Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think-Part 6A

Possible shooter captured on cell phone video taken from the back wall of Route 91 Harvest concert

Witnesses, victims present at the Route 91 Harvest concert, have insisted that it sounded like some of the shooting at them was coming from inside the venue, not from far away. At long last, footage has surfaced of what may be exactly that. This series of still shots were taken from a You Tube video. I will provide a link so that you can see this with your own eyes.  Here we go:

Back Wall of Route 91 concert venue

Zooming in on the man in black who pops up



Looks as though this person has climbed on top of a trailer inside the venue and is getting in to position to begin firing..

Here is the full video:

Part 6 is in the works – a continuation of the goings on at The Tropicana Hotel and Casino and more witness statementd