All That Glitters



All throughout human history it has always been about three things; gold, slavery, and the elite.  Sumerian legend asserts that a superior alien race had come to Earth in search of gold.  In fact, to quell a rebellion within their own ranks, this alien race created man to mine it for them.

Their own people were not well suited to the task of burrowing deep within the planet and hauling the heavy, precious yellow metal topside.  They just weren’t enjoying themselves.  A solution had to be found and that solution was….us.  And now that we can splice DNA and combine the genes of disparate species, the legend doesn’t seem quite so absurd anymore. states:

“The Genetic Evidence
The recovered records place the location of the Anunnaki laboratory where the first humans were literally produced in east central Africa just above their gold mines. This falls precisely on the map where the mitochondrial DNA “search for Eve” places the first woman Homo Sapiens and in the same period. (The gold mining engineers of Africa have found 100,000-year-old gold mines in that area.) The evidence for, and description of advanced genetic engineering is all there in the ancient documents. Our rapid progress from inception to going to Mars soon, after only 250,000 years, does not correspond to the million year periodicities of slow evolutionary development of other species such as Homo Erectus before us. As so many thinkers have pointed out, we are radically and anomalously different”

Sumarian Depiction of Annunaki

Sumerian Depiction of Annunaki


From these rude beginnings, human kind were imprinted with three primary and unfortunate themes; the paramount importance of gold, the desirability of finding someone else to do all the dirty work, and the acceptance of a parasitic ruling class.

In our day, every corporation has a boss (CEO) and the boss keeps the major portion of the gold….and/or the fiat currency.  We collectively accept that the guy at the top is entitled to the majority of the spoils, yet he performs the least actual work.  It is as though the guy at the top has some particular innate superiority and thus the entitlement.  Curious.

To this we can add the delicate subtlety of Wall Street which invents and injects yet another parasitic stratum to the formula.   A corporation intending to raise capital through an IPO (initial public offering) never sees another dime once all of the initial IPO shares have been sold. All subsequent “investment” goes to the buying and selling of those shares…and of course, to the commissions to the Wall Street brokerages authorized to conduct the trades.

And then we must add the not so delicate subtlety the U.S. Fed and its constellation of central banks that create money from nothing  and rank and file banks that create money from debt, ensuring that the slavery pervades and perpetuates.  Working in concert, the government and Wall Street orchestrate “pump and dump” cycles that sucker in the little guy and then strip him of everything he traded his labor for over a lifetime.  These elite have the temerity to refer to their victims as “useless eaters”.  The elite seem oblivious to the fact that these “useless eaters” have designed, built and maintained every aspect of the physical world that they, the elite, manipulate.

We call this world we live in an “evolution”.   In fact, it is status quo stretching back through millennia.  Nothing has changed at all.  It is all still about gold, slavery and the parasitic elite.

The Midas Touch

Croesus Coinage

Croesus Coinage


The ancient Greek king Croesus, (595 –c. 547 b.c.) is credited with minting the first true gold coins with a standardized purity for general circulation.  Croesus was renowned for his wealth in his time.  He was burned alive along with his wife and family by the Persian king, Cyrus the Great.  Croesus did pick the fight, but he did so out of concern for the growing Persian empire just south of his kingdom.

There has been no war in modern times that has been fought for the reason declared.  All wars are for plunder and all battles end with plunder.  Simple, simple, simple.   Everything else is mumbo-jumbo….human rights, despotism, genocide-just a lot of hot air.  Every war is about gold, slavery and the elite.  Period.

Yamashita’s Gold

General Tomoyuki Yamashita

General Tomoyuki Yamashita

The Luzon hills, Philippines, are riddled with caves, tunnels and underground vaults.  Rumor says that there are one hundred seventy five vaults in this part of the Philippines, each of which had been brimming with gems, gold, currency, art and rare antiquities.  The vaults were built by General Yamashita in the late 1930’s-early 40’s.

As World War II drew to a close, Japanese General Yamashita, a team of Japanese engineers, and two Imperial Princes feverishly stashed away tons of gold bullion bars, gems, platinum and other stolen treasures which they could not take back to Japan due to the U.S. stationing of a submarine blockade around Japan.   The loot represented the wealth of twelve Asian nations accumulated over thousands of years. Much of the loot had been successfully moved to the land of the rising sun, but much of it remained stranded in the Philippines.

Golden Lily

Emperor Hirohito

Emperor Hirohito

Emperor Hirohito’s brother was put in charge of operation “Golden Lily”, the plundering of twelve  neighbors.   The Japanese army, accompanied by teams of experts, visited banks, museums, pawn shops, art galleries, factories, private homes and, of course, the national treasuries. They even shook down all the crime bosses and syndicates while they were there. They left no stone unturned.  The quantity of plunder was beyond belief.

When American tanks were close, the chief engineers of those vaults were given a farewell party 67 metres underground in Tunnel 8 in the mountains of Luzon, stacked with row after row of gold bars. As the evening progressed, they drank great quantities of sake, sang patriotic songs and shouted banzai (long life).”- Source Golden Warriors by Peggy and Sterling Seagrave

The inebriated engineers did not notice General Yamashita and the Imperial Princes slipping away from the celebration shortly after midnight, but no doubt they were aware of the explosions from planted charges as they were buried alive in the tunnel.

But we must always expect the unexpected.  In late 1945, Emperor Hirohito’s  “richer than Croesus”  status was thwarted when U.S. Intelligence Agents learned of the location of vaults in the Philippines after an exhausting torture session of one of Yamashita’s Majors.



Edward Lansdale was the American supervisor of the torture sessions.  The Americans were able to locate at least twelve vault locations and, of course, they stole everything that there was to steal.  (Many years later, Lansdale would surface again in connection with the Kennedy assassination).  President Truman decided to keep the treasure secret for a number of reasons including keeping the price of gold stable. Many governments’ currency values were directly pegged to the price of gold at the time.

“To hide the existence of all this treasure, Washington had to tell a number of lies. Especially lies about Japan, which had stolen most of the gold. America wanted Japan to become its anti-communist bastion in Asia, where the mainland was being overrun by communists. If American conservatives and Japanese conservatives were to ally effectively against communism, they had to begin by enlarging their financial resources for the Cold War. 

Above all, the source of much of this hidden wealth must never be acknowledged. Washington had to insist, starting in 1945, that Japan never stole anything, and was flat broke and bankrupt when the war ended. Here was the beginning of many terrible secrets. 

Because they remained ”off the books”, these enormous political action funds got into the wrong hands, where they remain to this day. We can reveal that in 1960, then vice-president Richard Nixon ”gave” one of the biggest of these political action funds, the US$35-billion (about HK$272 billion) M-Fund, to leading members of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). In return, he is believed to have sought their support for his presidential campaign that year.

Evidence of Golden Lily loot comes also from straightforward legal actions in America. Such simple things as the probating of the will of Santa Romana (“Santy” had performed the torture under Ed Lansdale’s supervision), verification of his tax records, and legal evidence of his fortune deposited in the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and elsewhere, provide hard proof that the world is awash with clandestine bank accounts growing out of Golden Lily”

“We have evidence from former CIA deputy director Cline that the gold bullion Santy and Lansdale recovered was secretly moved to national treasuries and prime banks in more than 42 countries, including Great Britain. We also have evidence from British archives confirming this.” -Source: Gold Warriors by Peggy and Sterling Seagrave

All Quiet on the Western Front

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

While the Japanese were hard at work pillaging and plundering in the East, Adolph Hitler and his band of merry Nazis had taken on the same mission in the West.  As a dark testament to German efficiency, they outdid the Japanese with their attention to confiscatory detail by robbing, in addition to everything else, their Jewish concentration camp victims of the gold fillings in their teeth.  Much of these spoils made their way to the Rothschild vaults in Switzerland fueling the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the International Monetary Fund  (IMF).  This, you see, wasn’t “money out of thin air” , this was money from other people’s pockets (and teeth).


To be continued-upcoming: Liars and Tricksters and Gangs, oh my!