Mandalay Bay Massacre-Part 3

Virtually every person in attendance at the Route 91 Fall Harvest country-western concert passed by this poster. Had they seen it for what it was they would surely have turned around and left, music be damned, so to speak..

But…but…That’s just a Longhorn, right?  The breed of cattle known as the Longhorn has long symbolized the heart and soul of the cowboy’s life, America’s old west.  A person could pass by that at a country-western concert, casually glance at it, never having a second thought. It’s just a Longhorn.



This Spectacular Harvest Fest Brought To You By…


But it isn’t a longhorn.  It is the hand sign used by Satanists all over the world  In the context seen here at the concert venue for the Route 91 Fall Harvest Concert it was a foreboding of things to come.  It is the hand with the index finger and pinky finger  held up with the two center fingers folded down, the thumb tucked around.   It was an acknowledgement  of the event’s true sponsor. And, oh yes, the sign is red.





Many people who were in attendance at the concert were engaged in filming with their cell phones. One of the best of these is the one I include here but please read the detailing of the snapping sounds before you play this. That detailing is located immediately below the video. Just scroll past the video and read through it before you hit the play button


Detailing of Snapping Sounds

Go to the 3:12 mark on the timer. Everything before that is just music and panning of the crowd.  At 3;12 we hear the first sharp snap…but it is just that…a single snap.  In fact, there were six distinct, individual snaps that concert goers mistook for firecrackers. Why? Because somebody had thrown some lit firecrackers down in front close to the stage. There were multiple witnesses sitting close to the stage who said they saw the firecrackers. The last of these “snaps” struck just before the 1st round of automatic fire is heard at 3:52 on the timer. This is the sequence:

3:12 – 1st snap- sharp snap sound, similar to a cap gun

3:17 – 2nd snap

3:20 – 3rd snap

3:38 – 4th snap – sound is not quite the same as the 1st 3

3:39 – 5th snap – sound is not quite the same as the 1st 3 but similar to #4

3:51 – 6th snap – sharp snap (same sound as snaps 1 – 3)

This massacre event was kicked off by 6 individual snapping sounds, all fired off within a total time elapse of 39 seconds, from a position that sounds very much like it is coming from a location inside the venue.  The 6th snap is immediately covered by the start of the first burst of automatic fire. The timing is so close on the last snap that the echo from it is covered by the sound of the more distant automatic weapon fire.

So what might this mean?  it strongly signals that there were one or more people in the audience who were targeted for assassination.   What better way to eliminate specific people and never have it investigated, much less recognized? Remember the story from Breanna Hendricks? She was near the front and an Hispanic couple pushed their way to the front row. The female pulled on the hair of a woman in the 1st row right in front of Breanna and told her “You are going to die”. Then she broadened it to the people in the section saying “You are all going to die!” at which point security escorted her out.  This incident occurred about 45 minutes before the shooting started.  Breanna and her mother wisely left the venue and reached their hotel room just as the shooting began.

With regard to the matter of at least one targeted hit being cleverly masked by the use of the firecrackers, there is a witness who stated the following and I am paraphrasing so I will not apply quotation marks: In the beginning we all thought it was just firecrackers but I turned and I saw a woman collapsing. At first I thought maybe she spilled her drink and was bending down but then I realized that a group of people around her was picking her up, trying to assist her. The automatic fire started and I suddenly realized what was happening and I ran.

Does Anybody Have Any Smelling Salts?

Now, for anybody still buying the official FBI Mandalay Bay floor 32 lone shooter b.s., the next section should positively send them into a catatonic stupor from which they may never recover.  Should you be one of these poor, gullible flower petals, please do not read any further until you find your vial of smelling salts.  You are going to need them.

Caught on Tape

So, okay, you actually believe that explosive charges can be used on a double door and leave one of the two doors in perfect condition, you believe that the door that got “breached” by explosives can end up looking like it was neatly sawed, you believe that a man who has been dead on a suite floor for hours can get up and fire an automatic weapon for 10 plus minutes, you believe that an unarmed security guard will stay on a floor for the duration while some monster rains hell fire out of a window at the end of the hall, you believe that 64 year old millionaires line up to join ISIS and Antifa, you believe in the FBI, and you believe Chief Lombardo (notice that I am respectfully leaving Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy out of this)…well, I am so, so sorry to be the one to send you in to some significant shock, but here it comes…captured by a cell phone compilation that I will link to following the photo gallery. This sequence appears at 1:29 on the timer of the video. You need to slow the speed down to 25%. It appears between 1:29 and 1:30 at which time the cell phone owner suddenly swings left and the bullet is no longer in frame. Here we go:

Note the location and watch the progression. You are looking at the Delano, not The Mandalay Bay which is located to the left of The Delano:  This only proves that the shot does not come from Mandalay Bay which is all we need to be sure that there is at least one shooter somewhere else, but not enough to be sure where that particular shooter is positioned. That said, it only takes one white crow to prove that not all crows are black. Another thing to note when watching this footage…we never see anything coming from Mandalay Bay at all. The hotel is in view throughout several volleys yet nothing seems to come from floor 32 of the Mandalay Bay…neither window.

Bullet on its way

Bullet starting to drop

Then the camera moves and the bullet is no longer in frame.  Here is the video…and hey, will somebody please help our flower petal up off the floor?

Part 4? Probably