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New-Update to the update 3/14/14

I wonder if Mr. Putin knows where Flight 370 is.  Could be in Iran, could be in Crimea.  

Sunday 09 March 2014 22.54 – “An armed pro-Russian force wearing military uniforms bearing no designated markings have sealed off another military airport in Ukraine’s Crimea, a defense ministry spokesman on the peninsula said. The 80 or so-strong group blocked off the entrance to the airport near the village of Saki and established machine-gun posts along the landing strip, the spokesman told Reuters.”  In fact, Russia had taken over two other airports in Crimea on February 28th.

This incident has all the ear markings of a state sponsored hijacking.  This even feels like special ops. It was ridiculously deft, sophisticated and coordinated…as I had said in the original article, I immediately thought of Barry Seals after I watched the YouTube radar video below.  I am willing to bet that George Bush Sr knows where that plane went to..

We now have to be concerned that this may be the prelude to a much bigger incident and an impending false flag event.  Just because it may get traced to Crimea doesn’t necessarily mean that the Russians were responsible (nor the Iranians if they announce that it went to Iran).  The final scenario just has to be plausible with all fingers pointing to a bad guy.  Last thought here is that this little operation was well beyond the scope of Somali pirates, in case that becomes the explanation.  In that scenario, it would be announced that the plane has a $100,000,000 value if it is broken down for its parts and Somalis are pirates….very, very poor pirates   Let’s rule them out.

At this reporting, a theory that the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean is being floated (pun intended).  Do not forget that the behavior of the cell phones negates any scenario of a crash over water.  The plane landed on terra firma and it landed near a cell tower, not in the middle of any ocean.  If the plane is to be used in a future false flag attack, the powers that be are going to have to get the world to believe that it crashed in a place where it can not be retrieved.

If the plane gets outfitted for a nuke, the odds are that it would be one of the American nukes that went missing this past August.  Just keep that in mind if/when the time comes.  They would be counting upon both incidents being forgotten by the time they pull the false flag


And now, here follows the original article written a few days ago along with the first update :

Watch the video.  In fact, watch it several times.  The first time, you will be focused on Flight 370.  Notice that the plane goes from 25,000 feet to zero feet within a second. That  just doesn’t work.  Even a plane heading nose first into the drink takes several seconds to travel that distance.    Both the speed and the altitude should have registered changes.    While you are there, notice that the latitude and longitude of the flight’s last position are quite apparent.  We were told that they were searching over waters near VietNam.  Why?

All planes have transponders that ping their location.  Knowing the longitude and latitude, why weren’t they looking in the most likely area  to pick up the pings? Are they determined not to find it?   And how could that one plane to the south speed up like a fighter jet and then, just as suddenly, resume cruise altitude speed?

The second time you watch the video, keep your eye on the lower right zone.  There are three planes all in a row heading out over the ocean.  At 1:45 on the timer, the last plane in the row does an instantaneous 180 degree spin and goes back the way it came!  Of all the bizarreness, this is primo.  It immediately reminded me of CIA contract pilot, Barry Seals.  He flew cocaine and arms back and forth between Mena, AK and South America during Iran Contra   Seals was famous within spook circles for his ability to fly a plane so perfectly that he could get under the belly of another plane with his transponder off.  The other plane would turn its transponder off as Seals switched his on , taking on the radar identity of the legitimate flight   Seals evaded detection in this way by playing the radar.  Did two planes flying in opposite directions at the moment that Malaysia 370 vanished pull a Barry Seals?  Did they switch in mid air right there on the radar?  What the hell was going on out there off the coast of Malaysia that day?

And if you watch it a third time, you will see two planes simply vanish over the ocean.  

A man working on an oil drilling platform had sent in a report stating that he had observed an airplane on fire from his location.  His location is in line with Flight 370’s last known position…so why can’t it be found???

Malaysia flight 370 sighted ablaze in the air by oil platform worker

Malaysia flight 370 sighted ablaze in the air by oil platform worker

But the tell tale clue is wrapped around the cell phones carried by passengers and crew of flight 370.  Dozens of reports have come through from anxious relatives that the cell phones of the crash victims rang when they called.  What does this mean?  It means that they are not under water, they are not in some remote jungle.  They are on land not far from a cell tower.  That’s what that means!!!!

Malaysia Flight 370 cell phones ring