Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think- Part 5B

Bermuda Bob Revisited….and are we on the trail to uncovering fake news embedded within this event?

Is this how real evidence gets undermined or was the Las Vegas Massacre another hoax perpetrated upon us? Did people die? Were the sounds of gunfire real?  Future articles will be focusing on these questions.

I wrote an article three days ago…part 5. I am sitting here just a trifle stunned by what I stumbled across last night. I had to drop everything to cover this. I just can’t believe it.  For me personally, this is a turning point. Going forward, I now must focus on analyzing, in great depth, what is true and what is false in this event.  Is there an after the fact spin being layered in to distract from, and to discredit, genuine evidence?

In part 5, I pointed out a blurry, dark, grainy and exceedingly brief sequence captured on cell phone video by a concert goer. A large man jumps up and rapidly exits the concert all by himself. I pointed out that he was tall, stocky, wearing a long, white, short sleeved t-shirt and dark Bermuda shorts.  I also noted his remarkably slender calves given his otherwise stocky frame. Here are the two shots of him that I managed to isolate from the video. In one of the stills, he happened to lower his left hand into some background light. You can see the silhouette of the object he is holding and it looked like a weapon.

Next, I located some outrageous footage taken from the mezzanine level of the Tropicana Casino taken the night of October 1st. People in the casino were stunned by a group of people marching through, some dressed like imitation SWAT, holding automatic weapons and telling them to put their hands up. To the rear of the rag tag parade were two men, one of which was a tall, stocky man in a short sleeved white shirt and Bermuda shorts. I pointed out that he had surprisingly slender calves and wondered if he might be the same Bermuda Bob from the shadowy concert video. I also pointed out the odd, green, handled soft carry case he was holding and showed a similar case that was designed for a very deadly brand of hand held weapon. While I felt I was on to something important, I never expected to find what I found tonight. I can now give you a rather fascinating pictorial sequence. The moral of this story has got to be ‘never wear your favorite pair of tangerine shoes to a massacre’.

Those shoes seemed like such a mistake for a shooter to make, but then again, if one is planning to spin things later on, it makes perfect sense. Instead of what it looks like, instead of what it seems, this could be evidence of extraordinarily diabolical thinking, intricate pre-planning.  This is a turning point, the precise spot where things need to be examined from a different perspective.

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Bermuda Bob, white short sleeve T-shirt

Bermuda Bob is holding something

Bermuda Bob closeup of item in his hand

Peculiar Parade

Bermuda Bob, put on your red shoes

Is that you, Bermuda Bob???