The Men Who Killed Kennedy Pt 5

3 tramps in Dealey Plaza

“Very few people know of the incestuous relationship that existed and probably still exists at the moment between these various very powerful elements; organized crime, the intelligence community, the political, and the powerful business interests” -Chauncey Holt


The three tramps,  Montoya, Harrelson and Holt, sat through some soft ball questioning by the Dallas Polica.  They had the BATF ID’s which Chauncey had made back in Los Angeles and a story about working a gun running under cover operation.   They were free to go.

Soon after, two men showed up at Holt’s father in law’s place  looking for him, Chauncey decided to take cover in Mexico.  Getting picked up and photographed was not a good thing.  He had accidentally been photographed at one of Oswald’s “Free Cuba” events back in August and had caught holy hell for that gaffe.  This exposure was far more dangerous.

Holt flew down to Acapulco with two other CIA contract agents and took shelter in a safe house owned by the  esteemed and prosperous Los Angeles attorney, Frank Belcher.  It should be noted here that Belcher’s brother, T.A. Belcher, was an oil company owner as well as a CIA asset.  Belcher’s wife was the sister of Bob Reynolds.  Bob was Chief of Station at JM/Wave.  JM/WAVE was a high level CIA facility in Florida.  All in the family.

Warren Commission in a Nutshell

Belcher’s close associate,  attorney Joe Ball, would soon be named to the Warren Commission.  In an attempt to soothe Chauncey’s concerns, Belcher suggested that Chauncey speak to Joe Ball. Chauncey did so and Ball told Chauncey “not to worry since the sole purpose of the Warren Commission was to pin the assassination on Oswald”.  Anything else would be “swept under the rug.”  Ball was going to be in a position to make good on his promise due to his Warren assignment of Dealey Plaza and the book depository.  Ball was to be given personal oversight of these two critical hot spots. “Oswald acted alone” was to be the sole agenda and Joe was in position to make sure that the truth never seeped in to the Warren Report.

The CIA Purge of 1975-Rogue Agents

Chauncey remained in South America doing various Agency contract jobs until 1975 when the Agency purged itself of its rogue contract agents. What, one might ask,  prompted the CIA to purge itself at that particular moment in time?  Quite simply, scrutiny was coming to call.

House Select Committee on Assassinations-1975/76

By 1975, there had been ever so many controversial assassinations in America and irksome conspiracy theories were gaining traction with the American people.  Congress decided to convene The House Select Committee on Assassinations.  Preparatory work started in late 1975 but the committee gained full steam by mid 1976 when they began to focus on the Kennedy assassination..

The CIA suddenly felt compelled to clean house.  George Bush Sr. was appointed CIA Director in January 1976, right about the time that the House Select Committee began its hearings on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.   This was the same George Bush who could not remember his personal whereabouts on November 22, 1963.  And surely, his appointment as CIA Director was no coincidence.  George’s job would be to manage the Agency’s dirty laundry relative to the JFK probe.  The American people were being guaranteed yet another white wash.

A Bush Thumb in Every Poison Pie

Let’s help him out, shall we?  See George, here is where you were the night before.  The Oilmen event started at 6:30 pm.  Don’t you remember staying in Dallas until the next day?  By the time that event was over with, by the time everybody was done with dinner, by the time the various attendees were done at the bar following the dinner, you tucked yourself in at the Sheraton.  Then you got up the next day, watched the ‘big event, hung around the book depository for awhile and then snuck off to a pay phone to make a very weird phone call.

Oil Drilling Convention-Nov 21, 1963-Dallas

Oil Drilling Convention-Nov 21, 1963-Dallas

“Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us”- George Bush Sr,

Given George’s tendency for forgetfulness, one wonders if he recalls the phone call he made at 1:45 pm on November 22, 1963, an hour and fifteen minutes after John Kennedy had had his brains blown out in Dealey Plaza, Dallas.  This would be the deliberately vague call that Bush Sr. placed providing a pathetically weak “lead” in the Kennedy assassination.

George dear,  that was an attempt to establish an alibi that you were in Tyler Texas at 1:45 pm on the day of the assassination.   1963 was long before cell phones and GPS .  George could have said that he was calling long distance from Guam.  No one would have been the wiser.  More likely, George was calling from a pay phone in Dallas.  Amusingly, he ended his call by stating that he was proceeding to Dallas. Texas and would remain in the Sheraton Dallas until the following day (November 23rd). at which time he would be returning home to Houston.

As we have already observed, George had arrived in Dallas the prior afternoon in order to attend the Oilmen’s Convention at the Sheraton-Dallas. The memorandum describing this ridiculous call was kept classified until a few years ago.  So now we know where George was on November 22, 1963. And we know that George was perfectly aware of where he was as well.  The murder of Kennedy was a coup d’etat with several key participants ascending to the Presidency in the years that followed, starting with Lyndon Johnson  LBJ was followed by Nixon, Ford,  and eventually, George Herbert Walker Bush, aka “Poppy”.

Here is the entire Bush memorandum:

The TellTale Heart

The TellTale Heart

Finding himself without an income following the CIA purge of 1975, Chauncey had to leave South America and subsequently returned to the States. He was imprisoned for mail fraud in 1977.   Once in prison, Chauncey was approached several times by the Feds who wanted him to roll over on Meyer Lansky.  Holt refused them.  The CIA sent someone to see him as well.  He was offered relaxed conditions in the prison and a generous stipend upon release if he would keep silent about his activities on behalf of the Agency.  He kept his silence until 1997.  Both Lansky and Licavoli were dead by this time.

They had both been very, very good to Chauncey.  It is reasonable to think that Chauncey held them in deep respect until they died, but that he had been waiting with a measure of repressed indignity.  It is also reasonable to believe that Chauncey did not know what he was involved in until it had all played out.  The CIA is notorious for its “need to know”.

Chauncey Holt chronicled his experiences in DVD format titled “Spooks, Hoods and the Hidden Elite”, completing it only eight days before he died at age seventy five.  He wanted us to know about the “incestuous relationship that existed and probably still exists at the moment between these various very powerful elements; organized crime, the intelligence community, the political, and the powerful business interests”.


upcoming:  The Mystery of Lee Harvey Oswald