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Sandy Hook Fraud- Certainty Principle – How we can be certain, at long last, that we have been played for fools – Nearly three years later, the great debate still rages.  In the comment section below nearly any blog article or You Tube video regarding any of the many flaws in the Sandy Hook narrative, […]

The Sandy Hook Warren Report Repost-Originally posted Feb 15 2014 It has now been a year since the country was treated to the Sandy Hook horror show.   And now, at long last, the state of Connecticut has finally issued a final report; a second assault, if you will; but this time upon our intelligence. […]

The Sandy Hook Curse Here follows an article written by Tony Mead which demonstrates perfectly the concept that anyone participating in a CIA/Cabal plot such as Sandy Hook needs to turn whistle blower IMMEDIATELY.  As I have pointed out in many other articles,  keeping silent results in one’s untimely demise. And I really, really would […]