoulos tried, as gently as possible, to plant in her mind (and the viewers) that all of the shots were coming from high up in the Mandalay Bay.

GS  “Could you see where the shots were coming from from where you were or did you just have to get out of there too quickly”?

Michelle: “I couldn’t see ’em. All I did is I heard ’em and I knew that something was wrong and I just knew it because I do these shows all the time and they do not put fireworks in the middle of the show when country artists are singing.  They don’t do it”…

GS:  “Do you have a sense of how long the shooting went on. Are we talking a minute, less than a minute, a little more”?

Michelle:  “It was more than a minute…they went off. It felt like it was maybe fifteen to twenty rounds and then it was again, and then it was again, and then it was again and you had no idea where it was coming from or where to go“. 

There it is, there it is! That magical moment when the reporter is given room to step in and shape the Mandalay Bay 32nd floor narrative. Here it comes:

GS:  “So you couldn’t see and obviously the shooter was fairly far away so you couldn’t tell if the shooter was saying anything. All you heard was the shots

Michelle:  “I didn’t know if the shooter was far away because it sounded like it was so close. I thought it was in the crowd“.


Ambulances line up in front of Hooters

Regarding Hooters Hotel and Casino, Kymberley Suchomel wrote that

The 2nd place I remember going by was Hooters- which is where we met back up with the rest of our small group. We ran towards the entrance thinking we could take cover there, but as we got closer, a stampede of people ran out, terrified. We could only conclude that there was another gunman inside of that hotel.”

Michelle Leonard in that ABC Stephanopoulos  interview cited above also said that “My friend found people in front of Hooters on the ground that were dead”. But Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI still insist there was only one shooter and that shooter died by his own hand up in that Mandalay Bay suite. So, let’s take a look at where Hooter’s is on the map.

Hopefully there is no need to point out just how impossible it would be to fire upon Hooters which is located on Tropicana Blvd. and faces away from Mandalay Bay, much less shoot at people inside of Hooters.  Two men who were in the MGM parking garage across the street from Hooters captured ambulance after ambulance arriving at Hooters. They watched as victim after victim was loaded onto gurneys and whisked away by ambulance. They counted sixteen or seventeen ambulances in total. The video of this can be found on YouTube.

Hooters location vs Mandalay Bay and concert venue


“Bermuda Bob”

There is footage out there of a man in a security vest inside the Route 91 Harvest concert venue. He crouches, points something that looks all the world like a weapon, then stands up, looks around and casually walks out of the area. Many have found this footage to be inconclusive in that the man in question does not appear to be actually firing anything.  And after all, he is a security guard and aren’t his movements in line with what law enforcement is trained to do in an active shooter situation, specifically to crouch and aim their weapon? That said, it is all too easy to forget the fact that most security guards, particularly those hired to manage crowds at venues like this one, are not licensed to carry a weapon.   Case in point: Jesus Campos, Mandalay Bay security guard on the 32nd floor had no weapon.

Let us now kick it up a notch, shall we? A few seconds after the aforementioned security guard steps out of the camera frame we observe people that were seated to his immediate right stand up and flee. One woman swings her pocketbook up as she pivots and begins to run. Her swinging purse  partially blocks the view of another sequence that has gone unnoticed.  But there is a man sitting in amongst a group of people.   As the woman’s handbag swings to block our view of him, he stands up to run. He is wearing what appears to be a short sleeve T-shirt.

The footage is dark and quite blurry but he is clearly wearing Bermuda shorts. As he runs, he holds something in his left hand. Everything behind him is dark and his left hand is up against his body for most of the frames so whatever he is carrying is not visible…that is up to the single split second when there is some light behind him and his left hand drops just long enough to get a fuzzy silhouette of something ominous.

Bermuda Bob, white short sleeve T-shirt

Bermuda Bob is holding something

The lighting and blur in this video makes everything very, very difficult, if not impossible, to make out. In the still shot to the right a part of his left arm catches just enough light to reveal that he is wearing a short- sleeved white t-shirt. We can observe from the photo on the left that he is wearing loose fitting shorts that cover his knee caps and he is holding something in his left hand. He is relatively tall, somewhat stocky, yet has very slender calves. There are some spots in the video where it is possible to determine that the t-shirt is very long extending well below his waist.

This guy is all by himself. He has no one with him. The entire time that he is in frame he never looks back, never calls out to anyone. He is there all by himself and he shows no concern for anyone else.  People all around him get up to run in pairs, trios, quads…but him, he is solo.





The Tropicana

Many concert goers fleeing the venue ended up at the Tropicana Hotel and casino.  Some were ushered downstairs by Tropicana security to the employee cafeteria where they sheltered for hours and were given food and drink.  These were the more fortunate.

There were many strange goings on at the Tropicana the night of the shooting not the least of which was the peculiar SWAT team that marched through the casino stunning onlookers with a command to put their hands up as they passed by, aiming their automatic weapons at them.  If you haven’t seen the footage yet you really must. They look for all the world like Hollywood extras, no two are dressed alike.  It’s really odd because just as it is with police, SWAT teams have identical outfittings, identical weaponry, uniforms, bullet proof vests, etc. But not these folks. Every one of them seems to have just grabbed odds and ends from central casting before they showed up for their dramatic moment.

And then there are the two civilian fellows at the very end of the “squadron”. Just before they peel away from the armed group and head down a corridor to the right we see the full outfit of the guy to the left. He is on the tall side, a little stocky with surprisingly slender calves wearing a white, short-sleeved t-shirt….and….Bermuda….no. Can it be? Is this Bermuda Bob? And what, pray tell, is in that green case???

Is That You, Bermuda Bob?

Authentic Las Vegas SWAT


If we compare the people marching along in the casino with the properly uniformed SWAT officer to the right we can see that these people were not SWAT.  Even though they are menacing the patrons of The Tropicana casino, they are nonplussed by the two men following them.

Alex Jones’ Infowars reported that this incident took place while rounds were still being fired into the crowd at the concert.  The Tropicana is quite close to the venue. Was “Bob” a shooter inside the venue who then took an elevator to a prearranged room high up in the Tropicana so that he could continue firing at the people fleeing?

Several concert goers reported that all of the gates along Las Vegas Blvd. had been chained closed. This had never happened before during the three day venue. The only exit that was open was the one in the rear, the one that steered people closer to The Tropicana.





And what is in that case, Bob?

It even comes in green











The Tropicana seems to have been one of the overlooked hotspots in the event as all eyes were, and still are, focused on the Mandalay Bay.  But perhaps the Tropicana is where the real action was that night.  Mandalay Bay may have been just some fancy window dressing.

Part 6 will be a continuation of eyewitness reports and more about The Tropicana





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