Ebola-The Culling: A brief history of the origin of modern plagues

The Face of Ebola

The Face of Ebola

While this article is about Ebola, it will take a slow meandering through the genesis of modern plagues to get to a place of understanding about Ebola.   Take a good look at that face to the right because you are looking at the face of Ebola.  I think you will be shocked by much of this story., the story of how we have gotten to this point.  Personally, I think we are looking at a bio weapon.  Let’s see if a case can be made for that..

The Shameful Tuskegee Experiment

According to Wikipedia, “The Tuskegee syphilis experiment (/tʌsˈkiːɡiː/) was an infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the U.S. Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in rural African American men who thought they were receiving free health care from the U.S. government.  

The Public Health Service started working with the Tuskegee Institute in 1932. Investigators enrolled in the study a total of 600 impoverished sharecroppers from Macon County, Alabama. 399 of those men had previously contracted syphilis before the study began, and 201 did not have the disease. The men were given free medical care, meals, and free burial insurance, for participating in the study. They were never told they had syphilis, nor were they ever treated for it. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the men were told they were being treated for “bad blood”, a local term for various illnesses that include syphilis, anemia, and fatigue.”  In other words penicillin, which treats syphilis quite well, was withheld from these people.

Now. don’t get upset.  The objective was, after all, to find out what happens if the disease is left unchecked.  You can’t really tell this to the test subjects because all of your potential test subjects would run the other way.  So, you tell them that they are going to get free, government care.  It was just a little white lie for a good cause.  But ask yourself, why was the study done on rural African American men? Why not Eskimos?  The Irish?  Germans, French and Italians?  Why only rural African American men?

“Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus”

The book of the above named title written by Edward Haslam is one of the most riveting, page turning reads that I have ever experienced.  To summarize, David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald of JFK assassination fame had been assisting in running a highly covert cancer study project in New Orleans.

Dr. Mary Sherman, Professor at Tulane University and graduate of the University of Chicago, was a brilliant, world class doctor who had worked with the profoundly famous nuclear physicist, Enrico Fermi, 1938 Nobel prize winner and father of the atomic bomb.  Ms. Sherman knew a lot about microbes and she knew a lot about radiation.

She had been linked to David Ferrie in 1967 by Louisiana State Attorney General, Jim Garrison’s investigation of the Kennedy assassination.   Garrison came to believe that the cancer research was intended to produce a biological weapon that could be used on Fidel Castro.  They were unsuccessful in all of their attempts to take out Castro with their diabolical serum, but don’t lament.  They managed to put their cruel invention to use on Jack Ruby, Martha Mitchell, the Shah of Iran, Hugo Chavez and many other inconvenient persons the world over. It has such exquisite plausible deniability, doesn’t it?  Both Jack Ruby and Martha Mitchell expressed the suspicion that they had been injected with live cancer virus.  It is said that Chavez shared the same suspicion about himself. How does one prove the origin of one’s cancer?   How does one prove that it was injected into them?…exquisite plausible denial.

Polio Vaccines of the 1950’s and 60’s

Unfortunately, the scourge of polio in the 1940’s and 50’s gave rise to the public’s acceptance of, even clamoring for, vaccines.  As it so happens, the kidneys of the Rhesus monkey are excellent for incubating polio virus, and we know that vaccines begin with live virus.  But those prolific kidneys are also riddled with a virus that the Rhesus monkey carries, the SV40 and when they harvested the polio virus, they also unwittingly harvested SV 40.  Over one hundred million doses of polio vaccine had been injected into America’s population before the grim findings percolated up to the vaccine manufacturers.  You see, down the chain, somebody somewhere had just discovered that SV40 causes cancer and that SV40 was in all one hundred million doses.

July 27, 1959

July 27, 1959

There was a healthy degree of panic throughout the world of medical research, you can be sure.  They had just created, through haste and carelessness, the next great health epidemic….and they dared not tell the public, so they hastily went to work trying to to create another vaccine.  But they found that the SV40 was too virulent for vaccination purposes. They needed a way to create a weaker strain, one that could stimulate an immunological response, yet not produce raging tumors in recipients.  The theory was that nuclear bombardment could produce a weak mutation that they were seeking.  This is where Mary Sherman came in and this is where David Ferry and Lee Harvey Oswald came in.

Secrecy was demanded so the project was assigned to the federally owned U.S. Public Health Service hospital in New Orleans.   The hospital was quietly equipped with a  linear particle accelerator that generates a beam of radiation.  It is a five million volt machine that produces gamma rays.  Many government personnel were brought in along with the particle accelerator, the most interesting of these being Jose Rivera, known for experimental design involving biological weapons.  During WWII, Mr. Rivera ran General McArthur’s laboratory in Japan and served as the debriefer of  Japanese biological weapons experts.  Think of him as a plague architect.

Upon return to the U.S.A., Rivera went to work at Ft Dietrich, a military facility known for being a bio weapons facility.  For this new project in New Orleans, he was given a cover job at a nearby university teaching introductory biology.  But he was actually observing the particle beam bombardment research that was intended to produce a toned down mutation of the SV40 strain.  But this fellow was there to look  for ways to weaponize it.

Now, before we take a break, where have we seen that phrase before, U.S. Public Health Services???  Tuskegee…they ran the Tuskegee project…rural African American males.

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