A Short List of 9/11 WTF

Originally posted June 25, 2012

Not that I am one of those conspiracy lunatics or anything like that, but


World Trade Center Attack 9/11/2001

in studying this topic, I couldn’t help noticing…wait for it, wait for it…SOME HIGHLY CURIOUS DETAILS.  I must admit that I even caught myself muttering “WTF”? quite a few times.  Here’s why:

9/11 Stock Trading WTF

On 9/6/2001, put volume against United Airlines was 4X higher than its annual average volume.

On 9/7/2001, put volume against Boeing (the company that manufactures most US passenger jets) was more than 5X higher than its annual average volume.

On 9/10/2001, put volume against American Airlines was nearly 11X its annual average volume.

A “put” is a bet that a stock will drop within a certain time frame.  As you may recall, two passenger jets involved belonged to United Airlines, two were American Airlines, and all four aircraft were manufactured by Boeing.  Somebody sure banked some bucks on 9/11.  Somebody sure did.

WTC Leasing and Insurance WTF

Larry Silverstein had completed an agreement to lease and manage the entire World Trade Center property on 6/24/2001, not quite three months before the Twin Towers attacks.  As part of his deal, he had procured a 3.2 billion dollar insurance policy specifically against terrorist attack.   You have no idea how loathe insurance companies are to write policies against terrorist attack.  That had to be one big, fat insurance premium, especially given the fact that the towers had already suffered a terrorist attack on Feb 26th 1993.   And isn’t it interesting that the New York Fire Dept. had advised WTC management that there was a ten year window of life left for the north tower due to damage done to critical basement support columns that had been compromised in the 1993 bombing?  That building was going to need to be demolished anyway. Allow me to repeat…that building was going to need to be demolished anyway.

The remains of 6 World Trade Center, 7 World T...

The remains of 6 World Trade Center, 7 World Trade Center, and 1 World Trade Center, days after the attacks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What insurance company in its right mind issues a multi billion dollar policy against terrorist attack on a building that has already suffered a fatal terrorist attack?  HCC, of course…a reinsurance company formerly known as Houston Casualty Company.  And who sat on the Board of Directors of HCC when that amazing contract went through?  Marvin Bush, baby brother of then US President George W. Bush, sat on the board, that’s who.  Which brings us to…

Bush Family Shenanigans

(A conspiracy behind every bush. or a Bush behind every conspiracy?)

This will be a brief overview of the topic because, sincerely, any attempt to catalogue all of the Bush Family shenanigans would result in more volumes than the Encyclopedia Britannica.  We will just stick to a few things directly related to 9/11.  Not only did Marvin sit on the board of the ill-fated HCC insurance (the company that had issued a massive terror attack policy on the WTC only two and a half months before the terror attack), he also served on the board of Securacom from 1993 to 2000.  What, you might ask, is Securacom?  Securacom is the company that provided security for the N.Y. World Trade Center as well as Dulles International  Airport that launched Pentagon bound AA Flight 77.  If you are paying attention, you might challenge me with “So what?  Marvin left that gig in 2000.  Twin Towers happened in 2001”.  No problem…Marvin’s purported cousin, Wirt D. Walker III stayed on as Chairman of the Board.

Now, also consider that Wirt served as CEO of Aviation General, a company that brokered the sale of aircraft to the National Civil Aviation Training Organization (NCATO) located in Giza, Egypt, hometown to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta.  But wait, there’s more!  NCATO is the only civilian pilot training school in Egypt  and it has a training agreement with a U.S. flight school, Embrey-Riddle in Daytona,  one of the two Florida flight schools investigated by the FBI for possibly training some of the hijackers.  And just for good measure, let’s throw in the observation that Jeb Bush was governor of the state of Florida at the time.  The family that plays together stays together.

Twin Towers Security WTF

Where do we begin?  Shall we begin with the mysterious crews that arrived late at night, circa 3am, and always after the cleaning crews had left?  They were always gone by 6am before the early bird employees began to arrive.  That curious activity went on for three solid weeks immediately preceding the attacks.  Or how about the Israeli company that abruptly broke its lease in one of the towers leaving an entire floor utterly vacant just a week before the attacks?  They lost their $50,000 security deposit for breaking the lease, so what was the hurry?

Ummm…shall we look at the unprecedented power down that took place Saturday and Sunday of the weekend immediately preceding 9/11 (the attacks occurred on Tuesday morning).  The tenants in the building were notified only three weeks before the scheduled power down, leaving them precious little time to transfer digital mountains of critical data to other computers outside the Trade Center.  Considering the number of financial clients in the building, the power down was a calamity for them.  It meant that their computers would be without power for over twenty four hours.  It also meant that all the security systems would be offline.  Think about it…no camera surveillance, no locked doors.  All doors were card key activated.  Imagine that…nothing was secure that weekend…nothing.

And how about the bomb sniffing dogs that were patrolling the buildings?  As of 9/6/2001, the bomb sniffing dogs were removed without explanation, in spite of a heightened security alert in the preceding weeks during which tenants were forced to participate in building evacuation drills.  As with the power down , the evacuation drills were unprecedented.

Raging Inferno WTF

Now, the woman photographed below is standing at the edge of that big, fat, gaping gash in one of the towers…much like the woman who narrowly survived in the Pentagon (her story appears below in Pentagon WTF). she should be drenched in jet fuel, or at least be a little sweaty from those steel melting temperatures.  Look at those light colored slacks.  I guess some people can have a plane land in their hair and not  look smudged up in the least.

9/11 Twin Tower photo of a woman standing in the opening

Barry Seals and some WTF Pot Pourri

(Barry Seals was an absolutely extraordinary contract pilot for the CIA.  He was known for his nerves of steel and his ability to fly under the belly of another aircraft, often with just inches to spare, in order to fool radar systems.  He could make two airplanes look like one, thus evading radar detection as he crossed the border into South America to deliver arms to the Contras and return with plane loads of cocaine.  Just saying that the CIA likes to employ this tactic and has in the past.  Might it be that for a couple of these flights, other planes were swapped in using this technique? Many people who saw the south tower attack reported that the plane passing overhead did not have windows and had something very odd attached to its underbelly. Some commented that it looked more like a cargo plane.  Since it was United Flight 175 that was identified as the  plane hitting the south tower, yet 175 was spotted still in service well after 9/11, this is a clear WTF, n’est pas? )

Neither American flight 11 nor American flight 77 were scheduled to fly that day, yet we are told that flight 11 took on passengers and then flew into the north tower and that flight 77, along with scheduled passengers, hit the newly refortified, and the only refortified, wall of the Pentagon.

United flight 93, tail #N591UA  the flight that we were told crashed in Shanksville, Pa., curiously left no detectable human remains and was spotted still in service well after its spectacular demise on 9/11.  The same is true for United flight 175, tail #N612UA that vaporized with all souls aboard in the South Tower.  As with flight 93, it, too, remained in service following 9/11.  So,  is this a big deal?  Well, a tail number is a permanent designation and it is unique, so yes.  If a plane vaporizes on Sept.11 2001, then its tail number pretty much perishes along with, and no way can it be seen again on an in-service airliner AFTER Sept 11, 2001…yet both tail numbers have been observed at U.S. airports well after that fateful date.

Shanksville WTF

To first responders, Flight 93’s purported crash site near Shanksville, Pennsylvania looked like a hastily excavated pit with disparate rubbish strewn about.  The coroner at the site found himself with nothing to do as he could find no remains to examine.  The bemused coroner could not have known, but Flight 93 had landed safely in Cleveland Hopkins Airport around 10:45am and all passengers were off loaded and escorted to the NASA Glen Research Center.  The entire airport had been evacuated at 10:00am due to a bomb threat. There were many local news reports of the airport evacuation as well as a statement made by United Airlines that 93 had landed there. In fact, two flights landed soon after the airport evacuation had been completed; Delta Flight 1989 at 10:10am with 60 people aboard and United 93 with 44 people aboard .  What did they do with those people that we were told perished in the Shanksville field?  The coroner didn’t find so much as a finger bone, and as stated previously, that plane with its unique tail number was observed at an airport many months after 9/11.  The people on Flight 93 have never been seen again.  What did they do with them?  You should really stop for a minute and think that over.  They have never been heard from again, but they did not go down in a crash.  What did they do with them?  Were they cold bloodedly executed ??? Were they?

Pentagon WTF

A female employee at the Pentagon whose office was breached by the force of the attack of Flight 77 reported that she saw no bodies, no luggage, no plane, and there was no jet fuel.  Parts of her office floor and wall were gone.  She should have been drenched in fuel, but she wasn’t and she added that there was no smell of jet fuel, either.   A photographer who reached the Pentagon soon after the attack reported that he saw an opening in the wall “no bigger than a garage door”.  Many people on the scene were  puzzled by the lack of any scraping on the lawn, not even at the wall.  Supposedly, that plane came in low enough to snap apart light poles along its trajectory.  It should have chewed up some turf along the way.   This brings us to …

Light Pole WTF

According to official government accounts, American Airlines Flight 77 had taken off from Dulles Airport bound for Los Angeles.  Hijackers turned it around and headed for the Pentagon.   It tore out five light poles as it followed the path of a road that runs along the Pentagon’s north wing.  As you can see in the photo below, this area is well to the right of the Pentagon north wing.  The cab belongs to Lloyd England.  Lloyd’s is a story unto itself and can not be covered in detail here due to, well, its over abundance of detail.  It would have to be a separate article.  There is only one problem with this photo, and all the downed pole photos…there are four highly credible on the ground witnesses who insist that the plane never was on that right side over that highway.  It was nowhere near those poles.  It came in from an area behind the Citgo station,  more to the left of where the government said and more in direct line with the blackened wall area in the photo.

One of five light poles supposedly downed by American Flight 77

Light Pole Attacks Taxi – Bin Laden a suspect

People, you MUST play the following video.   Hear the eyewitness testimony of the people who saw the plane very clearly that day.  It never was over those downed light poles.  And if you ever have time, watch a YouTube video about Lloyde England, the cab driver.  It is some mind numbing WTF.

Also please consider, the north wall had just been renovated.  In fact, the work had been completed only a day or two before 9/11 and work trailers and equipment were moved off site on 9/10.  Most of this equipment had been parked along the north wall.  Like the Israeli firm that bailed on its lease in the tower in NY, such timing!  Or such staging?

The original version of this video was removed for “copyright violation”.  In case that happens again, for the record, one eyewitness in this video stated on camera that when he saw the plane fly low over the gas station where he was standing, he ran after it and reached a higher elevation than the other witnesses at the station.  He saw the plane pull up just as explosives detonated.  Fact: It was never near the downed light poles to the right of the Pentagon. It may have continued over the roof.  It may have just kept on going, cloaked by the flash and cloud of black smoke that came from the Pentagon wall but according to four eye witnesses at the Citgo station,  it never struck any light poles.  WTF?


Can you imagine that with all the amazing coincidences that we have looked at thus far, nothing can come close to the astonishing coincidence of NORAD scheduling anti-hijacking intercept exercises on the very day that four airliners were hijacked.  And can you imagine that, as part of the training exercise, bogus radar images were super imposed over NORAD’s real radar making it impossible for the fighter pilots to identify the actual four rogue jets? And can you imagine that phones in key relay points in the NORAD network temporarily malfunctioned on 9/11? And can you imagine that you would possibly put up with all this crap?  But you do.

And now, after all that WTF, what have got?  An ever growing TSA that gets to puts its hands all over you, your children.  Your elderly parents get commanded to “stand up” from their wheelchairs (even when they can’t) just so that the TSA can be sure that they aren’t hatching any bombs under there.  And everybody boarding a flight gets a nice, high, concentrated dose of deadly radiation from those back scatter machines.  Bravo, America.  Your complacency is catching up with you.

You now also have the NDAA, a law recently passed by the men and women whom you elected, whose salaries you pay, whose elite health care plan is paid by you, that strips you of a critical set of rights.  Obama signed it on New Year’s Eve 2011, while you were busy welcoming in the New Year…stealth, the man’s got stealth.  To be fair, that frightening provision was first adopted in the 2001 post 9/11 NDAA bill.  This one is actually G.W. Bush’a baby, but Obama obligingly extended it.  Essentially, any American can be detained without charges, without trial, and without time limit by the military.  Bravo, America, your complacency is now at your throat.

America, remember “they that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither”.  Benjamin Franklin

One last thing…this really was the short list.

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