The Adam Lanza Cinderella Story

(Originally posted on 9-18-14- revised to add a video back in)

I was sitting at my computer watching a training tutorial on local marketing.   Suddenly, two images zipped through my mind.  I suddenly realized that I had just been given two facts that cancel one another out.  Hilarious!  Why did this not occur to me months ago when the official police report came out?  I was studying backlinks, not Sandy Hook.  Where did this come from?

George Stephanopolous did an interview with Sally Cox following the Sandy Hook Massacre.  She described the harrowing experience of hiding under her desk as she heard gun fire not far away.  The killer walked in to her office… she could see him from the knees down and he was only twenty feet away.  “His feet, his boots were facing my desk and then he turned and walked away”, she told George.

The official Newtown police report was finally released more than a year later in late December 2013.  The heavily redacted report contained photographs of everything that Adam Lanza had been wearing on December 14th, 2012, the day of the Sandy Hook massacre.  Whomever nurse Cox was peering at from under her desk, it wasn’t Lanza. Here are the “boots”:

Oops…a lack of attention to details.

Courtesy of the Newtown police

Courtesy of the Newtown police

Lanxa's Other Shoe-Newtown Report

Lanxa’s Other Shoe-Newtown Report










The interview with Sally Cox starts at 3:30 on the video.  The original video posted here was pulled down-no surprise.  Scrub-a-dub-dub.  Watch it while you can.  It may be the last one with the interview footage on it.