Flight 370 Hijacked to Diego Garcia ???

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

U.S. Military Base Diego Garcia

U.S. Military Base Diego Garcia

In a previous article, I asked the question “what was on that plane?”   I would like to add , “and who was on that plane?”  Most of the passengers were Chinese nationals, among them, this remarkable combination; twenty passengers who worked for Freescale Semiconductor  of Austin, Texas.  These folks all went missing on Saturday March 8.  There were persistent rumors that four of these employees had been named in a patent that was granted three days after Flight 370’s disappearance, leaving Freescale as sole patent holder.

Update #3:  The patent trail was a false one.  None of the men named in the patent are on the passenger manifest  Flight 370 Passenger Manifest

Here are the four patent holders-patent #8,671,381 issued 3/11/14-System for optimizing number of dies produced on a wafer

Wang; Peidong
Chen; Zhijun
Cheng; Zhihong
Ying; Li

and, of course, Freescale Semiconductor of Austin Texas is also  named in the patent

Diego Garcia, however, is a different matter:  Eyewitnesses on Maldives Report Low Flying Jumbo Jet March 8!!!

Cabaltimes-370 redirected to Diego Garcia

Pilot’s Simulator Had Diego Garcia Programmed In

When the pilot’s residence was searched, a flight simulator was found there.  Some route data had been erased on February 3rd, but other data was left indicating routes being practiced for Diego Garcia, Sri Lanka and India.  If the pilot was a willing participant in a plot to divert the airplane, why would the pilot leave behind such clues?  We have to consider the following two possibilities

  • the pilot left behind false clues to throw investigators off track
  • the pilot was being forced to participate through threat or blackmail and left behind genuine clues


4 of 5 Patent Holders Missing with Flight 370   (new reports claim that this is not true and, in fact, the passenger manifest does not include any of the names on the patent)

But we know from other capers that the Cabal never keeps things simple.  We have found the who, or at least some of the who (no doubt the two phony passport holders were manipulated to be on that flight having procured their documents and flight reservations from the mysterious Mr. Ali).  But how about the what?

Seychelles Islands

Seychelles Islands

Two security personnel were found dead aboard the Alabama Maersk moored in the Seychelles three weeks ago.  One was an ex Navy Seal.  The Maersk carries food aid to south Africa.  Maybe it carries more than food aid.  Somebody killed those men and it wasn’t for soy beans.  Was something taken off the Maersk that night?  Whatever it was, did it end up in Malaysia…and was it on its way to Beijing?  And was the airplane hijacked remotely???  Spooks abound in this one, ladies and gentlemen.  Spooks abound.