Bay Shore, New York

I was born in Greenwich Village, NY and I grew up in Bay Shore, Long Island. My uncle taught me to play chess when I was eight years old and I was known as “the black widow” in the chess circuit.  I have a particular gift for analysis, admittedly not typical of the American female.

As for the blog, it started out as a collection of vignettes of things I have learned along my journey through life and all the barely visited little corners that I have somehow managed to explore.

My original intention was to provide information on alternative medicine, anti-aging, facial exercises and the like.  Certainly, you will find those articles here.

But my life has been very, very different than most.  I have always managed to encounter extremely interesting people along  my travels.  I wanted to capture and share my memories starting with my father-in-law Zenji who was a Yawara master in Japan.  The Yawara are super humans, able to perform incredible physical feats…but they are also masters of the Universe, able to bend reality at will.

Before I met my father-in-law in 1979, I had become friends with Richard Robard Hughes, the true illegitimate son of the infamous billionaire, Howard Robard Hughes.  It was Richard who taught me about the secret cabal that rules the world behind the scenes, their secret bases, the advanced technology that they possess.  They, too, bend reality at will.  Richard taught me to see, or more pointedly, to see through, the false reality that is presented to us by the media.

And there is the man I worked for many years ago who owned the largest and most successful media company on earth.  He confessed to me, many years after I had left and after he had sold the company, that he was Bohemian Grove.

You will learn much here.  I am doing the best that I can to decode the deceptions for you.  Ultimately, nothing is real.  We are living in a counterfeit world.  Trust no one.

Adriaen22The Author