Mandalay Bay-Not What You Think Part 9B

X Files?

Here follows still shots taken from the strangest footage you are likely to see associated with the October 1st concert massacre in Las Vegas. You can watch this footage on You Tube. According to Joe has it titled “New Video Evidence Inside Mandalay to Substantiate My Theory”.   The footage is extremely brief, only about six or seven seconds, but it is profoundly peculiar.   It is definitely a hallway in the Mandalay Bay. That is their carpet and the artwork on the wall to the right is a butterfly which is the Mandalay theme. All of the artwork is butterfly themed. Still shot number one is taken just before the first person appears.  It is the perspective that shows where the camera was relative to the end of that hall where all the shenanigans take place. All of the other shots have been cropped by me in an effort to see each person more clearly. :

1: The empty hall

2:  Man number 1:

3:  Man number 2:

4:  Man 3 and man 4:

5:  Man number 5: (note: as man 4 passes, we can now see that he has something slung over his back to the left of the man carrying a larger item)

6:  Man number 6:

I don’t know where this explanation came from, it may have originated with Las Vegas PD, but I have heard several times that this was just an ad hoc strike team of officers sent in to the Mandalay Bay to clear the floors. I am going to assign that explanation a paltry 3% chance of being true and here is why. Let us put ourselves in the place of the officers who had to actually go in there and do that job. We can see that this is a team. We can also see that men 1, 4, 5, and 6 are all carrying items, some items are bulky or large. This leaves only 2 men acting tactically, ready to fire.  Therefore, men 2 and 3 must be protecting 1, 4, 5, and 6 and whatever they are carrying, correct?

Now, whether you are ad hoc or swat to the core, in no event are you going to traverse a long hallway in as tense a situation as this was without acting tactically…every single man. You want to live. You have to pass that open hall. On a tactical mission, will you carry bulky items that delay you from accessing your weapon?  You are in the rear. The two tacticals are up front, no tacticals behind you. No. This can not be any police team clearing halls. But here is the $64,000 question. What are they carrying? Why?

Example of a Mandalay Bay Suite

Mandalay Bay suites are beautiful, aren’t they?  The lighting is so soft and subdued.

So then, how do we account for this bright, white light that seems to just flood over the floor in this crime scene photograph leaked to the press?  Look at the floor of the suite next to Paddock’s body…bright, reflected light. Look carefully at the rug, how it looks with the light that is natural in the room.

Now look at the room as it appears in the Paddock photograph. Nice lighting, yes? It’s a nice white light, not soft, not subdued. It’s directional, limited to a particular area, not like the natural room light which is diffused.  CSI has not been here yet. There are no identifying number cards placed anywhere.

Professional Photography Tools

Who are these people? They are not a police tactical team. If they really had to have some men carrying items like that one of the armed ones would have stayed in that open area until the vulnerable ones passed. It can’t be CSI because they would not come in until everything was clear for them to come in and photograph, in which case, they need no tactical member escort. So who are these people?