Michael Hastings-We’re Not

in Kansas Anymore!  Pt. 2


Is This Real or Am I Dreaming?

Young, up and coming, pugnacious rebel journalist with a demonstrably evolved social conscience, for no particular reason, jumps in to his brand new Mercedes C250 sometime around four a.m., speeds along a main thoroughfare through an upscale neighborhood going over 80 mph, and is caught on video blasting through a red light.

Loud Lab News

By miracle (or design?), Scott Lane, a man with a running dash cam happened to park in just the right position at a corner gas station (Santa Monica Blvd and Highland), and happened to capture the red light breach on video. Approximately five minutes later, this same man arrived on scene at the crash site, leaving his dash cam running while he took a portable camera with him to film the burning car.  Thus, we have two videos.  One is known as the Loud Labs unedited version which is, essentially, the twenty four minute long dash cam footage.  The unedited version chronicles Loud Labs meanderings beginning at the corner of Santa Monica and North  Vista, the stop at the traffic light at Santa Monica and Formosa (where a white pick up truck turns left in front of the Loud Labs car) , the stop at the gas station at Santa Monica and Highland,  the convoluted route to the accident site after driver Scott Lane heard the police scanner call announcing the accident, the arrival on site, and the parking of the car at Highland and Clinton. The edited version includes the footage of the Mercedes running the red light spliced together with the footage of the burning car taken with the hand held camera.  In combination with security camera footage from Pizzeria Mozza, this is the most thoroughly documented “accident” in history.

Mozza Pizzeria

Top 10 Reasons Why This Was Not an Accident

There are far too many impossibilities, coincidences, and out right violations of natural law within the Hastings event for it to have been anything as mundane as an accident, nor, as some have speculated,  the work of an assassin hired by a vengeful wife, nor even the FBI.  Here are a few of the most glaring anomalies:

1) Brand new Mercedes C250 rears up like an angry stallion and pukes out its engine, transmission and drive shaft.  Said puke weighing approx 600 lbs travels 180 ft through a palm tree.   Said puke weighing approx 600 lbs passes through a palm tree but leaves the tree intact (very cool trick)

2) 600 lb + engine/transmission lands on a thin concrete slab over the hollow of a sewer but does not even leave a small fracture nor crack in the concrete (very, very cool trick)  Look,ma…not even a hairline fracture! :

Sewer at Highland and Clinton

Sewer at Highland and Clinton

3) Scott Lane of Loud Labs happened to  park in just the right spot with his dash cam pointed just the right way and caught the speeding Mercedes.  He arrived on scene just one minute and forty two seconds before the Mercedes passed by.

4) Scott Lane took approximately 5 minutes to arrive at the crash site and documented the car engulfed by a ferocious fire of at least 2200 degrees F. (white hot fire).  But gasoline fires typically burn at about 500 degrees F. and have a distinct orange and deep red flame-Hastings’ was white and yellow which is 2200-2600 degrees F.  This is twice as hot as a crematorium!

5) The Jaws of Life were used to extract remains from the car -the left side of the body was charred with clothing burned or burned away, the head was 100% charred (beyond recognition).  Jaws of life were used, yet calculations of the car speed as it crossed the median show that it had slowed to 35 mph just before the first explosion occurred.  Note…residents at that end of the block reported explosions, not the sound of a crash.

6) The right side of body was not burned, clothing was intact, wallet was in place, license and medical marijuana card could be read despite approx 11 minutes spent barbecuing in a white hot fire of approximately 2200 degrees F.. Photographic evidence showed a thoroughly burned car interior.  Loud Labs video confirmed that the car was fully engulfed in flames for a prolonged period, not just the left side of car.

Witness Claims Body Not Charred

Witness Claims Body Not Charred

7) The FBI, which publicly stated that it has no file on Hastings, was sent finger prints from a corpse that should have had no fingerprints left to lift. Two days later, ta-da! The body belongs to Hastings because the impossible prints match the FBI prints on file that are in a file that it did not have.

8) A tire came off of the driver’s side front wheel. The rim should have left much deep grooving on the median or in the street. Two witnesses describe spinning/jack knifing, yet there were no marks to correspond to this, neither on the median nor the street.

9)  There were only one or two cars parked on the south bound side of Highland (the side of the accident) yet north bound had a more typical number of cars parked along the street.  This had nothing to do with street sweeping restrictions which forbid parking between 12 noon and 3:00 pm one day per week.

10) The primary witness, Jose, was standing in a building looking out of a donut shop window.  He was too far away to have seen the accident clearly. The low level lighting on the block, the thick trees, the cars parked on the north bound side that the witness was on, all would have obstructed his view.

Donuts, anyone?

Eyewitness Jose was standing in a donut shop window and would have been a bit more to the left than this shot depicts (inside the shop).  The vertical red line in the distance is the “kill palm”.  It would be very, very difficult to see clearly that far down, most especially in the pitch dark.

Jose's View-daylight

Jose’s View-daylight

Scene of the crime

Scene of the crime


Blue line = Highland Ave., southbound lane

Yellow lines =approximate limits of Mozza security camera’s view.  The camera in question is located under an awning, the shape of which contributed to creating observational obstruction.   A sudden flood of horizontal light obliterated key details such as the vomiting of the engine, the flight of the engine through the air, etc.  This peculiar horizontal light is not affected by the explosions that follow.  This light looks and behaves more like fog

Fraction of a second before 1st explosion

Fraction of a second before 1st explosion

Horizontal light Not Affected by light of Explosion!

Horizontal light Not Affected by light of Explosion!

The explosion itself registers as a vertical light and the vertical light is much, much brighter than the horizontal light, suggesting that the source of the horizontal light may have been both fixed and artificial.   Headlights of an oncoming car? Sorry, not enough lumens.  It takes a light source with the candle power of a Klieg light to light up that much real estate. (Lumen=The SI unit of luminous flux, equal to the amount of light emitted per second in a unit solid angle of one steradian from a uniform source of one candela.)

Mozza Security Camera Location-under the awning

Mozza Security Camera Location-under the awning