Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think- Part 7-Update 1

Death Toll Continues to Mount – Not unlike the aftermath from the Grassy Knoll

God forbid this list keeps growing but if there are more people to add this page will get updated as necessary.

This is update #1 to the original article posted 10/30/17. It is now 11/2 and there is another person to add already:

10/31/17: Orville Almon, age 66, of Almon Law, the attorney for Jason Aldean and many other Nashville recording artists died in his sleep from a seizure (the same was said of young Kymberley Suchomel). Following a meeting he attended with MGM officials, Las Vegas police and the FBI. He described the meeting to a friend as having been “incredibly strange and complex”. Mr. Almon practised entertainment and music law. In addition to representing Jason Aldean, he was also the attorney for the Route 91 Music Festival.

The website “Music Row” said of Mr. Almon  “Over the years, Almon has earned many awards and accomplishments including being recognized in Best Lawyers in America, Mid-South Super Lawyers and by BusinessTN as one of Tennessee’s Best 150 Lawyers”. In closing, it might be important to note that Mr. Almon was known for his integrity.

10/9/17:  Kymberley Suchomelage 28– Wrote a lengthy description of her ordeal which she posted on Facebook – stated with certainty that there were multiple shooters on the ground at the venue

10/16/17:  Dennis, age 52,  and Lorraine, age 53, Carver escaped the concert killing field on October 1st only to die in a fiery car crash eerily reminiscent of the death of journalist Michael Hastings. They were driving home at night in their 2010 Mercedes Benz when, for no particular reason, the car ran off the road and slammed a metal speaker intercom and two brick pillars. The vehicle was immediately engulfed in flames. The only problem with this scenario is that the Mercedes is built like a tank with steel reinforcement in the engine compartment and along the car’s underbelly. It is also equipped with technology that warns the driver of situations like going off the road and heading for brick pillars and even goes so far as to apply the brake assist so as to avoid collision. Perhaps authorities should look in to the possibility that it had a bomb placed in to it because there is no way the Mercedes explodes upon impact . It is a meticulously engineered automobile. Here is her Facebook post following the ordeal at the concert:

Lorraine (Lora) Carver’s Facebook Post

I found the following paragraph from the Las Vegas Review Journal, October 27, to be of interest. It was part of an article written about the crash and death of the couple (credit: Rio Lacanlale) :

“A week after the fatal crash, another item carrying memories of their 52-year-old father showed up on their doorstep. During the confusion of the shooting, he had lost his phone, but a Las Vegas FBI agent promised to ship the phone to him.

‘When we turned it on, all his photos and messages were still there,’ Brooke said. ‘This is how we know they’re looking down and watching over us.’

10/15/17: Chad Nishimura-Mandalay Bay Valet who helped Stephen Paddock with his bags was shot outside his church while exiting his car. The coroner and police did not release the name of the deceased (Nishimura) for an extended period of time. Mr. Nishimura had been reported as missing from work after the mass shooting upon the crowd at the country-western concert. Now we know that he was not missing, he was murdered. At the time, Mr. Nishimura had reported that there was nothing unusual about Paddock’s luggage when he checked in. He had been cooperating with police and had been interviewed by the FBI. Chad had given an interview to KITV in Honolulu which has since been scrubbed.  Draw your own conclusions.

10/22/17: Sheryl Stiles, mother of Iraq war veteran and Las Vegas police officer Charleston Hartfield. age 34. Charleston died at the concert on October 1st. His mother and many other relatives had traveled to Las Vegas for his funeral. Two days after burying her son, Ms. Stiles was on an escalator at her hotel. She suffered a heart attack, fell and subsequently sustained a brain injury from the fall. She was removed from life support last Sunday. Her son, Charleston was not on duty while he was attending the Harvest 91 concert the night of October 1st.

10/24/17: Danny Contrerasage 35– Found dead in a vacant house in Las Vegas. Multiple gunshots-Coroner ruled homicide. Danny had posted on his Twitter “Feeling lcky to be alive. can’t believe I got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns. not evry 1 so lcky:”  @dannyc911

Danny sent out that Twitter at 3:03 pm on 10/2. His Twitter account was suspended sometime thereafter:

Danny Contreras Twitter Post Following His Escape

And then:

Danny Contreras Twitter Page