Dear Mr. Rothschild…

(dedicated to Kinsey/Outland/Jill/Walter/Jim R./Sarah/Lily…have I covered Fukushima to your satisfaction?)

I was thinking about you tonight and of your Machiavellian ways .  You seem to have such disdain for the human race.  Why don’t you watch this video?  Maybe you’ll change your mind.  Human beings are capable of awesomeness and that awesomeness can only come from variety…and life…yes,   life, Mr. Rothschild

Can’t you just stop picking on us?   Look at it this way-you are going to die like the rest of us and when you do, it all stays here.  You’re not the Dali Lama, you know.  No guarantee that you will be born a Rothschild in your next incarnation.  You could come back as an ordinary human being.  Ouch!


P.S.  I almost forgot, but Kinsey/Outland/Jill/Walter/Jim R./Sarah/Lily want me to remind you that the stealth technology that you used to create the earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan back in March 2011 actually triggered a global extinction event.  The nuclear power plant at Fukushima was built over an underground aquifer, so it is poisoning the Japanese water table.  It is poisoning the entire Pacific, and since nothing can stop the nuclear chain reaction taking place, over time, all the Earth’s waters will be poisoned, as well as the air, of course.

What’s that you say, Mr. Rothschild?  You didn’t mean to do it?  You just wanted to teach those Japanese a lesson?  Nobody disobeys the great and powerful Oz without consequence?  Well, my dear, sad to say that YOUR children and grandchildren are living creatures too, just like the fish, the animals, and the humans.  Your family has always been so focused on the future.  You know….what can we steal and control next?…that kind of thing.  Well, you have really done it this time.

I don’t know why you still want that WWIII “culling of the herd” event your family has been planning for the last three hundred years.  By 2050, there is not likely to be a living thing left on the planet.  So why don’t you just leave us alone now?  Leave us to die away in peace.  We don’t need your big war, your big party, your hoopla extravaganza because this is the way the world ends, Mr. Rothschild…not with a bang, but with a whimper, just like the poet W.B. Yeats said.  Not with a bang, Mr. Rothschild…just a whimper.  And that whimper just might be your grandchild.  Imagine that, a whimpering Rothschild.

Remember that awesome Twilight Zone episode, the one with Burgess Meredith as the bank employee who happened to have snuck into the bank vault to get a little reading done just before a nuclear holocaust started?  He emerged to find the world gone, but he ran to what was left of the library and was  so overjoyed that all of the books were his!  He didn’t have to share with anybody!  “All mine!”!!!  And all of the time in the world to read them!  No more people nagging away at him!  Wheeeee!

But sadly, in a moment,  all of the joy turned to the deepest of sorrows. The bank employee was utterly myopic, and when his glasses slid off, he could not see well enough to find them…then  suddenly stepped on them, crushing the lenses and breaking the frame .  It’s really one of the most poignant moments ever captured on film, and actor Burgess Meredith portrayed it quite brilliantly.  Did it ever occur to you?  That character is you, Mr. Rothschild!

So, getting back to that World War III thing…why don’t you just let it go?  I know, I know…you already have all the invitations printed, the hats and streamers ordered, that big, hundred million tier Monsanto cake…and Lucifer, your guest of honor is just so excited about it.   But let it go, Mr. Rothschild.  It is all just so redundant now, isn’t it?  Hoisted by your own petard, there will be no one and nothing left for your family to control anymore.  It’s all over..let it go.  The cold never bothered you anyway.

Burgess Meredith as the last Rothschild

Burgess Meredith as the last Rothschild