Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think-Part 5

Authentic Las Vegas SWAT

Multiple shooters, Multiple locations

There are so many detailed eyewitness accounts available all over the internet regarding the bizarre assault on Las Vegas three weeks ago that it is difficult to decide which to include here. As we learned from Kymberley Suchomel in Part 4, shots were coming at them from all sides, all directions.  Some of the shots seemed to be coming from within the venue itself. People reported horizontal shots as well as those coming from higher elevation. No one, including police, saw anything at all coming from Mandalay Bay until the very end of the prolonged gunfire.  There is a video posted in Mandalay Massacre- Not What You Think Part 3 which was filmed by a concert attendee who managed to escape. In that video we can hear at least fifteen separate volleys of varying duration, varying distance, varying weaponry.  From time to time we can clearly hear vollies overlapping.

The footage from the female taxi driver waiting in the taxi line at Mandalay Bay establishes that there were shots being fired from a great distance as well as shots coming from directly overhead. A forensic acoustics analysis by Mike Adams available on YouTube backs this up.

Using math and physics, Mike demonstrates that there were two and possibly three shooters firing on the crowd. One was approximately 450 yards away from the venue and another only 250 yards out.

So why is law enforcement and FBI still trying to perpetuate this myth of a lone shooter?  It is just absurd at this point to continue with the charade.


In the Crowd ?

Hand Held Rapid Fire Weapon

Here is an exchange between ABC’s George Stephanopoulos  and Michelle Leonard, a vendor at the Route 91 Harvest country western concert, who was forced to flee for her life. . Stephanopoulos tried, as gently as possible, to plant in her mind (and the viewers) that all of the shots were coming from high up in the Mandalay Bay.

GS  “Could you see where the shots were coming from from where you were or did you just have to get out of there too quickly”?

Michelle: “I couldn’t see ’em. All I did is I heard ’em and I knew that something was wrong and I just knew it because I do these shows all the time and they do not put fireworks in the middle of the show when country artists are singing.  They don’t do it”…

GS:  “Do you have a sense of how long the shooting went on. Are we talking a minute, less than a minute, a little more”?

Michelle:  “It was more than a minute…they went off. It felt like it was maybe fifteen to twenty rounds and then it was again, and then it was again, and then it was again and you had no idea where it was coming from or where to go“. 

There it is, there it is! That magical moment when the reporter is given room to step in and shape the Mandalay Bay 32nd floor narrative. Here it comes:

GS:  “So you couldn’t see and obviously the shooter was fairly far away so you couldn’t tell if the shooter was saying anything. All you heard was the shots

Michelle:  “I didn’t know if the shooter was far away because it sounded like it was so close. I thought it was in the crowd“.


Ambulances line up in front of Hooters

Regarding Hooters Hotel and Casino, Kymberley Suchomel wrote that

The 2nd place I remember going by was Hooters- which is where we met back up with the rest of our small group. We ran towards the entrance thinking we could take cover there, but as we got closer, a stampede of people ran out, terrified. We could only conclude that there was another gunman inside of that hotel.”

Michelle Leonard in that ABC Stephanopoulos  interview cited above also said that “My friend found people in front of Hooters on the ground that were dead”. But Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI still insist there was only one shooter and that shooter died by his own hand up in that Mandalay Bay suite. So, let’s take a look at where Hooter’s is on the map.

Hopefully there is no need to point out just how impossible it would be to fire upon Hooters which is located on Tropicana Blvd. and faces away from Mandalay Bay, much less shoot at people inside of Hooters.  Two men who were in the MGM parking garage across the street from Hooters captured ambulance after ambulance arriving at Hooters. They watched as victim after victim was loaded onto gurneys and whisked away by ambulance. They counted sixteen or seventeen ambulances in total. The video of this can be found on YouTube.

Hooters location vs Mandalay Bay and concert venue


“Bermuda Bob”

There is footage out there of a man in a security vest inside the Route 91 Harvest concert venue. He crouches, points something that looks all the world like a weapon, then stands up, looks around and casually walks out of the area. Many have found this footage to be inconclusive in that the man in question does not appear to be actually firing anything.  And after all, he is a security guard and aren’t his movements in line with what law enforcement is trained to do in an active shooter situation, specifically to crouch and aim their weapon? That said, it is all too easy to forget the fact that most security guards, particularly those hired to manage crowds at venues like this one, are not licensed to carry a weapon.   Case in point: Jesus Campos, Mandalay Bay security guard on the 32nd floor had no weapon.

Let us now kick it up a notch, shall we? A few seconds after the aforementioned security guard steps out of the camera frame we observe people that were seated to his immediate right stand up and flee. One woman swings her pocketbook up as she pivots and begins to run. Her swinging purse  partially blocks the view of another sequence that has gone unnoticed.  But there is a man sitting in amongst a group of people.   As the woman’s handbag swings to block our view of him, he stands up to run. He is wearing what appears to be a short sleeve T-shirt.

The footage is dark and quite blurry but he is clearly wearing Bermuda shorts. As he runs, he holds something in his left hand. Everything behind him is dark and his left hand is up against his body for most of the frames so whatever he is carrying is not visible…that is up to the single split second when there is some light behind him and his left hand drops just long enough to get a fuzzy silhouette of something ominous.

Bermuda Bob, white short sleeve T-shirt

Bermuda Bob is holding something

The lighting and blur in this video makes everything very, very difficult, if not impossible, to make out. In the still shot to the right a part of his left arm catches just enough light to reveal that he is wearing a short- sleeved white t-shirt. We can observe from the photo on the left that he is wearing loose fitting shorts that cover his knee caps and he is holding something in his left hand. He is relatively tall, somewhat stocky, yet has very slender calves. There are some spots in the video where it is possible to determine that the t-shirt is very long extending well below his waist.

This guy is all by himself. He has no one with him. The entire time that he is in frame he never looks back, never calls out to anyone. He is there all by himself and he shows no concern for anyone else.  People all around him get up to run in pairs, trios, quads…but him, he is solo.





The Tropicana

Many concert goers fleeing the venue ended up at the Tropicana Hotel and casino.  Some were ushered downstairs by Tropicana security to the employee cafeteria where they sheltered for hours and were given food and drink.  These were the more fortunate.

There were many strange goings on at the Tropicana the night of the shooting not the least of which was the peculiar SWAT team that marched through the casino stunning onlookers with a command to put their hands up as they passed by, aiming their automatic weapons at them.  If you haven’t seen the footage yet you really must. They look for all the world like Hollywood extras, no two are dressed alike.  It’s really odd because just as it is with police, SWAT teams have identical outfittings, identical weaponry, uniforms, bullet proof vests, etc. But not these folks. Every one of them seems to have just grabbed odds and ends from central casting before they showed up for their dramatic moment.

And then there are the two civilian fellows at the very end of the “squadron”. Just before they peel away from the armed group and head down a corridor to the right we see the full outfit of the guy to the left. He is on the tall side, a little stocky with surprisingly slender calves wearing a white, short-sleeved t-shirt….and….Bermuda….no. Can it be? Is this Bermuda Bob? And what, pray tell, is in that green case???

Is That You, Bermuda Bob?

Authentic Las Vegas SWAT


If we compare the people marching along in the casino with the properly uniformed SWAT officer to the right we can see that these people were not SWAT.  Even though they are menacing the patrons of The Tropicana casino, they are nonplussed by the two men following them.

Alex Jones’ Infowars reported that this incident took place while rounds were still being fired into the crowd at the concert.  The Tropicana is quite close to the venue. Was “Bob” a shooter inside the venue who then took an elevator to a prearranged room high up in the Tropicana so that he could continue firing at the people fleeing?

Several concert goers reported that all of the gates along Las Vegas Blvd. had been chained closed. This had never happened before during the three day venue. The only exit that was open was the one in the rear, the one that steered people closer to The Tropicana.





And what is in that case, Bob?

It even comes in green











The Tropicana seems to have been one of the overlooked hotspots in the event as all eyes were, and still are, focused on the Mandalay Bay.  But perhaps the Tropicana is where the real action was that night.  Mandalay Bay may have been just some fancy window dressing.

Part 6 will be a continuation of eyewitness reports and more about The Tropicana