Iranian Warships Heading For U.S.

Yes, really.

While I am tempted to think this ridiculous and barely worthy of so much as an acknowledgment, there is actually a chilling possibility here.

Iranian warships heading to the U.S.

Iranian warships heading to the U.S.

It requires connecting a few dots to anticipate a chilling possible scenario, but if it actually happens, Americans shouldn’t allow themselves to be fooled again.

The real powers that be (as opposed to the Kabuki cast that we are asked to elect every few years), have a few hot buttons.  These can be thought of as the various nexus points of their choke hold on humanity…banking, currencies, the Fed (which they own, not you, the citizen and the depositor), GMO’s (they want to control the world’s food supply to ensure full compliance at all times and to sterilize as many as possible worldwide), and of course, energy (oil).

They want to shut down the Straits of Hormuz so that oil prices will skyrocket.  In order to do that, they need a war with Iran.  They are also hankering to take Syria into their clutches.  We saw them try their little hearts out last spring with the attempts to work up hostilities toward Assad after a chemical poisoning of a village.  It was blamed on Assad, but there was evidence that the rebels had actually perpetrated the genocide.

The ultimate goal is to install as much Islamic Brotherhood around Israel as possible in preparation for their World War III scenario during which Israel as well as a good portion of the world is to be destroyed by a united Muslim world.

False Flags

The false flag or the “blame it on” pattern is extremely important.   We have seen many leaders throughout history use this technique to rally their people into attacking another nation or group.  America has suffered many of these manipulations; Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11.  All of these were false flag attacks.  Iran may be the next victim of the pointed finger of blame.

Approximately six months ago, word began to leak out about a rather disturbing disappearance of several nuclear warheads from Dyess Air Force base near Abilene, Texas.  A handful of Air Force mucky mucks were summarily fired as a consequence.  Excuses were made that the dismissals were for gambling and fidelity issues, but the timing and magnitude of the breach of a U.S. arsenal suggests otherwise.  This took place between late August and mid-September 2013.  The missing nukes have yet to be accounted for, and that is the big concern here.

Magnetic Pole Flip

Sun in the process of flipping magnetic poles

Sun in the process of flipping magnetic poles

Our sun was in the process of a magnetic pole reversal around that time. There was a well publicized drill scheduled for Mid-November to simulate the effects of the electrical grid going down.  Some theorized that the nukes would be detonated at the moment that the poles flipped and the grid would be brought down by detonating the purloined nukes high up in the atmosphere, creating a devastating EMP (electro-magnetic pulse).  It would be blamed on the sun.  This proved to be a bogus scenario.  But then came this one:

The Mysterious Folded Bills

tsunami on new $100 bill

Massive tsunami depicted on new $100 bill

A You Tube video analyzed the latest $100 bill and discovered that it could be folded in such a way as to show a massive tidal wave in the process of swallowing what looked to be an American city.  It was pointed out that the $20 bill could be folded to reveal the smoking Twin Towers.  The Illuminati always hide their moves in plain sight, we are repeatedly reminded.

Folded $20 reveals Twin Towers attack

Folded $20 reveals Twin Towers attack

Sen. Lindsay Graham’s Peculiar Prediction

And then Senator Lindsay Graham made that strange statement about needing to destroy Syria because failure to do so would result in the nuking of Charleston Harbor within six months.  If Graham is correct, we can look forward to that happening somewhere around March 5th or 6th, perhaps sooner.

Details about Graham’s remark

So, Iran is now sending some warships steaming full speed ahead, heading for American waters.  As we approach the month of March, do keep in mind that those missing American nukes are still out there. How hard would it be to detonate those things and then point the finger at Iran?  Scapegoats inbound?

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