Joan Rivers-Getting Serious

Joan Rivers with Johnny Carson

Joan Rivers with Johnny Carson

It was to be just a simple endoscopy, a procedure that is not necessarily associated with  cardiac arrest, coma and death.   An endoscopy is just a look-see camera ride down the esophagus  One would imagine that a  sedative suitable for an endoscopy would probably not be suitable for a biopsy.

Yet it was recently reported that a biopsy was performed on the fly by a doctor who was not  authorized to practice in the facility.   According to the New York Times, this mystery doctor, a female “observer” had been brought in by the facility’s medical director, Dr. Lawrence Cohen.  The Times’ source added that this ear, nose, and throat specialist had not been vetted by the facility, Yorkville Endoscopy.   Staff was under the impression that the ENT was a makeup artist who arrived carrying a small bag which they assumed was a cosmetic’s kit.  At the time of the procedure in August, Yorkville had only been in business for a year and a half.

It was also reported by the Times that the now infamous sedative, propofol, was being administered to Ms. Rivers when she inexplicably stopped breathing.  Propofol is the sedative that killed pop star Michael Jackson.

It has  been widely reported that Joan Rivers had not authorized a biopsy.  To further complicate matters, the clinic insists that no biopsy was performed, yet reports have stated that vocal cords swelled after the unauthorized biopsy which cut off Ms. Rivers’ oxygen supply resulting in cardiac arrest.

Yesterday, a new and shocking detail emerged.  It is being alleged that after Dr. Cohen had completed the endoscopy, he snapped a “selfie” with the unconscious Joan Rivers.  Prior to this revelation to the public, Dr. Cohen had been asked to resign from his position as medical director at the Yorkville clinic and has done so.  Propofol is an exceedingly dangerous drug.

Even though there was a board certified anesthesiologist present, one would imagine that the snapping of photos during any procedure involving propofol is not only inappropriate, it is also highly distracting.   Was this actually a murder with just the right dosage of plausible denial?  Joan Rivers had banned three people from her funeral; singer Adele, talk shoe host Chelsea Handler, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Regarding propofol, Web M.D. says this:

Is it unusual for propofol to be used outside of a hospital setting?

It’s only to be used in a medical setting,” Dombrowski says. “Outside of a hospital, it may be used in an ambulatory care center or a doctor’s office, but only if it’s administered by a trained professional, not by the doctor performing the procedure. You can’t do your operation properly and do sedation at the same time. You can’t serve two masters. That will lead to sloppy surgery or sloppy anesthesia care, and patients don’t deserve that.”

“How dangerous is propofol?

Propofol is a potentially deadly drug in the wrong hands, and there is no room for error.

“It’s only designed for people trained to do advanced cardiac life support,” Dombrowski says. “It induces a deep level of sleep and sedation, and it can cause your blood pressure to go down and your breathing to stop. You can die. Patients have to be monitored beat by beat, minute by minute.”

Melissa Rivers and son Cooper at funeral

Melissa Rivers and son Cooper at funeral


Joan Rivers' Coffin

Joan Rivers’ Coffin














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Joan Rivers Memorial