Germanwings 4U 9525- Deja Vu All Over Again

Germanwings crash site

Germanwings crash site

 March 24th, 2015-Barcelona, Spain

A routine and relatively brief flight from Barcelona Spain to Dusseldorf Germany turned to tragedy this past Tuesday.  All one hundred fifty people on board perished when the Germanwings flight inexplicably drifted down from its cruising altitude and slammed in to the desolate, barren, snow-less rock of the French Alps.

Flight captain Patrick Sondenheimer left the cabin as the Airbus 320 achieved cruising altitude.  When the pilot returned and entered his re-entry code at the cockpit door, his co-pilot, twenty seven year old Andreas Lubitz, did not unlatch the door for him.

Sondenheimer began to tap on the door gently and verbally identified himself.  There was no response.   Sondenheimer became more assertive, pounding louder on the door-still no response.  The pilot, now in a state of panic, grabbed a fire extinguisher and began ramming the door with it.  Inside the cockpit, co-pilot Lubitz remained silent, ignoring radio calls from ground control and ignoring the loud alarm that was triggered by the rapidly narrowing proximity of the plane to the mountains below.  The cockpit recording captured the sound of Lubitz’s breathing; regular, normal breathing…no fear, no panic, no “Allahu Akbar”, no “death to Spanish infidels and German high school students”…just normal breathing.   The plane slammed into the mountain at 378 knots (435 mph) splintering the plane and its passenger into millions of tiny fragments.

Germanwings was started by parent company Lufthansa Airlines in 2008.  This is the first loss of a plane for Germanwings.  Lufthansa has not lost a plane since 1993.  Lufthansa is clearly one of the safest and most conscientious airlines in the world.

He Must Have Been Depressed

Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

It wasn’t long before allegations of severe depression surfaced.  Human beings have such a powerful normalcy bias that the only explanation that ever makes sense is “severe depression”, usually followed  by the phrase “as a result of a break up with a girlfriend”.  Surprisingly, no one has yet tried to attach the “lone assassin” meme to him, but there is still time.

People who were close to Andreas in his home town of Montabaur, western Germany, described him as being happy with no signs of depression.  There are photos of him running in marathons.   His biceps indicate that he worked with weights.  It’s extremely hard, and sometimes utterly impossible, to exercise when you have severe depression.  You can’t even get up from the bed.  So who are we trying to kid with this drivelingly irrelevant theory?  Yet, all the news updates are touting this.

Now, what did they say about his breathing?  It was normal.  Think about it.  There is great uncertainty in suicide, in death, very great uncertainty. Imagine that you are at the very brink of your very life.  You breathe normally? ….in…..out….normally, no concern, no doubt, no guilt, no conscience.  Normally…. seconds from certain death, knowing that you will vaporize first, followed by one hundred and forty nine innocents, all screaming in terror, seeing the mountain rushing toward your face…. but you breathe normally.

Doctor’s Note Found in Lubitz’s Apartment

There was no suicide note of any kind found.  But there was a crumpled, torn and shredded doctor’s authorization for absence found in Lubitz’s residence.  Germanwings insists that the note was not presented to them. Given the note’s condition, we can be sure this is true.

Morning reports heard on the radio in Los Angeles stated that the newly found note covered a term of time which included the date of the flight. but was not specific to March 24th.  It covered an unspecified term which commenced before the 24th, possibly ending after the 24th.  Was this an early morning media error in communicating fact or were later reports altered to accommodate a scripted (as in false)  explanation?  By afternoon, the story had changed.  The note to excuse Lubitz from work was for that day, March 24th.

At this juncture, ask yourself this simple question   If you intend to kill yourself later that day,  do you make time to visit your doctor, much less for an authorized absence form?   Maybe you have a stomach ache, a pulled muscle, you feel the flu coming on.    How long would it take to get an appointment?  Did Lubitz obtain the note that morning, the day before, the Friday before?  It makes a difference.   4U 9525 was a morning flight. Almost certainly, Andreas  saw a doctor either very early that morning or the night before….if the note covered the 24th only.   But if the doctor’s note had been written days or weeks before, why didn’t he process it to management?  The doctor insists that the visit and note had nothing to do with depression.

Two Americans Onboard

Yvonne Selke of Nokesville, Virginia, and her daughter Emily were both killed in the crash. Ms Selke was a highly regarded employee of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. in Washington.  Booz Allen Hamilton…where have we heard this company’s name before?  This is the company that Edward Snowden worked for when he turned whistle blower.  Booz Allen is a consulting firm that holds contracts and close relationships with a wide range of U.S. government agencies including the NSA.  Ironically, they are currently developing a predictive analysis program.   Here is a description of their mission:

developing predictive intelligence services that include anticipatory cyber threat solutions, protection, and detection capabilities and the application of social media analytics designed to provide early identification of trends that would otherwise not be possible using after-the-fact analysis of traditional data sources.”

In other words — they want to catch the bad guys before they do bad things.”  They didn’t predict Snowden and  they didn’t predict Lubitz.  Ironic, right?


Strange Parallels

4U 9525 Pulverized

4U 9525 Pulverized

4U 9525 failed to respond to French ground control at the point of entry to their air space.  Descent of the plane began at the moment that the airbus crossed from Spanish to French air space.  MH 370 went silent and began descent just as it crossed from Malaysian to Vietnamese air space.  Unlike MH370, the airplane’s transponder was left on.  At the moment 4U 9525 crossed from water to land, the plane began to descend.

MK Ultra mind control victim Cathy O’Brien related a particularly chilling tale long ago.  She was in the presence of two now famous men.  One was the man who was clearly in charge of the MK Ultra program and the other was his political protege.  They had a young Italian man in tow as they all boarded a small plane.  The older man wanted to demonstrate the power of the MK Ultra program to the protege.  When they reached sufficient altitude, the man in charge commanded the young Italian to step out of the plane.  The young Italian stood up and silently and obediently plunged to his death without so much as a whimper.  There was no fear, there was no protest, no resistance.  It was as though he had been asked to walk  in to another room.   His breathing was normal….in…out.