The Apollonia Story

(for Frosty)


The night that I wrote the tribute to Prince, this story kept running through my mind, making me smile even though I was writing about the passing of a very gifted human being who died too young.

The story begins with Kanye West’s song “Stronger”.  As it happened, I was driving my daughter home from work. She would always take over the car radio during these long rides home. She was nineteen or so at the time, so we always had to listen to the contemporary hit radio station…not my personal favorite format, but then again, she hated news talk.  It seemed like “Stronger” was getting a ridiculous amount of airplay time.  We had heard it at least twenty times already that week.  I actually liked the song and had gotten to the point where I knew all the lyrics and so did she so there we were singing along when Kanye arrived at the line “Since Prince was on Apollonia”.  I stopped singing and turned down the volume. “You know who Apollonia is don’t you”?

“Um, not really. No.”

“You have heard of Prince, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, sure”.

“OK, well early on in his career, he would perform with this stunningly beautiful woman named Apollonia.” That was the extent of the educational moment, neither of us being quite sure why I had felt it so important to interrupt the song for that tidbit. Two days later, it would become clear.

It was a Friday night. Daughter called me to say that she was going out after work, no need to give her a ride home. Her boss had an extra ticket to a fashion show and asked my daughter if she’d like to go.  Heck, yeah.  Later that night….

“Mom! The craziest thing happened! I was standing there with Brenda (the boss) and a woman walked up to me. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear that she loved my makeup, then she walked away. Brenda asked me ‘You know who that was don’t you’?

“I told her I had no idea”.  Brenda said, “That was Apollonia”

“Mom….it was Apollonia!!!!”

“Is she still beautiful?”, I asked.

“Yes, she is”.

I smiled. I just love synchronicity.