Prince Harry’s Misadventure

(A re-posting of an article originally published 9/15/2012….remembering the past, lest we forget.  Sincerely wishing Harry and his bride all the best)

Britain's Prince Harry

Britain’s Prince Harry

As most are aware, Prince Harry was recently publicly humiliated by photos having been published of him frolicking in the raw at a Las Vegas hotel gathering.  He had been called back to Britain from Afghanistan a few months earlier when his location had been made public.  The Royal Family had become concerned for his safety and he was promptly removed from his base.

All seemed well.  Harry attended his brother’s wedding and went about his life.


Harry in happier times

In August, he went to Las Vegas.  And that’s when things got ugly.  Someone in the suite had a camera and very embarrassing photographs were taken and published.  It didn’t take long for the Royal Family to ship him back to Afghanistan.

Prince Harry-Military-Fatigues

Prince Harry in Military Fatigues

That’s interesting…suddenly, Afghanistan got a lot safer in the Royals’ opinion.  Harry was dispatched to a base in the Afghan province with the heaviest casualties, Kandahar.  Kandahar!

Quite obviously, they consider him expendable.  He has embarrassed them… deeply… as had his mother before him.  In fact, Princess Diana had become a pro at publicly humiliating them.  She seemed to rather enjoy it.

Diana-Tears in a Tiara

What would you have done if you had woken up one morning to the realization that you were just a brood mare,that your husband was deeply in love with someone else, and that he had been in love with this other woman for many years? Embarrassing the Queen was all the revenge she could muster against such an overwhelmingly powerful family.   But as Diana learned, that power is brutal.

One fears that Harry is the latest victim of Royal wrath.  His base suffered a deadly attack today by heavily armed insurgents.  Two Marines lost their lives during the prolonged attack which included small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades.  According to an official court proclamation, “Prince Harry was not in danger”.  And neither was Diana, I suppose.

Princess Diana's Last Ride

Diana Death Trap

Prince Williams new bride. Kate Middleton, has just suffered the same embarrassment that befell Harry.  She was photographed topless in France.  Careful, Kate, dear.  That Queen grandmum-in-law of yours has some mighty thin skin.  If she could ship you off to Kandahar right now, she would.

The Royal Couple

Kate and William